Month: June 2018

Subbyhubby: Goddess Tangent Lets You Stroke It

Goddess Tangent is standing before you knowing that it has been a long time since you have unloaded all that filth in your full balls. Goddess Tangent is going to be extra nice today and let you entertain her by touching your pathetically tiny worm dick. She shows off her hot body while letting you stroke your teeny tiny clit dick. She wants you to stroke that little cock harder and give it friction burn. Goddess Tangent gives you directions to stroke your small penis and a countdown to cum for her.
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Clubdom: Caned as an Example

Mistress Michelle Lacy is not done punishing the slave for slacking off. She wants to give him a caning he will not soon forget. She grabs him by the balls and tells him while caning his balls that he is going to regret what he did so bad. "It’s time to shred you" she says in an evil voice. Michelle canes him so hard, he is terrified to ever mess up ever again. "You can’t run away from me. I completely have you afraid!"
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MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Lucky B POV Slave Orders 4

It’s Valentines Day and you bought your girl Lucky some candy and balloons. You are hoping today will be the one day where she treats you with love and kindness, but you find out the truth: she doesnt care about you at all. She only thinks of you as a cuckold! ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, CUCKOLD, AND MORE!
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Brat Princess 2: Natalya and Lola – Food and Spit Humiliation (1080 HD)

1080 HD Lola is behind the camera, filming Natalya in a clip. A slave enters the kitchen and interrupts the girls while they are recording. The girls are mad he interrupted them, but curious as to what he found so important. The slave is hungry. It is not allowed to eat without its food being blessed with Divine spit. It’s been hungry for a long time and wants the girls to spit in its meal so that it can finally eat. The girls make the loser beg for spit. It has to crawl back and forth across the floor and endure a lot of cruel humiliation to earn sacred spit to bless its food. Once the food has been blessed, the girls make the fat loser eat the food from the floor like a piggy. They continue to verbally humiliate and fat shame the disgusting slave while it eats the food from the floor. They humiliate and fat shame the loser for a while before dismissing it so that they can go back to filming their original clip idea.
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Obeynikita: Fuckboi

Finding new ways to play with my boi-toys is always fun… for me anyway. I put this slut in fishnets and six inch heel ankle boots for tonight’s fuck fest. It can’t walk in those boots so there’s little chance of it running away, ha! I also strapped a thick rubber bit gag into its mouth-hole and attached reigns on each side so I could ride it like a pony while I shoved my big black cock deep in its gaping pussi-hole. I love riding my little ponies! When I had enough, I allowed it it kiss my gorgeous platform heel before putting it away in the barn for the night.
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Brat Princess 2: Mariah and Natalya – Two Girls sit Full Weight on a Loser while Watching TV (1080 HD) (NEW)

1080 HD Mariah and Natalya both sit full weight on a loser while watching TV. The Loser has to lay on the floor and be the girls’ furniture. They take photos of themselves using the loser as their human couch. The loser can’t breathe, smothered beneath their big asses, but the girls don’t care. They take turns smothering the loser’s face underneath their butts. Eventually, the girls go get dressed to go out to dinner. They leave the loser on the floor, gasping for air.
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Horrorporn: Lake horror (Horror Porn 2)

The fear is hidden in the water. The drowned beauty from the lake came for me. She wanted to pull me under water, but I am stronger on the land. I pulled her out of the black water and fucked her brains out. Wet and horny dead girl whose souls was not allowed to rest. I will free you with my dick or send you back to the eternal damnation. Discover how wet can a girl get even without heartbeat. Don’t fight the desires lurking deep down in the lake. Free your demons!
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Mfvideobrazil: Spit Domination By Alessandra Oliver – Elisa Sanches And Slave Clarinha

Two dominatrix punishing a slave by spitting. They spitting into the slave’s opened mouth, and the slave must to swallow the whole. Dominas collecting a lots-lots of spit in their mouth, and then spit out the all on the slaves body. Alessandra and Elisa also sptting on their own beautiful big tits, and the slave must to lick it down. Then dominas has a great idea, they bring a funnel, what they put into the slaves vagina, and spitting a lot in this funnel. All the spit flows into the slaves vagina, and dominas having a lots of fun with it!
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EVERYTHING BUTT: June 29, 2018 – London River and Alexa Nova

London River enters the yoga studio of Alexa Nova and right away they start a breathing exercise. Alexa is unsatisfied with London’s breathing, so she positions her in "downward dog" and tells her to breathe through her ass. Alexa leans in to London’s ass and sniffs through her yoga stretch pants.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: June 29, 2018: Bill Bailey, Zoey Monroe

When happy couple Bill and Zoey experience disinterest in the bedroom, they turn to pharmaceuticals for help. But their new sex drives push the couple to the extremes of bondage, BDSM and anal sex. Sexy blonde beauty Zoey Monroe takes a dose of ReKindle to jumpstart her sexual desires and boy oh boy does it work! She is voracious for cock.
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SENSUAL PAIN: Jun 27, 2018: slave Position Belly Down | Louise Miss Fortune

This new slave has a dominant streak in her, very strong willed but determined! All very needed good chattel traits for an aggressive alpha Master. It takes a heavy hand from a knowledgeable handler for her to even whisper the respectful ‘Yes Sir’ or ‘Master thank you’ when addressed. But she was lined up and very responsive just proper for Master James and a tough masochist at that. As Master James shows, every bottom has different triggers that make them respond the way he wants them to, as you can plainly see in this video.
This slave position is a challenge for the bottom, though easy to hold for a length of time, extended torments for both sadists tops and masochists bottoms. This situation is very exposing and hard for the bottom to see what is coming next. Will it be pain or pleasure, or will it be both.. slave Louise Miss Fortune did a fine job for her first ever shoot with a handler at this level buggery and deserves a round of applause in her servitude.. Let us see if she can handle the next slave position in ‘slave Position Belly Up’.
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Dominatrix Annabelle: Pumped and Spanked

Atmospheric, foreboding, shocking and fulfilling!

These words pretty much sum up this movie. There’s nothing quite like having the dynamics of
myself and the mailman having so much fun in my dungeon. There are literally many highlights,
starting with the glow from his bottom from two hands, yes they’re mine, albeit, my right hand
on both cheeks! In this movie, you will actually see my hand thwacking his right cheek first,
shortly followed by the left cheek. There is no editing, enhancing or altering of this clip. What
you see, IS exactly what you get! Another demonstration of how I love to capture real life
experiences on film. Gosh, you could mistake his buttocks for a sign pointing ‘this way’!

All my sessions are based on having fun. Creating an atmospheric room, with flames
flickering, eerie yet cathartic notes provide a gentle background, while the sound of my
stilettos are a tonic to ones ears. The smell, look and sound of my exquisite leather, my
deep cleavage, and my big devilish smile gives an edge for this wonderful dungeon play!

A concoction of hand spanking, heavy leather bondage shackled to my two metre diameter
wheel, while wrapped in a leather straight jacket. Shocking electrics for extra stimulation,
followed by a powerful boost from my Venus 2000 cock pump sending my slave into orbit!

This IS what you may experience if you wish to session with me!
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MeanWorld / MeanAmazonBitches: Mercedes Carrera 5

Jack wants to hire Mercedes to be his Personal Trainer but she tells him she doesn’t train losers. He tells her he will do anything she tells him, so she makes him get on his knees and kiss her feet. She turns him into her asslicking workout slave! HOT SCENE WITH SWEAT, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!
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Ball Busting Chicks: Dark Lady: Ass Fetishist get Ballbusted!

Ballet workout makes her horny. So she calls her naked slaveboy over for worshiping her toned legs and ass. Sitting on his face she let him gasp for air under her ballet dancers ass… the ass fetishist gets a huge hard on at the sight of her big ass cheeks. After she had her orgasm she has more fun playing femdom and ballbusting games! She slap his cock and balls as he is still under her ass. Then let him stand up to kick him hard in the balls! She just laughs at him as he crawls on the floor with aching balls!
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Brat Princess 2: Chichi and Chloe – Kiced until Out then Kicked even More (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chichi and Chloe have been starving their slave in the cold basement for days. Now that it is in a very weak and vulnerable state, they plan to abuse it further. Just for fun, the girls want to kick their prisoner in the balls until it loses consciousness. The tied-up slave really cannot escape. The girls start kicking. They go harder and harder. They won’t stop. The slave is kicked until it goes totally limp. The girls slap it until it comes to. It drifts in and out of consciousness as they continue their assault. The girls get hungry from all the kicking and eventually leave to go eat lunch.
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Humiliation POV Miss Tiffany: Jerk Your Piggy Dick To My Ass With Your Credit Card In Your Mouth

Miss Tiffany

You fucking love my perfect ass. Just stare at it, it’s fucking delicious. You can’t stop perving on it. You need my ass. You’re an obsessed fucking loser for my ass. It is just so fucking perfect. And the only way you could ever please my ass is by paying it.
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DEVICE BONDAGE: June 28, 2018 – Dylan Ryan

Dylan begins in an ankle suspension with her arms stretched out to render her completely helpless. The Pope begins his assault on her flesh instantly and uses her up like the good little whore that she is. Her toned body starts to glow red as she is tormented with floggers and crops. Her pussy is tenderized before fucking it with a massive dildo.
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AsiansBondage: Every guy wants to get a blowjob from Tsubasa Miyashita

While trying to make her sex life better, Tsubasa Miyashita met many guys and got very popular among men in general, since they all wanted to teach her something and get a reward, in return. She was getting better and better at blowjobs, every single day, so that is why today she is sucking three dicks while kneeling on the floor, which is just a warm- up for the main thing. Three guys want to fuck her brains out and check how long she can handle being fucked, since she should be in a good shape by now, after fucking so many men. For now, Tsubasa Miyashita is just moaning and enjoying every single second of it, because she loves a good fuck session, a lot.
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