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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Real Therapy

You’ve been coming to see me for a while now. We’ve covered almost everything possible in these therapy sessions. We’ve talked about your childhood, your parents, your job, your past loves, but there’s one thing we haven’t explored. Your sexuality. Now I want to know what this block is about your sexuality, so I did some research and found out why. Your porn of choice is female domination. Why is that? Don’t be ashamed. Exploring this side of you is important for your mental health and growth. Actually, I think from now on, I’m going to take full control of our sessions in order for you to fully explore this part of yourself. Now drop your pants, and tell me: How does that make you feel?
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Goddess Saffron – Hypnosub – Resistance is Futile

Nothing is ever effective enough to stop you from crawing back to me. Over and over again you try. The more you try to pull away and escape, the stronger my hypnosub spell has over you. Today you are going to sit down and stop wasting your time. You will shut up, listen, watch and learn how nothing you try will ever break the spell of the addiction I have over you. All free will will be removed… you will surrender to the fact that you will always be bound to me as my little mind puppet. Contains binaural beats for maxium hypnotic effectiveness. Requires headphones.
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Goddess Saffron – Slave Life Coach

You have never had contact with a dominant woman before, but have always fantasized about strong women who manipulate weak men and get what they want. You are a shy little loser who is not very successful. You never had real aims in your rather boring life. I know you have a weakness for legs. So I play with you throughout the video. Crossing my legs seductively to make you even more addicted. Today I decide that your useless life has to end right now! As experienced trainer of men I have a simple rule for you: More work = More success = More earnings = More money for ME. You new life is about to start now by following my clear plan: From now on every single minute has to serve a higher purpose. ME. I demand you cancel all possible distractions (TV, Cinema, …) You have to stop any form of social life. No friends. Especially contact to women is STRICTLY forbidden. (There has to be only one woman in your life from now on. ME. I am never satisfied with 99%. You have to sacrifice your whole life to ME. You have to WORK WORK WORK.I emphasize how UTTERLY IMPORTANT my wishes are, and describe each of them. I show you how wonderful and fulfilling your new life will be, as my hard working property. Saving every single cent and spending it on ME. I want you to be my HARDEST WORKING and HARDEST SAVING pet EVER. I want to be proud of you. I am going to motivate you to give your BEST. I want that you have success and earn as much money as possible and I will be there to SPEND it. In our eyes it will be perfect TEAMWORK.I am very amused about the situation. To having found a new toy. I laugh and smile. I like that you are going to have to work your fingers to the bone while I can enjoy my life. Theres a “good boy”, I am going to so enjoy planning your new life.
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