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Mfvideobrazil: Scissor Inside Water By Katarina Volk And Vivi

This underwater fetish video will absolutely blow your mind! The sexy goddess, Katarina Volk plays with Vivi in the swimming pool. Katarina Volk wears only a black thong so you are able to take a look at her big breasts during the scissor and judoka. The smothering is very unpleasant, because the domina pushes the head of the slave under the water. Meanwhile, you can also see the pretty butt of the slave. The fighting girls are playing very aggressively. The extreme domination doesn’t stop for more than 22 minutes. In this underwater fetish video, Katarina Volk also kicks and hits her tiny slave who is having a hard time.
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Mfvideobrazil: Fighting Girls Scisssor Games University

Scissor can be very sexy if it’s done by nasty women… in this video, there are many young girls who are playing with each other. They wear only a bra and a thong, so you can take a look at their beatiful bodies. There is also a girl who has a school uniform. The group enjoys the feet domination and smothering very much. They are really cruel to each other during the fight. The scissor and judoka seem to be very painful. They put each others’ neck between their sexy thighs and push it. This is extremely unpleasant for the suffering slave, because she is hardly able to breathe. She must take a close look at the skinny pussies of the other girls during the scissor and judoka.
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Mfvideobrazil: Scissor Dominance By Tati Devassa And Ariel

Fighting girls can be very sexy, right? Tati Devassa, the confident domina humiliates Ariel. The scissor and judoka are really painful to her. During the domination, the domina sits on the neck of Ariel in many positions. The girl-with-girl fight is very intense as you can see on the pictures. The scissor and judoka are made in bikini, therefore you can take a look at Tati Devassa’s body. She has big breasts and round ass. Her slave, Ariel looks good in the domination video. The fighting girls are playing on the bed so they have enough space to discover each others’ body. The pain that Ariel experiences is getting even worse because the domina becomes wilder and wilder.
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Mfvideobrazil: Scissor Real Crying By Mel Costa And Patyzinha

Lesbian scissor is so hot! You can see this with your own eyes in this fetish video. Mel Costa and Patyzinha play with each other and they wear nearly nothing. The fighting girls are also really sexy so you are going to enjoy their scissor and facesitting. Mel Costa, the Brazilian domina tries to smother Patyzinha with her sexy thighs. She leaves only her thong on, so you can watch her beautiful tits during the playing. Patyzinha suffers, but the domina doesn’t give a damn about it. She doesn’t stop the smothering and the facesitting. The fighting girls play 31 minutes long, so you will have time to enjoy the incredible domination.
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Mfvideobrazil: Scissor Dominance Giant Girl By Monique Carvalho And Fabi

Monique Carvalho is really mad at Fabi so she humiliates her with scissor and judoka. The pain is nearly unbearable because the inked domina puts the head of her pretty slave between her thighs and constricts them. She also sits on the face of Fabi who is hardly able to breathe. The domination is getting wilder and wilder. Moreover, the young domina puts off her red bra so you can see her breasts. She wears only a red thong so it’s possible to watch her round and beautiful ass. The Brazilian fighting girl just can’t get enough if she can do scissor and judoka. She enjoys the domination very much and the sexy Fabi must endure it.
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Mfvideobrazil: Scissor Muscle Legs By Maiara Lima And Ariel

Description: Maiara Lima is a crueal, but very sexy domina who likes to punish her slaves. She plays with the small Ariel in this video. The fighting girls are playing really hard. The smothering is done with a scissor. The slave’s eyes are totally covered. She is very afraid, because she doesn’t know what the domina will do with her. The pain is nearly unbearable, but Maiara doesn’t stop the torment. The slave must also lick her pussy very thoroughly. The domina also sits on her face while she is completely naked. The inked woman looks great during the domination. Her breasts are round and beautiful, so we hope that the fighting girls will blow your mind with their incredible scissor and judoka!
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Mfvideobrazil: Scissor Twisting Neck By Valkiria Storm And Paulinha

Fighting girls can be so damn hot! Valkiria Storm, the sexy, young girl humiliates her slave, Paulinha. They are doing scissor and judoka together. The domina is smothering Paulinha, who is unable to escape the torturing. The girl with girl domination is done in a sexy lingerie. Valkiria Storm wears a grey bra and a thong, so you will be able to see her big butt. She puts Paulinha’s face between her legs and smothers her. She also sits on the face of the tiny girl. The domina shows no mercy at all. The scissor and judoka are very painful, so Paulinha is screaming very loudly. The fighting girls are playing for 20 minutes with each other.
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Mfvideobrazil: Scissor Powerfull Muscle Legs By Daniela Dias And Isabelle

Daniela Dias and Isabelle will be your favourite actresses if you watch this hot domination video! They are really sexy and they do scissor and judoka together. The footsmother is really intense so Isabelle is barely able to breathe. The fighting girls cause pain to each other and they like it very much! Daniela Dias is incredibly attractive with her round butt and boobs. She wears only beautiful, black and red lingerie. Isabelle is also pretty in her top and shorts. The fighting girls are crazy about smother so you must see this footage if you are interested in fetish. The feet domination is really wild so the sexy slave is suffering for a long time.
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