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Cum Countdown – Think You Are Worthy Of Goddess Morgan?

Really now, you think you are worthy of begging Goddess Morgan for an orgasm? You know she thinks you’re nothing but a loser right? Well sure then, go ahead and beg. So long as you are paying she will humor you and let you stroke.
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Female Worship – Goddess Morgan – Pure Worship

It’s ok that he comes by to worship Goddess Morgan while she takes an afternoon catnap. She will accept his worship and adoration. Not a word is said though as she guides his mouth to it’s proper place between her legs for him to adore, then waves him away when she is done with him.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Morgan – My Favorite Little Slave

Goddess Morgan does have favorites among her slaves. They are typically the ones that are the most pathetic, or the ones that spend the most money on her. Now as you kneel before her and stroke your sad cock, you too can ponder why you are one of her favorite losers.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Morgan – I Like The Attention

Goddess Morgan loves attention from grovelling slaves. Because grovelling slaves are paying slaves, hard working piglets that stroke and hand over all their hard earned cash in hopes that she will grant them an orgasm as they worship from below.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Morgan – Waiting Patiently

Like a good pay piggy you wait patiently for your female owner to come home from her shopping trip. Goddess Morgan has been busy spending your money, and now she wants to torment you with some of the items she bought while you feverishly stroke your cock. Like her new stockings that are so soft and smooth, and how perfectly they wrap her legs. No you can’t touch them slave, you just stroke and pay.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Morgan – Pay And Be Ignored

You need to be useful to Goddess Morgan today. You need to simply shut up and pay. Sure you can stroke your useless dicklet and who knows, she may even give you permission to cum. But do it quietly so she can ignore you and drain your wallet in silence.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Morgan – Stroke To My Ass, Loser

A perk that gorgeous women like Goddess Morgan have is that it is effortless for her to extract money from weak males like you. All she has to do is display her ass in tight shorts, completely ignore you and the money will flow from you to her. Because like a good pay piggy you will repeat the stroke and pay cycle as often as she desires it.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Morgan – I Just Wanna Have A Little Fun

Goddess Morgan wants to have some fun today, at your expense of course. More specifically at the expense of your ego as she laughs at your so called manhood that you are attempting to stroke for her.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Morgan – There’s A Loser Sitting There

Goddess Morgan is busy talking with her girlfriends, so it’s no surprise that she didn’t see you sitting there, stroking your cock like always hoping for an orgasm. Do you really think she cares to even give you any attention unless you pay her?
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Morgan – Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal

Sure it may be a little late, but you should be grateful for any attention from Goddess Morgan even if she acts like a total bitch to you. Because without her permission you can’t stroke your cock, and you certainly can’t cum unless she allows it.
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Cum Countdown – Did You Come Here To Worship My Feet?

You are here to worship her feet aren’t you? Or more specifically, to pay to worship her feet? Goddess Morgan will grant you an audience since you are paying her like a proper weak male should. So worship and stroke, and wait for orgasm permission.
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Cum Countdown – I Hope You Brought A Fat Wallet

So you brought your raging hardon? Good for you but Goddess Morgan could care less about that. What she does care about is if you brought your wallet. Because what interests her is siphoning cash from your wallet to hers while you beg to cum.
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