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Subbyhubby: Stroke Like She Says (November 10th 2017)

Goddess Dava FoXX has you all locked up in chastity and knows you can’t feel a thing except the pinching of your poor little hard dick pressing against the plastic cock cage, as she rubs her wet pussy and plays with her tits she wants you to do your best to rub that tiny pathetic locked up dicklet until you spill your filth right through the cage, she knows how hot she is and that you almost make a squirt squirt just at the sight of her in her little sexy pink mini skirt, Now don’t forget to lick it all up cucky boy. Goddess Dava Foxx likes to play games with your head .
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Jamie – Bratty Teen Footfucked for Cash

Bratty Goddess Jamie Valentine is making a few extra bucks after class getting her feet fucked by freaky foot fetishists. You’re a real pervert, you know, getting off to a bratty slut just licking her own feet and sucking on her toes. It’s making you hard already, isn’t it? Totally grossed out, she holds her feet together and ignores him as he strokes his hard cock between her soft, teen arches. She needs the cash, after all! Her client paints her toes with her cum, then she is out of there. What a weirdo!
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Kylierosefetish – Kylie Rose – Please Take Off My Chastity

Kylie’s footslave begs to have his cock released after 3 weeks of being kept in a chastity cage. He’s been an obedient servant–worshipping her feet whenever she demands and even licking the toilet bowl clean. Kylie decides to reward him with just a taste of freedom. Laying on the floor beneath her, Kylie unlocks his cage and grasps his cock between the soles of her feet. Kylie milks his swollen cock with her tiny size 3 feet, working the shaft with her arches as she brings him closer and closer to orgasm. Kylie makes sure he knows he still belongs to her, taunting him with the sadistic plans she has in store for him. Her footboi can’t resist exploding with pleasure over her perfect feet, then cleaning off his cum with his pathetic mouth.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Worthless Limp Husband

Goddess Brianna’s lover has let her down again with a limp, useless cock–again. If he wants to actually have sex this time, he’s going to have to fuck her black, leather heels. While the Goddess is amused to watch him struggle, he had better learn to get off this way–it’s the only thing he’ll be getting from her. Goddess Brianna laughs as she reduces him to mere entertainment, teasing and degrading her inferior partner as he frantically tries to fuck her heels.
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Femdom Empire – Ash Hollywood – Size 5 Cock Tease

Mistress Ash loves teasing her foot slave with her sexy size 5 soles sliding up and down his rock hard cock. He can’t help but start to pre-cum when his Mistress shoves one foot down his throat and the other rubs the head of his sensitive dick. She gets him right to the brink of blowing his load with just the touch of her bare soles but leaves him denied and on edge begging for more.
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Fetish Liza – G Lorenzi leather bootjob

Luxury leather boots, we know how sexy they look and they feel amazing too, don’t they? Are you ready to be teased and milked by my classic, pointy footwear? I’d love to see a good load on them
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Cum Until It Hurts

After making her slave cum once already, Miss Jasmine rubs her perfect feet over his cock. Her feet are nicely lubed and the sensation gets the slave aroused again. “The only way subby is allowed to cum is to my feet” she tells you, adding, “Wouldn’t you love to be in his place?” She edges and teases him with her feet, sticking one into his mouth so he can lick his own pre-cum from it. Jasmine tells you she’s going to make her slave cum so many times, day after day, that he’ll actually begin to dread the thought of having to cum yet again. His cock will be raw from all her foot action and any manhood he had left will be completely drained from his body. She rubs each foot over the poor guy’s cock, grasps it between both feet, and foot-fucks him. She lubes his cock up by spitting on it and repeatedly rubs each of her sexy feet over his cock and balls. She decides to get serious about getting the slave off as she fucks his now rock hard cock between her feet and toes, until he eventually shoots a huge load. “It’s early in the day” Jasmine says, “We’re just getting started.”
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Foot Desire HJ

If you like feet, hand jobs & sensually Dominant women…get this damn vid. Obviously.

Bonus: Cum ON foot…which slave licks off.
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Brat Princess 2: Christina – Loser Gets a Humiliating Footjob (720 HD)

Princess Christina gives a slave a humiliating footjob. Its so pathetic that Christinas loser can cum from just her feet. Its not a real man. A real man would get a chance to fuck a hot girl instead of lying on the floor, hoping for a chance to cum. Christina taunts the loser. She tells it to make a Worship puddle for her. Its hilarious that she can give this slave a footjob once every four months, and it will still do everything she asks every second of the day. The desperate loser shoots a big wad of cum with his Princess feet wrapped around his little dick. Christina reminds the slave that everything shes ever asked for was worth this big moment for him.
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Footjob-HD/Bratty Babes Own You: Caught Staring At Sisters Foot worshiping Footjob HD

Sister Sunshine and Sasha are having some pantyhose foot fun. Sunshine is worshiping her sexy sisters nylon soles when both sisters see there little brother in the corner. Sasha and Sunshine realize pantyhose foot fetish must run in the family. Sasha and Sunshine decde to have some fun with there little brother by giving him a footjob. Sasha grips his cock with her dick and jerks it.. Sunshine puts her nylon soles while Sasha forces him to blow his load.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Aaliyah Hadid – Late For Tutoring

Want to know what Goddess Aaliyah does to failing students like you? She makes them smell her dirty, sweaty socks! After her long run this monring, her feet are drenched. Does that turn you on? You’re such a pervert! She makes her inhale the filthy stench from her socks and then rubs them all over your hard cock before stuffing them into your dirty mouth. With her feet now bare, she wraps her soft soles and curved arches around your stiff shaft and works your cock until she milks out every drop. You”ve never had a tutor like Goddess Aaliyah before!
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Bratty Babes Own You: Sneaky Movie Night Footjob By Best friends Wife-Husband Unaware HD

Kyle and his Wife Ashley are having there Husband and Wife friends Alexis and Bryski over for movie night.Bryski is also Kyles best friend. They all sit on the sofa but Bryski forgot his glasses and cant see the screen. Bryski lets his wife Alexis know is going to sit on the floor to get a better view. Ashley feels bad her guest has to sit on the floor by himself so she joins him leaving Kyle and Alexis alone on the sofa. During the movie Alexis notices Kyle starring at her stocking clad legs. Alexis then nonchalantly takes off her shoe and rubs it on Kyle’s crotch. Kyle begins to shake and look down at his unsuspecting wife. Alexis has no problem cheating on her husband and digs her foot harder on Kyles crotch. Kyle cant say anything and risk his best friend or his wife seeing what going on. Alexis can feel Kyle’s cock get harder and and wants to play with it. Alexis takes off Kyle’s pants and begins to jerk it. Kyle still nervous cant help but to submit to Alexis. Alexis knows its her feet Kyle wants so she lays back and wraps her stocking feet around his cock. Luckily Ashley and Bryski are so into the movie they don’t realize whats going on. Kyle try’s his best not to moan as Alexis rubs he nylon soles all over his cock and balls. Alexis peels off her stockings and begins to give him a footjob with her bare feet. Kyle is paralyzed and can only focus only on the divine feeling of Alexis bare soles jerking his cock. Alexis can tell the movie is getting close to ending so she grabs Kyle’s cock and begins to jerk it with her hands. Alexis loves how scared Kyle is of getting caught which turns her on even more. Alexis jerks his load into her hand as Kyle try’s his hardest to stay quiet. As the movie ends they all agree what a great movie it was.
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Femdom Empire – Asia Perez – Charity Footjob

I need a little bit of entertainment… It is always entertaining to humiliate my foot slave. He is so pathetic, I bet he could get off if I rubbed my feet against horny prick. I keep him so pussy denied that his cock will erupt at any female touch. I have him convinced that serving me and only fucking my feet is better than getting pussy fro any other woman. I take pitty on him & grab his cock in between my toes. I made sure to not wear panties so he can stare at my little pussy slit while I slowly stroke his cock with my feet. It isn’t long before he erupts his cum all over my toes… I fuck his mouth with my cum covered foot to reinforce my dominance over his life & orgasms. xx-Asia Perez

Featuring: Asia Perez
Categories: Asian, Cum Eating, Foot Worship, Footjobs
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Foot Worship Sensuality

This is a sensually Dominant foot worship & hand job scene. Lots of sexy foot & leg views. Cum on feet & slave licks the cum clean.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – Lick Then Fuck My Feet, Brother

Skylar gets home after soaking up the heat outside and her brother is there on his knees, blindfolded, with arms bound behind his back. She reminds him how as kids he used to bully her but now that she recently found him sniffing her panties she is in control, or she will be telling m0m. She makes him suck her heels and says later it might be her boyfriends cock so he better do it well. Watch as Skylar makes him worship her feet and toes, then humiliates him by ordering him to stick his cock between her feet and fuck them because it’s as close as he’ll ever get to pussy again. Includes foot worship, cock kicking, verbal humiliation, tease and denial. Great family fantasy scene!

Mistress: Princess Skylar
Category: Footjobs, Foot Domination, Taboo, Foot Worship
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Mandy Flores: Footjob Caught on Camera

The idea is that I’m a famous investigative TV reporter, and my camera man and I show up unexpectedly at your house and accuse you of being a “madame”…basically running a super-high end escort service, serving lots of rich and powerful men. I’m trying to expose you and your clients on national tv.

You totally act shocked and deny the accusations, but of course they’re true. And you’ve sized me up instantly. You can tell that I’m totally focused on your pantyhosed legs and and dangling high heels…I’ve obviously got a pantyhose, legs, and foot fetish. And I’m wearing a wedding ring! You wonder if my wife knows about all these freaky fetishes….

While on TV, you start to seduce me. I try to resist, but you expertly use my fetishes against me and I break down. I ask my cameraman for help, but it turns out you’ve already set him up with some of your girls, so he’s loyal to you now. You tell him to make sure he gets everything on camera as you get my pants down and give a virtual nylon footjob. After that I’m totally broken and you have your total way with me on tv. All the while you’re making fun of my poor attempts at resistance, talking to my wife through the cameraman, asking her if she “does things like this” for me, “teaching her” a few things how to please her man, making fun of my ruined marriage, and so on. This is what I get for confronting you!…..Mandy Flores
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Femdom Empire – Lily Ford – Pink Bikini FootJob

No man can resist Princess Lilly’s soft size 4 feet especially her new boy-toy. He is completely addicted to everything about them from the perfect arches down to her delicious toes. She gives him an extra special reward for being so well-behaved and slides her slippery feet all over his cock. The harder he gets the firmer her grip becomes until he makes a sticky mess all over her little toes like a well trained foot boy.

Featuring: Lily Ford
Categories: Cum Eating, Foot Worship, Footjobs, Milking
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Femdom Empire – Sheena Rose – Poisonous Seductive Feet

Seductive Villainess Poison Ivy has her slave robin and his cock completely held captive against his will. Miss Ivy takes his captivity to the next level and induces his cock with every last bit poison to officially transform him into her mindless slave. She conquers all men with her special powers making them cum however and whenever she pleases. Once they are completely under her spell by the entrancing poison radiating off of her exquisite feet they are officially hers for all of eternity.

Featuring: Sheena Rose
Categories: Cum Eating, Foot Worship, Footjobs, Superheroines
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Olivia Fox – Hotel Management Under Lockdown

Goddess Olivia Fox is staying in a hotel room and she is sick and tired of the loud construction noises she is hearing from her room. She finds it highly unacceptable and demands that hotel management see what they can do to compensate for her discomfort. When the hotel manager shows up at her room she makes him lay back while she seduces him with her feet, convincing him to do what she wants. Watch as she hugs his cock between her soft, wrinkly arches, working her bare feet up and down his cock until he sees things her way. Will foot milking him help her get her way? Keep watching to see the explosive ending!
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Brat Princess 2: Christina – Loser Gets a Humiliating Footjob (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Christina - Loser Gets a Humiliating Footjob (720 HD)

720 HD: Princess Christina gives a slave a humiliating footjob. Its so pathetic that Christinas loser can cum from just her feet. Its not a real man. A real man would get a chance to fuck a hot girl instead of lying on the floor, hoping for a chance to cum. Christina taunts the loser. She tells it to make a Worship puddle for her. Its hilarious that she can give this slave a footjob once every four months, and it will still do everything she asks every second of the day. The desperate loser shoots a big wad of cum with his Princess feet wrapped around his little dick. Christina reminds the slave that everything shes ever asked for was worth this big moment for him.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Cali Carter – Free Rent

Goddess Foot Domination - Goddess Cali Carter - Free Rent

Goddess Cali Carter is checking out a new apartment to rent when she notices the landlord checking out her feet in her sexy nude wedge heels. She decides to use his foot fetish to her advantage, seducing him with her feet in order to receive free rent. Watch as she slips off her heels, showing off her fresh pedicure before letting him get a taste of her feet. See him lick her soles, starting at her heel then licking along her soft, wrinkly arches all the way up to her toes. Watch him lick between each one of her toes, sucking on them. In no time, his pants are down and her feet are hugging his cock, giving him the foot job he craves. Will she foot milk him and get free rent? Watch and see!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Bobbi Owns Her Stepbrother

Goddess Foot Domination - Goddess Bobbi Owns Her Stepbrother
Goddess Bobbi

Goddess Bobbi Dylan catches her stepbrother checking her out while she’s adjusting her dress and she is not amused. When he tells her he would do anything to have sex with her she decides to have some fun with him. To start, she has him kneel before her and strip out of his clothes before locking him up in a chastity device. She then has him take off her sexy nude strappy high heels and makes him lay beneath her feet where he belongs. Watch as she teases him, trailing one foot over his caged cock as he kisses and sucks on her toes before sliding his tongue along her soft, wrinkly arches. Then, after three days in chastity, the goddess treats him to a steamy footjob.
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Mandy Flores: Stinky Feet Handjob

A nice sensual foot smelling worship session after getting home from a long day. My feet are sweaty, stinking and aching from being in high heels all day. My feet are the center of arousal for this foot lover, taking just a simple hand job to a kinky level. You know the feeling when your foot fetish runs so deep that its not pussy, tits or ass that gets you off, its the smell and touch of a womans feet.
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Femdom Empire – A Royal Footgasm Gigi Allens, Silvia Saige

Femdom Empire - A Royal Footgasm Gigi Allens, Silvia Saige
Silvia Saige

Goddesses Gigi and Silvia are feeling quite generous in allowing their slave to finally relieve all that pain in his swelled up balls today. Except he definitely doesn’t deserve sweet pussy, and they don’t even want to touch his pathetic cock with their hands. If he wants to cum for the first time in weeks he will have to do it by only the touch of their bare naked soles and toes. They humiliate their bitch by making him lick up all that gross saved up semen covering their perfect Goddess feet.

Featuring: Gigi Allens, Silvia Saige
Categories: Amazon, Blonde, Cum Eating, Footjobs
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FootFuck Cum Bath Bella Maree

Femdom Empire - FootFuck Cum Bath Bella Maree
Femdom Empire

Mistress Bella rewards her slave by releasing his cock from chastity and allowing him to finally come after all this time. He is forbidden from ever receiving a handjob and must fuck the soles of her feet if he wishes to unload before being locked right back up.

Featuring: Bella Maree
Categories: Brunette, Cum Eating, Foot Worship, Footjobs, Humiliation
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Fuck My Feet! Cameron Dee

Femdom Empire - Fuck My Feet! Cameron Dee
Cameron Dee

Mistress Cameron is feeling generous enough to allow her slave to cum but only by fucking her size 7 feet. He will never be man enough to deserve her pussy or even her hand to milk his pathetic cock.Cameron keeps him on a short leash as she orders him to fuck her bare soles. He begs to cum and is given permission to shoot his load all over her feet making a huge mess that must be licked clean.

Featuring: Cameron Dee
Categories: Blonde, Cum Eating, Foot Worship, Footjobs, Humiliation
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Afternoon Milking Goddess Jasmine

Goddess Foot Domination - Afternoon Milking Goddess Jasmine
Goddess Jasmine

Goddess Jasmine is working in her office while her foot bitch kneels before her completely in the nude, wearing nothing but his slave collar as he hands her a coffee. She then has him crawl under her desk and lay on his back on the floor beneath her feet. See her rest her sexy cheetah print high heel pumps on his chest, their dangerously high heel digging into his soft flesh. Soon, she takes off her shoes, resting her bare feet on top of him, one on his chest and one over his lips. Watch as he sticks out his tongue, licking the soles of her beautiful feet while she makes business calls, worshiping her perfect feet just as he should.
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