Jerk To My Feet – Alyssa Kayson – Girl Scout teases camp counselor

Alissa was on a girl scout camping trip. After hiking a long time, the troop set up camp, Alissa’s feet were tired, sweaty and sour. She needed to get her shoes off right away. Camp counselor, Tom couldn’t help but stare as she removed her sneakers, and then her socks. Alissa noticed that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her bare soles, she’s such as tease as she, asks me if I want to put my tongue between her toes. I can’t do that, I’m the camp counselor.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – More Shiny Tit Worship

You guys can’t get enough of my latex-covered shiny breasts, can you? I’ve got a whole new ensemble that is just begging to be unsnapped all down the front. I pour on the lube and tease you generously, unbuttoning one button at a time to expose my deep cleavage. Once the latex is properly shined, I’ll go one step further and slide out of my dress. But you’ll have exploded well before then…
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Men Are Slaves – Goddess Katrina – Ok, You May Worship

It’s no surprise that you try and sneak a peek at Goddess Katrina as she chats with her girlfriends. She is gorgeous and is used to men slobbering over her perfect looks. Go ahead and approach her, today she is feeling kind and she will permit you to worship her perfectness up close.
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Goddess Harley – Used And Sold By A Stripper

It started at the club… you over tipped me and I spotted you for a real sucker. You must feel pretty stupid now that you look back on it. Remember when you promised to run my errands and then the next day you expected to just squeeze them in later in the week?

Do you even have a shred of dignity left in your body? I made sure you craved this whole process of dehumanizing you. I made you give up all hope of independence when I made you beg for a total life take over. I made you … HEAR MORE INSIDE THE VIDEO

And that brings me to the most important part of this performance review. You see you’ve got high marks this month for obedience and financial goals. All my bills are paid and my credit cards and car loan are all paid off finally. But there’s one Category that you missed the mark on…

I’ve got a hot girlfriend at the strip club and she’s very narcissistic to the extreme. I just knew that if I ever sold you, it would have to be to her cuz I know she’d really fuck you up. Well as it turns out… she wants to buy you! Oh, keep stroking, slave… this is the part where I kick you to the curb and I want to thanking me for it… keep stroking! Good… now she will have total control over you and … HEAR MORE INSIDE THE VIDEO
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Brat Princess 2: Chloe and Natalya – Slave Gets out of Chastity for Monthly Edging (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe and Natalya let Natalya’s slave out of chastity for its monthly edging. The slave is just now learning that Natalya is mad at him. He was short on his tribute. Natalya confronts him, questioning him as to why he was short. The slave makes excuses, which don’t matter. Natalya moves her perfect ass closer to her pay-pig’s face. The stroking slave has to humble itself and kiss her ass. Chloe looks on and smiles as Natalya’s slave humiliates itself. The slave must follow Natalya’s edging instruction. He can do only what she says. Chloe and Natalya tease the slave. They do not let him cum. After he edges he goes right back into chastity. Natalya closes the lock and holds onto the key.
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Cum Countdown – Princess Leya – Annie The Maid

Paying Princess Leya doesn’t guarantee she will let you cum. You also need to be of use to her in daily life like keeping her room clean. You’ve failed to do that today so the odds of you being granted orgasm privilege are fairly low.
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Brat Princess 2: Bella – Sits on her step brothers back and smokes

1080 HD Previously unreleased Bella clip! Bella needs a place to sit and text while she smokes. She yells for her step-brother. Bella wants to use his back as a chair. Her step-brother has learned its better for him just to go along with what she wants, especially now that he’s in chastity. Bella smokes a cigarette and checks social media to see who’s going to be at the party tonight. She notices her ex-boyfriend will be attending. Bella calls her girlfriend to talk about her ex being at the party, all the while ignoring her step-brother. Bella’s happy that her step-brother bought her a new sexy dress, so that she can look fantastic and make her ex-boyfriend as regretful as possible for breaking up with her. Bella’s mom is out of town, so she’s locked her step-brother into chastity for as long as mom is away, and she is doing whatever she wants to him. Bella and her girlfriends plan a pool party for the next day. Her step-brother better not tell mom she had a party! Next, Bella’s step-brother will have to lick her shoes clean, before her ex-boyfriend sees her.
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Porcelain Beauty – Erotic JOI

Best listened to with head phones. I guide you through your orgasm. How to wank your cock. You can hear me stroking the microphone like it’s your cock in my hand. The way I run my nails over the tip of it fills you with excitement. My breath, so heavy, makes your balls twitch and fill with cum, they get so heavy as you…
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Kylie Rose Fetish – Kylie Rose – Problem At School

Kylie Rose has called you in for a parent-teacher conference after catching your son stealing and smelling the dirty socks of schoolgirls. After repeated accounts of such bad behavior, you’ll need to speak with Miss Kylie in her classroom and find a way to make up for such a naughty act. If you refuse, she will surely expel him from the school. This hot teacher has a punishment suited to the crime: you need to worship Miss Kylie’s feet, starting with your hands on her tender soles and soft toes, and then your nose buried in the smell of her sweaty, bare feet. You have no choice but to follow Kylie’s curriculum, rubbing, smelling, and surrendering yourself to her perfect feet until your son can be forgiven.
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Humiliatrix – Mistress Kendra Treats You Like the Pathetic Foot Puppy You Are

Here puppy-puppy! That’s right, you know what you are. You are nothing more than a groveling, toe-kissing, heel-sucking puppy for Mistress Kendra. That is exactly how I am going to treat you. And you’re going to prove me right by begging to make the puppy squirts into your doggie dish for your Leg Goddess…”
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Morgan – My Favorite Little Slave

Goddess Morgan does have favorites among her slaves. They are typically the ones that are the most pathetic, or the ones that spend the most money on her. Now as you kneel before her and stroke your sad cock, you too can ponder why you are one of her favorite losers.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – You Love How I Make You Feel

The moment you press play and hear the dulcet tones of my voice, your brain begins to liquify. Your cock grows hard and your mind goes blank.. It’s that feeling that you simply cannot get enough of. You begin to stroke mindlessly, your hand moving of it’s own accord. Your thoughts blur, my voice fills your head, and the pleasure ripples over you. This is the sensation you crave, this is the reality you need.
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Humiliation POV Princess Nikki Next: Pay For My Dates Loser, That’s The Closest You’ll Ever Get To Dating Me (September 18th 2017

This is part 3 of Princess Nikki Next’s Date Cuckold Series. Click below for parts 1 and 2.

Be My Date Cuckold, I Know It Makes Your Cock Throbg

Cuckold To A Young Brat And Her Boyfriend

So you still think you can date me, huh? I think it’s so funny that you still think you could stand a chance with me after all the times I’ve already rejected you. Look at how hot I am and then take a good look in the mirror. You’re a fucking loser who has nothing to offer a hot young girl like me. The only thing you could ever off me is your cash. Your money is always welcome but you’re never going to be with me. Ever.

But if you want, you can let real men take me out and you can pay for our meals. That way it will feel like you’re dating me as you’re paying for my dates. You just don’t have to be there. Then I can go home and get fucked by a real man while you sit at home and jerk thinking about what it would be like to fuck me. Or maybe you’re jerking thinking about another man fucking me. I don’t really care just as long as your my wallet cuck.

You will never have my young sexy body loser. I only want a real man and that is not you. So you can pay for my dates and that will be as close as you will ever get to dating me. It’s so funny that you still think you can. You’re a fucking loser with a little dick. Why would I ever want to touch you? I would never consider a guy like you, you pathetic little loser.

And I especially would never want a guy who obsesses over hot girls online and gets addicted to them and spends all his money on them. Why would I want a loser like that? A real man wouldn’t do that, a real man would go and get the girl he wants. But you’re a fucking loser who hides behind his computer screen. And that is why you will be paying for my dates so I can have those real men. I think next I’m going to make a video of me and a real man so you can see how a real man acts and how a real man fucks me and how you’ll never measure up. Now go pay for my date you fucking loser.
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Brat Princess 2: Kenzie – I dont Want Flowers from a Shoe Licker (1080 HD)

1080 HD Marcello is really ticking Princess Kenzie off. He’s light on his weekly tribute, the bills he brought are not her preferred denominations, and he keeps trying to make excuses for himself. Kenzie decides that marcello will not be getting out of chastity at all this month and makes him lick her dirty shoes. Kenzie is disgusted by marcello. He is not a real man. A real man would never lick dirty shoes. Real men do nice thoughtful things for girls, like buy them flowers. Kenzie gushes that just the other day she received some very nice flowers. Marcello reveals that he was the one who sent her the forty-dollar floral bouquet, anonymously. Kenzie is outraged. Marcello spent forty dollars on flowers?! That’s why his tribute was so short! Kenzie does not want flowers from a loser like marcello. She only wants flowers from a real man. Flowers are only meaningful if they are from someone you like. To remind marcello of his place, Kenzie makes him worship her feet. She decides that since marcello did not have her tribute in cash, she’s going to take his credit card instead and fuck it hard. Kenzie tells marcello to lick all the floormats in her car clean while she goes out with her sister to spend money on his credit card that he hasn’t even earned yet.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Nikki – I Think I Will Let You Cum

Goddess Nikki prefers to keep her slaves edged and denied for days on end. That’s because horny slaves are hard working slaves that will earn money for her. But she does occasionally grant her piglets a release, sometimes being so generous as to allow you to drink her spit as your stroke and cum.
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Jerk To My Feet – Sadie Teases Stepbrother

Sadie Pop is your super sexy step sis and she knows you have been checking out her pretty bare feet. When she hears that you want to lick her toes she seems a little surprised, but lets you. Listen as she tells you how good it feels to have your tongue on her feet, saying how much she likes the way you lick her soles and the way it feels when you taste her from heel to toe. Watch her fondle her perky tits and slide her hand in her panties, rubbing her pussy as you pamper her feet with your lips and tongue. See her finger herself and hear her moan, masturbating while your worship her feet.
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KylieRoseFetish – Kylie Rose – Love My Nipples

Kylie Rose needs you on your knees, worshipping her full, supple breasts and perky, puffy nipples. As her slave in training, Kylie tempts you with her hard, dark nipples peeking out from under her sheer, white top, giving you a playful tease as she slowly unbuttons her blouse. Your hands and mouth are just inches from her soft, perfect breasts and suckable nipples as you worship her young, hot body.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – My Personal Toilet

Miss Jasmine doesn’t have much to say to you slave, and she is not interested in what you have to say back. Your mouth is only good for one thing and you both know that. Better than having no purpose at all. Open toilet, aren’t you grateful you have her?
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Humiliatrix – Goddess Vika Uses Panties to Weaken You into Submission to Her

“I know a secret about you. A very embarrassing secret. Panties make you helplessly weak. Goddess Vika is going to use your panty weakness to humiliate you into total submission. To me. So, come on. Time to slide your panites over your tiny little cock for Goddess Vika…” 10 minutes … Includes a real-life humiliation assignment
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Humiliatrix – Your Ultimate Sissy Humiliation Session with Mean Girl Remi

“When I wedge this thick pink cock between your trembling lips, your legs are gonna turn to jelly. After you lube my vibrating dildo, I’m gonna shove it inside your panty crotch to make you cum. And then? Once my cock is dripping with your drool and cum? I’m going to pull your panties down and punish you with it. Hard… 6 minutes
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Jerk To My Feet – Saya Song – Sneaking into the Girls Dorm

You have snuck into the dorm room of the lovely Saya Song, even though she lives in an all girls’ dorm. You will get in trouble if you stay too long, but she knows you can’t resist her sexy feet and cute toes. She can see how hard you are from her pretty little feet and she wants you to stroke it for her while you lick her toes. She loves how good it feels when you suck on her toes and she wants you to stroke it faster for her. Follow her masturbation instructions, jerking off for her as you kiss, lick, and suck on her perfect feet, being sure to slip your tongue between every single one of them.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Slippery Slope

Your little femdom addiction started out so.. Casual.. Just a little video here or there. A little fantasy to indulge while you masturbated. Then it started to grow, didn’t it? More videos. A little gift to a Domme, a couple of assignments.. Then more humiliation. More degradation. More jerking off to that honeyed cruelty. It escalates and possesses you. The obsession is carefully cultivated.. and I’m it’s architecht.
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KylieRoseFetish – Kylie Rose – Lick My Dirty Feet Clean!

Kylie’s feet are extra dirty from walking barefoot while shopping today, and she needs you to lick her little feet clean. Open your mouth wide and let your tongue slide along her heel, smelling and tasting her sweet, soft soles and every last speck of dirt and grime stuck to them. Her filthy feet demand to be sucked off and made sparkling clean. Kylie wants to hear you swallow–no spitting is allowed. Hurry, every moment is precious, and you’ll need to do a very good job if you want to feel these feet against your lips again.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Bella – It’s Time To Go Work For Me

The reason Goddess Bella is still in her sleeping outfit is because she’s not the one going to work today. Instead you are like a good piglet, as you wake up and haul yourself into the daily grind called a job. But at the end of the day all that money you earn goes to her, which always brings a big smile to her face.
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KylieRoseFetish – Kylie Rose – You’ll Never Cum Again

Your sole purpose is to please your Goddess, Kylie Rose. She’ll have you trapped in chastity for the rest of your life if she desires it. Looking up at her from down on your knees, Kylie leans back and spreads her legs wide, granting you a close view of her bare, smooth pussy. She demands that you to stick out your tongue and lick the outside of her pussy ever so softly. When she tells you to, you’ll taste her swollen clit and keep licking as she spreads her sweet, pink pussy lips for you. If you fail to bring her pleasure, she’ll find someone new and you’ll be thrown out like a piece of trash. Cover your face with her cunt and stick out your tongue as far as your can into her, tonguefucking her pussy until you hear her moan. This is all part of your training to be Kylie Rose’s perfect, pleasing pussy slave.
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Alexa Toys with andy after Bored Teasers Leave their Shift (Part 1) (1080 HD)

1080 HD In this half of the clip, andy is teased by Alexa, Amadahy and Lindsey. Towards the end, Amadahy and Lindsey leave to change their outfits and andy is left all alone with Alexa. This is the part of the clip with three teasers. For full clip description, see complete version.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Gloved Criminal Seduction

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You awake to find me robbing you but my leather gloves immediately arouse you so you just lay there as I approach you, a twinkle in my eye. I seduce you with my leather gloves. The thrill of having a powerful, dangerous woman touch you is overwhelming. I tease you, telling you that I know you’re imagining me fucking you, the grip of my pussy like the grip of my hand around your hard cock. I tell you that if you keep quiet about me robbing you I’ll come back in a couple of weeks & maybe I’ll fuck you then, wearing these gloves, the gloves you know I use to steal & pick locks & at that time I’ll clean you out completely. I’ll drain you in every possible way.
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