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SEX AND SUBMISSION: September 1, 2017 – Ramon Nomar, Abella Danger

Big ass Brunette Abella Danger models for tormented artist Ramon Nomar in this week’s SAS update. When Abellas car breaks down out in hills of CA she has no cell phone reception to call a mechanic so she goes to a nearby house to use the phone. Ramon Nomar answers the door and is apprehensive to let a stranger in but Abella barges in anyway cuz she is desperate.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: June 9, 2017 – Xander Corvus and Abella Danger

Hot, big ass brunette cutie Abella Danger is The Sex Toy for Xander Corvus. Every day he comes home from work, pours a drink and gets his sex toy out of the closet where he stores her. Adorned in nipple clamps, ball gag, leather straps, stockings and garters with fetish high heels Xander leads his ready and willing sex slave by a leash into his bedroom. She can barely walk because her legs are strapped together in tight leather bondage making each step challenging and precarious in those spiked heels. Abella’s mouth is watering as she is excited to get the chance to please her master. Xander’s fat cock slides into her mouth and down her throat. She can handle every inch of it. He gives her a good deep throat slobbering face fuck with his massive hard cock and she just can’s get enough. Xander straps Abella’s legs out wide open into the splits position and flogs her ass until she is screaming with pleasure. Her back arches and she shakes her curvy ass at Xander begging for more. He flogs her pussy making her squeal but it just makes this pain slut horny and want to fuck. What more could you ask for in a Sex Toy? With Abella’s face plastered to the floor and her arms chained and locked to the couch Xander gives her pussy a deep hard fucking as she is upside down. Submission has never felt so good. Onto the bed now Abella is on her back, legs spread open and wrists strapped to her ankles. Xander flogs her pussy and perky natural tits until he crams his meaty cock back inside her. He canes her sensitive feet and fucks her ass and pussy until she cums again and again. Xander shoots his load all over Abella’s ass and then puts his Sex Toy back in the closet for next time. Now that was fun!
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DEVICE BONDAGE: January 26, 2017 – Abella Danger and The Pope

Abella has proven to be one of the most masochistic girls we shoot. She is willing to endure anything to be able to suffer in bondage. You can’t hide or fake the fact that she lives for this type of treatment. The Pope even spreads her pussy wide with a speculum and uses the tip of a cane to tap on her cervix, which makes her cum.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: January 20, 2017 – Ramon Nomar , Abella Danger/HR Nightmare

HR Nightmare

When rookie HR Officer Abella Danger tries to lay off prop builder Ramon Nomar, the shit hits the fan. Roman takes his severance out of Abella’s ass as she struggles in Ramon’s crazy bondage props. This update includes: Anal sex, heavy bondage and sexual humiliation, heavy domination, labia clamps.
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HOGTIED: January 19, 2017 – Abella Danger and The Pope

Abella Danger Submits in her Most Brutal Shoot to Date

Abella worships The Pope and her every desire is to submit to him in bondage. She always wants to take it up another notch in every shoot, and this one is no exception. She is subjected to devastating bondage with a brutal inverted suspension. The torment is what makes most tap out, but Abella craves it and can’t imagine life without it. The orgasms are just as powerful as every other part of the day as she screams her way through those too.
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WHIPPED ASS: Jun 24, 2016 – Phoenix Marie , Mistress Kara , and Mona Wales/Dyke Bar 3: Wild lesbians fist, DP and dominate Abella Danger!

WHIPPED ASS: Jun 24, 2016 - Phoenix Marie  , Mistress Kara  , and Mona Wales/Dyke Bar 3: Wild lesbians fist, DP and dominate Abella Danger!

Hot Dyke Bar bouncer, Mona Wales and bartender Mistress Kara close up the bar for the night and head to the tail end of an after party where they join Phoenix Marie in dominating hog young thing Abella Danger! The evening escalates from foot worship, spanking, and pussy licking to florentine flogging, sever humiliation, intense fisting, pussy and anal strap-on, and strap-on DP!
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DEVICE BONDAGE: May 27, 2016 -The Pope and Abella Danger/Young Pain Slut Devastated in Grueling Bondage, Tormented, and Cumming

DEVICE BONDAGE:  May 27, 2016 -The Pope  and Abella Danger/Young Pain Slut Devastated in Grueling Bondage, Tormented, and Cumming

On the final day of Abella’s stay in the Armory, she is with us on DeviceBondage, and already sad that this is her last day. She is the real deal, and as genuine as they come. She needs this and the thought of it ending has her in tears. WE get to it and lock her in and let the torment begin. She suffers at the hands of The Pope just like she begged to do. The pain is a welcomed friend for her and it shows in every grueling scene.
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HOGTIED: May 26, 2016 – The Pope and Abella Danger/Masochistic Pain Slut in Bondage, Tormented, and Used for Her Holes

HOGTIED: May 26, 2016 - The Pope  and Abella Danger/Masochistic Pain Slut in Bondage, Tormented, and Used for Her Holes

Today is the second day of a three day adventure that Abella is going through. She arrived at the armory and was put through her paces while bound and fucked on Fucking Machines yesterday. Today is the day we get to see her in brutal bondage and used like the whore that she is. Abella offered up her entire body to The Pope to do with what he pleased. The opportunity is not wasted as he destroys her with evil torment and then uses every hole she has for his pleasure.
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FUCKING MACHINES: May 25, 2016 – Abella Danger/Bondage Slut Gets Fucked Senseless in Rope Bondage

FUCKING MACHINES: May 25, 2016 - Abella Danger/Bondage Slut Gets Fucked Senseless in Rope Bondage

We recently had Abella Danger come to the castle and stay for three days straight. Her journey started here on Fucking Machine, but in typical Abella fashion, she insisted that we tied her up for the scenes. She is put in a variety of bondage positions that have her pussy always exposed and ready for power fucking. We show off her amazing body and fuck her into a babbling cum drunk state.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Mar 11, 2016 – Bill Bailey , Abella Danger and Zoe Parker

THE UPPER FLOOR: Mar 11, 2016 - Bill Bailey , Abella Danger and Zoe Parker

Slutty masochist Abella Danger is a perfect slave, but can she graduate to tutoring another piece of hot slave fuck meat? The Butler finds her misusing the new girl as she cleans the lounge. Zoe has not even been taught the rules, let alone given a task aside from lapping at Abella’s asshole. Cruel metal nipple clamps and weight are applied to Abella to teach her a lesson in humility as Bill ties up the new slave trainee and shows Abella how to properly use a new girl. filling her hot mouth with cock, fucking her tight pussy, and stimulating her clit as she has the rules pounded into her, and electro zapper on hand if she can’t recite them. Abella is given a punishment orgasm, walking backwards to pull the tight metal clamps off her swollen nipples.

Second scene, Zoe is on her own as Abella has her head locked under a table and her ass tied open wide. Zoe must stand and take a deep pounding in her pink cunt while learning to plead for her and Abella’s pleasure with composure. Gracefully begging into Abella’s asshole, Zoes earns them both reward orgasms from the vibrators latched to both their clits with tight rope bondage.

Abella, having done a wonderful job with Zoe, is fed torment and rough anal fucking in bondage for the rest of her service. The look on fresh girl Zoe’s face is priceless and she soothes Abella’s cunt with her tongue and rips clamps on Abella’s insane breast zipper. Both girls get rough reverse cowgirl fucks and a hot cum on their lovely faces for a job well done.
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Digital Sin: He’s In Charge

Digital Sin: He's In ChargeDigital Sin: He's In Charge

These beautiful girls are tied up, fiendishly horny and ready to satisfy their dark desires. Watch Abella Danger, Dahlia Sky, Lea Lexis and Veruca James get properly dominated with a variety of kinky sex acts. It’s time for sweet submission, because he’s in charge!
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: Feb 26, 2016 – Bill Bailey and Abella Danger

SEX AND SUBMISSION: Feb 26, 2016 - Bill Bailey and Abella Danger

Abella Danger loves hardcore BDSM and rough anal sex, and is more than happy to give it up to Bill Bailey in the dungeons of Kink.com. Abella shows off her beautiful tits and ass in a skin tight latex hobble skirt and leather bondage. She begs for the whip, gags and nipple clamps, and eagerly chokes down Bill’s hefty cock. When her pussy is clamped shut and her asshole fucked hard in tight bondage, Abella’s orgasms send her into deep anal submission.
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HOGTIED: Jan 28, 2016 – Phoenix Marie , The Pope and Abella Danger

HOGTIED: Jan 28, 2016 - Phoenix Marie , The Pope and Abella Danger

What happens when you take a seasoned bondage model and pair her up with a new school starlet? You get one of the hottest bondage shoots of all time. You have the bombshell vixen known as Phoenix Marie helpless in tight rope bondage, and sexy young Abella Danger suffering like she loves to do. Phoenix is used to hurt Abella and to pleasure her. Abella gets totally destroyed with a mix of sadistic torment from The Pope and good old fashion bitting from Phoenix
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James Deen Productions: Dominations

James Deen Productions: DominationsJames Deen Productions: Dominations

Power and domination is the theme of five artfully-shot vignettes each featuring an astounding sexual tryst! Beautiful Veruca is a take-charge brunette who duct-tapes Tommy to the wall to show him who’s boss before taking him deep in her pussy and ass! Hard as nails businessman Manuel finds the perfect way to close a deal and show his dominance over desperate August – by jamming his cock inside her any way he can! Pretty Abella finds herself in a wild experiment with her master who pounds her pussy then demands she survive by only eating his cum! Horny blonde Dylan blackmails James into hot banging, but James has more than his hard cock waiting for her! Then, overbearing Tommy finds himself a gorgeous slave in Kalina, who tries to stay strong despite her own orgasms in a wild master/slave scenario!
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EVERYTHING BUTT: May 26, 2015 – Krissy Lynn , Abella Danger and Nicole Ferrera

EVERYTHING BUTT: May 26, 2015 - Krissy Lynn , Abella Danger  and Nicole Ferrera

Abella Danger and Nicole Ferrera are patiently awaiting Krissy Lynn’s tongue, fingers and toys. Krissy Lynn makes these girls suck the juices off anything that has just been inside an ass. Abella and Nicole duel for the affection of their Dominatrix. Abella wants to Gape for Krissy and Nicole wants to take the biggest toys she can for Krissy.
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THE TRAINING OF O: May 15, 2015 – Owen Gray and Abella Danger

THE TRAINING OF O: May 15, 2015 - Owen Gray  and Abella Danger

Abella Danger in heavy bondage, huge ball gags, weighted nipple clamps and under strict discipline as hardcore anal slave in training. Abella‘s big all natural ass bounces on hard cock as she takes it in the ass while getting flogged, whipped, cropped and manhandled. Abella‘s gagged mouth spills creamy drool all over her all natural tits, her nipples are clamped tight as she rides giant dick in her ass and learns to behave like an obedient slave girl.

When 19 year old Abella Danger wants to learn about submission and masochism, the budding pain slut come to Training of O to learn how to eroticize the pain and give up her asshole to dominant dick. Abella screams for more cock, more orgasms, more pain, more of everything. And she spills over till she is left a come drunk, fucked, used, anal slave girl with a long road to travel before she sleeps. Welcome to Servitude, Abella.
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HOGTIED: May 14, 2015 – Sgt. Major and Abella Danger

HOGTIED: May 14, 2015 - Sgt. Major and Abella Danger

Abella is a slutty cheerleader that walks around showing off her ass to the boys. The coach is tired of her distracting his team, so he recruits Sgt. Major to whip this slut into shape. She is bound and punished for being a slut, but we’re still not sure if she learned her lesson.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: May 8, 2015 – Marco Banderas , Mia Li and Abella Danger

THE UPPER FLOOR: May 8, 2015 -  Marco Banderas , Mia Li  and Abella Danger

Abella Danger is a 19 year old colt that must be tamed before we can collar her, so we assigned one of our most refined senior slaves to the task: the elegant Mia Li. Abella has abouncy gorgeous fuckable ass that deserves to be house property, but can Mia get her in line?

The beginning of the party starts as many parties do: with introductions. As Mia Li presents her fresh young charge to the house, horny guests come forward to squeeze her nubile flesh and spank her bubble butt. She is then paraded around the party learning her manners and learning guests’ names. Though polity does not come naturally to Abella, and Mia receives many clothes pins in punishment. Abella’s mouth proves to be worthless for making introductions and a guests’ hard cock is placed in it while Mia receives painful orgasms and a cruel zipper much to the party’s pleasure.

If the House is to own Abella’s ass, Mia will have to teach her how to properly fuck in a strict slave cowgirl. Mia is a fine example of slave flesh and bounces on dick, her thighs suffering with every stroke. Abella is abjectly used for oral duty, licking balls and pussy until a plug is placed in her ass and it is her turn to try fucking. Being innocent to slave training, she begins to steal orgasms will nilly and must be brought into line by Mia with a zapper and a harsh spanking hand. Close to tears, Abella finally learns how to hold her orgasms until given permission.

Last scene finds our freshly minted initiate tied tightly to a table getting with a guests balls deep in her ass. Our colt finally begins to shine and she suffers exquisitely through a thorough pounding, cumming under duress and always asking permission and providing the slave motto upon release. Mia is rewarded for her outstanding leadership with countless orgasms as Abella has a collar placed around her neck.

Congratulations Abella and Mia!
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: May 1, 2015 – Tommy Pistol and Abella Danger

SEX AND SUBMISSION: May 1, 2015 - Tommy Pistol  and Abella Danger

In a world where lawlessness and chaos rule the day, there are no police or courts to turn to. Bounty Hunters earn their way by snaring their bonds and collecting on contracts. When Abella Danger gets caught up in a hot zone she pays for her financial delinquency at the mercy of a sadistic and sexually depraved Bounty Hunter. Tommy Pistol takes the hot young delinquent down and throws her into tight bondage before extracting his finders fee from her tight ass. Abella is completely helpless in tight bondage and ball gag against Pistol’s Anal Assault, and the more she pleads and begs to be let go, the more harsh the ass pounding she gets.
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Queen’s Royal Cock Abella Danger

Femdom Empire - Queen's Royal Cock Abella Danger
Abella Danger

Miss Bella is transforming her slave from a little bitch to a full grown man by forcing him to lose his anal virginity. Being mercilessly fucked by a big, fat strap-on cock is a right of passage for any man who wants to serve a queen like Miss Bella. He will have to learn to please his Queen’s cock at any time she demands his tight ass be fucked and stretched for her entertainment.

Featuring: Abella Danger
Categories: Anal Play, Humiliation, Spitting, Strap-on
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Two Finger Stroke Abella Danger

Femdom Empire - Two Finger Stroke Abella Danger
Abella Danger

Mistress Abella enjoys seeing her slave helpless and kept on edge desperate to cum. She slowly starts touching his cock building up his load with one finger, then two while laughing at his sexual frustration. He begs and pleads for more as Abella takes him to the edge and back until she finally allows her pathetic bitch to empty is swollen blue balls.

Featuring: Abella Danger
Categories: Handjobs
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Femdom Empire - WEAPON OF ASS DESTRUCTION Abella Danger
Abella Danger

Goddess Abella Danger makes her slave suffocate in her monstrous ass while only giving him gasps of fresh air when she feels like it. She uses his slave tongue for her pleasure and forces him into her tight round ass hole while she does the splits. To finish herself off she grabs her favorite vibrator and makes her bitch continue licking her Goddess asshole until she has been satisfied to completion.

Featuring: Abella Danger
Categories: Ass Worship
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MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Abella Danger POV Slave Orders

MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Abella Danger POV Slave Orders

Here’s a new addition to the MeanBitches family: Abella Danger! She’s 19 years old, bratty, and bitchy! The perfect secretary who takes over your office because she knows you will do anything for a young Goddess like her!
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SADISTIC ROPE: Mar 11, 2015 – Abella Danger

SADISTIC ROPE: Mar 11, 2015 - Abella Danger

You don’t always need a plethora of positions. Sometimes it’s the simplicity of only a few to get the job done. This update takes Abella down a dark path of brutal torment and extreme suffering.

The Pope DESTROYS Abella Danger!!
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Femdom Empire ONLY REAL MEN ALLOWED Abella Danger
Femdom Empire

Miss Bella is seeking a real man for a slave and not some pussy bitch like her current boy. If he want’s to continue serving his Goddess he will need to undertake a series of intense training sessions on how to stop being such a sissy bitch.

Featuring: Abella Danger
Categories: Ballbusting, Brunette
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Evil Angel: Strap Some Boyz 4

Quirky porn legend Joey Silvera has long been the premier purveyor of perverse pegging action. The latest in Joey’s series of nasty male anal submission is Strap Some Boyz #4 five scenes of one-on-one hard-core in which gorgeous young ladies turn the tables on deserving dudes, fucking their masculine assholes with big strap-on dildos! Sexy, young brunette Abella Danger inserts several fingers into her boy-slave before rudely fucking his loose asshole and making him clean her toy ass-to-mouth. Busty, tattooed bitch Karmen Karma drills her partner with her sphincter-stretching phallus until he helplessly spurts his load. Tall, super-cute blonde Summer Carter pegs a guy in the butt for the first time. Muscular stud Christian doubts petite, young goddess Marina Angel can handle him, but this tiny bitch ruthlessly reams his bunghole and makes him lick his splooge from her vinyl glove. Big-assed princess Lola Foxx learns all about strap-on sex from lucky sub Kurt Lockwood.
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ELECTRO SLUTS: Dec 4, 2014 – Chanel Preston and Abella Danger

Abella Danger: Electrofucked for Her 19th Birthday!

Abella Danger is extremely nervous to try electricity for the first time, but on her 19th birthday she goes for it. Chanel Preston works her over, bound & caged & gagged. Abella gets zapped & shocked & fingered fucked, & then cums like she’s never cum before. She pushes her pussy into the zapper & begs for more. She takes sticky pads on her tits & her big round bubble butt, licks pussy like a real lesbian, & takes a punishing fuck from the samurai, her cunt already buzzing from being filled by an electroplug. She cums & cums & is shocked & cums. Happy Birthday Abella!
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