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Ella Kross – Eat My Step-Daughter’s S.hit and Jerk-Off on Her Young Ass!

As my “Step-Daughter”, Tessa Ray, lays on the floor reading, she accidentally let out a series of farts so loud that I erupt in laughter while fanning my nose with my hand. I can’t believe how badly she’s stunk up the room and suggest she hits the bathroom to take care of some obvious business. She brings her book with her and takes a seat on the toilet to relieve her full bowels, but before she gets the chance I stop her and, with a devious smile on my face, announce that I have a better plan. I want her to s.hit directly into your open mouth! As she bends over, I stretch her cheeks wide and have you take a look at the pretty little asshole that’s going to be taking a steaming dump down your throat. She farts in your face as she gears up to squeeze her shit all over you and into that waiting mouth of yours. I want you to take that cock out and start stroking it as she does her messy business and makes you swallow every piece! When we’re done making you eat her shit, we’re going to have you lick her asshole clean while you continue jerking-off. You’re our little toilet slave today, so get to work like a good bitch and when we count to five you better cum all over my Step-Daughter’s perfect ass!
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Ella Kross – Playing a Game of Pain with My Slave!

Everyone likes to play games, right? Well, today I’m going to play a very interesting game with one of my slaves. Looking gorgeous in my sexy lingerie, I ask him if he likes my ass and of course he answers that he does. I explain the rules of the game to him, and tell him that if he can handle the pain I’ll reward him by allowing him to kiss my beautiful ass. On the table before me are four methods of delivering pain: Three whips made of different materials, and one wooden whipping rod. I make him draw from my deck of cards, and the suit he chooses determines what I’ll be using to strike his bare bottom! As he bends over my billiard table, I begin delivering painful lashes with my leather whip while counting each one. We play until I’ve used all three whips and the cane on him, and by the time we’re done his ass is red and throbbing in pain! Do you think you have what it takes to play this twisted game with me?

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Ella Kross – Playing a Game of Pain or Pleasure with My Slave!

Today I’m going to play a game with this slave, and I explain the rules to him as he kneels naked before me. In my hands are a deck of cards, I’ve decided that the red ones will bring him pleasure, whereas the black ones will result in pain. After making sure the jerk understands the rules, I shuffle the deck and have him pick a card at random. He gets lucky by choosing a red card, and I graciously allow him to lick my ass. I’m dressed head to toe in leather, and the smell and taste drives him wild. He’s not as lucky when he chooses the next card and it happens to be black. I decide to punish him with painful slaps to the face, and make him thank me for the brutal blows. When it’s time for him to pick again, he’s scared to see that it’s black once again. I torment him by clamping his nipples and twisting them while he groans in misery. Come watch the rest of our exciting “Pain or Pleasure?” card game!
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Ella Kross – Allowing Slave to Jerk While he Licks My Feet!

Since my new slave’s done a fairly good job taking my abuse today, I’m going to allow him to jerk-off. As he lays on the floor beneath me and strokes his cock, I tease him by rubbing my feet all over his face. He hungrily mouths them, clearly turned on by how gorgeous they are. “Suck my feet,” I demand as I cram my toes down his throat, then massage his balls with them while he continues to jerk himself. I remind him that he’s not allowed to cum without my permission, and it’s obvious by his moans that he’s aching to blow his load. “Faster!” I instruct as I watch him stroke his hard cock, and make him lick my feet while he does it. When I finally give him permission to cum, he shoots his big load all over his bare belly! I love knowing how much I turn this loser on and seeing how much he cums for his goddess.

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Ella Kross – Brutally Whipping My Slave’s Bare Ass!

Today I’m going to punish my slave and it’s going to be very painful for him. I make him stand naked before me, his arms above his head, and proceed to beat his bare ass with my leather whip. I’m merciless with the lashes, striking him so hard and so fast that his ass turns beet red within seconds. I take all my anger out on his swollen ass, and surprisingly, he manages to stay fairly quiet throughout the abuse. I kick things up a notch by switching to an even more painful whip, vowing to make him scream before I’m through with him. I repeatedly strike his bottom without pause, and eventually get him to crack. He groans in agony as I deliver lash after exruciating lash, his ass so raw and red he won’t be able to sit down for weeks, if not months. Just when he thinks I’m done… I switch to a cane and beat his naked bottom even more!

Categories: Caning, Corporal Punishment, Female Domination, Whipping
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Ella Kross – Punishing My Slave with Foot Domination!

“Get down, slave!” I demand, and the naked loser wastes no time dropping to his hands and knees. Today I’m going to punish him with foot domination, and I better not hear any complaints from the disgusting loser. I have him lay on his back and shove my bare foot in his mouth, cramming my toes down his throat and making him suck them. I pause to kick him in the face, then drive my toes down his throat again until he gags. He can barely breathe with my foot stuffed in his mouth, but that’s not my concern! I trample him by walking all over his nude body before shoving my toes back down his throat. “Suck it, you fucking disgusting slave!” I yell with my foot crammed into his mouth. I used my cute feet to determine whether or not this slave gets any oxygen and love watching him suffer!
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Ella Kross – Slave Experiences Ball-Busting for the First Time!

This slave has never experienced ball-busting before, and he’s about to learn just how brutal it is! I’m curious how well he’ll handle it, and find out by delivering a series of swift kicks to his bare crotch. With his arms secured above his head and his legs spread, he’s unable to protect himself as I repeatedly kick him directly in the balls. I don’t think this loser understood how painful this would be, and that I wouldn’t be holding back. He cries out in pain as I bash his balls in, and when his legs flail to much I stop to secure those as well. Now he’s completely unable to move, and I laugh as I continue kicking him right in his swollen testicles. “Do you think you can still handle it?” I ask. “No!” he replies, but quickly changes his mind after a few slaps to the face. I cackle in delight, loving every second of his misery as I kick him in the balls with my bare feet until he almost passes out from the pain. I make him kiss my beautiful feet when he falls to the floor, and he’s just glad the ball-busting is finally over!
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Ella Kross – Slaves Eats My Chewed Food Off Dirty Floor!

This slave ruined my pleasure by being too weak to take my strap-on in his ass, so now I’m going to punish him by making him eat off of the dirty floor. Sitting on my sofa looking gorgeous as always in my black lingerie and pink heels, I spit chewed food onto the floor and make him eat every bit. “Is it tasty?” I mock as this disgusting loser laps up my mess with his mouth. I delight in telling him that this floor hasn’t been cleaned in weeks, then chew up even more food for him. “Wait!” I scold and slap him in the head when he makes the mistake of eating without my permission. I spit on his fat, naked body and cackle in delight at his humiliation. Just when this piggy thinks I’m through with him, I chew up even more food and spit it onto the floor for him to eat. “Dinner is served!” I tease as I rise to my feet and tower over him, making sure he cleans up every mashed up piece. He’s so disgusting!

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Ella Kross – I’ll Fuck Your Throat Until You Choke!

“Now you’re going to suck my huge dick!” I inform this slave as he kneels naked before me. I’m not offering, I’m demanding, and he knows I mean business. It’s his first time sucking a cock, I first make him lick my big strap-on all over before cramming it so far down his throat that he gags. He can’t stop choking as I fuck his mouth, and I pause long enough to make him thank me before spitting down his throat. I make him swallow it, then jam my cock in his mouth again and laugh as he sucks it. I slap my huge dick across his face, smiling wide as I enjoy his humiliation, then continue fucking his mouth while he repeatedly gags. “Suck my huge dick and take it deeper!” I yell as he chokes, and I love every second of his misery. I spit in his mouth once more, slap him across the face, and leave him embarrassed and ashamed! He’ll never forget his first blowjob, that’s for sure.

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Ella Kross – Teaching My Slave to Suck and Fuck Dirty Cock!

This slave needs to learn how to fuck for money, and his lesson begins with me teaching him how to suck cock. I shove my big strap-on in his mouth, thrusting my hips back and forth as I watch him blow me. “You’re going to be sucking a lot of dick and making me a lot of money,” I inform him as I continue to fuck his mouth deeper and deeper until he gags. “Suck it!” I demand, and slap him across the face when he fails to impress me. He needs to get better, because this mouth of his will be sucking lots of real dick soon! “Now I’m going to fuck you,” I tell him as I position myself behind him. With him bent over my table, I lube up his asshole and slide a finger inside of him, then another, before finally shoving my big dick into his virginal hole. That’s right, he’s never had anything in his ass before, but he better learn to love it since he’s going to be my new street whore! I pound him harder and faster while he groans in discomfort, then shove the same cock that was just buried in his ass right back in his mouth. “From your ass to your fucking mouth!” I laugh as he sucks my cock again. He’ll be making me money in no time!
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Ella Kross – Teasing and Denying, then Ruining Slave’s Orgasm!

Today I’m going to play with this slave’s cock, but I’m quick to remind him that he’s not allowed to cum without permission. Let’s see how much this slave can handle, shall we? I’m going to continuously bring him to the edge of explosion, only to cruelly deny his orgasm. I command him to fuck my hand, and he eagerly does as instructed. With his arms secured above his head, he thrusts his hips back and forth while I stroke him and play with his sensitive balls. He’s aching to cum, but I refuse to let him. Instead, I drive him crazy but getting him close only to deny him the opportunity. “Do you want to cum, slave?” I ask him as he thrusts away, fucking my hand harder and faster. He tells me that he does, and even begins to beg, but I’m having way too much fun tormenting him. I laugh as I repeatedly bring him to the edge, and when I finally let him cum I ruin his orgasm by pulling my hands away and refusing to help him!
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Ella Kross – Slaves Licks My New Thigh-High Leather Boots Clean!

Do you like my shiny new thigh-high leather boots? I think they’re quite sexy, and my slave here happens to agree. I have an obsession with keeping my boots clean, even if they’ve barely been worn, and put him to work polishing them with his mouth. “Put your tongue out!” I demand, and make him lick them while I take a seat and watch. “Clean them… up and down!” I tell him sternly as I supervise the job he’s doing. I watch him like a hawk, making sure he’s giving me his best effort and not slacking off. It appears he needs more lube, so I have him open his mouth and spit directly into it before having him lick my boots again. I have him suck one of my heels, then the other, and spit into his mouth again to make sure it remains properly lubricated. He’s not allowed to stop cleaning these boots until I say he can!
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Ella Kross – Jerk to Me After Giving Me All Your Money!

Just look at yourself. You’re a chronic masturbater who jerks-off to my videos all day because you can’t get a girl like me in real life. You spend all your money on my clips, and I’m just fine with that since I lead an expensive lifestyle. My clothes, my gym membership, my hair, my nails, my rent… these things all add up, you know! I need a lot of money, so open up that wallet and give me even more. I want you to get your credit card out and buy every single one of my hot videos. Once you do that, I’ll give you permission to jerk-off to me, but you’re not allowed to cum until I say you can. What are you waiting for? Buy each and every one of my videos, and I’ll reward you by showing you my amazing tits. Pay up, then haul out that cock and stroke yourself to me like the pathetic loser you are! Since you’ve bought all my videos like a good boy, I’m going to let you cum but only after I count down from ten. Jerk yourself harder and faster while I count down, then blow that huge load for me! I’m going to keep an eye on you to make sure you continue buying all of my videos…

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Ella Kross – Dirt Cleaning Bitch

Walking barefoot through my back yard, I lead my slave by a leash and he crawls behind me on all fours like a dog. I pause to make him lick my dirty feet clean, and he thanks me for allowing him to do so. My strong, toned legs look amazing in my skimpy pink shorts as I take a seat and continue having him mouth my bare feet clean. “Maybe I’ll let you cum today with my beautiful, dirty feet,” I tell him as he licks and sucks them while I watch and supervise the job. I rub my heels all over his face, showing off my pedicured toes before cramming them down his throat. “Try harder, slave!” I reprimand when I feel he’s not putting forth a good enough effort. I grab the back of his head and drive his mouth into my feet, feeling his tongue licking them frantically. Such a good slave!
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Ella Kross – Tormenting My Slave with the Biggest Strap-On Ever!

This slave’s really pissed me off, and I can’t let him off lightly. I caught him trying to steal the key to his chastity belt, and have already punished him by fucking his tight little asshole with a big strap-on. I don’t feel he’s learned his lesson, though, so I’m going to kick things up a notch by torturing him in the worst possible way. Seriously, have you ever seen such a massive strap-on? It’s the biggest one I own, and it’s my prized possession. It’s the size of an elephant’s dick, and this slave’s going to take it in his ass one way or another! I don’t care if it splits him in half, this loser’s going to take it and his cries for mercy won’t get any pity from me. He shakes with fear as I position myself behind him and begin working the tip inside his asshole. Is there any way he can actually take the entire thing? When I’m done with him, he may just have internal damage!
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Ella Kross – our Micro-Cock is Hilarious, You 5 Second Man!

I don’t know what my deal is today, but I’m so horny I can’t even handle it! I haven’t had sex in a month, which is an extremely long time for me, so that probably explains why I have dick on the brain. I usually don’t fuck on the first date, but I’m craving cock so badly I want you to bend me over and ram me hard and fast from behind. Go ahead, unzip those pants and show me what you’ll be pounding me with! Wait, what the fuck is that? This must be some kind of a joke. Your cock can’t really be that small, can it? How do you expect to please any woman with a dick that tiny? Ugh. I’m so horny I guess I’ll give it a try, but I’m not sure I’ll even feel it since it’s so little. Stick it in already! What’s that? You already did? Oh my God, this is pathetic! I can’t stop laughing at your small dick, and laugh even harder when you cum after only five seconds. You’re a useless excuse for a man, and your micro-cock is hilarious! After you disappoint me sexually, I crack up and insult you for being such a worthless loser.
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Ella Kross – Punishing a Disobedient Slave with My Whip!

Today I’m going to punish this slave for failing to clean my house like I told him to. Let’s see how much pain he can handle, shall we? I tie him up naked in my back yard and begin lashing his back with my leather whip, laughing and mocking him as he groans in agony with each painful strike. His entire back is aching and red within seconds, and the sight of it only adds to my excitement. I continue delivering excruciating lashes with the whip while he cries out in misery, but his torment is far from over. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s disobedience, and I take my anger out on his bare flesh as his screams grow louder and louder. “Your suffering is my pleasure!” I growl as I make him pay for his mistake. I pause to pinch and twist his nipples, then get right back to whipping him! Do you think he’s learned his lesson? You’ll endure the same punishment if you ever disobey me!
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Ella Kross – Relentlessly Kicking And Stomping My Slave’s Balls

Today I’m going to punish my slave by kicking his balls in. I want to hear him scream, and I won’t stop until he’s crying in agony. As he stands naked before me with his legs spread, I slap him across the face and begin kicking him directly in the nuts. He groans and buckles in pain, but I’m not showing this jerk any mercy. When he falls to his knees in misery, I move behind him and continue delivering painful blows to his delicate balls. How much abuse can his testicles take? I’m determined to find out, and won’t be stopping anytime soon. I make him kiss the same bare feet that were just kicking his nuts in, then resume kicking him before standing on him to trample his dick. You’ll feel every horrible blow as I relentlessly torture this slave’s cock and balls!
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Ella Kross – Dangling, New Stockings, and Cum Countdown!

Looking gorgeous as always in my grey stockings, I sit and tease you with my new high-heels by dangling them on the tips of my toes. Back and forth my feet gently wave, my shoes balancing delicately until they eventually fall to the floor. You love watching my heels dangle on my adorable toes, don’t you? I climb into bed and model my stockings for you by posing seductively, driving you wild with my amazing legs and hot, tight body. These stockings are so soft and so smooth! Just imagine how they would feel pressed against you as you jerk your cock for me. Fantasize about my feet brushing your face, the silky nylons rubbing you up and down while you continue to stroke for me. I’m going to slowly count down from ten, then I want you to cum all over my new stockings! Are you ready? Ten, nine, eight…
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Ella Kross – Punished: Stuffed and Humiliated with Big Strap-On!

I’ve just caught this slave in my bedroom, and do you know what the jerk was doing? He was desperately looking for the key to the cock cage I trapped his dick in days ago! That’s right, last week I locked him in a male chastity belt and he hasn’t been able to touch himself since. He can’t stand it anymore and just wants out! Trying to steal the key from me isn’t the right way to gain his freedom, though, and now he must be punished. There will be no mercy for him as I fuck his tiny asshole with a huge strap-on until he hopefully learns his lesson. He grunts in a mixture of pain and humiliation as I pound him from behind, laughing at his misery while I slap his ass. I brutally thrust in and out of him with blatant disregard for his comfort or safety. How much can this loser handle? Watch to find out!

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