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Scissorvixens: SVDL 1106 – Cleo’s Morning Scissorgasm!

Without a doubt Cleo is one of our most popular ScissorVixens whether playing a sexy scissoring assassin, using her kryptonite death squeeze or in the case of this video getting her scissor fix by releasing some sexual tension through her MORNING SCISSORGASMS!

What better way to be woken up in the morning than to have Cleo straddling your neck while gyrating you awake trying to satisfy herself!?

Well…if you’re the one who’s going to soon find your neck clamped between Cleo’s muscular thighs while she ‘gets off’ you may not think it’s such a wonderful experience…especially if you can’t breathe!

But when Cleo wakes up and needs more than just a coffee to start her day, her poor boyfriend has no other choice but to be an unwilling tool for her scissorgasmic pleasure!

This video is perhaps one of our most erotic videos ever as Cleo shows that her scissors can be both BRUTAL and SEXY at the same time…depending on which side of her scissors you find yourself of course!

This one has got it all!

Tight, eye-popping scissors combined with Cleo having the time of her life clamping, snapping, chopping, squeezing and smothering him senseless on her way to her scissorgasm!

And for those who enjoy HOM (hand over mouth) there is PLENTY of that including some breast smothering as well!

After several failed attempts to cum because of her man’s constant struggling Cleo finally finishes the job by finishing him off in a knockout standing reverse!

Cleo has made a lot of GREAT videos for ScissorVixens and we’re sure many of our fans will consider this one of her best as well!

So check out the always SEXY and BRUTAL SCISSORS of Cleo in ‘Cleo’s Morning Scissorgasm!’.

Download Format: MP4
Length: 22 min 50 s
Size: 469 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – 470.0 MB


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