Sarah Diavola – Ballbusting Naked Intruder

Why are all these naked men showing up in my garage??? They come from everywhere, hearing about my prowess and the sexy dominant friends I always have over. They sneak in, try to get a glimpse of our power, and they inevitably get caught. Goddess Amadahy is my lovely guest this time, and she knows exactly what to do with a stupid, naked, masked intruder. Did he really think the mask would protect him from anything? HA!
We rip his balls to shreds with our high heels, our nails, and our bare feet. We hit him from the front, from the back, all while he’s tied up like a whipping boy with no escape from the punishment. We make him dance like a puppet, bashing his balls as hard as we can. No one sneaks into our property without paying for it.