Kates Palace – Lady Lara – Break-in at the Palace of Sin 1

Returning from a stroll, LADY LARA finds a cat burglar on the loose in the Palace. The Pink Panther he is not, but he will be a whole lot pinker when she gets through with him. The intruder wakes from a chloroform daze to find himself securely fastened to a gyno-chair in a dimly lit room. Wrong place, wrong time? What’s so wrong about being utterly at the mercy of a HIGHLY EROTIC BIZARRE LADY? Some people would pay good money for that. Others will complain about anything. Why be finicky if SHE wants to practice HER penmanship on his mangy chest and pubic thatch. With hair that revolting, the pussy burglar should be thankful that anyone would bother to groom it. What a crescendo of cleanliness! Come on baby, light my fire! Bet you won’t hear him humming that one for a while, and the music ain’t over yet. Not by a long shot! After signing HER latest work of art, the TENDER-HEARTED LENIENATRIX decides to pretty up the pot-bellied panther’s pudgy face with an inflatable rubber mask that truly leaves him breathless with anticipation. Now it’s time for some real fun!

Download file – 718.4 MB

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