Kates Palace – Lady Kate – Under Control 2

A few words about DOMINA DRESSING. Dressing is fun. Just ask DOMINA KATE. Talk about Fashionistas! Look at the way that tasteful strap snakes up from HER BODICE like a regal black cobra round the neck of THE QUEEN OF THE NILE. NICEY NICE! Now where were we? Ah yes, CONTROL! When we last saw DOMINA KATE, HER rubber ducky looked like he’d been having a veritable meat packer’s ball! Still, in order to be firmly in control, you need a reliable set of control knobs, and you’ll notice, class, that DOMINA KATE knows precisely where those control knobs are. A benevolent spiky bra marks the spot – the very latest in DOMINA DISCOMFORT. Smiling smugly at HER CONQUEST, THE CLEOPATRA OF DOMINAS courteously rewards him with HER trademark TLC. Talk about Service with a Smile! Just for FUN, THE STERN CLEOPATRIX takes him to his limits with a strong dose of urethra stretching, breath reduction and nectar sniffing. Then, the uncommonly generous PHARAOHATRIX treats him to a private tasting of HER latest vintage, DOM. KATE 2009. They say it was a VERY HOT year. So you can see what I’m trying to tell you, class. Come to Berlin, and have FUN IN THE SIN!

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