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Darcia starring in video ‘Treasure Hunt’ of ‘ElitePain’ studio

This is the pilot episode of our brand new pain game. The player must collect treasure chests from among the choices on the game board. The more chests she collects, the higher prize she might win. 1 chest: $250 – 2 chests: $500 – 3 chests: $1000 – 4 chests: $2000 – 5 chests: $5000. While hunting for the treasure, the player must face some painful punishments. These punishments depend on which fields the player reveals during the hunt. She may stop at any prize level if she complete the next punishment round. One exception: The fifth Treasure Chest means an INSTANT win of $5000. Darcia is the first player to tests the flow of this new game. She learns its difficulties the hard way.

Format: mp4

Duration: 01:25:30
Size: 1.41GB
Resolution: 1280×720

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