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Dirtytransdolls: Rubber sissy blowjob training

Fully rubberized and bound, latex doll Natalie only has to focus on one thing today: sucking our cocks. We are ready to teach this slutty feminized doll how to give a great blowjob. A skill she will need if she wants to become a perfect Transdoll.
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Chateau-Cuir: Leather gloved domination part1

Miss Shay Hendrix and Fetish Liza dominate their pathetic glove slave. Both Ladies love to tease him with their leather gloves. He must worship their boots, inhale Liza’s smoke and worship their ass, much to the amusement of the Dommes.
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Goddess Jewels has her slave in his cage. She approaches him and asks him if he heard her with her lover. “I got fucked really good” she says and asks him if he knows what that means. He nods yes and knows it’s time for him to be released and ordered to lick up all the cum from her pussy. She opens the cage door and when the scene switches to the bedroom we see her laying on her back and the cum leaking from her pussy and down her ass crack. The slave gets on the bed and starts to lick up the sticky cum. “Show me your tongue” she says. The slave shows her the thick load in his mouth and then is ordered back to continue his work. She tells him to make sure he licks up every drop. She tells him if he does a good job she will stuff her panties in his mouth for the rest of the day.

She reminds him that she doesn’t fuck him because he is to small to please her and is only good enough to clean up behind real men with big hard cocks. “My boyfriend is at least 12” and you’re maybe two” she says while reminding him he is lucky none the less still having a purpose. She tells him to move back so she can inspect her pussy and when he does there is still cum flowing from her. “I have another boyfriend coming over soon and I don’t want him seeing that someone else has fucked me“, she tells him. “If it’s not clean you will be beaten” she warns him. Soon Jewels decides that her slave has had enough pussy, after all he’s not there to please her, only to clean her up. She tells him to lick her ass and calls him a rutting pig. She eventually rolls on her side and has him spread her ass cheeks so you get a beautiful view of her ass and asshole. He resumes licking it. If you love BBW pussy and ass worship you will love this clip.
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Subbyhubby: Tease, Sissy slave P3

Vanessa Cage has been very good to her sissy slave. She let him out after only 60 days in chastity. She also allowed him to jerk off, much more than he deserved. Now, she’s decided to put him back in to chastity, but for how long is the question?? Locked up again, she starts his torment early. Masturbating with her pink dildo, her sissy slut is forced to kneel before her, his face right next to her pussy as she pleases herself. She verbally torments him and waves the dildo right in front of his face, teasing that she may let him suck on the dildo when she’s done, even offering it for a brief sample to titillate his olfactory sense. Will she let him suck on her pussy, dildo, or will he just be sent off without any further indulgences?
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DominatrixAnnabelle: Carden Debauchery

The glint in my eye, the smile, Oh My!As I sit on my bench, adorned in my exquisite gold satin corset, stunning leather gloves,thigh leather boots, and lacy lingerie, I’m ready for hobson to worship my fleshystrap-on! Of course, his caged penis is suffering a little as earlier I had his wrists shackledto a hoist above his head! How vulnerable he felt, as I teased him with my leather whip,thwacking his caged cock! And, now he kneels with his muscle throbbing intensely!How horny it makes me feel when I watch his mouth sucking and taking my strap-ondeep throat. Listening to him salivating at the mouth as he devours every inch!As for you, Oh, you’ll have your turn, but you will start on your knees, just likehobson, and worship my gorgeous leather boots. I will whip your buttocks andput you under pressure to perform. I want you to cum for me hard and fast!
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Clubdom: Goddess Tangent: Anal Stretch

Goddess Tangent calls for her sissy slave. Crossed dressed, Goddess Tangent is pleased with her sissy bitch, that is until…she notices his shade of lipstick, and instantly recognizes it. Goddess Tangent queries her sissy bitch, and you can see the trepidation in his eyes, as he immediately realized the stupidity of his mistake. Goddess Tangent is pissed. Pissed that he contaminated her lip stick with his disgusting sissy germs, now rendering her lip stick useless. What is the perfect punishment? Anal stretching! Does the punishment fit the crime? I am sure Goddess Tangent will make it fit, one way or another. Her sissy slave’s ass is already destroyed from his previous beatings, and it is several shades of black and blue. Such is the life, one must suffer and endure to be a slave, and that is what this sissy will do. An angry Goddess Tangent with an inflatable dildo is a scary thought… Goddess Tangent
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AmericanMeanGirls: REPROGRAMED GAY

A slave is handcuffed to a chair naked, with his wrists & ankle scuffed to the chair, wearing only a high-voltage ball shocker strapped tightly to his tender, vulnerable balls. Princess Bella has decided that this slave needs to be "reprogrammed" to be gay. That way she can it out and use it to make more $$$ for her! She laughs in the slaves face that she has "ways" of reprogramming slave’s brains- she can even reprogram their sexuality if she feels like it. The slave BEGS her not to. He does NOT want to be gay! He is afraid of Princess Bella. She laughs that he has no choice- and then shoves a penis gag into his mouth and STRAPS it on his TIGHT so no one will here his screams. Then she explains her diabolical plan…

Princess Bella looks her helpless slave right in the eyes and taunts him with the ballshocker remote control she is holding in her delicate little hand…she sadistically LAUGHS about the high voltage she is going to be sending coursing through his little slave testicles with just a simple push of a button. She explains that she plans on using a brainwashing video reel to MAKE the slave like cock- whether he wants to or not. (She laughs that this will end with either the slave LIKING and WANTING cock- or IT’S cock getting FRIED!)

*This is princess Bella writing. I LOVED doing this clip.It was fucking HILARIOUS. Especially when I REALLY cranked up the "juice"to a LEVEL 15 and made the slave literally flail around in the chair like a fish! Haha! He was actually DROOLING through his cock-gag from the pain at one point. LOL! He really WAS legitimately BEGGING for cock by the end of this clip! It was awesome!!

– Princess Bella
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TheEnglishMansion: Lady Natalie Black & Mistress Vixen – Beach Maid (Part 4 of 4)

Whilst relaxing in the sunshine, the two Mistresses decide they want to turn their beach slave into a maid, to wait on them hand and foot. After dressing and making him up, they demand some refreshment, but the maid’s poor level of service soon gets him into trouble. (This is a new HD upscale of this film, the SD version is still showing.)
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TheEnglishMansion: Miss Marilyn & Mistress Inka – Wrath & Retribution (Part 2 of 4)

Mistresses Inka and Marilyn have caught a slave that was trying to escape and have locked him in the compound cage until they decide to administer a suitable punishment. First, he is told to worship and grovel for forgiveness, his balls are staked out and his back is whipped as he pleads for mercy. The slave is then taken to the copse and he is subjected to a waxing from the beautiful dommes and a more severe whipping, to make sure he learns his lesson.
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Subbyhubby: Brittany Shae & Lexi Luna Get Their Way

Watch the entire movie of these two gorgeous femdoms getting their way with weak men
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TheEnglishMansion: Cybill Troy – Rubber Clinic Dilation (Complete Movie)

Cybill Troy is in the clinic, wearing her stunning, skin tight rubber, her slave is prepared, only his cock exposed for her treatment. She has her favourite steel probes to use on him, his cock rock hard as she masturbates him internally, over and over, as she squeezes his balls and takes total control of his body.
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TheEnglishMansion: Goddess Lillith – Goddess Lillith’s Nipple Slave – HD (Part 2 of 3)

Wearing a tight rubber catsuit and smoking this Goddess enjoys tormenting her tied slave’s nipples with clamps and weights. (This is a new HD upscale of this film, the SD version is still showing.)

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Theenglishmansion: Miss Eve Harper & Natalie Goth TV – Doll In A Box Pt2 (Part 3 of 3)

Natalie has been blanked and turned into a perfect little sissy doll, she lives in her own bondage box, ready to be played with when required. Mistress Sidonia is continuing her training today, wrapped in bondage, mouth opened wide with a gag, Natalie’s deep throat skills are tested with the fucking machine, as it thrusts rhythmically into her slutty mouth. The dumb doll’s chastity device is then removed, the straining cock standing to attention as Mistress starts the ritual humiliation, writing labels and making her repeat the degrading words as her cock is teased until she can’t help but shot her sissy cream cumload out. Natalie is then returned to her box and left until she is wanted again.
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Theenglishmansion: Mistress Kiana – Owned By Kiana (Part 3 of 3)

Dressed in her sexy leather, Mistress Kiana retrieves her slave from the dungeon, making sure he worships her boots, following them around the floor at her command. She then spanks his ass and spits on him, reinforcing his lowly status in her World. Mistress takes him to the garden and smokes a cigarette, using him as her ashtray, finishing with a hard whipping against the cage, the stinging nettles adding to the torment and her amusement.
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ClubStiletto: THE WATER BOY

Miss Jasmine is in the tub and so is her slave. He is there to lick her armpits because she prefers to get them clean that way rather than with the water. She has just been out for a walk so her pits are sweaty and you can see the slave is really enjoying the task and the flavor. Miss Jasmine says his mouth is dry and tilts his head back to spit in his mouth. He moves to the other pit and is told to sniff and lick. After he is done with that task she takes and smothers him in her breasts before again spitting into his mouth followed by a lot of slapping of his face. The slave is hard from the special treatment so she slaps him even more. She then grabs him by the balls, pulls him upwards and slaps his cock repeatedly as hard as she can.
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This black slave has a confession for Saucha X. He prefers to serve and kiss the feet of white goddesses. No, no, no, Goddess Saucha X has seen this before. She’s not mad at the slave, she just knows he’s confused, and that he needs proper training and re-education to understand the superiority of worshiping HER smooth cocoa skin. She makes him start by kissing her boots. Usually we’re merciless on our slaves in clips, but Saucha X takes it pretty gentle on him because she wants to teach him rather than punish him. He’ll take her toes into his mouth, and he’ll learn how wrong he was. And every time her toes scrape the back of his throat he’ll get a new lesson on why Her feet are the superior ones.
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