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Dominatrix Annabelle: Woodland Bondage

As the menacing skies continue to shower our countryside, I’ve decided to stick with plan A!Everything is prepared for my gentleman friend to indulge in some heavy leather bondage!My goodness, for those who seriously loves the sound of leather, you’re going to love thismovie, as right the way through you’ll hear the signature creaking sound of leather, it’sincredible, and I love it. My slave is bound in a leather straight jacket, shackled to myelectric hoist, and as I place him in position, I’m ready to fuck his arse with my pink dildo!While he hangs in this position, I have to be careful, as his little cock is ready to explode!Oh yes, while his cock may be small, he has the biggest balls, and he can spurt hard!I do provide him with a little break, and retrieve my leather flogger!Of course, I can’t have him getting limp for too long, mmm . . . that’s better, nowopen wide my slave, there’s a good boy, you know how much you love to take a bigcock down your throat, and even better when you’re bound upside-down! WOW!Holding my slave in this position really gets his cock hard, so hard that’s a realbattle to resist the temptation of exploding! Once he ejaculates, well, that will bethe end, and I won’t be best pleased. No, he must hold on, and hold on he does!Until finally . . . . . well, I don’t want to spoil the ending for you!
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Chateau-Cuir: The leather pants fucker

Super hot and so sexy and dominant! Miss Tina looks amazing in her tight leather leggings and high heeled boots. Her male slave is one lucky boy today as she allows him to worship her leathers and not only fuck her Louboutin boots, but also her leatherclad thighs! He better do a good job at pleasing his Mistress as she will allow him to cum on her leather ass!
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DirtyDommes: Forced bi blowjob bitches part 2

Such good boys! They are being supervised and encouraged by their Mistresses as they engage in some dirty bi slut action. Let’s see which one can cum the fastest and the most after all that sucking and jerking?
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DirtyTransDolls: Caught in the act part 1

We take you back to the very beginning of my kinky TV husband’s creation and the start of this website. He just got caught in the act and I decide to feminise him even more.
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American Mean Girls: PICKY EATER SLAVE

This slave has been held down in the basement holding cell of the Mean Girl Desert Punishment Camp for a few days now. It’s "crime"? Just being fat and ugly. And can you believe that it complained about the only meal we fed it the previous day?? So now it will learn its lesson…when Ashley and I are done with it, it will learn to be GRATEFUL for ANYTHING we feed it!!

By the way, this is REAL dawwgg food! You can see us open up the can on camera and it smells GROSS! TRUST us! We can’t even stand it ourselves- and we aren’t even the ones that will have to eat it! Haha. So we totally feed this slop to the slave and it better EAT it!

Then to make it even WORSE for the slave, we drag it out of its cage and out into the desert- so we can dump its food literally into the sand and DIRT- and make it EAT that disgusting filth off of our boots!

By the time we are done with it, it is SO humble and grateful for our scraps…and guess what? It says it isn’t even hungry anymore! Haha!!!
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If you want to worship my incredible Italian soft leather thigh boots, you need to beg and grovel at my feet… Even then I’ll tease you, use them to inflict discomfort, wrap them around your body, holding them just out of your tongues reach. If and when I do eventually allow you to please yourself on them, you will drink my spit and be smothered by my perfect ass in between times. This is the life of Miss Zoe’s boot slave, desperate, grovelling and always in need of more boot love!

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MeanWorld / MeanAmazonBitches: Kayla Green

Glenn’s new Assistant Kayla is very bossy. She makes him fetch lunch for her and then makes him sit in the corner. He tries to be the boss but she is just too beautiful and powerful to resist. He soon finds himself on his knees kissing her feet and licking her ass like a good bitch! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!
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MeanWorld / MeanAmazonBitches: Courtney Taylor 6

Jack’s wife left him a note saying she is leaving him to be a slave for Mistress Courtney. When he confronts Miss Courtney, she turns him into her whore so that he and his wife can serve together! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, HANDJOB, AND MORE!
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DirtyTransDolls: Stretching the new s hole

The feminization process on my new rubber doll continues with some stretching of the new slut’s fuck hole. It seems this treatment is very effective as the rubber doll’s cock cage is about to explode!
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GloveMansion: At the doctor’s practice part 1

Lucy Zara and Frankie Babe are feeling very naughty after a long day at the medical practice. The last patient will be going soon, so they glove up and start teasing each other. Now they are finally alone, these hot busty blondes can finger, lick and kiss each other until they cum. Such a horny medical duo!
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Chateau-Cuir: Satin and leather cum lovers part 2

What a lucky guy! He is being smothered and sucked off by two sexy leatherclad girls and they want him to cum on their black leather skirts as well!
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Pantyhose Therapy:Crazy Dreamdate

I’ve heard of the "crazy-hot scale," I figured it was some meterologist slang. My date last night explained the concept to me and proceeded to prove true the theory that if you’re cute enough, you get away with sociopathically sexual practices.
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Dominatrix Annabelle: It’s all in the Game! Ha, Bulls Eye!

I do love putting my slave under pressure, and there’s nothing quite like tracking, and hunting my
prey, until finally, I feel he’s almost out of steam, his adrenalin is well and truly spent, after being on the
run, and it’s just a matter of timing! I’m ready as I move into position, take aim and shoot! Bulls Eye!

While the glorious weather continues, I took full advantage of using my new Recurve Bow, a hobby
I’m thoroughly enjoying. I was delighted with the reach it has, as evident when I release the arrow, the
distance it can fly is superb! I’m sure you can imagine when I turned my skills into a game of cat and
mouse! WOW, I really am the cat with the cream, as my little mouse scarpers across the grounds in a bid
to dodge my arrow! There was a lot of fun shooting this movie, and after catching him, my dear slave
was shackled and hoisted up to my mature tree! This session is all about the actual chase, and just how
exciting it is. It’s a journey of pure exhilaration, and when caught, his mind and body are truly exhausted!

As he hangs from my tree, his caged cock is tormented further with my leather crop, and as each
thwack connects, his throbbing penis gets harder and harder, further inducing the pain and torment,
as it persists protruding from it’s cage! A prolonged agonising tease and torment with my fingernails
prodding and digging into his bulbous head and thick shaft. Mmm I do so love my leather fingerless
gloves, they certainly look the part and they’re most practical when I wish to show off my fingernails!

While you watch and wonder, is he really enjoying the pain? Oh YES he certainly is, as evident by
the way I have difficulty in removing his cage. My slave’s penis is so hard and erect, the metal
ring gets stuck, so much so that I have to put a little effort into removing it!!!

My oh my, as his rock hard cock remains large and meaty until finally I permit release!
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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos: Shiny Seamed Stockings

My new rubber full fashioned seamed stockings are to for! I love how smooth and soft the thin transparent smoke latex feels on my legs and the solid black contrast is simply gorgeous! This little latex hooded whore was very lucky to be allowed to buy them for me. Now it’s even more lucky I’m allowing it to get its greedy paws on them, albeit lubed up paws as I do enjoy having a slave polish my rubber to a glossy sheen. A nice lick-shine is always amusing as well. Poor thing that cock that I own is so excited to be touching my new stockings its straining to get out from its little plastic prison. There’s nothing it can do but beg to be released from chastity as I alone decide when and if that thing gets to cum. Not today! It goes back in its steel cage until I can find some other use for it.
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Brat Princess 2: Amber and Skylar – Brat TV on Trend Slaves (1080 HD)

Thank you for tuning in to Brat Princess TV on cable channel 58! Today, Princess Amber (of The Mean Girls) is going to be reviewing this season’s hottest trends! Right now, the biggest trend? Male slaves! Skylar (also of The Mean Girls) introduces her male slave and goes over what it’s like to have one. Every girl wants a male slave right now, they are such a hot item. Skylar shows off how her male slave wears a collar and leash, and she’s even taught it to do tricks! For girls who want male slaves of their own, Skylar gives us some pointers on how to go about collecting and maintaining slaves. We even get some tips on how to get maximum use out of male slaves, once you acquire some. Girls, if you aren’t too sure about jumping on this season’s male slave trend, you will definitely want to go out and get one or more of your own after watching this installment of Brat TV on channel 58!
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