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Mfvideobrazil: Face Sitting Extreme – Don’t Move Bitch

Quality: SD Mistress is posing for camera in the bed, when her petite little slave interrupt it, so she have to punish her. She wraps her into plastic foil to render her immobile, oils her body and sit on her face, riding it with her pussy, smothering her, pulls her hair. slaps her, and rubbing her pussy all over her face.
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Brat Princess 2: Lizzy and Natalya – Tiny Girls Head Squashed by Bigger Girls Butt (1080 HD)

Description: Lizzy is so small compared to Natalya! The girls stand side by side each other in lingerie and talk about all the ways in which Lizzy’s petite body is different from Natalya’s larger frame. Natalya thinks that she could pick tiny Lizzy right up off the ground and carry her. She tries it, picking Lizzy right up and throwing her over her shoulder. Then, Natalya throws Lizzy onto the bed. The girls giggle as Natalya pins Lizzy down. Natalya tickles Lizzy’s ribs as she cries out. Natalya starts to realize that she could do whatever she wants to Lizzy, as she can be so easily physically overpowered. Lizzy starts to get a little scared and tells Natalya to stop throwing her around, but Natalya doesn’t want to stop, and Lizzy is too small and weak to make her. Natalya sits her big butt right on little Lizzy’s head. Giggling turns to terror as Lizzy realizes she cannot breathe while pinned under all of Natalya’s weight. Lizzy tries to cry out, but Natalya’s ass muffles the sound. Eventually, Lizzy goes very still underneath Natalya. Natalya realizes that Lizzy has lost consciousness while pinned under her ass. Lizzy’s small body is now completely limp. With a morbid fascination, Natalya plays with the girl’s limbs while she is out. Natalya is disappointed that she has apparently broken another playmate and throws a bit of a tantrum when she realizes that Lizzy won’t wake back up.
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Brat Princess 2: Kendall and Natalya – Double Smother slave Until Out (1080 HD)

Facesitting is Kendall and Natalya’s favorite activity in the Brat Princess sorority house. They’ve got a loser strapped into the ass smothering bench, and they are gleeful to torment him together. Kendall totally destroys the slave, making a complete seal with her full weight right over the slave’s airways. Then, Natalya does the same. Both girls look amazing in their matching disco shorts and knee socks. The girls take turns smothering and bouncing. The girls don’t like all the wiggling around the slave is doing. They decide to knock him out so that he stays nice and still. After he’s out, the girls go into the basement to get a livelier loser to torment.
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Mfvideobrazil: Face Sitting Big Butt Fuck And Jump Face Extreme

Thick latina girl with beautiful big butt, Daniela Dias is posing on the bed for us. Her slave, Ana Furtado comes in, sit on the bed and want to start smoking, but Daniela slaps out the cigarette from her hand, pull her by her hair to lay on the bed, then start riding on her face, first with her smooth pussy, then turn around and sit on her face with her enormous butt. At the end, Daniela lubes her pussy, and riding wild on Ana’s face.
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Brat Princess 2: Lizzy and Natalya – Rides Lesbians Face while Waiting for Alpha Male to Show Up (1080 HD)

Natalya is getting all worked up thinking about the nice date that her boyfriend is taking her on later. She’s so excited. Her boyfriend isn’t around, but her submissive friend, Lizzy is. Natalya doesn’t want to wait for her boyfriend to arrive. She decides to call Lizzy in and use her face before her boyfriend gets there. Lizzy obediently helps Natalya out and lays on the bed where she is told to. Natalya may or may not be aware that Lizzy wants to be more than friends with her. So, hearing Natalya talk about the nice date that she has planned with her boyfriend is actually heartbreaking for Lizzy.

Natalya confesses to Lizzy that sometimes her Dominant boyfriend doesn’t take his time to get her off first like a nice guy should. This is maybe where Lizzy can have a place in Natalya’s life. Lizzy lays on the bed passively while Natalya takes charge. Natalya thinks and talks about her boyfriend while riding her lesbian friend’s face. Lizzy doesn’t seem to enjoy being sexually used by Natalya like this. Natalya is rough with her and doesn’t seem to be thinking about her at all while riding her face. “God I just can’t wait for his dick!” Natalya screams out as she climaxes while using Lizzy. When she’s finished, Natalya makes Lizzy get underneath the bed. That is the spot Lizzy has to be in when Natalya’s boyfriend comes over to fuck her. Lizzy needs to hear how a man with a nice cock can please a woman better than a lesbian ever could.
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Brat Princess 2: Chloe and Natalya – Wrestle and Scissor Brother in Bed (1080 HD)

Natalya’s brother, danni, is very wimpy and scrawny. The girls don’t understand how it can be that they are much bigger and stronger than him. The girls call danni into the bedroom, where they have been talking about him. Danni wanders in wearing only his chastity device. The girls wrestle danni onto the bed and overpower him. Natalya and Chloe pin danni down to the bed and Natalya sits on her brother’s face. The girls laugh at how easy it was to overpower scrawny danni. With her brother’s face pressed into her ass, Natalya threatens to fart on him. Natalya’s friend from school, Chloe, sits on danni’s face next. Natalya really wants to muster up a few farts to unleash in her brother’s face, but she doesn’t have any fuel. Just the threat of getting farted on is enough to humiliate her brother, though. Instead of gassing him, Natalya decides to smother her brother in her crotch. She straddles danni’s face and controls his breath. Then, Natalya locks her brother into a scissorhold. She shows Chloe how to do it, so she can too. Chloe gets danni into a scissorhold and dazes him with the strength of her thighs. Natalya tells danni that she’s going to eat nothing but broccoli and cheese later so that she can be sure to add farts to the mix next time they pin him down. Danni is very humiliated. The girls were right. Danni can easily get beat up by a girl.
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Mfvideobrazil: Face Sitting Fuck Face By Lunna Drummond And Slave Isabela

Beauty latina Lunna Drummond smothering her slave Isabela by face sitting. She sitting on the slaves face with naked, wet and hot hairy pussy, and not let the slave breath. The pussy and the big round ass covers all the slave’s mouth and nose, while the slave can’t get any oxygen. Domina enjoy the situation, loves the feeling that the slaves all face under her pussy, and how much is that suffering without air and from the domina’s weight. Lunna Drummond is one of our most powerful dominas, you must to see, how she destroy this poor little slave.
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Brat Princess 2: Chichiand Mariah – Slave Tied to Bed and Put to Sleep (1080 HD)

Chichi and Mariah have one of their slaves tied to the bed. The girls double smother the slave underneath their asses. The slave struggles to breathe. The girls laugh at his pathetic struggle. He’s locked up in chastity and completely helpless. Two small girls are totally in control of this grown man’s life. The girls are having so much fun, they get a little carried away. The slave needs air but can’t get any. He taps desperately as the girls ignore him. The slave’s arms cease their desperate flailing as he goes completely limp under Chichi’s ass. Mariah looks on and laughs at the loser as he loses consciousness. The girls leave the slave tied to the bed, vulnerable to whatever they or anyone else wants to do to him next.
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches / Lucky B – Facesitting & Ass Worship

Its Valentines Day and Lucky B gives Glenn a very special Valentines Day gift… She smothers his face with her 44 inch ass !! HOT FACESITTING AND ASS WORSHIP!
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Brat Princess 2: Kimber – Smothers and Scissors slave to sleep (1080 HD)

1080 HD Kimber sits on her slave’s face, pressing its nose deep into her ass. She loves controlling the slave’s breath with her body. Kimber rocks and bounces her cute bubble butt while sitting on her slave’s face. She presses her pussy right up against its nose. She doesn’t want to hear any breathing! Kimber decides to scissor her slave’s neck between her thighs. The slave suffers greatly, chocking, crying out, eventually going limp. The slave is on the brink of losing consciousness, face turning purple, but still, Kimber wants him to suffer more. Kimber climbs on top of the barely alert slave and rides his face while he fades in and out.
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Mfvideobrazil: Face Sitting Fuck Face Gang Bang By Five Top Girls And One Slave

Quality: HD Face Sitting Gang Bang extreme party with a lot of top model brazilian babes gives face sitting smother ass to the selected slave. So extrem ass smother, a lot of perfect brazilian asses from top girls and much more in this movie, so what want one face sitting fan more? Even i love the feets from the girls. Blonde, brunette or blackhaired girls, all are in this face sitting smother ass movie. So if you are in to face sitting, dont miss that amazing movie with this perfect brazilian babes and one fantastic face sitting gang bang story.
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Brat Princess 2: Mariah and Natalya – Two Girls sit Full Weight on a Loser while Watching TV (1080 HD) (NEW)

1080 HD Mariah and Natalya both sit full weight on a loser while watching TV. The Loser has to lay on the floor and be the girls’ furniture. They take photos of themselves using the loser as their human couch. The loser can’t breathe, smothered beneath their big asses, but the girls don’t care. They take turns smothering the loser’s face underneath their butts. Eventually, the girls go get dressed to go out to dinner. They leave the loser on the floor, gasping for air.
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Mfvideobrazil: Face Sitting Fuck Face With Orgasm Coctail By Monique Maclaren And Slave Erika

Face sitting movie with the top brazilian dominatrix Monique and her slave girl Erika. Amazing butt what this brazilian domina have. And more amazing how she can use and move that ass. Face fucking, this is the motto of this movie and belive me its a real good title for that movie. Monique fuck the face of Erica with her big and perfect shaped butt. And she takes also all the air with her ass covering all the small face of her slave. So dont miss that face sitting and face fucking video of that two fantastic babes.
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Brat Princess 2: Lady Toro – Trains Newly Locked slave to Become a Human Toilet with Facesitting

Toro has just secured a new loser into a tightly fitted chastity device. She closes the lock around its worthless little penis. With a penis so tiny, he wasn’t meant to be a man. He was meant to be a toilet. Nobody would want to accept that they were meant to be a human toilet. It takes training and conditioning to accept this role. Toro decides that she will train her new toilet to accept its place by forcing it to sniff, and smothering it with, her perfect ass. Her ass is sweaty and stinky. The slave in training must get used to the smell. Eventually he will need to take whatever comes out of her ass, but for now he can just get used to the scent. After staying under Toro’s Divine ass for a while, the slave will be begging to eat whatever comes out of it. This is how the conditioning works. Toro deprives the slave of air.
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Mfvideobrazil: Face Sitting By Flavia Greca And Her Slave

Face Sitting movie extreme with face fuck by Flavia Greca. In this scene they are on a bed and the dominatrix give her slave a face sitting and take all her breath away. After she also use oil on her pussy and on her perfect butt and give a great strong face fuck to her fucking slave. Amazing butt have Flavia, perfect covers all the face of her used slave. she dont allow her to get air, amazing. Just look into that movie and you will see what i speak about. I mean…look at this butt and body.
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Brat Princess 2: Mariah – Spoiled Princess a Frapp in Cute Shorts while FaceSititng Loser (1080 HD)

Mariah facesits a loser on the hard tile floor while drinking a refreshing frappe. The loser cannot breathe under the Princess’ ass, but she does not care. She shops on her smartphone and enjoys her blended coffee treat. Mariah snaps a few selfies. She is a happy Princess with the loser suffering underneath her. She fills up her online cart with things she wants. Mariah gets mad when the loser taps for a breath. He’s breaking her concentration. She’s trying to buy things she wants! Mariah finally gets her cart nice and full of several items. In two easy clicks, she’s bought it all with the loser’s credit card. Thanks, loser!
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Brat Princess 2: Crystal and Victoria – Share a Human Seat while Chatting (1080 HD)

1080 HD Crystal and Victoria share a human seat. They giggle and take photos while ass smothering the human furniture together. The human furniture cannot breathe underneath the weight of two girls. The merciless girls do not care about his struggle for air. In fact, they think his struggle is funny. Only a loser would lay there and take it. One girl on his face, one girl on his chest. The double face sitting ensures the human furniture cannot breathe at all, but that’s what he gets for being a loser!
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Brat Princess 2: Lola – Facesitting Chastity Tease (1080 HD)

Lindsey has her little loser on a leash. He’s all locked up in chastity, which is very unfortunate for him, because Lindsey sits her perfect ass on his undeserving less-than-perfect face. Of course, she would never allow him the privilege of laying beneath her if he were not in chastity. Lindsey knows that her ass turns the slave on and loves that he is not in control of his own erection. Lindsey controls the slave’s cock by holding the key. This slave is old. He’s like 40. Old men are gross. They don’t deserve sex. They just bother young, pretty girls with their annoying sexual advances. That’s why they need to be kept in chastity. Hot girls deserve bikinis. Their beauty entitles them to nice things. It’s much better to utilize an old male’s useless sexual energy by redirecting it into productive activities, like spending his life’s earnings on girls. Lindsey keeps the old loser’s key on her belly button ring. She loves dangling it above him while straddling his face. Lindsey decides, she will release her slave from chastity. But, it’s going to be at the edging salon. Her slave hates the edging salon. Every time he goes to a session there, it’s just pure sexual agony. He tries to tell his Princess that he doesn’t want to go, but she will hear none of it. Getting out of chastity at the edging salon is better than not getting out of chastity at all, isn’t it?
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