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Humiliation POV Goddess Dylan: I Can Get You Off With Just One Finger – SPH

Goddess Dylan

I know how tiny that thing is. That must really suck. I know I couldn’t do anything with it, and neither could any other girl, that’s why you’re jerking off to this video right now. Your penis is so fucking small that I’ll bet you sit down to p.! Because basically you have an enlarged clitoris. You don’t look like a man with a penis, you look like a man with a clit. Seriously it looks weird, wrong, pathetic, and sad. I’d be so ashamed if I were you.
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Kinky English Lady Miss Hybrid: Leopard Corset Anal

I was experimenting with using Periscope, to give all my twitter followers big stiffies whilst they were at work. As soon as I had finished the safe for work version, I let my huge bust spill out of my tight corset and was in the mood for some quick, dirty self satisfaction. I made myself come with some very enjoyable anal play.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Jocelyn: Edging Feels Like An Orgasm That Never Ends

Goddess Jocelyn

I know you love to jerk off. But you especially love to edge, you love holding yourself there and keep yourself there, you love that feeling. So today I’m going to indulge you in your little edging fetish, I’m going to teach you how to edge that cock so it feels so good for minutes, even hours at a time. Edging can feel like a long, extended orgasm if you do it right.
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Saint Mackenzie’s Lauren Marsh: Gorgeous School Girl Lauren Strips While Playing with Her Cute White Gym Panties

Lauren has gone to Matron’s room after her sports class to have a medical exam. As she waits for Matron she parts her legs flashing her sexy white gym panties under her very short gym dress. Lauren loves her sexy gym panties and, as she starts to slip off her gym kit ready for her medical, she plays with them. She pulls them up into her perfect round ass before bending over giving you a naughty panty ass view from behind. As she slips off more of her gym kit she is soon left in just her underwear and you can see her naughty gym panties in all their glory. Lauren knows that Matron will want her completely naked for her medical, so slips off the rest of her underwear. However once completely naked she decides she cannot be without her gym panties and slips them back on without her thong underneath!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Movie Night with Stepmom

It’s just you and your stepmother Goddess Brianna at home tonight. Dad’s working late so the two of you plan to watch a movie. Your stepmother catches you staring at her feet. You are so nervous, but she is really cool about it. She understands the urges you have from your foot fetish and she wants you to indulge.

The DVD player remains off, but Brianna wants you to grab your own personal remote control and flick the buttons while you sniff, lick and nibble her feet and toes. Your cock is so hard at this invitation; the combined aroma and flavor of her gorgeous MILF feet have you so totally turned on. Stepmom walks you through the process with step by step encouragement. She wants to see how much venom your wicked serpent will spit. Once you cum for her, Goddess Brianna wants to cuddle and relish this very special moment for as long as possible.
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Mandy Flores: Bust Your Own Balls!

another ballbusting self CBT clip. Since you fucked up losers could never get a girl as hot as I am to actually kick you in the nuts, then the next best thing is for me to instruct you to bust your own balls. Do it for me, baby. Hurt those nuts!! Then, I’m going to make you jack off and have a painful orgasm!! Oh, and have your video camera ready. I would love you to video yourself and send it to me, so I can watch you bust your own balls!!
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The Queendom – Giantess Therapy

Your therapist sits across the room from you, shapely legs crossed, thighs wrapped in a tight black skirt. She invites you to sit down, rocking one spiked heel idly. “We’ve been talking for a few weeks now,” she says, “and you consistently stress and talk about this giantess Eat fetish that you have.” She sighs unhappily and regards you with disappointment. “I’ve given you all the tools I can think of to get over this addiction, and at every opportunity you’ve ignored those suggestions. Why do you think that is?” What can you say? The greatest thing in the world is to slip into a beautiful woman’s hot, wet, pink mouth and have her roll you around before… oh no, you got distracted! What’s your therapist saying? “If I can be blunt, I notice that you’ve also been showing quite a bit of transference. That’s when the client starts having feelings for the therapist.” Can she read your mind? She holds up a small black device. “So, I’m going to do something that no therapist should ever do: I’m going to enable you, right now, with this. I’m going to shrink you.” She smirks and studies your reaction. “Is that what you really want?” Is she kidding? This is a dream come true! “Before I do this,” she adds, “let me tell you: when you get shrunk, I’m going to eat you.” Before you can say a word, she points the device at you and activates it. Amazingly, the couch you’re resting on grows huge, everything in the room zooms farther away! But the sultry therapist only looms over you, laughing at your condition. “I suppose I should give you a view… before you never have one again.” She peels off her blouse and proffers her tits to you. “I could you here, if I wanted.” She unzips her skirt and bends over, her massive, round rear swaying just above you. “Or I could you here, if I wanted to.” But that’s not how this goes: she crouches down on the end of the couch and makes you walk over to her. You crawl up her pink, twitching tongue, and she rocks you back and forth between her teeth, drenching you in her saliva! Her glistening throat flexes inches away from your tiny body. Her breath and her laughter roar around you. Your therapist plays with you inside her mouth, until suddenly… down you go! “Just like a pill,” she laughs. She stretches out on the couch and writhes pleasantly, moaning and laughing to your struggles, until it’s time to get dressed for her next client. So much for you, little man, on to the next guy!
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Humiliation POV Princess Kira Star: Write Me Into Your Will For One Last Handjob Before You D.!.E..

Princess Kira Star

Hello Sir, I’ve been looking at your records and I can see that unfortunately you’re not doing very well. You’re quite sick. And I also know that you must be very rich if you’re here at this expensive hospital. I can see you staring at me, do I turn you on? I can see you’ve still got a little something left in you, you’ve even got a boner under those sheets. You’re so lucky you get to see such a hot young sexy girl like me before you d.!.e..
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Kinky English Lady Miss Hybrid: Bitch In Stockings

I love interviewing for new staff at the Manor, it gives me a chance to humiliate over eager young lads. The thought of my next upcoming prey gets me very wet and I just had to make myself come very hard.
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St Mackenzie’s: Gorgeous Matron Kay Plays with Sexy Leather Gloves While Stripping Off Her Uniform

Matron Kay is waiting for Headmistress in her office, as she waits she wonders around to the front of Headmistress’s desk and has a rummage through her drawers! In there she finds a pair of brown leather gloves and she cannot resist taking them. She sits up on the desk and smells them, breathing in deeply; she must try them on! She slides the gloves on and runs them over her body; they look and feel so good she can feel herself getting more aroused. She slowly starts to slip off her uniform, taking her time to feel the gloves against her increasing exposed skin. They feel so smooth against her soft skin she cannot resist taking off more clothing and soon she is in just her lingerie. As she slips off her lingerie she is left in nothing but heels and gloves, and as she rolls around on the desk she runs her leather gloved hands all over her perfect naked body.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Facial Entrancement

I know you stare at every aspect of my beautiful body, but do you ever really take the time to look into my face? No? I think you should. I don’t need to rely on my gorgeous tits to ensnare you. I can do it with just a glance. You only need the image of my flawless face to go down for me. My gaze alone can pull you out of your body and into my world. The way I trace a finger along my jawline will make you lose all sense of self and your cock start to well. I have such a perfect form, but I don’t need any of it to take you down. You’ll fall into trance with just a look at my face.
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Mistress Kendra Makes You Cum Like A Cock-Craving Nymphette

“I’m going to get you tipsy on fruity cocktails, dress you up in lingerie, paint your lips and get you gossiping about cute boys. Once I soften you up with panties and frills, you’re going to confess: Confess your craving for cock as you slide a big thick dildo in and out of your sissy slit until you cum for Mistress Kendra…”
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Humiliation POV Princess Kendi Olsen: Severe, Painful Self CBT Instructions By A Bratty Schoolgirl

Princess Kendi Olsen

Love hurts, doesn’t it? Sacrifice is how we show our dedication and our love. I want you to hurt for me today. I want you to feel pleasure through pain. I want you to sacrifice for me today. You’re usually so selfish, you just want to jerk for me. And I understand that, I’m a hot young schoolgirl, lots of guys want to jerk for me. But I want to see real sacrifice today, I want to see real pain in your eyes. To serve me is to please me, jerking off to me is only serving yourself.
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Humiliatrix – Sadistic Remi Edges You Until You Are Crying Pre-Cum Tears

“Only a 100 percent wussy would wear a chastity cage. You deserve to be punished and humiliated for being such a pathetic little pussy. I’m going to tease, torment and deny you, until your chastity cage is slathered in pre-cum. Until you are broken and sobbing all over Princess Remi’s sexy high heels…”
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: Legs Over The Head And Spray Your Face, This Is What You Deserve

The Mistress B

I want you to stroke and pump and edge. I want you to grow weaker, more and more stupid. But most of all, I want you to humiliate yourself for me. Get that inferior dick nice and hard. Pay attention to that sensitive tip, and then stroke while you pump your hips into your hand pussy. You know that’s the only kind of pussy you deserve. It’s the only kind of pussy you get. Tell me how much you love your hand pussy, you’re addicted to masturbating, you’re addicted to humiliating yourself for me.
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Kinky English Lady Miss Hybrid: Self Service Satisfaction

Room service had been phoned, my Chablis ordered and there were a few moments spare to look my best. Lipstick on my nipples, water sprayed on my pussy lips and some fingering pleasure to heighten my arousal. My motto is, ‘always be prepared’.
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Humiliation POV Kelle Martina: Cheerleader Cuckolds And Emotionally Destroys Pencil Dicked Nerd School Loser

Kelle Martina is the hottest cheerleader at school who makes you fall in love with her with the sole purpose of fucking the entire football team in front of you to emotionally destroy you.
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Kinky English Lady Miss Hybrid: Wet Right Through Video

I’ll set the scene. Sheer blouse, no bra with big erect nipples straining to break out of the flimsy material. Tight white jodhpurs that go see through when wet. You made to lie down in the bath as i straddle over you. Didn’t you know it was time for your golden shower!!
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Humiliation POV Leg Goddess: Turning Weak Foot Boys Into Sexless Wankers For My Feet

Leg Goddess

Hello footboy, I know you’re here to see my feet and wank for them. Look at how pathetic you are. You don’t need pussy. Pussies are for real men. Foot bitches just worship feet and jerk for feet. You don’t deserve any pussy, you are just a foot bitch. I know how badly you want to worship my feet right now. You’d love to smell them. My feet are so perfect, can you feel how weak they make you? Of course you can because your cock is getting so hard for them.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – JOI On My Day Off

Goddess Brianna is trying to relax and enjoy her day off, but she has you there as an annoying slave begging for attention. The supreme goddess will not be diverted from her desire to relax on the balcony, but she will take a few minutes to torture you. She toys with you by pointing out all the people walking by and reminding you that you have no privacy here. Brianna tells you to come close and worship her feet; laughing at you as you nervously peek around to see who is watching. Goddess Brianna’s enjoyment is heightened by your extreme discomfort. She directs you to unbutton your shorts and wank your crank to her feet. As you spew your goo on her sexy toes, Goddess Brianna yells out for the passersby to look up and witness your dirty deed.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kaylynn: You Will Beg For The Key, Just For Five Minutes Of Jerking

Princess Kaylynn

Do you see this key loser? I’ll bet you know exactly what it goes to. This is the key to your lock loser. And I have it and I’m putting it in my bra for safe keeping. I’ll bet you’d do anything to get it back, wouldn’t you? Soon you’ll be begging me for the key. I know how pathetic you get when you’re locked up. It’s a shame I don’t plan on letting you out any time soon. But you can keep begging.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Drained of Everything

What is your money really worth? What can your money buy you? I’m sure it pays for your food, your shelter, your connection to the world. But there’s one thing your money can’t buy you. Me. I am not a commodity to be bought. I am not a prize to be won. No matter how many videos you buy or gifts you get me, I don’t owe you anything. You’re doing your duty of course in serving your Goddess, but that’s it. You’re just a drop in the ocean. But it’s so much better than being outside of the ocean, dying of dehydration though, isn’t it? How much you spend on me is your only real connection to me.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Sonia: Chastity Pussy Denial Punishment For Porn Addicts

Goddess Sonia

I don’t have any sympathy for you. You fucked up, you broke my rule. And my rule was simple, no pussy in any form. That was what you agreed to when you wanted to be my personal slave. And by no pussy, I meant no pussy at all. No fucking, no licking it, no fake pussies, and no watching pussy on your computer. Yes I’ve also taken away the one thing that made you feel like you had a sex life, porn. And I caught you watching porn, didn’t I?
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PantyhoseTherapy: Unbutton, Unzip, Undone

Should I unbutton them for you, just so you can see how amazing they are? Or do you want me to take off my pants? Tease you? Let you see more? Touch me?
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: Fill Your Bowl, Puppy, And Lick It Clean Like A Good Boy

Princess Lacey

Well I see you down there, are you my good little puppy today? Are you gonna be a good boy for your Goddess? Bark, bark for me bitch. Good boy. Now before we get started, I’m going to make sure you’re really prepared for what I have in store for you, my little puppy. You better have your collar on. Good boy. I also want you to have your little doggy dish, right there in front of you. And it should be empty, but don’t worry, your Goddess will fill it for you. Oh you want to know how I’m going to fill it from here? Simple. I’m gonna tease my little puppy with my perfect ass, making you bark, while you stroke your puppy cock, and then you’re going to fill your little puppy bowl with a big load of cum.
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MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Victoria June POV Slave Orders 2

You are the owner of a gym and HOT YOUNG Victoria comes in to apply for a job. Wont take long before she is your BOSS! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, JOI, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!
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Mandy Flores: Gold Digger

I am your sons gold digging girlfriend. You realize that I manipulate him and you are willing to write me a check to get me out of his life. You pay me $1,000 to break up with him and dump him right there on the spot, like a cold hearted snake. I now start in on the bigger prize and that is YOU. Your son never meant anything to me because I knew he was just a boy not a real man like you who has real money. No man stands a chance against me and I can manipulate any man. You disagree saying that you are happily married and that gives me a sinister idea. I start to flirt hard with you and the home wrecker games begin. I never lose. You cant help but to get turned on by me and I proceed to turn my tricks on you. I open your wife’s dresser drawer and start making fun of her old out dated clothes, instead of the hot sexy clothing I am wearing. Every guy wants to fuck me. Then I take one of your wife’s necklaces and put it on. I play around with it and ask you if I can keep it, still flirting with you. Your hesitant so I ask you if the necklace looks sexier on me or your wife. You admit it looks much better on me and you tell me I can keep it if I dont say anything and leave. I promise and I am great at keeping secrets. There is only one way to make this necklace even look better and you ask how? I seductively take off my clothes. I can see that you are embarrassed but you agree with me. This could look better one other way and you ask how? I pull out a pair of earrings from your wifes jewelry collection and put them on. I tell you that if you let me keep it, you can pull out your cock and jerk off. It will be our little secret. You are so turned on now, that you agree and proceed to stroke your cock to me. Are you going to be my new sugar daddy? You agree. I tell you that you can fuck me if you pay my rent for me. You agree. I jump on your cock and remind you that you said that you were in a great marriage. Dont worry your secret is safe as long as you pay rent of $1,500 and all my credit card bills. You agree and tell me that I can have whatever I want as long as I keep it a secret. Oh, I like this relationship already…. I tell you I could get any man and this is going to cost you plenty, maybe even your marriage and home. A gold-digger never stops. Silly man, Like father like son.
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