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Glovemansion: Latex gloved nurse masturbation

Nurse Tina Kay is not shy at all, she adores her latex uniform and her tight gloves so much, she happily shows you how she gets herself off once the patients are out of the clinic. This is one horny rubberclad nurse!
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Dirtydommes: Stretched for Yasmin’s strap-on

You want to be a good ass slut for Mistress Yasmin, don’t you? Have you seen her huge strap-on cock? It is hard not too, isn’t it? That big and long! Are you scared or are you going to be brave and follow her voice? She will tell you exactly what she will be doing with your butt and how much she will enjoy fucking your asshole.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: You Wouldn’t Be Watching This Clip If You Didn’t Want To Eat It

Princess Lacey

How bad do you want to stroke right now? Now tell me how badly do you want to eat your cum for me? Well you might be a bit hesitant but by the end of this clip, you’re going to blow that load right into your mouth because you wouldn’t be watching this clip if you didn’t want to eat it. I know you want to. So start jerking your fucking dick.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kendi Olsen: Cucky Stroke Slut Paying And Jerking To My Perfect Life

Princess Kendi Olsen

My man turns me on so fucking much. I want him so badly. I’ve never felt more sexually attracted to someone. He’s so fucking hot! I just want to fuck him and please his cock.

You will never know passion like that, no one is ever going to want you that badly. Especially me. I’m never going to have that raw lust for you that I do for him. You are only allowed in my life because you pay to be in it. And not only does your money benefit me, but it benefits my man. You pay for both of our lives to be better. You pay so neither of us have to work. Do you know why? Because you’re a cuckold.
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Humiliation POV Hellen Roxx: Loser Sign Middle Finger Mindfuck

Hellen Roxx

Yea worship that loser sign, it turns you on so much. And then what happens if I flip you off at the same time? It makes your fucking cock throb doesn’t it? What the fuck is wrong with you? I know you’re so fucking hard from this. Only a complete loser would get hard from a loser sign and a middle finger. You get hard from my fucking fingers! Pathetic. I can’t believe this turns you on.
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Humiliation with Ceara Lynch and Mandy Flores

I had the pleasure of learning about Cearas Sissy French slut Camille. This little fag paid extra to have Ceara expose his secrets to me. First she shows me his modeling page and we both agree he looks pretty normal. Even good looking. Then she gets to the good stuff. This bitch is nothing more than a cock sucking slut who goes by the name of Stephanie when hes wearing panties. Once upon a time he had a girlfriend and pretended to be straight, but he completely ruined it because he couldnt keep dick out of his mouth. Eventually his girlfriend found out and dumped his ass, telling all of her friends what a queer he is. You losers can only dream that two perfect Princess like us would take the time to pay any kind of attention to your pathetic life and actually find amusement in your dirty little secrets.
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Humiliation POV Lady Fyre: Young Step Mom Manipulates Her New Step Son

Lady Fyre

I know that you’re worried about your dad. I mean I just married him and came into your family and I’m much younger than him. In fact, you and I are much closer in age, aren’t we? And I know that you’re concerned that I might only be after your daddy’s money. But I assure you that’s not true. It’s not just money I’m after, I love controlling men. I just really get off on it. I just love manipulating men. I’m so beautiful and seductive, it wasn’t hard to get your dad to propose to me.
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Humiliation POV Princess Ellie: Lonely Pillow Humping Loser

Princess Ellie

You’re so lonely. You can’t get a girlfriend. You’re just a sad, pathetic loser. But I have a solution for you. I know it’s just a pillow but if you use your imagination, you could have a soft, cuddly girlfriend. Now in order to improve this experience for you, you’re going to need some panties and a bra. Now put that bra on your girlfriend lol. Isn’t this kinda humiliating? LOL! Go on, touch her bra, feel how soft she is. This is the closest thing you’ll get to having a girlfriend. An inanimate object, lol.
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Brat Princess 2: Lola POV – Post Op Castration Consult (1080 HD)

You’ve been visiting my office for a year now, under the urging of your mother. Your mother has been following my instructions, keeping you locked in chastity and milking you in a specific way devised to maximize efficiency for her. Even though the milking is done in a way to ensure that you receive almost no pleasure, you have no complaints about your treatment. I think you are progressing well. I reveal in this session that after a year of conditioning, I feel that you are ready to be castrated. I go over some of the different methods of castration and talk about the method that we will use on you. The procedure will be done, regardless of your feelings or opinion, because it’s what your mother and I have agreed is best for you. I talk to you a little bit in this session about what it might be like for you after the surgery has been performed. The changes made to your body will affect many areas of your life. Your castration will be complete and permanent, so you’re going to need to prepare yourself mentally for the transformation that your mother and I feel is best for you.
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Goddess Bs Slave Training 101: Ramadan Training-My Ass is your Allah

Enjoy my latest Production in 4k, If you have a #t**** #milf custom email me now, I am offering BUY 1 GET 1 FREE t**** customs all throughout May~ Let’s celebrate Domme-Mommy Right with lots of customs, tributes & gifts! Resisting won’t help…Go ahead drop to your knees and begin to pray…My ASS floods your thoughts. You can’t think of anything other than that divine, HOLY Ass. My Ass is your Allah. My ASS is your LIFE. You will sacrifice EVERYTHING to serve. You’ll PRAY & STROKE for my Ass every single day, covering the pages with your filthy Terror-ist BB-bater then licking it up like the filthy u are. I wouldn’t want it 2 go to waste, I coerce you to stroke me for 5x a day, Face down, Ass up on your prayer rug, stroking your vile dogdick over your Quran…You will burn in hell for me, You have sold your soul to a TRUE White Devil. My ASS IS YOUR ALLAH now. Continue with your Ramadan reprogramming and training. Eating from the Toilet or after the uses #2, praying/Stroking for me daily to condemn your sandy soul to hell and eat your fucking cum load like the Desert Cock M0nst3r you’ve been dreaming about. BUY 1 CUSTOM GET A 2ND t****/DOMME-MOMMY CUSTOM FOR FREE! ALL MONTH LONG! Do u have a request for something special? Email me now to make your fantasy a reality! Everything is filmed in the highest HD quality & other formats are available upon request. You can have your very own Custom Videos, socks, panties, pantyhose, DVD’s & more contact me.

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MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Gia Vendetti POV Slave Orders

Your new boss Miss Vendetti does not like weak losers! She makes you bow down and beg for your job. Then she makes you kiss her ass and worship her feet! HOT FOOT WORSHIP, ASS WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, JOI, AND MORE!
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Humiliation POV London Lix: The Chastity Experiment

London Lix

As you know I am a student of psychology and you are here because you have agreed to be one of my test subjects for my thesis on male chastity. Are you ready to begin? I know you’ve never tried chastity before and it can be quite difficult because you’ve become so addicted to touching your penis that the very prospect of having that pleasure taken away can be really daunting. I am glad you were brave enough to come in here but in order to qualify as one of my participants, you must be ready to follow all of my instructions for however long I decide this process will last. It could take days, weeks, possibly even months of chastity, months of denial. Do you think you’re up for the challenge?
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Humiliation POV Princess Kaylynn: Lick The Dirt Off Of The Bottoms Of My Boots, Idiot

Princess Kaylynn

You’re in for a treat today boot licker. You have no idea what’s coming. I have these sexy hot new boots, one of my adoring slaves got them for me, and they’re already dirty, they already need to be cleaned. So your job is to get down on your knees and lick the dirt of the bottom of my boots. You’re disgusting, but you love when I treat you like this, don’t you?
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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos: My Boot Wipe

I no longer allow my little shoe-boi to refer to that thing in its mouth as a tongue. It is now simply called my boot wipe. Funny how my boot wipe sticks out and wags hungrily whenever I walk into a room with my 12 inch high heel black leather platform thigh high boots clicking on the hard floor. I know it’s so eager to fulfill its sole purpose in life – licking the dirt from my boot soles and polishing my fetish footwear. I don’t even allow it to see very much anymore. It just lives leashed beneath my heels hearing that clicking sound and tasting what it craves the most – my shoes and boots. I do love a well trained boot wipe!
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Ball Busting Chicks: Aya: Jerk Off At Her Glossy Oiled Muscles

She let massive amounts of oil flow on each part of her naked body. Rubbing oil on her legs, arms, ass and nude breasts. Flexing her oiled biceps, high up posing, full body and close-ups.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Gangbang For Xdressed Fag Boy

Taboo Family Fantasy: Mom/Son.

Twisted, hard core "Bi Encouragement".

Custom vid. I’m excited to tell you about our upcoming night out dancing. I’ve decided to dress you up like a sexy lady, slutty dress, panties, stockings, wig, make-up. You will be so passable that men in the bar will treat you like a lady. They’ll flirt with you, buy you drinks & dance with you. You’ll make them really excited but when they figure out you have a penis instead of a vagina they’ll get very rough with you. They don’t treat faggots they way they treat ladies. They’ll drag you into the washroom & have their way with you. Many of them. All running a train on your ass & mouth. They’ll gang-bang you hard…but I know you well enough to know that you’ll actually like it…
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Humiliation POV Goddess Jolene: You’ll Spend The Rest Of Your Life Jerking Off To Small Penis Humiliation Videos

Goddess Jolene

Why don’t you take down your pants and show me your little, tiny dick? LOL! Oh My God! That’s it? It’s even smaller than I expected. You know there’s seriously something wrong with you if you’re seeking out videos for girls to make fun of your small penis. You’re pathetic! That thing is smaller than my pinky, it’s not even a penis. That dick is the smallest, most pathetic, insignificant, worthless excuse for a cock I have ever fucking seen!
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