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Ball Busting Chicks: Mistress Kawa: Cock Selfie!

She makes fun of his cock as she decides to have him naked in the swimming pool. where all her sisters and girl friends are waiting to see a naked boy walking and swinging his cock in front of them. She get amused by the idea and laughs out loud, let him swing his cock and walking naked in front of her. She even takes a selfie where she laughs at his cock, to send it to all her girl friends and prepare them that the naked boy comes now to the pool, to be humiliated by them…
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cfnmtv: CFNM Training – Michael

Big Aussie bloke Michael is used to being the dominant one when it comes to women. But he’s out of his depth from the minute he walks through the door. Unused to such self-confident women and outnumbered he’s not sure how to react. The women quickly dominate the big lug and get him under their control, his masculine body theirs to play with. Then the fun really begins… Watch how they strip him and manhandle his body causing the nervous man to sweat profusely. He ends up fully naked and embarrassed in front of them.

Unsure and apprehensive, Michael is totally under the power of the three confident women. They decide he’s to spend the whole of this session on his hands and knees – subservient to them. The biggest test for proud heterosexual Michael is having things inserted into his arse. He does his best to brazen it out, even pretending to enjoy it – but the amount he sweats and the horrified look on his face tell a different story. He’s quickly learning that it takes a lot of hard work to be a CFNM model…

Surrounded by the three domineering women, Michael is completely under their power. His body under their control. For someone so macho it’s unnerving to be manhandled in such an offhand manner. But the women are determined to drain his balls dry of every last drop of his precious sperm. All he can do is lay there helplessly as they eagerly take hold of him and work him up into a frenzy.
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cfnmtv: Cravings (Part 1-4)

Alex Clark is in a bad mood. He doesn’t like being told what to do – least of all by his normally timid wife. Instead of working on an important case for work, he’s been dragged to this expensive clinic. Being cynical he doesn’t believe hypnotherapy can help him in the slightest and is determined to prove the doctor a charlatan. But Doctor Hapsberg is more than capable of dealing with a belligerent male – indeed, she enjoys the challenge.

Despite Alex’s assertion that the doctor won’t be able to hypnotise him, it takes only a matter of moments before he’s put under. With the doctor’s encouragement he happily reveals his most private thoughts. Grace gets to learn a lot about her husband’s habits when he’s all alone in the house and is not pleased. Fortunately stopping smoking isn’t the only corrective therapy Dr. Hapsberg offers as Alex is about to find out.

Alex’s revelations about his private life have come as a great shock for poor Grace. But fortunately the doctor is on hand to provide a remedy. With Grace’s husband completely under, she can correct his selfish and disrespectful behaviour. At the same time, she sees an opportunity for both of them to enjoy his masculine, naked body. Totally unaware of his state of undress, the suggestible Alex is more than happy to show off his “new suit” to anyone he comes across.

Grace was shocked to see her husband shove the butt-plug up his backside but is happy that Dr Hapsberg knows what she is doing. This new compliant Alex is much nicer than the aggressive one she’s used to. Now the doctor has commanded that he wank, and sure enough he obeys without hesitating. It looks like Alex will be cured of much more than just smoking! He’ll be the perfect advertisement for the clinic’s services…
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cfnmtv: The Initiation (part 1-5)

At their prestigious private school, Jonathan and Philip rule the roost. They stroll around casually issuing orders to the other boys and inflicting punishments whenever they feel like it. They are both feared and revered – even by the teachers! Yet here, in the scruffy part of town and surrounded by commoners, they have absolutely no power at all…
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AmateurCFNM: Naughty Boner

Caitlyn calls her slave in and is appalled to see the horny fucker has an erection. She decides to make it go down by smacking it over and over – that doesn’t work. She puts him across her knee and spanks him but his cock is harder than ever. So she gets him to lie across her knees and starts wanking…
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cfnmtv: Private Eyes (part 1-3)

Jane and Danika have sent rugby star Scotty Eastwood away with strict instructions to return later. They’ve not finished with him yet. But in the meantime, the two imperious women have found themselves someone else to play with until he returns. They just can’t get enough of naked male flesh and their latest subject provides a nice contrast to the angry sportsman.

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cfnmtv: The Initiation (part 1)

St. Johns private school in London has a proud tradition going back centuries. Some of the most powerful men in the country have passed through its hallowed halls. But there is a more sinister side to St. Johns, a secret society that only a select few get to join. Membership brings power and control, but the initiation is not for the fainthearted.
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cfnmtv: Field Trip II (Part 1-9)

Seeing the farmhand attached to the bull sperm collecting equipment has filled the girls of St Dunstan’s with enthusiasm. So much so that they want to see another demonstration. Fortunately there are other male specimens that can be used – and with the full authority of the teacher they cannot refuse.
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cfnmtv: Private Eyes (part 1-2)

Sportsmen are the worst for misbehaving. They are constantly surrounded by adoring women who are eager to please. There’s an unwritten rule amongst rugby players that having some fun with these women is never spoken of. But sometimes these incidents are captured on camera – and when that happens it could mean the end of someone’s career…
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Goddess Sadie: Human Furniture: Part 2 the SPITTOON (Full Version)

inyl Queen visited My dungeon; Secret Shangri-La AZ in February 2018. The two Ladies hosted a CFNM party. Sadly, they were short of chairs for the event. Their solution was to turn one of Goddess Sadie’s slave’s into a chair and other assorted pieces of human furniture. Part 2 features him being tested out as a side table and receptacle. They take turns having him support their **** glasses and then consume their spit. Full-body and close-ups document the spittle dribbling from each Lady’s lips. The slave is visibly excited, but he remains perfectly still. He doesn’t want to disappoint! When some spillage occurs on the floor, he is made to lick up any liquid on the floor. He is then used as a footrest while his behavior is observed from above. These two fabulous FemDoms demonstrate that controlling male creatures isn’t about putting on an act. It’s about knowing how to Dominate and make one’s wishes clear. Stay tuned for what happens next! This clip is the full version of PART 2 in a series of several that I was able to capture during Vinyl Queen’s visit. This clip features; #HumanFurniture, #objectification, #CEI, coerced cum eating, #spitting, verbal humilation, #humiliation, #doubledomination, #interracial #domination
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I have you cure this **** masturbator. He doesn’t like anyone else making him cum….we’ll see about that.
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GirlBullies: Perv Pantsed In Public

Penny Barber has zero tolerance for creeps so when she catches you looking up her skirt and playing pocket pool at the store, you can bet there will be some humiliating consequences. Penny corners you in the parking lot to scold you for your public perving but she does not think you are embarrassed enough for getting caught staring at her ass with a tiny tent in your pants. She decides you need a pantsing punishment that fits the crime and since you got to peek at her underwear… The site of Penny giggling at your tighty-whities should help you learn a valuable lesson-if you get caught looking up Penny’s skirt you might just get depantsed in public!
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cfnmtv: Audition Scott (part 1)

Young Scott is as sweet and naive as they come – just what the lady interviewers at CFNM like! They strip him naked and carefully inspect and evaluate every aspect of his body to see if he’s useful to them as a potential model. If he doesn’t make the grade he’ll be cast aside with all the other hopefuls that have failed to please the fully clothed women.Read More »