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Ball Busting Chicks: Bruised Bollocks

While one of the two Ladies holds his bollocks up in the air and monitoring the impact close to the slaves genitals, the other one is hitting his private parts with her whip in the most brutal way. He soon gets nasty bruises on his balls. This means just more amusement for the ladies…
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Brat Princess 2: Isabella Nice and Toro – Step Brother taken to Dominatrix for Ballbusting Training (1080 HD)

Isabella wants some help training her step-brother to serve her, so she has been taking him to see a Dominatrix. Isabella tells the Dominatrix, Lady Toro, that her step-brother, fluffy, has been complaining about his chastity device. Lady Toro suggests that they take him out and give him a ballbusting. Soon, fluffy will be begging to go back in. Isabella likes that idea. She lets her step-brother out and Toro starts kicking. It doesn’t take long at all for fluffy to start begging to go back into his chastity device. Fluffy begs his sister to tell Toro to stop kicking him, but Isabella just laughs. Toro shows Isabella how to do it so that she ballbust at home whenever fluffy acts up. Isabell has to run to her manicure appointment, so she leaves fluffy alone with Toro. She will be back in an hour or so to pick him up.

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Ball Busting Chicks: Brazilian Bitch: She made me impotent!

After the Brazilian Bitch jerked him off in the movie "Too horny to feel pain" in a very sadistic way, she now tries to make him cum a second time. Before that she canes his ass, slap his cock and balls and she takes a cigarette break. She tortures his cock and his tied up ball sack with her cigarette! Then the female sadist tries to make him cum again, but his sore cock is not able to squirt again for his Mistress. Her slaves should be able to cum two times in a row! At the end she gets so angry about this loser that she kick him again brutal in the balls with her high heels…
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Ball Busting Chicks: Isabella: Ultra Hard Ball Kicks!

She tease him to make his cock rock hard, dangling stiff in front of her as she kick him hard in the balls. The naked girl just wears her jacket, showing him her naked pussy while she kick him in the balls. Force him to stand legs wide open when he get brutal kicked by her high heels… The merciless Dominatrix makes his cock limp again, just by kicking him in his manhood…
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Ball Busting Chicks: Kikko: Slap Those Dangling Bollocks

First Femdom POV style talking about ballbusting and cbt. This Asian Goddess like men with a big erection… beware when you have a limp dick! She gets angry and will abuse your balls, like she shows in the second part of this movie. He get his dangling balls slapped, tease, denial and dirty talking…
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Brat Princess 2: Alexa Amadahy and Lindsey – 21 Kick Birthday Party (1080 HD)

Amadahy has brought over a slave from Her stables to serve as the kick bag for Lindseys 21st birthday party. Amadahy is certain Lindsey will be pleased with the one Shes selected. Lindsey wants to test the kick bag out first, though. She needs for her 21st birthday celebration to be perfect and part of that is offering the perfect kick bag for her guests amusement. He needs to be able to take 21 kicks from EVERY girl at the party. Amadahy is confident Her slave will be able to endure it, but also offers Lindsey a test run. Amadahy starts the trial off with 21 hard kicks to the party kick bag. Lindsey follows up with more kicks in order to see if the kick bag can really take it. Lindsey loses count of the kicks, but it doesnt matter to her anymore. Shes having too much fun! Alexa follows with brutal kicks in her black boots. Amadahy gets in 21 more kicks. The kick bag falls down, but it isnt over. There will be over 20 girls attending this party. It needs to be able to take every single kick from every girl in order to make Amadahy, Lindsey and all of the guests happy. Thats at LEAST 420 kicks, probably more, and thats just the first round
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Brat Princess 2: Chichi and Chloe – Kiced until Out then Kicked even More (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chichi and Chloe have been starving their slave in the cold basement for days. Now that it is in a very weak and vulnerable state, they plan to abuse it further. Just for fun, the girls want to kick their prisoner in the balls until it loses consciousness. The tied-up slave really cannot escape. The girls start kicking. They go harder and harder. They won’t stop. The slave is kicked until it goes totally limp. The girls slap it until it comes to. It drifts in and out of consciousness as they continue their assault. The girls get hungry from all the kicking and eventually leave to go eat lunch.
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Ball Busting Chicks: Isabella: Those Brutal Kicks

Hot teasing with her naked shaved crotch and beautiful ass cheeks. She use his stiff cock as a hanger for her skirt, then she kicks it away again. More tease and denial by masturbating him, rubbing her legs on his manhood… this makes his cock hard in no time. Perfect for being abused by this horny sadistic girl. She kicks him many times brutal in the balls!
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Cruelcity: Mistress Nicole Beats Her Slave in Anger!

Pacing her living room floor, a visibly upset Nicole announces what a lousy mood she’s in. She’s pissed at a few of her business partners and needs to release the rage that’s boiling inside of her. She takes her anger out on her slave, summoning him to her side and immediately slapping him across the face. "I’ve had a very bad day," she tells him, then punches him so hard in the stomach that he falls his knees. "Get up!" she barks, and he quickly rises to his feet. She delivers another brutal blow to his gut that once again sends him to the floor, and he groans in agony as he attempt to recover from the strike. She continues to use him as her human punching bag, repeatedly pummeling him in between slapping his face. As if that’s not enough, she kicks him when he’s unable to absorb any more blows and falls to the floor beneath her. He manages to get on his feet again and she holds nothing back, hitting him with full force while he cries out in pain. By the time she’s done with him, he’s laying on the floor like a crumpled mess!
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Two Extreme Ballbusting Clips End Badly for Slave (1080 HD)

1080 HD This is a double feature clip. It has two short but extreme ballbusting clips, both of which ended badly for the slave. The first clip, “Seesaw Kicks bring Kick Bag Down,” features Sasha Foxxx, Natalya, and Mariah. The three girls giggle as they brutally assault their slave with merciless kicks. The slave’s skin rips open and things get messy. The girls’ white shoes stain red. They decide to go into seesaw formation and bring the broken kick bag down for good. They leave the draining slave curled up into a ball on the floor and go to change out of their messy sneakers. This first clip is (5:44 long). The second feature, “New Slave Ballbusted,” has Chloe, Brianna, and Natalya. This clip was a ballbusting slave audition. In it, Brianna is the boss of a female-run business. One of her workers (the auditioning slave) has not met an office quota. As a punishment, the ladies in the office will ballbust him. The trio does not go easy on the brand new slave. They ballbust him very hard. The new slave realizes a few minutes into filming the clip that he cannot handle being ballbusted by not one, but three merciless girls. The girls do not want to stop filming, time is money and girls love money and girls love ballbusting and nobody wants their time wasted. So, the three women refuse to stop kicking the auditioning slave. No matter how much of a fuss he makes they just keep going. The slave absolutely freaked out. He literally ran out of the building, got into his car and drove far away from us and we haven’t heard from him since. Total clip length
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Ball Busting Chicks: Inessa: Kicks in the balls – Full Movie

A skinny horny boy is forced by a female bodybuilder to drop his pants and standing defenseless in front of her presenting his hard on. She kicks him hard and brutal in the balls and she does it so hard that at the end his hard on shrivels up more and more…
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Ball Busting Chicks: Mistress Kawa: This Naked Mistress…

…kicked the cum out of my balls!!!

She kicked him so hard in the balls that his cum is flying through the air, it seems that it even hit the viewer… Yes this is hard ballbusting and – at the end – cumming with a huge amount of sperm while being constantly kicked in the balls!!! In-between the brutal ball kicking, she forced him to masturbate in front of her and show her his big dick, bring him two times to the edge of an orgasm, then slap his dick for tease and denial, before she continues to t*rture his balls by kicking them again hard with her high heels. She does not stop the kicking after cumming, it seems she want to kick the last drop out of his sore manhood…
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Ball Busting Chicks: Inessa: Don’t Care – Just Kick Them!

This brutal Mistress can not hesitate to abuse his balls whenever she see his bollocks dangling between his legs. For an even better view she commands him to pull his ridiculous little wiener up by the leather string… This severe punishment of a naked male slave includes hard kicks in his balls, squeezing, slapping and punching. Make him cry out loud, like a helpless little baby… A real inhuman humiliation and degradation of a weakling by a strong woman!
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Brat Princess 2: BP – 3 Girls Ballbust a Fat Broke Loser (1080 HD NEW)

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Ballbustingchicks: Female Brutality!

Blow after blow right on his nuts from the booted lady. First by slapping and brutal punching, then she applies her special testicle t*rture tool, a golf ball in a sock, to hurt him even harder! Those balls must hurt like crazy every time she hit them and she hit them a lot!
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