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SENSUAL PAIN: May 9, 2018: Table Spread | Abigail Dupree | Master James

Today’s objective; Leashed to a glass table to perform sexual intrigue.. Tasked to create a desirable attraction physically and psychologically for Master’s pleasure. This slave dances provocatively as Master James uses the crop on slaves ass and legs to bring pain in his directive to present pleasing fuck holes with anal masturbation to orgasm with transparent dong insertions and oral pleasure from sucking cock. The kink of watching the slave holes dance as the slave piercings clang on the glass, the soft pail skin smash against the windowpane with trimmers of pleasure and effort to please, is a kink well traveled to indulge in.
Master James side note; The sex slave is chattel for purpose. All sex slaves are owned or have been one way or another or they are just submissive in nature without purpose as a sex slave. A submissive with a slave heart and a potential slave mind will be in need of training for a proper slave mind. The sex slave training is regimentation with purpose, a systematized construct to act and react, behave in various desirable ways sometimes in general or with very specific objectives, tastes and kinks. Sex slave training comes with great merit and benefits all involved.
Sex slave #525-871-465 (slave abigail, Abigail Dupree) has and continues to be active in sex slave training, as most of you know, for over three years now. These videos and pictures are my published gifts for others to glean from and enjoy.
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CROWDBONDAGE: Domination & cum in mouth with Helena Valentine

Sexy Hungarian babe Helena Valentine enjoys getting hands bound. She’s then spanked, tortured with hot candle wax and humiliated. Lucky stud Juan Lucho gets to fuck her gorgeous mouth and tight pussy in the wild BDSM group then shoots his load down…

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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: May 18, 2018: Sibling Rivalry | Skylar Snow

Growing up, my twin sister and I always fought about who was cooler, who had the better clothes, who was prettier. As we got older we grew apart. She became more sexually adventurous and I became more rough and tumble. While she started wearing skimpy outfits I learned to play sports. We started to fight over who was tougher. Clearly I am, but the bimbo still thinks she can best me.
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Tickle Abuse: Ashley Sinclair ToeTied

I got a lot of requests for Ashley Sinclair to get tickled in my stocks. No doubt she is gorgeous, her soles are gorgeous, but she is not my typical crazy ticklish model. Her feet are mildly ticklish, though Tay does manage to find a spot. Ashley’s upperbody is another story, Tay finds that Ashley is very ticklish and really doesn’t like it!
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FetishPros: Casey Calvert, Juliette March – Bondage Strapon Blowjob

Throaty-voiced Bianca Stone has redhead Barbary Rose kneeling, tied with her arms behind her in rope bondage, and giving Bianca’s shiny black strapon a mouth-only blowjob. Holding her slave’s ginger hair in her hand, Bianca thrusts her proxy prick back and forth until the carrot top cutie gags and drools. Bianca explains how the harder Barbary sucks, the better it is for her clit with every thrust to the back of her slave’s throat. Our cameras capture all the angles emphasizing Barbary’s submission to the commanding Stone, even as Bianca rubs her slave’s drool all over Barbary’s face! "Keep servicing my clit through my cock!" Bianca just loves watching Barbary’s face turn pink and red through the sucking action: "You are so sexy, Barbary! You’re such a good lesbian cocksucking whore!" They get down on the floor for even more hot positions too.
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Assylum: Slappy New Years

Super hot, rough sex lover Eden Sin paid a visit for the holiday and helped Dr. Mercies ring in the new year. This is a short, back-to-basics rough-sex scene with hard anal, ATM, slapping, spanking, spitting, and just a good, old-fashioned primal rudeness.
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Resistance Is Futile: Rebekah Dee & Shay – A Perfect Shay & Rebekah’s Revenge

It’s round 4 between Shay and Rebekah, and having already defeated Rebekah in each of their previous encounters, Shay is supremely confident of another victory. So much so in fact, that she claims she can beat Rebekah this time just by using her legs! Shay quickly goes on to prove that claim as she squeezes Rebekah silly with scissor after scissor… Poor Rebekah can do nothing to stop the non-stop scissorfest and as Shay’s thighs sends her to dreamland time and time again, she wakes up already in the tight grip of a different headscissor! And even when the rules are her own, Shay still breaks them and uses a bearhug to put Rebekah down one last time!
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Rapture’s Fetish Playground: Goddess Rapture vs Skylar Renee

Six Packs, Thighs that can , Arms that can crush, times two. Double Scissor is the beginning of a friendly competition, then the wrestling takes it to a new level. Skylar or Rapture? It is the perfect fight, the strength of these women can take down any man, their sweat glistening, their flawless bodies attacking and torturing each other. Talent like these two only come together once in a while.
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Mistress Isid: Foot Gagging Shock

Liz my new greedy slave puts in her mouth everything she finds, even what you would never imagine and since this bad behavior is now developing, it’s time to re-educate her properly. Completely chained to a suspension harness and after having forced her to open her mouth I will have fun fucking her greedy mouth with my beautiful feet. This slave today will have to undergo a foot gagging so deep that it will leave her deeply in a state of shock!!!
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The Real Queendom: Katelyn Brooks, Helena Locke & Cupcake Sinclair – Fetish Therapy: Feel the Connection

"Welcome to the bonding belt," Dr. Locke says as she finishes securing Cupcake’s face into Katelyn’s beautiful, round ass! Dr. Locke has been helping her patients embrace their BDSM desires and the bonding belt (smother harness) is the perfect too to help establish an intimate Domme/sub relationship. Cupcake moans as she struggles to breathe from deep inside Katelyn’s ass crack. "Just become one with your dominant," Dr. Locke says as she encourages Katelyn to bend forward and pull her slave’s face deeper into her ass. When Katelyn moves to the couch Cupcake has no choice but follow. Katelyn and Dr. Locke work together to push Cupcake deeper and deeper into Katelyn’s ass. "It feels like my ass is just swallowing her entire face," Katelyn says as Dr. Locke sits on the back of Cupcake’s head. "I love taking the back of her head and just shoving her face into my butt!" Dr. Locke is pleased to see how quickly Katelyn and Cupcake have taken to their roles as Dominant and submissive and she’s sure they will have a long, happy relationship. "You can just see in her eyes she’s getting assdrunk!"
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Mistress Iside: Split-Mouth Footgagging

When I look at that tender little mouth, so small, I definitely want to fuck her. Everything almost sounds like a call to which I have absolutely no intention of resisting, but first I’m going to tie my slut to the medieval pillory with mouth wide open so I can sink my foot deeper and deeper. Of course I immediately realize that the little mouth can not contain all my foot but this gives me an extra incentive to insist until I see the corners of her mouth crack open … Here I can finally fuck her properly, now I can put inside almost all the front part of foot, yet another tear and I almost reached my goal today … Finally my little has a new mouth bigger and definitely much more functional for my purposes !!
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: May 18, 2018 – Tommy Pistol and Juliette March

When college student Juliette March accidentally trespasses while on a remote field study, the psychotic property owner Tommy Pistol overpowers the helpless student and carries her off to his cabin wherein a kinky hot mess of BDSM and rough pounding sex ensues. Tied up spread eagle against a stone fireplace Juliette is in quite a bind with a ball-gag stuffed in her mouth, nipple clamps pulling tight on her perky tits, leather ankle cuffs and a spreader bar with a magic wand vibrating her trespassing pussy.
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EVERYTHING BUTT: May 18, 2018 – Lea Lexis and Lily Lane

Mega slut Lily Lane is attending one of the hottest events of the summer — Lea Lexis’ pool party. Lily knows party goers aren’t allowed to enter the main house, but after spying her favorite wine through an open window, she can’t resist! She sneaks in and starts rummaging through the bar. When Lea catches Lily inside, she knows this slut is after more than just a bathroom. Lea leads Lily to her bedroom, throws her on the bed, and decides to have some fun. She ties Lily up and tugs down her bikini bottoms only to find that Lily is wearing a sparkling jeweled butt plug.
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DEVICE BONDAGE: May 17, 2018 – Cadence Lux

Cadence reached out and said that she need some therapy, and that only The Pope could cure her. She needed it to be rough, but not like usual; a lot rougher than that. We experience this quite often, when the models need to get the devil out and this is the only way they know how to in a healthy way. The cathartic feeling that calms them only comes from a brutal session with The Pope. Cadence begins in a standing position with a burlap sack over her head. Her legs are spread and she is totally helpless. There is not going to be a warm up today because what is going to happen is so brutal that it’s a waste of time to do so.
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HARDTIED: May 16, 2018: Just another Jane | Jane

Jane is just another cute little alt girl who can’t get enough bondage in her life. She’s come to OT to get tied up and put in her place. OT takes his time with her and ties her up right. She smiles from ear to ear as he wraps her naked flesh with rope. She’s quiet, but you can tell she’s enjoying it.
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