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CROWD BONDAGE: First BDSM encounter

Beautiful porn actress Amirah Adara debuts in this hot BDSM fuck fest filled with torture methods going from hot wax dripping to taser play and gagging. Antonio Ross bangs this beauty hard from behind then in missionary until he drops that juicy load all over Amirah’s shaved pussy.
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Dungeon Corp: Suffer, Struggle and Cum – Hime Marie

At less than 100 pounds, Hime is a small woman…small and sexy as fuck…a sense of vulnerability lays behind those pretty doe eyes…She is a first timer in bondage, but her excitement shows that she has been looking forward to being bound and objectified for some time…I keep the focus on Hime’s pussy, mixed with various punishments that she earns along the way…She likes to struggle, she likes to feel the helplessness of each pedicament…and believe me, you will like watching her suffer and cum.
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QueenSnake: Jessica, QS – Flash Cotton

QS roasts Jessica with a bunch of flash cottons. She also uses an electro shocker for ignition for some extra pain. Including some super slow motion scenes.
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QueenSnake: Holly & Tracy – Dragon Tail

Holly is the next volunteer for having her butts and pussy whipped with that beautiful and fearful dragon tail.
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SENSUAL PAIN: Aug 12, 2018: Hobbled Fuckdoll | Abigail Dupree

This fuckdoll has that itch that cannot be entirely scratched, she just begs to be filled in all her holes. Aches for pure pleasure and pain. Fucking cock is the reason of her existence. She really enjoys being pumped in that stretched out pussy. Her cunt is constantly be reshaped by heavy jewelry and hours of insertions of large toys. She is constantly in heat, Compulsive masturbation with anything she can get her hands on. You can identify a cock whore by the way she dresses in provocatively skimpy clothes, dresses too short, high heels that clunk when she walks, to draw your attention to her as she walks by. Her pussy is always wet, always ready to be pumped from behind, to be cum filled over and over again. Fucking is all that fills her small mind, male genitals, cocks of so many sizes and shapes, the musky smell right behind the nut sack as she often licks in a moaning frenzy with her trained tongue.. This is what a fuckdolls is for, constant breading all of her waking awareness until the day she is broken inside and out.
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All House of Gord Scenes: Doorbell Revisted

Iridal goes from fucking machine to fucking machine. There is no stopping this horny lady. But can she take on the Door Bell and still come back for more?

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All House of Gord Scenes: Darling Mobi-Fucked

Darling spent a few weeks out at The House of Gord to help Gord test out new ideas… Anyway, Darling wanted to get strapped into one of the "racecars" that Gord built. Little did Darling know that Gord had set up the car to run on remote control! Well, we all know that he’s a control freak… Lydia had a few "turns" too… Anything to make the girls happy. Just ask Darling when it’s all over… I think her smiles say it all… Check out these photos and be damned sure to view the video… Enjoy yourselves, Darling sure did!!!
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All House of Gord Scenes: Darling’s Inverted Hogtie Fuck

Darling is going to get it this time for sure! As you know, Darling will do just about ANYTHING around here, but she has never done the Inverted Hogtie Fucking machine. Hmmm, let’s do something about that! Gord and Lydia have set aside some Tenz units to make it a bit more exciting… You can see for yourself… As usual there are photos and videos to look at and watch. Well, what are you waiting for?!
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: Aug 10, 2018: Locked in Place | Fawn Locke/Fawn Locke endures some seriously strict bondage.

loves predicaments and strenuous bondage so OT puts her body in a frame that makes her hold a squat. If that’s not enough her legs are spread wide exposing her beautiful cunt.

In a leather strap box tie Fawn is made to hold herself up on top of a single pipe with one leg strapped to itself. Just when she thinks she’s in a strenuous enough position OT starts whipping her. She’s really put to the test.

OT puts her into a modified pile driver position with her toes holding her up and he canes her exposed ass including her sensitive little butthole and cunt. Then he violates her asshole with a pogo while he vibrates her to intense multiple orgasms. After a while her pussy is so sensitive she wriggles and screams.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: August 10, 2018: Aiden Starr, Donny Sins, London River, Amilia Onyx/The Anal Submissive MILF And The Big-Titted 19 Year Old

Stefanos and Aiden are running a test to determine the best raw material for an Upper Floor servant. Is it an experienced pervy anal MILF, who’s a hardcore bottom with years of BDSM experience? Or is it an eager know-nothing teen with huge tits, a can do attitude, and dick sucking skills to spare? London River is the pervy MILF, tied to a vibrator, with clamps all over her body.
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EVERYTHING BUTT: August 10, 2018: Kristina Rose, AJ Applegate/Anal Stepsisters: Kristina Rose and AJ Applegate

AJ Applegate and Kristina Rose are two stepsisters now living under one roof. As they pass each other in their kitchen, AJ can’t help but grab Kristina’s big beautiful ass that sticks halfway out of her white denim booty shorts. Kristina likes it but isn’t sure if she should be hooking up with her new stepsister. They both decide that it wont be weird and go at it. AJ pulls off Kristina’s shorts and buries her face deep inside Kristina’s ass and licks her hole.
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SENSUAL PAIN: Aug 8, 2018: Special Kay Piss | Jessica Kay

Master Smith is bored at work, He thought it would be amusing to Skype with sex slave Jessica Kay, have her squat and piss in her special K cereal and eat it. she is then instructed to spit in the same bowl and eat some more. Though eating her puked up special Kay is her limit, she does just as well by smearing the piss soggy cereal on her pretty hair, slap her face with it and rub it on her body. After all, amusement is what sex slaves are for, isn’t that right?.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: August 10, 2018: Tommy Pistol, Summer Day/The Eviction

When Summer Day tries to buy out Tommy Pistol’s home lease he makes her a counter-offer she cant refuse. Sexy Summer Day submits to hard domination, bondage and anal sex! Tommy takes matters into his own hands and writes up a contract that says Summer will swallow his cock to the best of her ability!
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DEVICE BONDAGE: August 9, 2018 – Helena Locke/Sexy Blonde Cougar is Destroyed in Device Bondage

Helena has proven that she can handle the most diabolical bondage and torment, but can she take what comes next? Her first showing was impressive and we know that The Pope isn’t going to stop there. He is going to take it deep into the next level, and if anyone can handle it, it’s Helena.
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HARDTIED: Aug 8, 2018: Blatant Tease | Blaten Lee

Blaten Lee is one of those beautiful sex-hungry ladies who just needs to cum! How do you torment a woman like that? Once you’ve got her tied up you make her think you’re going to give her release. You tease her pretty pussy like you’re going to let her get there, but you go so slow she’ll never climax.

With the way she moans and grunts in frustration you’d thing OT was hitting her. Instead he’s focusing all his attention on her slit. Making it feel just good enough for Blaten to get caught up in her arousal. Just when she is ready to blast off OT shows her that he’s in charge of when or if she cums.
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PUBLIC DISGRACE: August 6, 2018 – Juan Lucho, Lilyan Red and Mona Wales/Spanish Slut Lilyan Red is Milked, Tormented & Fucked by Mona Wales

It is easy to think that because a woman is small she must be easily manipulated, Lilyan Red challenges that assumption as she resists and resists Mona Wales. Her destruction begins with a walk through the village where Lilyan is shoved against cold stone walls as Mona jams fingers up her cunt and torments her nipples until lactating breast milk oozes out! She is flogged and gasping in the center of the road and Mona places a metal bucket beneath the sweet cow.
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