Month: May 2018

Brat Princess 2: Charlotte and Gwen – Workers Worshiping Skills Assessed during Performance Review (Part 2) (1080 HD)

1080 HD In part 2 of this clip the shoes come off! Taylor must sniff the young intern’s socks and worship his boss’ feet. Office domination, chastity and financial domination throughout this clip. See complete version for full clip description.
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CEI Trickery

Goddess Dylan

I don’t know why you guys think that cum tastes so bad. Eating cum really isn’t that bad. I mean you want girls to eat it but suddenly when it comes to you it’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever heard of. There are things that are Way more disgusting that are food that you’ve probably eaten already.
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Subbyhubby: Alissa Dominates The Family Part 5: Fucked StepBrother

Alissa Avni is dominating her family and she isn’t through. Her StepBrother now has to feel the humiliation of taking her cock in his mouth and his ass. Alissa puts a gag on him with large lips, making him look like a cock-sucking whore. She makes him blow her cock and then she stuffs it in his tight virgin ass. The cock is barely going into his virgin ass but that doesn’t stop Alissa from being determined to stretch him out and fuck him properly like the bitch stepbrother that he is.
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Humiliation POV Princess Mika: Fall Deeply In Love With Me – Addiction Obsession Mind Trap

Princess Mika

Look at me, look deep into my big beautiful eyes, you could just get lost in them, couldn’t you? You’re falling so hard and so deep for me. You’re obsessed with me. You’re addicted to me. And you deserve to fall even deeper for me. I want you even more deeply obsessed and addicted. I want you falling deeper and deeper and deeper for me. Because the deeper you fall the more that I can take advantage of you. And I know that deep down, you want me to. You want me to have more control. You want me to take advantage of you. It feels so good to fall deeper, to be more addicted and obsessed.
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Restrainedelegance: Don’t Cross the Gang!

Natalia finds out the hard way that if someone has squealed, suspicion always falls first on the newest members of the gang!
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Mfvideobrazil: Scissor Mumification By Melissa Melo And Vaninha

Melissa Melo, the sexy girls puts adhesive tape on the body of Vaninha, because she wants to punish her. Later, she sits on the head, breast and lap of her slave. Vaninha is unable to move, so Melissa Melo can do anything she wants with her. The beautiful domina takes off her bra during the domination, so you are going to see her round and seductive breasts in the domination. The fight is very painful for Vaninha, since the domina pulls her hair and puts her head between her legs. The domina slaps the slave’s face with her thighs. The scissor and judoka are very wild in this video with the fighting girls. The Brazilian hotties play with each other for 32 minutes.
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: May 25, 2018: Suck and Fuck | Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller returns to Insex for more of what she loves. She languishes in a cage while OT prepares. She’s made to strip down in the tight confinement. Then he uses her cunt for his amusement. Entering it roughly with a police baton. When he’s satisfied she has to clean it.

Amarna has the body of a girl who moves around a lot. Not athletic per say, but she’s toned and fit. OT is going to test her stamina. He makes her hold herself up, with a dick in her mouth. While she sucks he brings her knees in so she can’t get comfortable. Then he canes her hard!

The one thing Amarna says she hates, but is willing to do is tickling. That’s too obvious for OT. So he puts tight clamps on her labia and attaches them to her toes. While he tickles her feet she screams in Spanish begging for him to stop. Every time she tries to move her feet away it pulls painfully on her cunt.
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RestrainedElegance: #GameOfSlaves: Lady Dark Angel Takes Down Mistress Ariel

Mistress Ariel Anderssen has been getting too big for her boots- especially as any true dominant can tell that she’s a sub at heart. Even though she had quite a following, the other mistresses find her laughable! And nothing, but nothing annoys Ariel more than not being taken seriously. Disdain and true dominance will certainly out. Ariel is furious, but soon locked in uncompromising chains- a custom-made five point shackle! And Lady Dark Angel is not messing about. No escapable ropes, no fake raids. She only ever plays for keeps. She’s going to strip Ariel naked, lock her in chains, and reduce her back to the rank of submissive. Blindfold, gagged and captive, Ariel has lost control and will never regain it!
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Footdomunited: Boot Slaves

Mistress Savannah is putting on her make up and realize she needs to get her boots shined as she summons her slave girl to crawl over and lick her boots clean while she sits on top of her make up table
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SENSUAL PAIN: May 16, 2018: Klepto Bimbo in anguish | Abigail Annalee

There is only one thing that is worse than a thief and that is a thief who does it for sport. The whole town has suffered because of this tiny yet efficient klepto and while it is evident that this is not the first time she has stolen goods from hard working laymen, it is the first time she has been caught redhanded. Typically, the punishment for such a crime would be the immediate loss of a hand, but the man who caught her decided instead to prolong her punishment because of the damages she has accrued over the years.
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Mfvideobrazil: Judoka Lesbian Humiliation By Daniel Dias And Ana Macedo

Epic pussy-licking with Daniel Dias and Ana Macedo! The girl-with-girl domination is done with scissor and judoka. Daniel Dias tells Ana Macedo to lick her shaved pussy with a lot of saliva. She enjoys the lesbian domination very much. The humiliation is very bad for the slave but she must do what the domina says. The domina also shows off her perfect body. Her breasts are big and round as you can see in this girl-with-girl video. You can also take a look at her amazing butt while she is doing scissor and judoka. The lesbian fighting girls don’t stop the domination for more than 36 minutes. It’s a pleasure to watch them during the humiliation.
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Restrained Elegance: #GameOfSlaves: Ariel’s Domestic Training

Ariel Anderssen is back where she belongs in #GameOfSlaves – under the thumb and owned by a wicked dominant who has her collared in cold steel, naked and kneeling! Mistress Angel puts Ariel through her paces as a domestic slave girl and finds her severely lacking. Punishment and humiliation ensues as Angel shows Ariel what a real domme can do!
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Meandungeon: Raven Bay 5

Goddess Raven Bay is back! She takes slave Jason into the dungeon and humiliates him while making him worship her ass and kiss her feet. This is one of our hottest dungeon scenes ever!!! FACESITTING, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, PONY PLAY, HANDJOB, AND MORE!
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Caged and Teased

This is a custom vid (no name mentioned) for a chastity slave. To be caged in both ways & endure a sexy, humiliating tease…oh my. This is a great vid to go with my recent chastity instructions vid:-)
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