Month: February 2018

New Scat in Brazil: SHIT DOMINATION 2

In the second part, its the same, The slave in this movie is blindfolded and lying in bed, nothing can be done. The domineering starts with foot domination, then a bit of facesitting, in the end, a bit of scat, for the beginner in the fetish.
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New Scat in Brazil: SHIT DOMINATION 1

The slave in this movie is blindfolded and lying in bed, nothing can be done. The domineering starts with foot domination, then a bit of facesitting, in the end, a bit of scat, for the beginner in the fetish.
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New Scat in Brazil: SHIT IN HOUSE

Homemade film, one of the precursors of the scat in Brazil…This movie contains, foot domination, handsmother (in the shower), piss, facesitting and of course, very scat!
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Homemade film, one of the precursors of the scat in Brazil, we have Sabrina Saint on the scene in the first experience of it, watch and enjoyt!
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Lady Estelle – To Horney

What a Fuck for my Slave that he is so horny after my teasing and my pussy in his mouth gag that he can not control his dick anymore and shod his load. Such a disaster that this happens at the beginning of the Session so he must endure now the rest of the treatment after his lecherousness is gone. This was my plan.
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Daily Masturbation Instructions: Small Penis Instructions

You will masturbate that small cock of yours to my instructions boy. Is that clear, now get that pathetic cock of yours out for me.
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Ludella Hahn – Ass Investment: Smothering Wallet Drain

“So, I’m going out tonight and I have no ca$h and nothing to wear, which means it’s time to hit up the bank (aka My Brother). Haha. He has like an addiction to my ass, so it’s kind of my way to get anything out of him. He tells me he lost all his ca$h at the casino last night, but he does have credit cards…which is even better with those high limits! So, sweet! He doesn’t give in right away, so it’s time to show him my ASSets. 😉 I lift my skirt and wiggle my butt till he gives in and hands over a card. He just can’t resist my juicy ass. Unfortunately this card has only a $100 limit. Lame! I lay his pretty little head down and decide to work my magic from another angle…on his face! I twerk and wiggle my ass all over his face and he hands over card after card after card just to spend more time beneath me. Works like a charm! BUT…once I get his last card (now having about 20k to spend), I tell him that I actually have to put him to sleep… I’m kind of grounded and don’t want him blabbing to Mom before I leave the house. Haha. Time to shop till I DROP…my big ass on your face! 😛
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Astro Domina – Facesitting Bondage

Imagine being completely wrapped in wrapping plastic. You can’t move your upper body. You can’t move your legs. You’re practically immobile. In walks Sydney, an Asian Domme with a divine butt. And what does she do? She sits on your face. There is no more oxygen coming in. You have nowhere to go. This might not end very well. Sydney assumes a variety of positions with her ass square on your face. Stretched out, facing your feet, turning around. You start to sweat profusely while struggling for air. You are starting to worry about getting out of here alive.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Kyaa: Edge Your Sissy Stick In Your Panties While I Torture Your Sissy Nipples

Goddess Kyaa

Hey there you little sissy bitch, I want to torture those sissy nipples. I know you’re horny and you want to rub yourself in those sissy panties. Well the only way I’m going to let you, is if you agree to torture your sissy nipples. I’ll even tease you with my cleavage to make the experience more enjoyable but you’re going to have to follow my instructions carefully and torture your sensitive sissy nipples.
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Mandy Flores: Sister’s New Cum Slut Slave

I am your older sister and I come home and catch you jacking off in your room. Im a rude nosy sister so I do not leave, I find it all much too entertaining. what you watching? So you like to fantasize about girls giving you head brother? Is that what you want? I know you’d love a blow job, so why not give yourself one? Come on, I know you can do it. I saw it on the internet and it was so fucking hot that I masturbated so hard I broke a fucking nail. Watching you do it for me will be no different….. Besides if you dont I ‘ll tell mom and dad about your little porn collection. Yup, brother, I think I will make you my personal cum slut slave and you will from now on love eating your own cum for your sister. I will even instruct you as to how to suck cock!! You will shoot your entire load into your waiting mouth and EAT it my loser brother!! lie down and throw your legs over your head and suck it as I encourage you. Hell, it’s the only way you will ever get your cock sucked!!
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Brat Princess 2: Sasha – Andy Finds himself all Alone with Cruel Teaser Sasha Foxx (1080 HD)

Alexa, Amadahy, and Sasha were scheduled for a shift together in the milking warehouse, but Alexa and Amadahy bail for some more exciting plans. This leaves poor andy unsupervised with cruel teaser, Sasha Foxxx. Some girls have a work ethic, many are driven by financial incentive, but Sasha doesn’t care about either. She just wants to see andy suffer. Sasha shocks andy with the maximum voltage as many times as the system will allow. She laughs as andy cries out in anguish. Andy uses Sasha’s name, pleading her for mercy, begging her to stop. Sasha does not stop. His suffering maximizes her pleasure, and she’s not going to sacrifice her own pleasure for some silly cow. Without an overseer, Sasha decides to leave andy hooked up to the machine and goes on a prolonged break. While she’s gone, the automation shocks andy over and over. Andy screams for help. Nobody hears him. Nobody cares. Sasha comes back much later, at the end of the shift, to run the end of shift protocol and clock out. She teases andy through the entire erection removal process, just to continue fuck with his head. Sasha watches andy suffer greatly through the erection removal process, with rapt interest. The shift is over. The cow’s screams stop. Sasha has put in a decent day’s work.
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Jerk To My Feet – Lilly Hall – Roommates Sweaty Feet

The lovely Lilly Hall has just finished an exhilarating workout. Her lucky roommate is just in time to watch her peel off those smelly wet socks from her sexy brown slender feet. She knows her feet are smelly, but she also knows this guy is just itching to lick them clean for her. Lilly rewards her frenzied foot licker by grabbing his cock and working it like a pro. She knows exactly where and how to apply pressure to his shaft while simultaneously rubbing the head with her thumb. Her technique is extraordinary and serves to encourage her foot boy to lick, nibble and suck even harder for his queen. Lilly Hall’s precious feet are free of sweat and covered in saliva by the time she brings her friend to an explosive orgasm. As the cum squishes between her talented fingers, she extends the session by performing a most exquisite torture on the sensitive head of this fortunate fellow’s engorged cock.
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Julie Simone – Permanent Chastity for You

Your fantasy of being in chastity is about to come true but you’re not going to be getting one of those nasty plastic devices that you can’t clean and can easily slip off. No. I have a much better device in mind for you. This one has the head free with the shaft being pierced by several sharp metal teeth which are tightened so they dig in even when you’re flaccid. Imagine how much they’ll hurt when you get aroused. You might be thinking that having the head of your cock free means you can still masturbate but you’ll learn very quickly the first time you try that masturbating no longer exists for you, unless you want to suffer and bleed. You are going to be re-programmed. It’s for your own good. This device is quite serious, as am I, about you being in chastity FOREVER.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Kandy Gives Sissy Cocksucking 101 Training

Kandy has transformed her gardener ‘stud wannabe’ into a sissy cocksucker and is training ‘her’ to service men for a fee. The sissy now lives in makeup and pretty pink dresses 24/7. Today, Kandy stresses that the sissy has more to do around the dungeon than just suck cock; she will also be attending to any need Kandy may have, and right now, that includes licking her stilettos clean. While the slut licks one of Kandy’s stilettos, she tells sissy that it’s unfortunate a man isn’t behind her right at this moment, fucking her ass while she licks. Meanwhile, Kandy wears a huge black strapon because the sissy’s training will also include some harsh ass fucking. Kandy wants the bitch able to take the biggest cock around and to ensure the man fucking her is satisfied and will come back for more. She also wants sissy conditioned to take one man after another.

She makes the sissy pull down her panties and pokes the slut’s ass with a double headed dildo, which she gives the sissy to suck clean. “I’ve run ads in all the gay websites to ensure there’s a constant lineup of men here every day to fuck you” she tells her new property. Kandy mentions that she has friends in a gay biker gang who have already booked the sissy for an upcoming weekend. Sissy will serve in any manner required – cleaning and such, but of course, mainly sucking cock and taking it up the ass. All the sucking soon has the sissy’s lipstick spread all over her face. She’s a total tramp! Kandy recalls how the slave initially worked in the garden for her and actually tried to pick her up. However, she used her magic powers to manipulate him into his current sissy persona to the point that it’s now all he/she longs to be. This sissy will be used and abused by Kandy; she’ll lick her everywhere, be her toilet, but mainly will serve as holes for men’s cocks at a rate of about 10 or 20 a day, 365 days a year. Now Kandy has the slut lick her strapon and the whore takes it all the way down her throat. Her little ass cunt is fully exposed for the next man… who is due to arrive any second.
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Clubstiletto – Payback’s A Bitch

Domina Ruby and Mistress Kandy of FemDom Corp have the former accountant, who is now their slave, tied up in knots and acting as their table, to hold their crops, whips, etc. Meanwhile, the disgraced former CEO is in the stockade as he awaits his fate. Ruby flogs him with her whip while Kandy adds to his discomfort, with a little help from her crop. In no time, the poor bitch yelps and cries out in pain. Kandy tells the table to look up and see what’s happening because he’s next. She trades her crop for a paddle and lays some solid blows on the ex-CEO. When he was in charge before the Women overthrew the men, he was such an asshole, and the ladies feel no sympathy for him now.

The women criticize both slaves while they continue to work over their main target. They start by flogging him in unison; one strike from Kandy, one from Ruby, until Kandy decides they need to hit more than just his ass. While Ruby targets his butt, Kandy flogs his legs, from the top all the way down to his ankles. The women are ruthless in this scene and the slave wants to run and hide but he isn’t going anywhere! Kandy sticks her flogger between his ass cheeks and warns him not to drop it. She returns with the paddle and both ladies go at him again. To his credit, he keeps his butt cheeks tight and doesn’t drop the crop. The accountant is now ordered to crawl over and lick the sweat from the other slaves legs and ass as the beating has really got him dripping wet. “Look what we have done to these losers” Ruby says, with a grin.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Seeking a Personal Slave

It has been a long while since I’ve had a good, loyal, personal slave. So I think it’s time for open casting calls. I have very specific criteria when it comes to slaves, so you’ll need to watch this clip carefully. I outline everything I need. I will control your sexuality, you will pay me tribute, and you need to be available to me as I need. I’m looking for a nice long term arrangement. The more useful and professional you are the better. Any nonsense emails sent to me without the proper resume and cover letter will be outright denied no matter how many times you email me. I don’t have time for anyone who can’t listen to instructions. So type up your slave resumes and make them good. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Mistress Jinx – Side Job

Mistress Jinx is the kind of employee you don’t mind having around as long as you don’t need any real work done. She isn’t happy with her job and tries to steal some time to answer her personal emails. The boss comes by and catches her not working. She tells the boss to relax and offers him a massage.

Before he knows what’s happening, Jinx has the boss tied up and plans to use him to experiment with her foot domination techniques. The poor boss has no choice but to pleasure her feet as best he can. While he’s vulnerable, immobile and under her feet, Mistress Jinx demands more money and better working conditions. She works him over, wears him down and turns him into her little bitch. Soon Jinx has the boss doing all her tedious paperwork. As a reward she allows him to jerk himself off while sucking her savory soles.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna, Sloan Harper – Family Time

The scene opens with a close up view of Sloan Harper stretching her legs, flexing her feet and scrunching her delicious toes as she struggles to wake up on the morning. Her first craving is coffee, but that requires getting out of bed. She remembers her sweet pussy is already within reach so she begins warming that up instead. Sloan is getting into it hot and heavy when her mom busts into the room and catches her.

Her hot mom, Goddess Brianna, joins her in the bed and tells her how meaningful their previous mother-daughter moments have been. These two beauties waste no time and begin making out and expressing their intense physical love for each other. Sloan goes down on Goddess Brianna’s incomparable MILF feet and shows you exactly how it is supposed to be done. Sloan’s fierce passion is palatable and she cannot keep her freshly manicured fingers away from her own tasty twat.

The ladies take a breather to grab breakfast, but they are both still steaming and clearly want more. Goddess Brianna reaches into a kitchen utensil drawer and produces a strap on cock: just what you’d expect to find stashed next to their whisk and soup ladle. These horny ladies have a plan to pull dad into their playful antics as well. Goddess Brianna puts a hood over her husband’s head and gets him on all fours. Sloan slowly works the rubber schlong into her father’s ass and pumps away while playing with her mom’s sexy feet.

Sloan finds the right rhythm and plunges the dildo in and out while her mom encourages her. The ladies flip over their sub and have him lick his own ass juice off the dildo Sloan is still wearing. Then they have daddy suck Sloan’s tender toes while beating his own meat. While the guy is on the perimeter doing an extended foot worship session on Sloan’s feet, the two ladies get back into their hot girly cuddling, touching and kissing. Once the fortunate father drops a load on Sloan’s feet, she serves it up for him to lick clean. This is one tight knit family and they all have a great love for their special intimate family time.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Your Cum Belongs to Me

Silly boy. Were you under the impression that cock in your hands belonged to you? Ridiculous. Your cock and every other part of you belong to me. You’ll stroke when I want and you’ll orgasm when I want. You’re completely captive by my dominant beauty and power so there’s no use resisting. At the end of the day, you’re my property. You’ll do as I please.
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