Month: July 2017

Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Leather Glove Cum Slut – MP4

I love dressing in full black leather, especially very high heeled leather boots and leather gloves. I love how dressing in full black leather makes little leather whore cum sluts crumble to their knees and beg to be next to my leatherness! Watch how I make this one hard… by shoving my four black leathered up fingers down its throat until it gags. I know how much it wants to taste it, to feel it, to be totally controlled by it. Then it’s time to show my leather gloves the proper respect by releasing that cum of mine on my command. There’s so much for it to lick off when it’s done. Good to have my own human glove shiner to use.
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Stocking Slaves

Mistress Krissy buries her stockings feet on the face of her slave lying underneath her feet and pays little attention on his existence
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MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Nina Kayy POV Slave Orders 2

You caught Nina cheating on you, but she doesnt care.. she explains to you that your cock is too small to please her and that its better for you to be a cuckold then to keep pretending you are a man. So start worshipping her, cuck! ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, SPH, CUM COUNTDOWN, and MORE!
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Humiliation POV Princess London Lix: Edge Your Brain Out, You Mindless Jerking Zombie

You wanna jerk it for me? You wanna reach your greedy hand down to that pathetic piece of flesh and fucking tug and pump and stroke until it cums. Not the most intellectual of activities is it now? But you’re not really an intellectual guy anymore. Do you realize what all of this jerking has done? You’ve jerked your fucking brain out! With each and every pump of that cock, all you’re doing is jerking your brain out for me, making yourself dumber and dumber, making yourself mentally more pliable, more susceptible to my charms. You’re becoming more of a mush brain for me, each time you allow me to drip my poison in your ear, each and every time you allow me to recondition your mind with all of this mindless stroking.
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Cruelgf: Bratty Ruined Orgasm Cei

So you’re the kind of idiot weakling that knows you’ll never be good enough to get a hot girl like me but it’s not going to stop you craving some kind of sexual attention from girls way way out of your league. Who could blame you huh? I’m unobtainably hot! I have the perfect body, awesome tits, a cute ass and gorgeous looks – it must totally suck to be you knowing girls like me wouldn’t EVER be interested in a loser like you. So where does that leave you? You either have to get your kicks fucking fat ugly girls in your own paygrade or you submit to being humiliated and ridiculed by hotties like me for our amusement. You get a slither of attention from the popular girls and we get entertainment. You’d love to be allowed to cum for me wouldn’t you? You’d love to blow out a loser-load while I verbally berate you and laugh at you so guess what – that’s exactly what you’re going to get. I’m going to let you jerk that pathetic cock of yours while I tell you what a fucking loser you are. Jerk it you reject WIMP! Jerk your useless beta cock while I laugh at you! Keep going fucktard – keep going until you’re just about to cum. Can you imagine how good it would feel if I wasn’t humiliating you right now – that I actually wanted you to cum for me instead of it being a way of emasculating and degrading you. But no – the thought of you enjoying a nice big pleasurable orgasm from me being nice to you makes me sick so you’re NOT going to enjoy yourself tonight. This orgasm is going to be ruined – are you ready to waste your fun for me loser?
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: Jul 28, 2017: Locked | Ashley Lane

I am used to getting whatever I want. I know I’m beautiful. My eyes, my ass, and my hair are just a few of my best features. OT took advantage of how long my hair is. He’s locked it inside a pipe and attached it to a fitting that is screwed to the ground. I can move around the base, but I really can’t go anywhere. He wants to see my body. He orders me to remove my clothes. With the threat of a whipping I hesitantly comply.
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EVERYTHING BUTT: July 28, 2017 – Lea Lexis and Daisy Ducati

Lea Lexis is a classy house wife. She likes her things to be perfectly clean and in order. When her sink gets clogged, she has to call up a plumbing service to get some help. Lea Lexis is very particular about any of the service she gets in her beautiful, Palatial estate. Lea requests a plumber with a good clean ass who smells good and who will not show up with her buttcrack hanging out. Lea Lexis can not handle plumber asscrack at all. It drives her absolutely insane.
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ELECTRO SLUTS: July 27, 2017 – Lea Lexis and Ingrid Mouth

Ingrid Mouth returns in this shock-filled update of Electrosluts! Ingrid finds herself bound and gagged in Lea Lexis’ lesbian electro-dungeon. Lea is all too pleased to have Ingrid at her mercy and will not touch Ingrid unless electricity is coursing through Ingrid’s body. She inserts an electrified anal plug into Ingrid’s ass and cranks up the electricity. While Ingrid writhes on the floor, Lea gets the violet wand touch plate set up. Now that her touch is electric, Lea is eager to get her fingers on Ingrid.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: July 28, 2017 – Small Hands, Syren de Mer and Maya Kendrick

Small Hands is on a mission to get back in between the legs of sexy MILF Syren de Mer. Years ago they had a fling in Vegas and he just couldn’t forget those big tits and fucking that sweet curvy ass. Sneaky Small Hands gets together with beautiful Maya Kendrick, the Step-daughter of Syren and plays all sweet with her to get inside the house with both of them. Some crazy shit is about to go down. After freaking Syren out with his surprise visit he and Maya go out on a date and follow up back at the house where Maya gives Small Hands a hot blow job. She is so innocent and looks so pretty sucking his huge cock. Little does she know that her step-mom is getting turned on watching through a crack in the door. Maya slobbers all over Hand’s dick as he throat fucks her and fingers her pussy.
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Femdom Empire – Cameron Dee, Gigi Allens – Every Last DROP!

Bitchy blonde socialites love to punish and humiliate inferior males. Gigi and Cameron lead their wimp sub around by a ball stretching cock leash, they spit in his face and humiliate him before ordering his feet over his head for feeding time. A open out gag is placed in his mouth so that they can drain this cum sluts balls directly into his mouth, straight from the source. Cameron tugs on his hard cock while Gigi pulls his balls, it isn’t long before he is being made to swallow every last drop of his hot cum facial.
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Humiliatrix – Princess Remi Breaks You Down Til You’re Begging to Kiss Her Ass

“You need to be put in your place — and that is exactly what I am going to do to you. I’m going to stare you in the eye and tell you exactly how pathetic you are until I’ve got you so broken down and destroyed that you are on your knees, begging to plaster my ass with kisses, you worthless pile of pig snot…”
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Female Worship – Goddess Paige – Tongue Deep In My Ass

Paige loves to have her ass eaten, something her male knows all too well. So when she turns to present her backside to him, he knows to get busy orally between her ass cheeks.
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Kinky Mistresses – The Slave Girls Orgasm

Mistress Marta finally gets her slave into her dungeon. Putting her on the lounge in her skimpy lingerie, she orders her to masturbate over and over. Using some of the toys available, Mistress makes sure her slave cums many times. Watch and listen to her forced pleasure
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Morgan – Bow Before Goddess Morgan

Like a good boy you run to Goddess Morgan when summoned. She simply whistles and you come running, trained to run to her feet. As her slave you pretty much live on the floor so stroke and worship while she contemplates if she will let you cum.
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Men Are Slaves – Goddess Belle – Say You’re Mine, Part 1

Goddess Belle lives a comfortable life. As a woman she naturally deserves that, to enjoy life while her male pets handle her every need. Sometimes she will play with her pets but often they just work away in the background while she relaxes. That’s why here she simply wants to relax with a glass of wine while her slave toils away in the background silently and unobtrusively.
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Fetish Liza – Wolford Pantyhose Worship

Soft, semi-sheer and so sexy. I love wearing luxurious Wolford pantyhoses! You should feel extremely lucky to be able to worship my long legs and high heels and as my good pantyhose lover, you follow my instructions carefully.
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DEVICE BONDAGE: July 27, 2017- Helena Locke and The Pope

Helena is not usually on the receiving end of the punishment. She has been featured on other sites as a bad ass Domme, but the females are made to submit here. Helena is curious about what she can handle as a bottom, what kind of pain she can endure, and how she will feel when she is trapped in strict bondage restraints. The first thing we discover is that Helena is far from submissive, but rather a masochist. She sexualizes the pain and finds a way to push the pain into her pussy, which is soaking wet. The Pope takes away her sight and the torment continue with heavy impact from flogger that knock every clothespin off of her sensitive flesh. Next we have this new slut on her knees with her neck shackled to keep her where we want her. Her nipple are tormented beyond what most can handle, then her legs are caned, and orgasms are ripped from her pussy. In the final scene we spread her as wide as we can get her, administer more nipple torment, the attack her feet with brutal bastinado. Her pussy is then violated and fucked until she can no longer take it.
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HARDTIED: Jul 26, 2017: Take Her Breath Away | Riley Reyes

Riley Reyes looks so sexy in her black tight clothing. Her big round ass is only accentuated by the tight ropes. OT snuggles up next to her and touches her body. His hand grasps her throat tighter and tighter. She struggles to breathe. It gives her a beautiful light headed feeling.

With her legs spread and her arms behind her back she can’t fend off OT’s advances. He plays with her tits and strokes her pussy through her panties. The rope around her neck is pulled up to the ring above her. Again she tries to breathe as much as she can, but OT’s toys with her. It makes it hard for her to concentrate.

Riley is crucified and hanging in the air. Her clit is sucked deep into a suction cup and OT brings out the whip. Her soft sweet moans are music to his ears. OT pulls her legs up behind her and comes in with the vibrator. He punches her chest as her swollen pussy is teased to orgasm.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Feminine Fancy Trance

This is a very special trance journey for the sissy, cross-dresser, or tranny in you– a slow progressive descent into the mind to find the feminine presence deep within. I will let you shed the layers of your masculinity and touch the sweet, sensual female that you know is lurking behind the scenes. I will assist you in transforming into her, experincing pleasure like a woman, dressing and preparing yourself, and finally culinating in an explosive climax. You owe it to yourself to delve deep within..
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