Month: May 2017

Female Worship – Goddess Dahlia – Be Quick About It

Dahlia is running late, but that doesn’t mean her man doesn’t have time to lick her pussy. He just has to be quick about it and give her that cunnilingus pick me up she needs before the big
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Kat Dior Homewrecker

Your stepdaughter Kat wants you to get rid of Mommy. She can be very very very convincing!!
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Brat Princess 2: Kenzie – Spends Morning Lounging on Human Furniture (1080 HD)

1080 HD Kenzie spends the morning lounging on the furniture. Her furniture is human. It’s a male, and its kept in a chastity cage so that it doesn’t get the wrong idea when its beneath Kenzie’s divine ass. Kenzie goes through her typical morning routine. She eats a banana for breakfast, moisturizes her skin with some coconut oil, and calls a friend to make plans for later in the day. She does all this while sitting on her human chair. Eventually she leaves to go to her nail appointment.
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Britishbratz: Weak Boss

I knew by wearing this outfit I could really fuck with your head, turn you from ‘Mr Boss’ to a whimpering, loser foot boy in seconds. It is just so…
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Humiliation POV Princess Kara: Condition Your Brain To Edge Only To The Brats Of HumiliationPOV

Princess Kara

Hey loser, I’m going to do some training with you. From now on, you’re only allowed to edge. No cumming ever again, lol. And you’re only allowed to edge to HumiliationPOV. You’re gonna stay here forever. And I’m gonna do that by training you that you don’t need any other site or any other brats. You just need us here at HumiliationPOV. Remember no cumming, you’re only allowed to edge. You can get so close but you can never feel that sweet release.

Don’t you love my sexy outfit? I picked it just for this occasion, because I know how hot I look and I know you’re not allowed do cum! LOL! I fucking love teasing you. Just look at my hot young ass, edge to it loser. Get yourself right on the edge and just feel how good that feels. And right when you feel like you can’t take it anymore and you’re about to explode, take your hand off. And then we’re going to start edging all over again. Just so I can see how dedicated you are to following my instructions. Good boy. I know you’re getting so weak for me, and my hot young body, and my sweet, bratty voice. I know how to get inside your head, especially when you edge and I deny you, lol.

I know you want to make me happy, and the way to make me happy is to obey me. And you only ever edge to the brats of HumiliationPOV. Keep edging loser, I want you to get so close again to where you think you’re going to lose it, and then because you’re such a dedicated little loser, I know you’re going to stop yourself. I know you’re not going to cum because obeying me feels so good. And you’re only allowed to edge. This is so much fun, I love fucking with you like this.

But the truth is you love it to, you know that losers should never be allowed to cum. You just need to edge and be brainfucked by the brats of HumiliationPOV. Nothing else in your life feels as good as coming home every night and logging in and edging yourself for hours. You fucking live for that. Edge for me and every other brat on this website. Show me how fucking addicted you are. I know you want to cum so badly by now, but don’t. Be a good little obedient loser. You see this is what you need, hot brats telling you exactly what to do. You’re too stupid to think for yourself. And you’re a chronic masturbator who needs control. Remember loser, condition yourself, you’re only allowed to edge to the brats of HumiliationPOV. The more you do it, the more your mind will become conditioned to edge only to this website. We want you so hooked and addicted. I want you edging until your mind breaks.
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Trixie Miss: Respond To My Image H.ypn0sis 2

I will program your mind and body to respond to my image. Just seeing me triggers you but I’ve decided that isn’t enough. I want you to have an uncontrollable, visceral response you cannot contain and that’s under my complete control. Gaze into my beautiful blue eyes and let go, give in to how vulnerable you are to my image. My shiny catsuit and body swaying before you are making you so weak for me, so captivated by my spell. It feels so good to just give in, let the image of my beauty float in and out of your consciousness. Let it consume the deepest spaces of your mind where I will implant my image, conditioning you further into becoming my helplessly programmed slave.
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Cheyenne Jewel Media: Daisy Ducati has the kung foo grip

Tall, lean, exotic beauty, Daisy Ducati has some of the best legs for scissors. They are so long and strong, she can crush guys of any size. Her much larger opponent learns this the hard way. He saw her being athletic on the pole at a strip club & asked her to come back to his home to make some extra cash. He doesn’t know that she has done this before. She surprises him by scissoring his head from all directions and then gets his ribs good, all while looking super sexy in a fishnet body stocking. She then shows how strong her hands are by milking him dry, while keeping him in a tight squeeze.
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Kerri King: Kerri King Reminds You Your White Dick is Inferior to Black Dick

You know you aren’t ever going to measure up..a sexy snowbunny like myself will only ever want a chocolate d to play with..your pathetic little white noodle is a joke. Watch and listen as I berate you for the inferior fairy you are…you will NEVER be good enough
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Amazon Goddess Harley: 20 min Edged And Ruined (1080 HD)

You’re just aching aren’t you, LOL! Start stroking and get those balls nice and frustrated because its gonna be a long 20 minutes. I want you on the edge for my big tits, lips and legs as I tease and control you. The final laugh is your one failed drip of an orgasm as you take your hand away, hahaha!

*Dreamy music and echo effects.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – JOI for a Healthy Relationship

As popular as the homewrecker fantasy is, I’m actually much more interested in making each of my slaves a better lover/boyfriend/husband/partner, and in turn making healthier realtionships. So I put together a very sexy JOI that encourages masturbation and pleasure while encouraging you to improve your relationship in a myriad of ways. I want to retrain your sexuality to be responsive to my teasing but also emotionally responsive to your partner. This is definitely the kind of video that you want your wife finding on your computer.. and you’ll be enjoying it every step of the way.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Under Desk Interview

Miss Jasmine sits at her office desk and says “It doesn’t take much to get fired these days, especially when you’re horrible to your staff and a perv on top of that”. Thus was the case of her former manager, who she’s now looking to replace. The camera pulls back and you can see the current candidate underneath the desk, wearing a mask, collar and leash. This poor sap arrived in his best dress-clothes armed with an impressive resume, only to learn that the most important qualification would be the length of time he could spend kneeling beneath Miss Jasmine’s desk until receiving her next order. Jasmine reveals a stack of shoeboxes filled with brand new shoes that she’s been accumulating from slaves eager to please her. She lovingly lifts out each pair of amazing stilettos, and while she does this, her applicant is required to demonstrate how well he can lick the soles and suck the heels. She laughs and says that if he’s successful he won’t get pristine, clean heels like these ones. No, he’ll need to be prepared to lick whatever detritus she’s been walking in, no matter how disgusting. “I get around a lot. Sometimes I travel to third world countries and sometimes I go to gay bars. I also like to give shoe jobs but the semen gets into all the nooks and crannies of my beautiful shoes.” Then she lists off quite a number of other nasty things her lovely shoes might come into contact with. The successful applicant must be prepared to wait under her desk and lick up whatever she gives him. She lovingly goes through the shoes, and while changing into them, the slave must suck on her nylon-clad toes. Jasmine mentions that the lucky candidate will live under her desk, clean up dishes and such, and also be expected to lick the shoes clean for everyone else in the office. What an amazing collection of shoes! And the good news is that there’s still time for you to apply for the position of office doormat!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Drown in Tits

You’ve got 6 luscious minutes with my tits and I’m going to make sure you drown in them. This is a quick cock control assignment that makes you pace your strokes with each button I undo. You’re going to be increasing that tempo with each minute and I waste no time gearing you up for a fast, explosive finish. All you need is my amazing breasts..
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Clubstiletto – Mia’s Caged Cuckold Ass Sniffer

The scene opens with Goddess Mia seductively sitting on top of her cage while her hopeless slave is locked up inside, his tongue extended like a dawg, desperate for a lick of her pretty pink panties or a sniff of her ass. He can smell her royal essence but just can’t seem to get his face within reach. And this is just how Mia wants him; a slave so desperate to be near her intoxicating presence that he attempts to push his way through the steel bars. She torments him further by recounting how she has just been fucked raw by her stud boyfriend and that her pussy is simply dripping with his cum. A well trained slave wouldn’t care at this point; even one who didn’t have bi fantasies… he would simply experience a primal need to feel his mouth or tongue on her. So, the slave attempts to reach even further with his pathetic faggot tongue. He gets even more aroused when Mia asks “You’re still thinking about how hard my boyfriend fucked me, aren’t you?” She plays with herself and makes it even worse for the slave by saying “Does it turn you on, bitch?” He answers in the affirmative, and as she brings her panty-clad pussy closer to him, he frantically tries to steal a lick. She continues talking about her boyfriend and asks the slave whether he got aroused by hearing them fuck. She slides forward so his nose is pressed against her and orders him to sniff. As he sniffs her pussy, she turns onto her side to give him access to her ass. She says that if he pleases her, she just might sit on his face later, but first he needs to clean the house, and that includes doing her boyfriend’s laundry. She wants to ensure he does a good job performing his menial household tasks, so she gets him even more aroused by talking about whether she’ll sit on his face. She allows him to pull out his worthless little dick and stroke it, but informs him that he’ll be in chastity from now on and will only come when she permits it, which will never be more than once a month. The slave strokes and sniffs as the camera moves beneath the cage to give you some amazing upward shots of Mia’s gorgeous ass. She tells the poor boy she’s going to fart in his face, piss on him and make him her full toilet. In the end, the slave’s erection gives it all away; he’s prepared to do anything she demands of him. Wouldn’t you??
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CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM: Amazing, muscled body+Forceful Zita’s wrestling+Scissorhold by sexy legs

Mistress Zita is wrestling on the floor with her naked slave. She looks cool in her hot pants and top, her muscled, tanned legs curling around his nect. He tries very hard to beat her, but Zita sits on his face and holds him so tight with her thighs that he has no chance against her amazing body.

The sexy, strong and very muscled Zita brings down her slave to the ground with a quick movement. Then she grabs his neck, locks him and mocks him to free himself. But of course he can’t. Then Zita changes position and locks his neck into scissor, blocks the air from his lungs. The slave can’t escape, Zita easily overpowers him and wins.

Lady Zita though about a different game for today, for her pathetic slave. First he didn’t have the slightest idea of what is going to happen, until Zita locks her legs on his bony neck and starts to him. He feels the air is being pushed out of his lungs and his saliva get caught in his mouth, he can’t escape from the iron hard lock of Zita’s sexy legs.
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Subby Girls – Princess Alison, Princess Belle – Side To Side

Goodness there is a lot of eye candy in this video. Do you focus on delicious Belle with her epic curves that are impossible to pull away from, or cute Alison as she lies back and enjoys being orally adored?
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Subby Girls – Princess Helena, Princess Barbary – I Don’t Want To Take My Fingers Out

Helena has a look of bliss on her face, and much of that is likely to do Barbary. That’s because her mouth is currently working away at her pussy while her fingers also assist in soothing her.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Nikki – I Like Torturing You

A worker bee is what you are to Goddess Nikki, a loyal piglet that works for her and pays for her attention while she goes out with other guys. That’s because men like you are meant to be used while she dates real men. Your micro penis only serves as a means to exploit you and you love every minute of it.
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