Month: April 2017

Humiliatrix – Goddess Vika Breaks You in as Her Leg-Worshiping Foot Slave

“I would never date you. But I would consider taking you on as my foot slave. Of course, no self-respecting man would agree to live on his knees. So you can leave or stay. But if you stay? I am going to degrade you and humiliate you. What’s it going to be? I thought so, you little pig. Hands and knees for Goddess. Now…”
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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily – This Is Where Your Tongue Is Going To End Up

In a playful mood, Princess Lily has dressed her slave up for the afternoon, and turning him into a unicorn has gotten her rather aroused. She tells him to crawl over and use his horn on her pussy, but when she realizes that’s not really going to work, she decides it’s going to be an Ass Day instead. She needs access to his mouth so off comes the mask, and she directs him down to her stilettos to for starters. As she lies down on her side, you get an amazing view of her plump ass, and she parts her cheeks to torment her slave… and you. She calls her slave a good boy as he sucks on her stilettos, and she has him lick her ankles next, followed by her legs. She gently tells him he’s pathetic and makes him say out loud that he will do anything for her. “If you’re good, maybe someday I’ll allow you to lick my pussy” she says. She teases him by flashing her breasts but tells him he doesn’t get those. Sliding down the bench she pulls her panties to the side, revealing her pussy and ass. She says he can look at her pussy but because he’s a slave, it’s only ass for him. She rubs her pink little butthole and tells him to get in there. At first, he’s only allowed to lick around her hole, then her taint, until she permits him to lick her ass. “Do you like the taste of that, bitch?” she asks him as she has left it nice and ripe for him. You like it, don’t you?” The ass-licking slave lets her know that he does. He loves it and would lick it all day if he were allowed to! As she rubs her pussy, she tells him he is a disgusting toilet. She’s really getting off from her own touch and from knowing her slave would do anything with a mere snap of her fingers. She berates him as she begins to tremble from her own touch, culminating in an orgasm you will not want to miss! She has no further need for the slave so boots him away and makes him crawl back to his cage. This is the life of a true Domina who uses men with only one thing in mind, her own pleasure.

Mistress: Princess Lily
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Humiliatrix – Princess Remi Wants to See If You Can Fill an XL Condom for Her

“I put on this sexy outfit and invited you back to my room to try an experiment with that little pecker of yours. I’m going to tease and coax your cock into giving you your biggest boner ever, to see just how far you can fill this XL condom for me. If you can fill it out and stretch it, who knows what I might let you do with me…”
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Men Are Slaves – Princess Maia – I’ll Take You As My Slave

Maia has a simple testing process for new slaves. Amuse her by suffering for her and there is a good chance she will accept you into her stable of toys. Whether or not this slave will amuse her remains to be seen and will largely be decided by how much of her whip he is willing to accept, and how well he grovels at her side.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Pussy Control

(I filmed and titled this weeks before Prince’s death, oddly enough..but it still seems fitting.) As a red-blooded human male, your hormones– and subsequently your penis– make you suspcetible to the most basic level of control. Your desire to copulate, to get off, to feel pleasure.. well that just makes you weak for pussy. My pussy is a organ you desire so greatly but will never come close to seeing, let alone touching. This type of control makes you even more pathetic, anxious and eager to do anything to gain that reward. Instead of rewarding your biology, however, I am going to humiliate you. You’re going to waste your seed as I exercise this control.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Trance Power Trip

One of the most arousing parts of being a Domina is how I can control your mind so easily. It’s an erotic pleasure that pales next to physical control because it’s systemic. The more I get into your thoughts, the hotter it becomes. I foster this extreme addiction to feed my own desire and it never ceases to thrill me. I utilize fractionation once again to thrust you deeper into trance, bringing you up and down with alacrity so you will crash through each layer of conciousness. Each time I bring you up and push you back, you become more porous for my suggestions. Each one becomes a pernanent fixture in your mind, crystallizing in the honeycomb of your conciousness.
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Goddess Jasmine – You really SHOULDN’T Buy this

But of course you’re going to aren’t you. You can’t help but buy this clip, curiosity always gets the better of you. You know this clip just screams ‘danger’ but you just have to delve in. You know Blackmail is something you really shouldn’t muddle in but you cant help that constant itch, your mind wonders often and your dick is always hard…. You have to buy this clip you need to stroke to your fantasy and you desperately ache for your mind to be fucked once more and be enticed over to the dark side of blackmail. You really shouldn’t but this clip but you really really will won’t you.

Starring: Goddess Jasmine
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Valerie Sins – Cum on her nightgown

Risk turns you on the most, everything is soo much more exciting when you do forbiden things. That adrenaline rush is soo blisfull…so why dont we give you what you need?
You will jerk off while your wife sleeps, looking at this clip and cum all over her nightgown. Dont worry, until the morning it will all dry out, so she wont notice..or maybe she will…:))))
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Tease and Thank You – Dick Don’t Lie, by Carlin

I have to admit, I’m positively taking notes while watching this brilliant scene by my friend C. I’m kind of floored by it. Hope you are too. I have access to the spiked chastity device, btw. Haven’t used it yet. I’m afraid of what my eyes might do to a boy who’s locked in this piece, but I digress… -Helix
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Humiliation POV Princess London Lix: You Have A BBC Addiction, It Wasn’t Your Intetion, You Were Brainwashed By Pornography

Princess London Lix

Hi faggot, I want to talk to you about your BBC obsession. You have quite the unhealthy fixation on Big Black Cock now, don’t you? And I’m not talking about heterosexual porn, no, all of your BBC fantasies are fag boy ones, isn’t that right? This was a slippery slope and one that you fell down very fast. I know you didn’t mean for this to happen. You used to just love watching black guys fucking, right? You were turned on by interracial porn, I get it, it just looks so good to see those Huge black cocks being sucked and fucked by hot white girls. It makes for good viewing, for good wanking material but you just took that a little bit too far. You didn’t even realize what was happening. Your brain twisted these fantasies for you and before you knew it, you weren’t looking at the girls any more, you found yourself fixated on those huge black cocks.

You’ve been brainwashed. It wasn’t your intention, but you were brainwashed by BBC porn. It’s not your fault, your weak brain just couldn’t resist those big black cocks. And now black cock is all you can fantasize about. It’s so funny how it was all so innocent, how you truly didn’t mean for this to happen. You were completely straight, you just loved watching black guys fucking white girls. But those black cocks just looked so good, didn’t they? You couldn’t take your eyes off of them. You were hooked on those huge superior dicks that could please women in a way you never could.

And I think I know why you liked looking at big black cocks, it’s because they’re everything that you’re not, isn’t that right loser? Look down at your penis, does it compare? So you tried to live vicariously through them until that fantasy started to get twisted too. Until you began wanting those big black cocks in your mouth and in your ass. Over time you focused more on that fat BBC, so much so that you started staring at those Huge cocks as you came. Look at this huge cock next to me, that does something to a loser’s mind, doesn’t it? So what happens when you associate all of your pleasure to BBC, what did you think would happen? Every time you came you were looking at BBC. It fucked up your head, it brainwashed you. Now all of your pleasure is associated with BBC. It happened over months and years of watching BBC porn. You were brainwashed by Big Black Cocks. You have conditioned your brain to associate BBC with your orgasm. You see how you’re fucked? How you fucked yourself?

I’ll bet it’s gotten so bad that you can only cum when there’s black cock on your screen, it’s all you want to jerk off to. You don’t need to even have a woman in the scene any more, all you need is Big Black Cock. You’ve ruined your mind. It started out as just an interest in interracial porn and now you’ve been brainwashed by pornography. You have been unknowingly conditioned to love big black cock. I know you’re stroking right now hearing me, watching the big cocks on the screen, you can’t help it. You want BBC, you need it, you crave it, you jerk to it. You want those bigger, better, superior cocks right down your throat. You want to feel their cum all over your face, don’t you, you little faggot? And you did this all to yourself loser.

You have been brainwashed by pornography and now here you are, a black cock loving faggot. You want those huge cocks in your ass. You want to be chained up and used by a group of black guys as nothing more than a little fuck doll. You have so many sick, twisted submissive faggot fantasies about black cock, don’t you loser? Every time you cum, you’re looking at black cock, it’s what you trained your brain to love. You need this now, don’t you fag boy? Wank that little white dick between your legs, show me just how inferior you are, show me just how much you lust after BBC. You’re a black cock loving faggot loser. Do you see how weak minded you are? Plenty of men jerk off to interracial porn and they didn’t end up like you. You were destined to be this way. You mind is so weak and susceptible.

Now I want you to cum for black cock, I want you to condition yourself further. I want you to focus on the BBC right as you cum. I want you to cum for that superior, black, alpha bull meat. That cock that you envy, that cock that you lust after. Know that you were brainwashed by BBC porn, know that no normal man ends up like this, only a black cock loving loser does.
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Humiliation POV Princess Ellie: Brutal School Girl Rejection

Princess Ellie

Well hello Dork! Am I triggering some flashbacks for you, in this little schoolgirl outfit? Flashbacks of the hot girls in high school. I wouldn’t doubt it. After all I know that guys like you always seem to be attracted to what you can’t have. Your little radar for finding women is completely broken. You only want women that are so far out of your league that you simply have no chance. I mean really, did you think that the hot girls at your school would ever find you attractive? I’m sure you lusted after the cheerleaders and the popular girls. In your dreams loser! We both know that they wouldn’t have anything to do with you. And yet you still lusted after them, you still thought maybe you had a chance.

Well did you ever think to look in the mirror? You’re a dweeb. You’re pathetic. You’re not worthy of any girl like me. And that’s why I’m wearing this school girl uniform today, to remind you of what you can’t have. You would be dating down for any woman. Admit it. You’re gross. You disgust me. But I still do love teasing you and making fun of you like this. I get a kick out of this, I really do. But you will never date anyone attractive, if anyone at all. You are stuck jerking off, reflecting on the times at school. You used every interaction you had with these girls, no matter how bad, to jerk off to, didn’t you? You are so fucking pathetic.

You’re just another loser in love with hot, popular bratty girls that are so far out of your league. You’ll never get any of this pussy. You’ll never know what it’s like to fuck a really hot chick. You’re stuck working a $.h.1.t.ty.. job, jerking off, all weekend long. You live for your weekends. It’s the only thing in your life worth living for, because you hate your miserable life, because you know that you aren’t good enough for a real mate.

You’re never going to fuck, you’re never going to pass along your loser genes to anyone. You will forever be a dork, just like you were in high school. A dateless loser with nothing going on for you. So you spend your life jerking off. After being rejected so many times, you finally realized the truth. You’re unfuckable, undateable, no one wants you and that’s the truth. Sorry. You know it’s true. Actually I’m not sorry, I like breaking this news to you. I like rubbing it in your face. It makes you feel bad, doesn’t it? Deep down inside you feel terrible about yourself. And you poor sad pathetic fuck, you can’t even pay for sex because your job doesn’t pay you enough! LOL! All you can afford are these cheap videos. That’s so sad.

So you can spend the rest of your life jerking off to school girls. Look at you, masturbating all the time. You’re a sad, pathetic male. You’ll never breed or start a family, ever. So jerk off to that or whatever, I don’t really care if you cum, I really don’t. You repulse me.
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Beautiful lady Suzanne: Fifty strokes

Do you wanna jerk off and cum for me? Do you wanna stroke fast for several minutes until you explode for you Mistress? Not today. You have exactly only 50 strokes to cum and I will count it for you. You can’t cum on 48 or 49, you have to cum exactly on 50. You have to learn some discipline and self control! Ready?;)
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HOGTIED: April 27, 2017 – Gabriella Paltrova and The Pope

Gabby is back and looking hot as fuck! She is put straight into bondage and made helpless for the rest of the day. we showcase her amazing body in several different ways, but make sure to exploit her weaknesses all day. She is subjected to bastinado, punching, pussy torment, flogging, and clamps. Every hole is fucked hard and she begs for more; torment , pleasure, and pain.
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FUCKING MACHINES: April 26, 2017 – Kimber Woods

Kimber has a sexual appetite that can only be fed with a fuck-ton of fucking. She needs what most can’t provide, but we can, and we will. We get her spread out and start fucking her with our machines. We move her into different positions, but the goal is always the same. We fuck her until she is a believer in the power of machine fucking.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Apr 26, 2017: Amber Ivy is bound in shackles on a Sybian, made to cum over and over while brutally face fucked! | Amber Ivy | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Amber Ivy is a sexy redhead that gets really messy when you fuck her throat. This girl cums hard and often while bound and helpless.

Completely helpless on the world’s most powerful vibrator, we have our sexy redhead, cumming and cumming. But it’s not that easy, it never is. While the machine is making her cum, the boys are ravaging her throat with big hard cock. There is nothing Ivy can do but cum and fight for air. The breath play sends her to subspace early and the non stop brutal face fucking keeps her there as she screems out orgasms after orgasm in between deep throating.

It’s a battle all girls lose.
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HARDTIED: Apr 26, 2017: Caught In The Act | Olive Glass

Olive Glass is in need of a place to relieve herself and she will accept pretty well anything at this point. She is running from door to door frantically trying to find a kind person to let her in to use their bathroom when she gives up and decides to pee next to a random house.

Turns out Olive chose the wrong house to relieve herself by. When O.T. comes by and sees her crouched down and pissing he is in no way happy with what he finds. In fact, he is so angry that he grabs her by her hair and drags her inside. As far as he is concerned, it is time for this girl to pay for her indecency.

He ties her up to a pole by her neck, despite her protest. He torments her, wrapping her in rope, stuffing her own panties into her mouth, and bending her over. He uses a cattle prod, shocking her over her skin. He spanks her. He flogs her. He tugs at bits of her with a crotch rope and nipple clamps and makes her suffer for the wrong she has done.
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femdomuncut Store: Berlin femdom games Lisa cam 05 Full version

Now Lisa and Roxy turns absolutlly crazy, slaping the faces so hard they can whiping losers so hard they can, kicking them spitting on them!
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Kelsey Obsession – Verta Interrogates Male Hacker

Agent Verta has been tasked with getting a hacker to talk. She is prepared to go to great lengths to get a needed password from this crook, and uses her filthy, stinky ass to accomplish the objective. What she does is downright sinister! Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes:

Verta is bent on getting a hacker to talk and divulge a top-secret password, but he is not relenting. This sex kitten in a tight black lace dress was told by her superiors to get said password by any means necessary, so she uses her dirty ass to taunt him. He must lick her black ass, or she will never get off of his face. Her butt is so sweaty, and when she perches on his face, he cannot breathe well and begs for her to back down. Stern Verta is not giving up that easily!

Agent Verta at your service! Verta has a male hacker on her hands, and she is attempting to extract a password from this criminal. He will not give it up, even when she has sat on his face and smothered him with her stinky ass. So she ups the ante by farting into his face and insisting her lick and eat her farts. This is a foul form of interrogation, but Verta will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Verta has her hands full with a horrid hacker who has a password she needs. He will not give up the code, and Verta will not give up the hardcore interrogation she is subjecting him to, while he is bound to a bed. She has made him sniff her ass and lick her farts, but what she does next is a total tear to his masculinity. She farts on his dick! Then, she says she is prepared to let more than farts escape her butt if he does not utter the password. Good luck, Verta, this is a tough case to crack, but your filthy ass might be the key!
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