Month: February 2017

Men Are Slaves – The Tale Of Catpig, Part 1

This video is a little different from our typical videos. Princess Leya has a personal financial slave that she drains and humiliates regularly, and this time we decided to film some very raw footage of her as she greets him. It ended up being quite a bit of footage and I left it all in unedited, and split it all up into four parts. The clips are long but it makes for an interesting look into the life of a very real slave. In this first part Princess Leya arrives at the house and surprises her slave who she calls catpig as she brought along her gorgeous vanilla girlfriend Karley. Turns out though that Karley is quite naturally dominant and it doesn’t take long for her to fully embrace femdom as both girls use and humiliate this slave.
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Subby Girls – Show Me That Cute Outfit, Part 2

Eden’s tight shorts are cute, but it’s time for them to be removed. Kate removes her cute outfit as well as she now gets to work on Eden’s pretty pussy.
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Femdom Empire – Gigi Allens – The Prostate Drainer

When men first have a prostate orgasm they fall in love with rectal orgasms, Gigi Allens knows how to milk a prostate properly. She slides her fingers into his hole and applies pressure to his male G-spot while stroking his shaft. The slave is overwhelmed with intense pleasurable feelings as her fingers circle his prostate. Gigi stimulates his prostate until making him erupt then feeds him the result.

Featuring: Gigi Allens
Categories: Euro, Handjobs, Milking, Prostate Massage
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Cum Countdown – Welcome To Goddess Nikki’s Cum Countdown

Today is a very special video as Goddess Nikki explains how she has taken over my Cum Countdown website. I will continue to manage and run the website for her, handling all the daily chores and tedium so that my Goddess doesn’t have to while she takes all the money earned from the website. I’m grateful both for the opportunity to serve Goddess Nikki in every way I can and to be enslaved by her. Thank you Goddess for permitting me to serve you.
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Female Worship – Goddess Dahlia – Make Me Cum One More Time

Gorgeous Dahlia loves to lie back and have her man orally bring her to a climax whenever she feels the need. But while one orgasm is nice, a second one would be nicer so she keeps him working to a second satisfying climax.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Mesmerised By My Asshole Intoxicated By My Farts

Mistress Kandy has you on your knees behind her and orders you to stare at her ass, she puts you into a trance and tells you that you will now live for her ass, to look at it, to kiss it, to lick it, and to long for her hot wet farts. She then farts in your face telling you to breath it deep. She knows you want more, she rocks back and forth telling you to keep your eyes on her anus. She lets out a long wet fart. “You’ll go to sleep thinking about that asshole, you’ll wake up thinking about that asshole”, she tells you. Another up close fart right in your face. “You’ll live to have your nose in my ass, nothing else will matter to you”, she tells you. Kandy’s ass up close and lots of tasty farts!

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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Clubstiletto – Goddess Samantha – Pizza or Full Meal Deal featuring the Face Crusher

The Face Crusher has disguised herself as a lingerie pizza delivery girl. When the young and dumb guy opens the pizza bag to find it empty her real identity is revealed. She tells him that ignoring her for a pizza is a criminal offense, punishment will be dealt out under her ass and there’s no escape from that prison… but what a way to go! Samantha Mack looks amazing in this scene, if you’re a Samantha fan or a Face Crusher fan you will want to add this one to your collection.

Mistress: Goddess Samantha
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – You Cleaned The Kitchen Now Clean My Ass

It’s taken some effort but Kandy’s slave has finally cleaned the kitchen to her satisfaction. As the scene opens she is rewarding him by letting him clean her ass with his tongue. Some great angles show her amazing ass as well as her sexy bung hole and the slave’s tongue eagerly eating her. There’s some nice facesitting and bouncing on the slave’s face in this one before Kandy pulls her panties to the side so her ass can be licked. She also torments the slave by stroking his cock. “You know I don’t like to clean my own ass” she says, as he burrows his tongue in nice and deep. She also explains that a good rimming helps get her ready to use the slave as her full toilet. In the last minute Kandy extends her legs and sits full weight on the slave so he can’t breathe. The scene ends with Kandy laughing as the slave thrashes to breathe.

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Lola – Yoga for Sexual Enhancement

Welcome to Yoga for Sexual Enhancement! Your lovely yoga instructor is the tiny Lola Fae, wearing hot, skin-tight leggings and a thin sports bra. Lola’s exercises are guaranteed to help increase your sexual stamina… well, for MOST men. The second your small cock feels the grip of Lola’s soft feet, you instantly spill your cum for her. You’ll need to lick your own slick, sticky cum off of her bare feet before you can try again. Will you last a little longer this time when Lola fucks your cock with her sexy, wrinkled soles? She sees you’re already twitching and dripping with pre-cum. Your instructor forces you to cum over and over, cleaning her dirty feet with your mouth every time before she’s ready for you again. You’ll need lots and lots of practice if you ever want the stamina to please her.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Serve Your Superior

Do you know what it means to truly serve your superiors? Or do you think this is just some sort of game? Whatever you might think of yourself, I can assure you that you will always be inferior to me; and not just me, there are other naturally dominant women out there with strength, confidence, and the strength to dominate as many men as she chooses. While you may fantasize about serving one woman, I desire to have hundeds, thousands of men serving me. Mine is not a fantasy.. it is who I am. You will always be on your knees in my presence with me towering over you, exploiting your need to submit. Allow me to educate you further, so spread your legs and listen as I eradicate your previous teachings.

Categories: Femdom POV
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Worship Amanda – Goddess Amanda – Strong Goddess vs. Weak Fragile Loser

I want you to take a good look at yourself in the mirror. You are going to stand in front of the mirror and flex your pathetic excuse for biceps. I want you to see what a weak fragile loser you really are first hand. Just look at my strong body and the way my muscles pop out. It should hurt your frail little ego that I could easily beat you up. It wouldnt be a fair fight that is for certain. Your wimpy little biceps up against mine would not stand a chance. The only thing you use your biceps for is jerking your lonely dick to hot girls like me.
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British Bratz – Broke and Penniless

I make your dick twitch and your bank balance empty. My seductively, manipulating ways fuck with you in so many ways. My HOT, TIGHT CURVACEOUS body instantly makes you hard and weak, just one word from my pretty little lips breaks you down and you are hemorrhaging cash my way.
Financial domination turns you on tremendously, knowing else gets close to that feeling of spending on me. That middle finger flipped of just to you sends shivers down your spin and sends b.lood rushing to your dick. There is no feeling like it. Financial Domination is your life now, completely consumed by your fetish but you know you have fallen deep within, you see no way out, there is only way and that is to pay. Being in a constant struggle, your account persistently in the RED strangely give you the hardest erection possible. Experiencing an euphoric feeling every day keeps you in debt. You know I am never happy, I always want more and you push yourself to the limit at every possible opportunity but it’s not enough. I want you in the deepest, darkest lows of debt. A debt that you are stuck in till the day you D.IE. A debt that will have a constant dark cloud looming over your head every morning. A debt that will work you to the bone but knowing you are stuck in for LIFE.
You have grasped the fact that money is the ONLY way to gain the attention of myself. A big, bulging wallet makes me happy. There is no denying what power I have over you, head over heels in LOVE and knowing you are never ever going to get me really screws with your soul.
So let the draining commence…
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Elegant femdom: efcl474 foot smelling with cbt fullHD

Lady Demona suffocates the slave with her sweaty hosed feet and forces him to smell them while pull his cock and balls hard with a rope. (video clip)
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Ball Busting Chicks: Tigerr: Staring at big tits has a price!

Men who always stares at big tits and making false promises must be punished. And that’s exactly what happens to him. For staring at her huge tits she grabs him by the balls, humiliates him and teach him a lesson. She force him to follow and go up and down as she pulls his balls up and down in an extreme painful way…
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Subbyhubby: Milked By Step Mommy (Full Movie)

Alexis Fawx is Toby”s new hot Step Mommy he has a crush on her but is a dorky angry misunderstood kid and they don’t get along, She calls from the gym and asks him to fold her laundry for her and says while his daddy is away this weekend maybe they can bond, he starts to fold her clothes all annoyed but then picks up a pair of her silk panties and starts to sniff them and rub on his tint 2″ inch dick, She happens to already be home and catches him in the act, She tries to calm him down explaining that its ok to have theses kind of feelings, I am not your real mom, She lays him down on her lap and notices him staring at her tits. is this what you want ? you want to see step mommy’s tits? She pulls out her huge breasts and lets Toby begin to suck on them, Then she sees that he has a tiny bulge in his pants and begins to rub on his little dick, She laughs and comments know wonder your so angry you have the smallest dick I’ve ever seen, She then allows him to jerk his load on her boobs then grabs him by the hair making him lick them clean , And tells him he will be her bitch for the whole weekend and hands him a red nighty and chastity device now go put this on, or shall I call your father. Then Toby”s new hot Step Mommy now has Toby in Chastity cross dressed and on his knees worshiping her feet, She has put lipstick and a wig on him and has him doing the household chores cleaning the toilet bowl with the brush in his mouth, She made him kiss her beautiful ass and has him licking her feet as she masturbates teasing him with her sexy body making him be her submissive little cuckold slut. He has no choice because she threatens to tell his father, she loves the power she has over men, now has him locked in chastity crossdressed and has made him her full-time cuckold slut, she has made him bring her a big red vibrator and is going to tease this slut and laugh at his tiny dicklet all locked up straining in his cock cage, She shows her stepson how to please a woman as she masturbates right in front of his face then shoves her wet dildo in his mouth, and tells him, Now you know what pussy taste like bitch! Finally she gets naked wearing only a 12″ inch strapon cock that she plans on fucking his boy pussy with, She tells him to slather it up with his spit, to use as lubrication, then bends him over and spreads his asshole wide open, And starts pounding and fucking his ass hard, she flips him in every position she can think of, and informs him that if he ever wants to get out of chastity, That he will be doing everything she says from now on. She tells him to go and finish the laundry duties. That she is done with his boy pussy for now.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Slave To My Wolfords Part 2 – MP4

My little hose sniffer took my crop like a good boi so I allowed it what it craves the most – some time to adore my hose and heels. Basically its only real reason to live. As long as it keeps my hosiery drawer full and closet stocked with designer heels I’ll keep giving its life meaning. It knew the deal when it first sniffed my sheer stockings and licked the filth from my soles. Now it has no more choices to make; it lives to be a slave to my Wolfords!
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: New Virgin Cuckold

Custom vid for Ryan, his name is mentioned throughout You’re soon turning 34 & still a virgin. You’ve always wanted to be with an older, more experienced woman but you were too under-endowed, a quick cummer & a chronic masturbator. Now you figure the closest you’re going to get to sex is to be my cuckold. You’ve never seen sex up close though so I decide to work you into it slowly. I just tease you & get you to help put my lovers condom on. Then I blindfold you & let you listen to us having sex. When I take the condom off you’re told to help me remove the condom full of his cum. The whole thing is pretty humiliating for you…but you like it. Then I tell you that if you want to continue to be my cuckold you’re going to have to graduate from condom placer to cock fluffer.
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Humiliation POV Miss Sasha Conceited: Manipulative Cock Control, Luring You Into My Trap

Miss Sasha Conceited

You are well aware of just how dangerous I can be. I may look innocent but I can easily sabotage your cock. You probably just came here for a little tease, but by the time I’m done with you, your cock will be under my control. All I have to do is tease you as you stroke to me, and your cock will begin to take on my commands. Your cock will make you submit to my will. It’s so easy to lure desperate horny men into my trap. I mean look at you, here you are, jerking for me, your cock quickly becoming sabotaged by me.

You feel yourself becoming weaker as I take over the functioning of your brain. You may have come here to get your fix, to stroke and get off, but you’ll leave with your cock completely controlled by me. Soon you will need my control as I slowly sabotage your cock. It won’t take much to have you drooling over me with a blank look in your eyes. I’m slowly manipulating your cock to be under my control.

You very well knew the dangers of watching this clip and stroking to me, yet here you are like a little fool, almost begging me to sabotage your cock. In fact, soon you will be begging me to take over all control and by controlling your cock, you become my mindless puppet, dancing on my strings. I almost feel bad taking advantage of someone so vulnerable, but you knew the risks. Soon your cock will be so badly sabotaged by me that you won’t be able to cum unless you’re stroking to me because I have that much of a strong effect on you. As I mercilessly tease you, you start losing all control over your own impulses. But that’s what I want, I’m taking over all control. You love having your cock sabotaged by me as you stroke furiously to my sexy body. You love stroking to me.

You’ll be so addicted, that you’ll keep coming back and stroking to me over and over again. You won’t be able to control it. It feels so good being under my control, having your cock completely sabotaged by me. You feel so weak and vulnerable, you love the feeling of having no control. You love having someone as gorgeous as me controlling your every move. It’s becoming harder and harder to resist my cock sabotage. The more I sabotage it, the more you want it. Allow your cock to completely give in to me. You’re losing all control and mental functioning. Just a mindless jerker for me. You need this.
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