Month: December 2016

Humiliatrix – Cruel Remi Cuckolds You in Panties While She Fucks Your Rival

“See these sissy panties? You’re going to put them on and crawl under the bed while I seduce your rival. You’re going to listen to me tease his cock into our bed and give me the hard fucking I deserve, right on top of you. And while he’s fucking me? I want to hump and cream your punishment panties for Remi. All nite long…”
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Men Are Slaves – Tinslee’s Whip

Goddess Tinslee is a woman of few words. She doesn’t care to chat with slaves, they are there simply to worship and serve. So when she dispenses whipping punishment she does so quietly, with the silence only occasionally broken to instruct him to worship at her feet.
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Clubstiletto – Lunch is Served

This is a very unique video series. Mistress Juliette and Countess Isabella decide to have lunch together. Countess Isabella enjoys using Her slaves as objects and the two Ladies sit on one of Isabella’s slaves just like a human couch. They completely ignore him and he is simply an object for them to sit on. Mistress Juliette sits on his face without mercy the entire time and we have no idea how the slave survived. Countess Isabella sits on his stomach non-stop. The two of them enjoy lunch and chat about their favorite slaves and the things they love to do to them. This is all very real and natural. It is a glimpse into the life of the two Ladies having a normal lunch and conversing about various things while treating slaves like objects. During the lunch, Countess Isabella’s slave waiter serves them wine and food as they sit on their human couch. he receives hard face slaps for his errors from both Ladies. This video series is complete objectification at its finest. There is no actual asslicking but the facesitting and smothering is very real for the entire series. It’s a really good series we know you will enjoy if you love objectification and facesitting.

Mistress: Countess Isabella, Mistress Yuliya
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Humiliatrix – Your New Year’s Day Sniff and Lick Session with Princess Remi

“To start off the New Year, I’m inviting all my girlfriends over for a workout. We’re gonna get all pumped and bust a sweat while you watch us like an obedient little slave boy. Then, when we’re all drenched and panting, it’s clean up time for you. Are you ready to be Princess Remi’s dirty little sweat slut?…”
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Ella Kross – Tormenting My Slave with the Biggest Strap-On Ever!

This slave’s really pissed me off, and I can’t let him off lightly. I caught him trying to steal the key to his chastity belt, and have already punished him by fucking his tight little asshole with a big strap-on. I don’t feel he’s learned his lesson, though, so I’m going to kick things up a notch by torturing him in the worst possible way. Seriously, have you ever seen such a massive strap-on? It’s the biggest one I own, and it’s my prized possession. It’s the size of an elephant’s dick, and this slave’s going to take it in his ass one way or another! I don’t care if it splits him in half, this loser’s going to take it and his cries for mercy won’t get any pity from me. He shakes with fear as I position myself behind him and begin working the tip inside his asshole. Is there any way he can actually take the entire thing? When I’m done with him, he may just have internal damage!
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Clubstiletto – Spread Your Legs

Bound into a stock, Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy have this slave right where they want him and when they are together they can get down right cruel. Jasmine tells Kandy that this slave is quite masochistic and Kandy brightens right up in anticipation of what is about to happen. The girls start out with a few warm up strokes across his cock and balls. “Does he generally leave here and begging for more?”, Kandy asks. When Jasmine replies yes, Kandy suggests they should give him what he wants then and the intensity picks up as one strokes him, then the next, from his ass, to his cock, to his balls. The slave starts to squirm and squeal a bit and Jasmine says, “I want to beat his cock until her gets hard.” The blows are moderate but steady and a warm up to what lays ahead. Jasmine then steps back and lands a solid kick to his nuts, followed by Kandy who reaches in and starts yanking on the hair on his legs, literally pulling it out. Kandy makes him spread his legs wide and they both start to give him upper blows with their canes, each swipe across his testicles. Then things start to get more intense as they start to slap his nuts and also kick them. They feed off each other and delight in the slaves discomfort. Jasmine starts to punch his balls while Kandy continues to use her crop. This is pretty much nine straight minutes of kicking, pulling, cropping, and punching the slaves nuts and cock and no matter how much he squirms and even pleads for it to stop the girls just keep inflicting pain on him. Near the end they do turn him around and decide to take their crops to his ass as well. He jumps to escape the pain but it’s hopeless and results as he slumps with his neck pressed against the stock. They pull him back to his feet but only to turn him around so they can start to squeeze and pull on his cock and balls, This is a serious beatdown with major emphasis on the slaves cock and balls.

Mistress: Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy
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Society SM – Sincere Submissive – Karly Baker

I never got the chance to meet Karly on her first visit, but I knew she was cute as a button and had a great attitude…meeting her was no disappointment….She is adorable, tiny, soft and charming…She gets a bit more interesting when you tie her up…She feels it, and she shows it….This one has a deeply sincere interest in bondage and submission, and she alllows me to torment her, in order to find her limits.
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Mistress Tangent: Ball Busted & Butt Fucked

He is obliged to hold his balls and Mistress Tangent kicks them hard over and over. He collapses to the floor a few times but is ordered up for more ball punishment. Then She takes him on the bed with a big strap-on to complete his session.
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Clubdom: Dahlia Rain Strapon POV

Goddess Dahlia Rain knows how much you envy her huge black cock. She allows you to watch her stroke her cock in front of you while you kneel with your mouth open waiting to suck her big femdom dick. Goddess Lydia instructs you to shove three fingers in your slutty ass until you beg to cum.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Caned On My Rubber Bed – MP4

I leave my little rubber slug alone for a minute and it’s humping my latex bed when I return. I guess the click of my tall stiletto high heel shiny boots made it wiggle with anticipation. Well, I don’t recall giving it permission to get excited so it deserves a long sharp cane across that ass skin I own. I just love how much it hates pain, but begs me for more since it knows how much it pleases me. I think I’ll start caning that ass every day from now on!
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British Bratz: Ache For My Tits

Can you seriously think straight when you are greeted with the greatly sight of my amazing cleavage? Of course not. My juicy tits rule you immediately….
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HARDCORE GANG BANG: December 28, 2016 – Mercy West , Owen Gray , D. Arclyte , Will Havoc , Tommy Pistol and Mickey Mod

Petite journalist gangbanged into a gaping anal slut!

Petite, all natural newcomer, Mercy West, gets all her small holes turned inside out in her very first gangbang ever! Once Mercy gets around 5 cocks all at the same time she’s uncontrollable and depravity drips from every orifice. In this fantasy based in the 1970’s, Mercy plays a journalist who’s on the verge of getting fired from her job unless she can get the scoop. She decides to go undercover as a dude and investigate drug use in the California basketball league. She fools them at first but by a stroke of luck the coach catches Mercy naked in the shower and she’s got tits! He spanks her cute round ass raw and demands she confesses everything to him and the team. They man handle her and slap their dicks all over her face and down her pretty little throat until strings of saliva are dripping from her chin. This little spinner is thrown from cock to cock with anal and double penetration. She’s a total ravenous whore and her ass opens up wide to form a nice big gaping hole. Then the bitch is covered in 5 huge loads of cock juice until she’s completely dick drunk!
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: December 28, 2016 – Ariel X adn Brandi Mae

Beautiful muscle Goddesses battle in a sex fight. Muscles CUM hard

Today we welcome the SheHulk, Brandi Mae to ultimate Surrender. She is taking on another muscle babe, Ariel X. These two powerful babes go at it in a sex fight. One wrestler’s power is too much for the other girl as the dominant fighter holds down her opponent and makes her cum again and again against her will. The buzzer goes off and it doesn’t stop. The dominant wrestler has fingers inside the pussy after round 3 ends and she keeps fingering until another orgasm happens! Winner fucks her opponent hard and makes her concede and say the winner is her master. Giant Click sucking, Tribbing, Strap on fucking, Face sitting and Lifts and Carries.
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HARDTIED: Dec 28, 2016: Stocking Stuffers | Alana Cruise | Lauren Phillips

Our Handlers Get a Holiday Treat

O.T. and Matt Williams are going to have a very happy holiday this year, and since they’re such good friends, they’ve gotten each other matching presents: women to inflict their sickest desires upon. O.T. got Matt a lovely blonde named Alana Cruise who can take all the beatings he can dish out, and Matt in turn got him a sexy saucy read head named Lauren Phillips whose tits are just aching for a squeeze.

Matt ropes Alana down to a Saint Andrew’s cross with a ball gag stuffed into her mouth, so that her legs and her lips are held open for him. She is wearing a tight blue dress, which he generously cuts little holes in for her nipples to poke through, then slices off the little black panties she had on under it. Then he hooks some suction cups up onto them and pumps them up so they get swollen and sensitive. Matt takes a flogger and beats her bare pussy. After he removes the rest of her dress, he takes out a single tail and starts whipping her tits. Then it’s time for her to have a little fun of her own, as he takes out the hitachi and vibrates her clit.

After that it is O.T.’s turn to try out his new gift. He starts her out tied down on top of a box, her ankles tied so that her feet are pulled back next to either side of her head and her pussy is exposed. He clips clothespins on her tits and down her stomach along strings. Then he inserts a metal pussy hook inside of her and sticks the tip of the celebrator right on her clit to vibrate it with precision and intensity until she orgasms and squirts all over the place. He ties a net harness over her breasts and attaches that harness to a hair tie, then lights a candle and lets the hot wax drip all over her body.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Dec 28, 2016: Super MILF India Summer get’s broken with brutal throat fucking and pussy pounding! Wrecked! | India Summer | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Hot MILF is completely destroy by big dick, rough sex and bondage makes this slut cum hard!

To all the new girls in porn, check out how a real professional handles big cock and bondage. India Summer knows how to take tight bondage and big cock that is for sure!

It starts simple enough, on her knees, arms bound back. But then the cocks start in on her greedy throat. We fuck her face long, deep and hard. Soon India is in subspace and drooling all over herself. India survives a brutal throat fucking then we put her up on the device and pound her tight pussy to several brutal screaming orgasms. In the end, we make India squirt all over herself. Some girls can be broken, others kinda laugh at you and want more. India is the later and one of the best the porn world has to offer.
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cfnmtv: Jason Davidson (Part 1-2)

Rugby hunk Jason Davidson is potentially worth a lot of money. But in order to find his true value he must submit to a full and thorough examination. In the boardroom of Margaret Hasston he has just been stripped stark naked by club doctor Fran Leighton. Now the assembled women can get a proper look at him – even if it is more than a little uncomfortable for the proud sportsman.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy – You Broke My Boot with your Balls (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Princess Amadahy rules! Especially when it comes to ballbusting. Today she ties her slave up and gives it a lot of full force kicks to illustrate her ball kicking prowess. Amadahy wears tall black boots and a tight leather mini skirt. She gets in the busting zone, dropping the slave again and again only to make it get back up for more kicks. Amadahy busts the slave so hard, it breaks her boot! Amadahy gets mad. A slave broke her boot with its balls! Amadahy kicks him with the broken boot until it completely falls apart. Another expensive pair of boots for the trash, good thing she never pays for any herself. Now she’ll need two more pairs to replace the one the stupid slave broke. Amadahy kicks the slave very hard with her broken boot. He really deserves it for ruining her nice things.
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Ball Busting Chicks: Rapture – Bad game for a muscle worshiper – mp4

Starting with verbal humiliation as he pulls down his pants in front of her. She laughs at him and his little penis. She let him worship her muscular legs before she ties up his little manhood. Rubbing his tiny manhood on her strong legs and using her biceps like a vice to squeeze them. She let him touch and worship her big biceps, in-between he get some rude head punches and more squeezing of his bollocks with her gloved hand. Then after ass worshiping, touching and kissing it’s her turn by kicking him in the balls…
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Boot Slaves

Princess Allie sits high up on the stool and chats on the phone while her lowly slave gets busy licking her white boots
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