Month: October 2016

Dominatrix Annabelle – Autumnal Leather Boot Erotica!

Truly sensational for the die hard leather Boot worshipper!

Follow my exquisite leather booted footsteps, worship my heels, lick the mud from my soles, spit and polish them. I will have you crawling on your hands and knees following me around my stunning grounds, rolling in the rustic leaves, while your cock hangs between your thighs, throbbing intensely. I love to see your heavy balls weighing you down like heavy pendulums. I want to see the slit in your head oozing clear pre-cum in
honour of my presence. As I place my sumptuous fur on the patio, I nestle my arse into my coat and expose my full heavenly breasts. Oh those breasts!

As I lay back, I want you to worship my body with your tongue, feel my naked skin, taste my perfume, kiss my neck, worship, worship, worship me my slave.
I will always have you however I please, whenever I feel, and wherever I want!
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Miss Missa X – Honey, I’m Just on Lunchbreak IV

Includes: Allie Summers, virtual sex, creampie

They call me “Agreeable Allie” at the office. I’m your go to girl when you need something done with a smile. I’ve always wanted to break the rules, to do something totally wrong, naughty, and I got the opportunity when John walked in the door.

My boss told me that John would be sharing an office with me until he gets one of his own. John and I started seeing each other. We kept it on the down low, but I’ve started to see him on the weekends and my husband is getting suspicious. He started asking to take me out to lunch, which he hasn’t done since we started dating. I agreed to it, reluctantly, rolling my eyes and telling him in my sing-song voice that he’s being so ridiculous. When he came into my office to pick me up last Friday, he saw John’s makeshift desk across from mine and gave me an earful that night. He went totally berserk, he said he could feel some sexual tension between me and John, he said that John stared at me, he even went so far as to ask me to quit my job

It’s Monday. I’ve calmed him down. I think it turns John on to know that I am cheating on him with my husband, but still I don’t want my husband to know. My husband called me to tell me that he was picking me up for lunch, yet again, and John starting groping me, taking off my blouse, my bra. I don’t want to get caught but I can’t find the strength in me to tell him no. A part of me wonders if I am enjoying being so bad, I’ve been a good girl my whole life, and now my lover is undressing me while I spin a web of lies. I lie to excuse my moaning, I lie when John’s thick cock is in my mouth, I lie to my husband when he’s fucking me deep on my desk. My husband is on his way to pick me up, and my legs are spread open for my lover. I try my best to muffle my pleasure moans. I don’t want to pick a man, even though John has made it clear that he wants me to divorce my husband to be with him. I want to live as a bad girl, no longer agreeable to what other people want of me, I will have my husband, my lover, and whomever else I want to fuck. It’s going to be about me from this point of my life and on.
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Ella Kross – Helping My Little Step Sister Cum!

I’ve found my little step-sister’s diary, and she doesn’t seem to mind when she finds me in bed reading it. According to her journal, she’s been having a hard time climaxing when she’s with a man, but I assure her that I can help. I have her take her panties off, and I slide mine down as well. Laying side by side, we masturbate together and I instruct her how to properly touch her pussy. “Fuck your pussy with your finger,” I tell her, and she does everything I command like a good girl. Soon she’s completely naked, and thanks to my coaching she’s able to have a powerful orgasm while I watch! “Your sexual life will be much better now!” I tell my adorable younger step-sister. Now she has something else to write about in her diary!
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Clubstiletto – Jemma’s Fuck Toy

In this hot POV with ultra sexy Princess Jemma, it opens with her talking about how lucky she feels having learned so much from her step-mom Kandy, who has turned her dad into her complete slave, making him do unspeakable things, and shown her how to be a strong independent woman herself, fulling grasping that women rule. She then says she’s doubly lucky because of her neighbor Bellatrix. “She’s taught me that men really need to be put in their place and controlled by women.”, she comments, adding, “They are meant to be our toilets, our seats, our slaves. They’ve taught me so much about being in control” As the camera pulls back you see a flogger, butt plug and dildo on the bed with Jemma. She then gets on all fours and runs her hand across her ass. “At one time if a man was interested in this ass, I would imagine him sticking his cock inside it.” As she reaches for the dildo, she adds, “But now I fuck men in the ass.” She holds the dildo in place between her legs and tells you to look at how big it is and to imagine how good that would feel in your ass. She starts to thrust her hips and talks about how she would ram it in your ass and fill up your holes. “I’d make you my complete bitch.”, she giggles. She says she will pull it out of your ass then turn you around and thrust it into your mouth. “I’ll make you clean up all your ass juices from my big cock.”, she says mockingly, her disgust for you evident in her voice. She says she will slap your face with it and then stick it back in your gaping hole. “Are you stroking your cock right now?”, she asks, then tells you what you should really be doing. Can you guess? Now that your cock is out, she starts to mock you for it’s lack of size, saying it’s smaller than a tube of lip gloss, it’s almost an inny, it’s so small. It’s time for you to accept that you can’t give with that little thing but instead you are the bitch and the one that is going to get fucked. Laying back on the bed, Jemma looks so hot and as she strokes her ‘cock’ she again tells you how you will be taught to lick her balls, to suck her cock, to deep throat it. “Can you suck it as good as daddy, does?”, she asks. “Show me what a good little cocksucker you are.” Then to torment you even further, she pulls her shorts to the side and revels her silky smooth pussy. She rubs it and says, “If you were a real man you would get to play with this.” But you aren’t, are you cocksucker?

Mistress: Princess Jemma
Category: Strap-on, Femdom Pov, Pov Strap-on, Princess, Pov, Strap-on
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Miss Missa X – Penny Pax – The Oedipus Complex

Includes: Fantasy mother Penny Pax, and a pulsating orgasm creampie

Do you know what it’s like when your thoughts are so loud that you can’t hear anything else, not even your mother when she’s talking to you? I get like that all the time around women, especially my mother. I think that my mother is the only person in the world who truly understands me, and yes.. sometimes I fantasize about her lips wrapped around my cock when she is talking to me, but I swear that any guy would if they were talking to her.

I’m pretty new to sex but I have had sex with three babes since last year, it’s cool and everything, but still.. I’m looking for that special girl. I’m not the kind of guy that gets all fucked up at parties and fucks random chicks. I’ve did it once, it wasn’t for me. I need more than just getting my nut off, I need love, I need someone who understands me. I think I need to find a girl to get serious with, to have a real relationship with. I think about all the qualities that she should have: she should be into watching me play hockey in the winter, and baseball in the Summer, she’s a good listener, she should wear heels, like all the time, my Mom does that and it is so feminine. Mom even has a pair of heels she calls her “house heels,” man, I know they kill her feet, she is always begging me to massage them, but they make her legs look mile high. She says, “they make me feel good.” I can guaran-fuckin-tee that you won’t find a chick with those qualities at my age, I’m going to need a sophisticated lady, an older lady. Oh.. and I need a woman that touches me like my mother does, this is very important. I’m talking about the little ways she touches me, as if she wants to remind me that she loves me, several times a day, the way we sit at the table and she runs her index finger up and down my forearm, when I leave the house she hugs me tightly, and wraps her delicate fingers around the back of my neck, and she links her arm around mine like a Victorian lady when we are walking around in public. I always feel like I am the man when I’m with her, even though I’m eighteen, she looks so young that I’d bet people think she’s my older girlfriend. I snap out of my day dream, mom is furrowing her brow at me, oh fuck– I don’t want her to think I wasn’t listening to her. I nod my head politely, and thankfully she continues on talking.
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Humiliatrix – Princess Remi Puts You Through Two Degrading Humiliation Tasks

“Get down on your hands and knees and crawl into my bathroom NOW. You’re going to lick my toilet clean, from the base of the bowl all the way to the inside, until it is spotless to my satisfaction. Then you’re going to take that disgusting sewer of a mouth of yours and practice sucking on this big nasty cock…”

Princess Remi, dominatrix, sissy humiliation, toilet slave, cocksucking…
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Lola – Ashtray Drinks Glass of Spit before Two Bladders of Pee (1080 HD) (No Pee)

1080 HD: Amadahy and Lola make conversation while smoking. They ash into a human ashtray, as needed. The ashtray is ignored aside from its purpose of collecting ash. While the ladies chat, they pass a glass back and forth. They spit and ash into the clear glass. Gradually, the ashtray and glass fill. When the cigarettes are finished, they put both smoldering butts out on the ashtray slave’s tongue. They wash the butts down into the slave with the collected spit and ash from the glass. Its mouth is fit for nothing but waste. The receptacle will have to swallow two bladders of pee in addition to the refuse it has already consumed.
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Mistress – T: FemDom AI Robot Virtual Fuck

Behold the latest in artificial intelligence technology! A ‘robot’ created with such perfection you are helpless to resist. Seductively Dominant, so life-like you would never be able to tell the difference…& dangerously intelligent. You will find that she can literally read your mind & give you just what you secretly crave. The feeling of her pussy around your cock as she milks you will feel like nothing you’ve every experienced. So go ahead, allow yourself this experience, already your curiosity is over-powering you…
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DIVINE BITCHES: October 28, 2016 – Zane Anders and Bella Rossi/Semen Demon 2: The Reckoning

Submissive Zane Anders simply can’t stay out of trouble! It’s only been a year since he had an unforgettable and demonic encounter with other worldly Aiden Starr. He has been fantasizing about their time together every moment since and has been counting down the seconds until the magical day when the portal opens and he can summon her back! To his surprise a different demon apparates and takes full advantage of his position- Bella Rossi! This sadistic mistress wastes no time tying him up and using his cock for her pleasure. Spanking, flogging, whipping, spitting, strap on anal fucking and using him as a human dildo leave Zane an utter mess. And again counting down the moments until next Halloween……
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: Oct 28, 2016: Gotta Have Heart! | Sasha Heart

Locked Down and Lost In An Orgasmic Onslaught

It doesn’t matter how much she says she doesn’t want it, Sasha Heart is going to be getting some tough attention from O.T. today. He’s got to have her and she’s got to hold on tight and hope that whatever he is planning, he gets it over with soon. She is freaking out the second that she sees him, but Sasha can’t stop him. He can do anything. He takes his time, letting her panic build as he runs his hands over body, outside of her clothes, before he strips her naked and starts to play with her tits. He grabs her by the pussy and instantly tears are in her eyes. And the worst is yet to come.

Sasha is soon screaming, begging O.T. to be more gentle. He zaps her with his high voltage prod to make sure she knows exactly how badly he can hurt her. Rumor has it that this girl is a squirter, and if that’s true then O.T. is going to be tormenting her snatch for hours. Sure enough, some quality time with the hitachi has her fountaining across the dungeon floor. Too bad for her, but good news for him. Now he knows he won’t get bored for a quite a while.

There is no escape. The bondage keeps her pussy out in the open while he pounds it with every dildo he has on hand. She’s barely able to get a word out through her cum drunk delirium, and she’s wasting her breath complaining that he’s going too deep. The unrelenting tool splits her snatch and her body betrays her, almost knocking her out with the intensity of the orgasm.
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WHIPPED ASS: October 27, 2016 – Chanel Preston and Aspen Ora

Aspen’s Nightmare: Tough chick bound, beat, & anally strap-on fucked!

Take a trip into the twisted mind of Aspen Ora where she is dominated by the beautiful Chanel Preston. Aspen’s nightmare includes bondage, finger banging, spanking, face sitting, the zapper, and pussy and anal strap-on fucking!!!
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: October 28, 2016 – Xander Corvus, Lily Lane and Draven Star/The Prospect

Xander’s Old Lady is the hottest bitch in the club! Lily Lane’s perfect tits and ass just scream out Fuck Me! And now, she is bringing around another hot bitch Draven Star! Draven is Lily’s latest Prospect, and Xander is going to meet them both back at the garage to see whats up. But knowing Xander, if this new bitch Draven does not give it up the way he likes it, then it’s going to be Lily’s ass on the line! And Lily is all about getting fucked anal style, that is truth! And she shows it in this HOT movie about choppers, tats, and gaping anal!
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HOGTIED: October 27, 2016 – Rachael Madori and The Pope

Slut Begs for Extreme Bondage and Grueling Torment to Make Her Cum

Rachael is sexy as hell and as soon as he rope touches her flesh, you can tell that she is a real rope slut. She is the kind of girl that immediately responds to the pain and bondage with a welcoming grin that says, “Hurt me more”. Every scene gets a little more intense than the last one, and Rachael pussy gushes with squirting orgasms to prove that she loves to suffer at the hands of The Pope.
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MeanWorld / MeanDungeon: Briana Banks 4

Mistress Briana Banks is beautiful, mean, and diabolical! She sits on Marcelo and makes him carry her around like a pony. Then she allows him to take a long whiff of her pussy and asshole. She spanks him for being a weak pathetic bitch and then she sits on his face. She uses him as her sweaty foot cleaner and then its on to some deep closeup asshole licking.. after she rides his face to orgasm, she gives him a long aggressive handjob until he cums all over himself. She spits in his face and tells him to get out of her dungeon. A very MEAN SCENE from one of the All-Time Greats in Adult Entertainment!
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