Month: September 2016

FUCKING MACHINES:September 28, 2016 – Nikki Next/Fresh Meat – Nikki Next Gets Her First Taste of Fucking Machines

This first timer came in ready to do what it took to make her first time memorable. She is a petite in her her form, but her appetite for cock is huge. She wants to be fucked hard and fast, so we fill her little pussy up with as much as she can take and then turn it up as fast as the machines will go. Her pussy is that of an Olympian style, that it’s ready for anything and willing to go the extra mile.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: September 23, 2016 – Xander Corvus, Amara Romani and Seth Gamble/BROs Before HOs!

When Xander’s sexy girlfriend, Amara Romani, cheats on him with his Best Bro, Seth Gamble, the two Bros team up to teach the little Ho a lesson in bondage, manhandling and rough anal sex!

Slutty Amara thinks she is on her way to hook up with Seth behind her boyfriend’s back, but Xander surprises her in a dark alley and takes her to a remote hotel room where Seth is waiting. Amara is shocked to learn that these two guys are in it together and a great take down scene is unleashed! Amara is manhandled, stripped naked, bound and fucked in all her slutty holes by both guys. Xander and Seth pull Double Domination Duty as they pass Amara back and forth like a sexual rag doll, fucking her however they wish till she is completely drunk on cock and come. Amara loves being put in her place by these two guys and learns the real meaning of the saying BROs Before HOs!
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THE TRAINING OF O: September 27, 2016 – Xander Corvus and Eliza Jane/Slave Training of Eliza Jane

Irresistibly cute and submissive Eliza Jane loves it when Xander Corvus put her through her sexual paces! Eliza is fucked hard in tight and challenging bondage positions: squatting, standing and suspended. Xander whips her, canes her, zaps her, dominates her and uses her beautiful holes to satisfy his hard cock. Eliza enjoys a sloppy facial cum shot and learns something about being Xander’s submissive cum slut!
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Sep 26, 2016: Anna De Ville is fed cock and pussy while bound and helpless! Dominated to cum over and over! | Anna de Ville | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

Sweet innocent Anna De Ville sucks cunt and cock while bound and cumming like a common slut!

Tiny, innocent, sexy, beautiful, slutty, perfect. That’s how we would describe Anna De Ville. This cute nubile unit is sex personified.

Bound with her head hanging off a table in the perfect ‘fuck me’ position, Anna finds herself completely helpless and vulnerable. With her little white socks and black heals, Anna body and face is perfectly posed for abuse. And we aim to misbehave.

Dee with her massive 34 DDD boobs and big cock bring the dick to our sluty slut slut. Anna is getting it from both direction as cocks and pussy fill her mouth. Soon Anna is fighting for air as we fuck her tight pussy. Anna is a cumming machine. It doesn’t take long for Dee to smother our tiny helpless play toy with her shaved wet pussy. Breath play at its finest as Anna struggles to breath though Dee’s hot pussy and ass.
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PUBLIC DISGRACE: September 26, 2016 – Steve Holmes, Pablo Ferrari, Melody Petite, Frida Sante/Spanish Slut Frida Sante Fucked Outdoors

Frida Sante is a pretty Spanish slut who loves to take it hard for everyone to see. Fully outdoors in front of a crowd she gets fucked, spanked, and put to work! This gorgeous slut can really take it from both ends while strangers gasp at the hard face fucking happening right before their eyes! This scene ends up being soo hot for Frida in her tight black dress, stockings and latex garter that she needs to take a public dip in the local fountain!

Part 2 – Underground Goth Club turns into a wild fuck party!
Steve Holmes drags Frida to a crowded underground goth bar, where the patrons are ready and horny for any action they can get! The sexy goth sluts at this club take turns flogging Frida’s perfect round ass before making her crawl on her hands and knees to sniff every hot ass in the joint. Unable to control herself one of the hot petite whores at the club strips naked and goes in for some lesbian pussy licking and face sitting. As the night goes on the whole bar gets their tits out and joins in the party. Frida needs to be tied up in tight rope bondage to be fucked with an anal plug while the audience gets flogged before a huge cum shot cock sucking for everyone to enjoy.
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Subby Girls – I Like You On Your Knees

While Holly tends to be dominant, she also looks absolutely adorable on her knees. Olive likes her that way as she looks down into Holly’s eyes watching her lick between her legs. But Olive is also more than happy to kneel and return the favor.
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Men Are Slaves – This Is Why You Need Training

Sometimes a slave just needs some good old fashioned outdoor training. Especially when Princess Ashlee finds that her male is both getting out of shape and not obeying as well as he used to. Not a problem though as an afternoon of making him run around at the crack of her whip will get him back into shape.
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Femdom Empire – Lexi Sindel, Summer Brielle – Slave Feeding Frenzy

Goddesses Lexi and Summer are extremely considerate Owners who always make sure to keep their lowly pet well fed. He will learn to be a good boy and lick up every last morsel of fresh puppy chow from their expensive leather boots whether he likes it or not. The cruel Goddesses can’t help but enjoy every minute of the boy’s suffering as they uncontrollably laugh at the bitch trying to hold down his not so delicious dinner.

Featuring: Lexi Sindel, Summer Brielle
Categories: Boot Worship, Humiliation
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Thong Masturbation Game

I wear thongs more than any other kind of underwear, avoiding pantylines and generally enjoying how great my ass looks in them. I have a tiny blue and white striped thong on and I intend to tease you with my ass.. But I’m not going to make it easy. You’re going to have to start, then stop, edging you over and over as I giggle at your strained need to orgasm. I look positively delicious in this outfit and you feel unable to resist my sensual commands. Once I peel off my skirt, your cock begins to twitch with the desire to cum.. but not yet! As usual, your cock belongs to me completely.

Categories: Masturbation Games
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Ezada Sinn, Ava Black – Buried under Our asses

Mistress Ava Black has put Her slave at My disposal tonight; and it looks like his best use would be as a cushion. To test him, I sit with My voluptuous ass on his face, but, for some reason, he keeps moving too much. It’s not like I’m doing something unpleasant to him, I see his cock is getting harder and harder. Maybe it’s because he is smothered under My big PVC clad ass? Anyway, Mistress Ava Black will sit on his chest and this will solve the problem. The problem with the slave moving, not the slave’s breathing problem. That one will probably only get worse, since he’s now smothered not only by My round ass, with his head buried between My ass-cheeks, but also by Mistress Ava’s ass that is pressing on his chest and stomach, not letting him breath in. Well, what do We care? We’re having so much fun, enjoying him, but also each other!

Category: Face Sitting, Chest Sitting, Smother, Corset, Double Domination, Femdom
Featuring: Ezada Sinn, Ava Black
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Subby Hubby: Dava’s Cuck Husband: Their Fluffer

Dava is having intense sex with her big-cocked stud as her cuckold husband watches. Her cuckold husband is ordered to lick her ass, lick her breasts and help her cum. She also wants him to be a full-fledged fluffer and suck the cock of her stud and lick HIS ass and balls to make sure he cums an extra big load for his wife and pleases her. He has no choice but to do as she says and lick any place she tells him to no matter how humiliating it is. He knows his place is to be her cuckold slave husband and her needs are more important than his. He does as he is told. Just when he thought it was all over, she makes him clean up all of the stud’s cum off of her beautiful pussy.
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Glovemansion: Admire my new Bentley gloves

I am so blessed to have such great fans! I recently got these red leather Bentley gloves as a gift. Of course my Glovemansion members get
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Chateau-Cuir: Cum on Nikkis leather coat part 2

Stunning Nikki loves to service your hard coat whilst wearing a sexy leather coat. She knows it is turning you on, all that leather aroma
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Facesittinggirls: Kira is breathtaking/Kira

As breathtaking he finds Kira, as much she’ll really take away his air now. Kira wears her black body with which she’ll be sitting down on his face. She defines the word “breathtaking” for him completely new and shows him the meaning. His nose gets squeezed between her ass cheeks and Kira’s sitting tight on his face. Only she decides, how long he’ll have to suffer beneath her.
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Spitting Bitches: Bubble gum and saliva/Spitting brat girl Jamie-Kate

Jamie-Kate puts some bubble gum into her mouth and collects lot of her saliva for her slave because it looks like he is soo thirsty. Then she spits lot of times direct into his mouth and afterwards plays with her bubble gum. Eventually she sticks the bubble gum below her shoe soles and at her toes before letting it fall right into the mouth of her slave.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Leather Tit Worship

A dominant woman in leather commands your respect and your arousal. I know your fascination with leather leaves you feeling incredibly submissive. Seeing me in an outfit like this one makes you feel both aroused and humble at the same time. So when I add in my amazing cleavage at the slow unzipping of my top.. you can’t help yourself. I will make you explode all over yourself in a matter of moments. A leather fetishist’s dream in smell, sight, and tease.

Categories: Leather Fetish
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Blaze – Dominating Jemma’s Father Part 3

After being spanked and teased, Jemma’s father is forced to sniff Mistress Blaze’s big ass. Shall she fart in his face? After all, Jemma told her that Daddy has become a full toilet slave. Surely he can handle some gas… Mistress Blaze has several scratches on her ass; these were made during wild sex with her boyfriend. She invites the slave to watch her get fucked by the bf, and be on hand to clean the cum out of her pussy. As the slave contemplates this humiliating, yet tempting offer, Blaze farts in his face. He better get used to noxious fumes; he will be in attendance when she takes a dump to serve as her toilet paper. The slave’s head is then forced into her plump posterior and as he struggles to breathe, Blaze informs him she may very well sch10t in his mouth… and then send him back to his daughter Jemma with a schit-stained mug. And there’s more in store… Her SSBBW girlfriend is on the way. Bigger than Blaze, and we assume, nastier! But for now, the slave is ordered on the spanking bench for some punishment.

Category: Ass Sniffing, Farting, Ass Worship, Toilet Slavery, Ass Smothering, Bbw
Mistress: Ms Blaze
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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Timed under My ass

My slave here has been locked in chastity for almost 3 weeks now, that’s how much has passed since he last saw Me. That is a long time wihotut a release, so now he is dreaming of one, begging for it. After all, the key to his chastity is right here, on My necklace. But he will only get a release today if he manages to please Me, by staying buried under My ass, unable to breathe, for as long as I want him to. If he manages to stay under My ass without requiring air for at least a minute by the stopwatch on My phone – he will not only get out of chastity, but will receive a big fat real orgasm. If he doesn’t – he will stay in chastity for… let’s say two more weeks. Ready?

Category: Face Sitting, Smother, Wet Look, Chastity, Games, Femdom, Mistress Ezada
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Tease and Thank You – It Went Horribly Wrong

I never lose my temper like this, almost.. But a boy claiming he wants to be my new pet should learn to SHUT UP when I tell him to SHUT UP, nicely though, several times. Difficult to sum the session up in one image, or paragraph, but let I’ll try: Tthere’s humor, violence, orgasms, weeping, post-climax torture, and me having several unedited rage-outs. I don’t think I’ve let you guys see me genuinely annoyed, till now… hope you still like me after this one.
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cfnmtv: Night at St Dunstan’s (Part 1-8)

The burglar has made the stupid mistake of trying to break into St Dunstan’s again – little knowing that Sophie and Grace are on guard. The masked criminal is about to run into two girls that are not in the least bit afraid to dish out their own form of justice!
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Hunterotic: Ear Fetish Extreme – I Crush Your Fucking Ears Bitch – Starring Top Domina Abbie Cat

Abbie going to destroy a girl whole ears. She grab the ears, and starts to pulling, twisting and rubbing that, and also taste that with a sexy but painful ear biting. Poor girl has so much pain, she cant wait till the end of this torture, but Abbie not gives up so quick what she loves to do! so see one perfect movie with real top european fetish babes.
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Hunterotic: Spitt Swallow Erotic By Top Model Abbie Cat

Abbie shows the taste of her spit to a lucky girl. The domina oozing a lots of spit into the slaves mouth, what this girl must to swallow. Abbie spitting also on her own sexy big breast and into her hand, and gives a spit from there into the slaves mouth. Abbie use a lots of spit to make this video exciting. So if you love to see spitt swallow and top model girls, then this movie is a must!
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Hunterotic: Handsmother Perfect Hands – I Take Your Breath With My Hands Bitch! – Top Domina Bella Beretta And Her Slave

Beautiful Bella tortures her slave by handsmother. She use her sexy-soft hands for smother the slave, and her as hard as Bella can. She punishing the slave on a lots of ways: blows smoke into her mouth, put cigaret ash into her mouth what the slave must to swallow, the slave and commands her to pee, smothering her with water and many other things…
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Femdom Empire – Sheena Rose – Forced Orgasms by Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy has taken the Robin back to her lair, she has devious plans to break & train him. He is attached to her milking machine and given an aphrodisiac to keep his cock hard as she repeatedly milks him over and over. She taunts him by starting the machine off very slow and sensual then increasing the pump strokes to full blast, he cannot control himself. The machine feels too good, he cums inside. His cock is still sensitive from the previous orgasm & she keeps the machine pumping full blast. The stroking on his sensitive cock is torturous but his cock remains hard from her poisonous aphrodisiac. It is going to be a long night of forced orgasms for the Robin.

Featuring: Sheena Rose
Categories: Cum Eating, Milking, Milking Machine, Superheroines
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Work Hard to Please Me

You want to please me? You need to work. I don’t mean the whimpering little emails, I mean that you need to actually work. If you want to be able to see me in person, it requires money. If you want to serve me online, it requires money. I’m not interested in your platitudes, I’m waiting for you to show me that you want this. Don’t kid yourself that your submission is any better than any other slave’s– your dedication makes you better. Cut out your fast food, your little pleasures, your vacations. Show me that I’m the most important thing in your life. Go to night college to get that promotion. Pick up a second job. Save every penny to tithe and tribute to me. That’s how you can please me.

Categories: Financial Domination
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Humiliatrix – How Bratty Heather Teased Your Tiny Cock Stiff the Very First TIme

“Remember how I made your dweeby little dick stiff for me back in school? Do you remember the way I teased your baby boner, getting you all excited only to burst your little bubble and shame you like the sissy loser you will always be? You don’t get to cum in my mouth dork, but you can still keep jerking off to me…”

Princess Heather, bubble gum fetish, pecker shaming, jerk taunting…
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Clubstiletto – Goddess Samantha – If You’re Lucky

Goddess Samantha is searching for a new slave boy to assist her in her luxurious life. There are so many positions open: Ass slave, pussy slave, foot slave… but of course newbies start at the bottom. No one gets access to her pussy and tits right away! As Samantha speculates on auditioning you – yes you – she turns on the jets in her tub and plays with herself while her lackey continues to paint her nails. But then it’s back to business: She specifies how to apply. First of all you must beg. Literally. Secondly, you must beg in public; i.e. on your everyday Twitter account, not your secret porn account. You must address your pleas to dickie, and he, not Samantha, will select the lucky candidate! Do you have the stomach to audition? Good luck, loser!

Category: Femdom Pov, Auditions, Tease & Denial, Female Domination, Goddess Samantha
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Cum Countdown – Let’s Laugh At Him

You’re so pathetic, grovelling at the feet of Goddess Lyra with your cock in your hand. The sight is just so pathetic that she has to bring you over to Goddess Anastasia so that both girls can laugh at you.
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Female Worship – The Obedient Male

Bobbi’s man is very obedient. When he is done with his chores he will tend to be by her side adoring her as she relaxes. Bobbi likes this because it makes him always available for pussy worship.
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