Month: August 2016

Femdom Empire – Anna Deville – Debt for Dick

Miss Anna is more than pissed at her literally worthless slave for embarrassing her today. After only two transactions his weak ass credit cards were declined and cut her shopping trip very short. Luckily the day wasn’t a total waste as her 1st purchase will be perfect for the punishment he is about to receive. Not only is she going to royally fuck his ass but every last cent in his bank account will be used to buy the biggest dildos to keep turning his ass out. This is only just the start as he learns his place from his son’s dominant and extra sadistic girlfriend.

Featuring: Anna Deville
Categories: Anal Play, Humiliation, Strap-on
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Dylan – Edge That Cock For Me

Power is what Goddess Dylan enjoys, power over the males she owns. And of course the best way to demonstrate such power is with edging, allowing weak slaves like you to stroke their cock but not be permitted to cum until she says so.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Your Poor Balls

Another video from deep in my early archives, available at a discount! It’s been up-rezzed, but is still grainy and authentic and shows me about age 25. This is a very vicious ballbusting clip, a combination of several scenes in which I kick, knee, and slam my slave’s cock and balls. Every time he doubles over, I am even more relentless and continue to lay into him. I am vicious throughout.. showing that I haven’t really changed over the years.

Categories: Ballbusting
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Subby Girls – Let’s See What This New Camera Can Do, Part 1

While Bobbi is initially the one holding the camera as she records pretty April, it doesn’t take long before she is pawing at her shorts. Inevitably she then hands the camera to April to record so she can lick April’s pussy as the girls document their play.
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Humiliatrix – Scolded and Spanked in Sissy Panties by Bossy Step-Brat Brooke

“You have two choices: you can either put on these crusty, disgusting panties of mine that I found hidden in the trash, so that I can spank you in them. OR, I am going to tell on you: that you are nothing but a filthy, dirty, panty-stealing, panty-wearing, panty-creaming little sissy. Ready for your panty punishment?…”

Bossy Princess Brooke, sarcastic step-brat, panty humiliation, scolding, spanking…
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Humiliatrix – Who’s the ‘Fukky Girl?’ Sydney Lee Pegs You Like a Sissy Ragdoll

“Just because I wear braces and act all girly, you thought you were gonna have your way with me, didn’t you, creep? Guess what? We’re gonna find out who the ‘fukky girl’ is right now, here in my bedroom. With you on the receiving end of my big red cock. Say, ‘I’m your fukky girl, Princess Sydney. Harder please!’…”

Domina Sydney Lee, strap-on pegging, sissification, call and response humiliation…
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PUBLIC DISGRACE: August 29, 2016 – Steve Holmes, Oliver Pina, Melody Petite and Mistress Minerva

Melody Petite is a perky slut in a box – Part 1
Mistress Minerva has a present for Steve Holmes! It’s Melody Petite, a perfect perky little slut all wrapped up in a box! This barefoot whore sluts her happy tight ass all over the city for everyone to get a taste! Mistress Minerva loves playing with her toy and delivers some corporal punishment for the crowded city to see. Melody is soo hot from this Steve even has to dunk her in the public fountain to cool down.

Fugitive Biker Bar Gets Serviced! – Part 2
Tied up in rope bondage, Melody Petite’s smiling pussy becomes a perfect tourist destination! Everyone at this rowdy bar wants to get a picture with her. After a round of flogging, Mistress Minerva brings out the electric zapper and makes Melody scream with orgasmic pleasure! Melody is still so hot, Minerva has to spit cold water on her face and pussy. After Melody’s high heels come off, one lucky patron gets to fulfill all his foot worshipping pleasures and suck on her tiny toes. But don’t let those feet get away yet, Melody is ticklish and gets tormented by Mistress Minerva! Finally a round of blowjobs for bikers and fucking by big dicks that are almost too big to fit in her tight pussy, Melody gets drenched in cum!
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Aug 29, 2016: Kassondra Raine Face Fucked, Vibrated on Sybian, and Made to Cum! | Kassondra Raine | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Kassondra Raine is new to bondage, but she definitely isn’t new to sucking cock. So we decide to mix a bit of the new in with what she already knows when we use belt bondage to spread her arms and lock her down on a sybian. Matt Williams and Sergeant Miles take turns fucking her face as she struggles for air. Between dealing with all the dick and the orgasms on the sybian and the strict bondage Kassondra is overwhelmed. That’s how we like it though. Struggling, drooling on dick and completely helpless in the face of the vibrator she is straddling, Kassondra has been successfully sexually broken.
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Femdom Empire – Battered Bitch Balls

Sadistic Goddesses Lexi and Summer mercilessly kick, slap and beat down their slave’s precious balls! They won’t be happy until he is pleading for mercy and whimpering on the ground like the little bitch he is.

Featuring: Lexi Sindel, Summer Brielle
Categories: Ballbusting, CBT
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Chateau-Cuir: Luxury leather handjob

Chateau-Cuir: Luxury leather handjob
Chateau-Cuir: Luxury leather handjob
Chateau-Cuir: Luxury leather handjob

How much do you like the touch of leather on your cock? Would you like me to stroke you with these buttersoft and luxurious leather gloves? I am also wearing a nice skirt and high heels to get you even more horny. Are you ready to have your balls drained onto my leathered hands?
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Glove Mansion: Triple glove smothered slave

So you think you are a real “glove slave” and you can recognize the scent of each pair of leather gloves of your Mistresses? This is the idea of the mindgame we played with our slave. The three of us loved to tease, smother and cover his face with our gloved hands and the results of the test were quite surprising.
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Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Pay Me To Tell You To Fucking D.!.E…

Macey Jade

You’re so gross, what are you even doing here? I thought I told you to fucking d.!.e. already. You shouldn’t even be here breathing my air, taking up my resources. Each breath in, you’re taking my air, and each breath out, you’re polluting my air. And I’ve simply had enough of it. You need to fucking d.!.e., you deserve to fucking d.!.e.. And not only do I want you [email protected] but you’re going to pay me for it too. You just love paying me to tell you what fucking scum you are, to tell you how much I fucking hate you, and how much better off the world would be without you here. You’re worthless.

I’d call you trash but at least trash can be recycled, it has potential. But you, you’re like the fucking slime that grows on the bottom of a dumpster. Disgusting. Nobody wants that $.h.!.t. That’s what you are.

You’d be much better off if you took a bag like this and put it over your disgusting head, and then throw yourself into a dumpster and just jerk off until you’re [email protected] You can just pay me to tie a bag around your head while you make a bed in a fucking dumpster, in some dark alley where no one will discover you and just jerk your pathetic dick as you think about what a pathetic piece of slime you are. Jerk your fucking dick as you begin to lose air, getting off on the fact that you’re going to d.!.e. while you jerk to the fact that you’re useless fucking slime. And all the while you’re going to be paying me. Paying me for the pleasure of d.y.!.n.g. under my instruction, paying me to rid you from society because nobody here wants you.

You’re going to pay the ultimate price. Financially, physically, literally. You’re going to fucking d.!.e.. for me.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Internment Camp

Filmed in conjunction with Bitch World. Welcome Prisoner 41132. I am Officer Snow and I will be processing you into your holding pen. You have been captured and will be interrogated for information. It is best that you not resist or struggle as we will conduct the harshest of punishments. You will be kept in this electrified pen and fed from a bowl like a dog. Strip out of your clothing, prisoner! You will be kept nude and exposed to the elements, no blanket or cot for you! We feel this kind of treatment is the best way to break down the proud soldier. You will give us what we need to know sooner or later. I will personally be interrogating you with the help of a chemical truth serum.. after you spend some time in this pen.

Categories: Femdom POV
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cfnmtv: School Girl Milking Service: The Gripping Continuation (Part 1-17)

cfnmtv: School Girl Milking Service: The Gripping Continuation (Part 1-17)

The Science Fair is drawing to a close – and it’s certainly been an eye-opener for the Mayoress! She’s gone from concerned onlooker to willing participant. And now that she’s really got going, she demands that all her desires be satiated. She won’t let Lee go until he’s done her one last ‘service’…
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Subby Girls – Kiss My Clit

‘Eat my pussy’ is all Belle has to say, and Lily immediately gets to work. She kneels in front of Belle who is now comfortably sprawled on the chaise, and Lily puts her tongue to work making sure Belle is properly pleasured.
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Men Are Slaves – Princess Leya – Pleasure Through Pain

Princess Leya tends to heavily torture her male slaves. This isn’t just because she is cruel and enjoys their suffering, but it’s also because she wants to train them to experience pleasure through pain. The first part of the pleasure from her repeatedly stinging whip comes from the fact that is pleases her, and her pleasure should always be pleasure for her male pets. And secondly she does reward his suffering by letting him occasionally kiss her ass.
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Clubstiletto – Subjugated By Her Shoes and Feet

Miss Xi is wearing kh7ller shoes and expects her slave to do them justice. In other words, kiss and suck, bitch! The slave certainly takes to sucking the stilettos, but he isn’t doing it properly- too much teeth. For this, he gets several hard whacks to the head from Xi’s hard shoes. Next, the slave is made to literally suck the shoes off her feet without dropping them (ie, have them remain in his mouth after they leave the foot). He succeeds the second time, and now must deal with Xi’s dainty, small feet pummeling his temples as he struggles valiantly to keep the shoe in his mouth. Afterwards, Xi rubs her feet all over his face, denying him permission to lick her toes. The only way he is going to lick them is under duress! Meaning, Miss Xi stands on his face, then shoves her foot in his mouth!

Mistress: Mistress XI
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