Month: May 2015

Sarah’s Dad, Part 1

Men Are Slaves - Sarah's Dad, Part 1

Dava and Ela both are accustomed to enslaving men. That’s why when Dava walks in with a grown man crawling behind her on a leash, Ela isn’t the least bit shocked or surprised. But this isn’t just another one of Dava’s many enslaved males. No, this one is the dad of her friend Sarah and he had the audacity to ground her! It’s almost as if he still thinks he has some control over women. Well that’s about to change as together the girls reeducate this male with humiliation and degradation, reminding him that the proper place for a man is groveling at the foot of a woman. They start with small penis humiliation for this pathetic creature and move on to other humiliation as their whims dictate.
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Good Enough To Eat Goddess Ela

Subby Girls - Good Enough To Eat Goddess Ela

While Ela may consider Val to be her submissive pet, Val is still absolutely delicious to her. This is why Val finds herself sinking deeper and deeper into the bean bag as Ela performs her oral ministrations on her cute kitty.
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Pay For Everything, Piggy

Ash and Nickey are looking gorgeous and all dolled up because they are going out to get real men while you stay at home and clean. They need money though and naturally you will pay for their night out. In return they may grant you an orgasm, but not before teasing you about all the fun they are going to have on your dime.
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Masturbate While I Work Out!

Ella Kross - Masturbate While I Work Out!
Ella Kross

Today I`m going to let you watch as I workout which, as you can tell by my flawless body, I do on a very regular basis. While you drool and ogle me doing my squats, I want you to jerk your cock as I tower over you and give you a fabulous view of my very prominent camel toe. My stretch pants hug me tightly, showing off my hot pussy and toned legs. “I have very strong muscles,” I brag as I continue doing my squats while you stroke your dick to my tight, round ass. I switch to lunges as you tug your cock, demonstrating my athleticism and endurance and keeping my body looking great in the process. I`m going to count as I stand above you and rub my pussy over my stretch pants, and when I get to ten I want you to cum for me!
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Sandals up close

Helenas Feet - Sandals up close

Come up close to my feet and sandals as I sit on the swing. Again and again my sandals get close to your face. Come on, do what I tell you and lick the sandals. I don’t care if they’re dirty – just do it!

Categories: Sandals
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Tears of Devotion Goddess Tangent

Femdom Empire - Tears of Devotion Goddess Tangent
Femdom Empire

Goddess Tangent is a pure sadist who gets off on watching men suffer just to please her. She strings up her bitch boy into a helpless puppet getting off on destroying his precious manhood one nut at a time. Begging for mercy will do him no good as her inner sadistic cravings are fulfilled by each tear he sheds in devotion to his Goddess.

Featuring: Goddess Tangent
Categories: Ballbusting, Brunette, CBT, Latina, Leather
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Taking a New Lover Goddess Alexis

Foot Fetish Petite - Taking a New Lover Goddess Alexis
Foot Fetish Petite

Goddess Alexis is you gorgeous wife and is looking as sexy as ever as she browses through photos of other guys on her phone, enjoying a glass of wine and dangling her high heel from her foot as she does so. When she stumbles across a photo of a guy she finds attractive, she decides that she is going to take on a new lover, and there’s nothing you can do about it. She is going to fuck him and let him enjoy her pussy in ways you never could, all while you sit at home like a pathetic little wimp, locked up in chastity. From now on, you will only be permitted to cum with her feet, worshiping her soles and toes as she pleases.
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Cruel Surprise Part 2 Cheating Girlfriend

Mistress T - Cruel Surprise Part 2 Cheating Girlfriend

CATEGORY: Cuckolding

Now we get to the SURPRISE! Tied to a chair my very horny ‘boyfriend’ freaks out when I bring my lover out of the bathroom and break the news that I’ve been cheating on him. It takes some FACE SLAPPING, SPITTING and BALLBUSTING to bring him under control. I continue to fuck with his head by teasing him and making him think I’m going to kiss him, but instead I kiss my lover. I tease him making him think I’m going to give him a blow job, but then I blow my lover instead. I tell him that if he had been better in bed and had a bigger cock I wouldn’t have cheated on him with his best friend, with other guys and now with this guy. I tell him I’m going to make him watch him fuck me so he can see what it looks like when I’m really being sexually satisfied. I want him to see how filled up my pussy looks when I’m getting fucked with a REAL cock. Great action. If you enjoy watching a guy REALLY suffer (who doesn’t?) this contains very intense emotional/psychological abuse with physical abuse
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Razer-Sharp Chastity Victim Bonnie Rotten

Femdom Empire - Razer-Sharp Chastity Victim Bonnie Rotten
Bonnie Rotten

Mistress Bonnie Rotten realized her slave loves having his cock locked up way to much turning chastity into a reward more then punishment for him. This new chastity invention coming fully equipped with razor-sharp steel spikes will be certain to make his time locked up a severe punishment. Bonnie teases her slave making sure his cock gets rock hard as she laughs at his pathetic screams from the deadly spikes digging deep into his suffering cock.

Featuring: Bonnie Rotten
Categories: Chastity, Tattooed, Tease and Denial
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Endurance Session – Jynx Maze

Society SM - Endurance Session - Jynx Maze
Jynx Maze

Jynx was recommended to me by a friend, and I thought why not? She’s young and hot with an amazing ass that needed to be punished. I was hesitant at first, because she was new to this, but she was also eager to please. That’s always a good trait and this time was no different. I start her off in a semi loose tie just to let her get used to the ropes and as the first scene goes on I realize that she is going to be able to take more than I thought. I add a crotch rope and see what she is willing to endure. Now that the bar has been set, the rest of the day unfolds with pain and control. She is put into a hogtie suspension that terrifies her and then she is assaulted with electricity. She took it and gave me every orgasm that I told her I wanted…
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Feet Slave

Feet Slave

Mistress Anna Lee sticks out her shoes for her servant to signal a tongue licking on her shoes before removing them to suck on her toes
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HOGTIED: May 28, 2015 – The Pope and Skin Diamond

HOGTIED: May 28, 2015 - The Pope  and Skin Diamond

We begin with Skin sitting in our chair with her amazing ass on display. Her head is trapped in a leather head harness that will get pulled back to an anal hook, but that comes later. First she is tormented with a heavy flogging and her nipples are clamped and weighted down.

Next we fulfill one of her long time fantasies, which is to be mummified. She is helpless as she lies on the floor, with only her mouth left unwrapped. She is toyed with, her pussy violated and her breath held in her captor’s hand. Her feet are caned and then she is pulled into a hogtie and left on the floor struggling.

Skin has an amazing body, so we put her in a single leg inverted suspension. She hangs helplessly and anxiously waiting for the next round of pain. her nipples are abused and she is flogged more, bringing her closer to her breaking point. She earns another orgasm, and then there are more that are not really what her sensitive pussy wanted at all.

We fold her in half in a pile driver position and start to fuck her slutty pussy. That isn’t enough, so we fuck her face and then takes turns going between the two willing holes. Her soles are tormented and then she is made to cum more.
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Johnny’s Release Part Two

Clubstiletto - Johnny's Release Part Two

Slave Johnny is all hot and bothered in his chastity device. Mistress Jasmine orders him on the floor, where she continues to make him lick her ass while she teases him about his imminent release. She removes the chastity device and gives him a hand job. He is on the verge of cumming and Jasmine is curious to see what 5 days worth of cum looks like. She comments that she isn’t sure if he should cum, seeing how hard he is from having his cock restrained. In the end, Johnny is mad with desire and Jasmine does permit him a release. 5 days worth of cum flies through the air. But it’s not over yet. Slave Johnny has to clean up. And then..back into the cock cage!

Mistress: Mistress Jasmine
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Unacceptable Goddess Ela

Cum Countdown - Unacceptable Goddess Ela

You should know by now that only 100% effort on your part is what will suffice for Goddess Ela. She has countless other slaves waiting to serve her, and if you expect her to continue financially draining you and controlling your orgasms them you need to work, clean and serve her much better than you are right now. Now kneel, listen and obey as your goddess chastises you while deciding if she will permit you to cum at all today.
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His Reward Is Worship

Men Are Slaves - His Reward Is Worship

This slave has done well. He has cleaned Ella’s room, washed the tub, rinsed the sink, made sure her toilet is clean and made her master bedroom sparkle as it should. His reward for this toil is worship, as Ella permits him to adore and worship his master. This is the ultimate reward for any slave, to be permitted to adore his female owner and show how grateful he is to her for both her ownership of him and that she permits him to serve her on a daily basis.
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Girls Night Out Alyssa Kayson

Foot Fetish Petite - Girls Night Out Alyssa Kayson
Alyssa Kayson

Goddess Alyssa is getting ready for a fun girls’ night out and is putting on the finishing touches by sliding into a sexy pair of silver high heels. As she’s getting ready, however, her husband comes into the room and can’t get over how sexy she looks. He can’t help himself and hikes up her dress, exposing her beautiful round ass before taking off her heels and worshiping her feet. She is so turned on as he kisses, licks, and sucks on her gorgeous little feet that she starts rubbing on her pussy, reveling in the feeling of his mouth on her soft bare soles. Needless to say, she might be a little late for her girls’ night out!
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Jerk-Off to our Nylons and Feet featuring Anna Myst!

Ella Kross - Jerk-Off to our Nylons and Feet featuring Anna Myst!
Anny Myst

Outside in our cute little dresses, Anny Myst and I take a seat in our sun chairs and tease you with our gorgeous legs and high heels. The sight of our sexy nylons probably drives you wild, doesn`t it? Worship our feet by opening that mouth of yours and cleaning our shoes with your tongue. Lick and suck them all over, taking the heels in your mouth and sucking them like a cock. After that, you`ll be sniffing our shoes, licking our stockings, and worshiping our feet some more. Start to jerk-off as you watch us tease you with our nylons and beautiful feet, slave. “Feel our nylons on your face,” Anna Myst says as we dangle our feet in front of you while you stroke your cock. “Imagine your dick between my feet,” I say as we tease you even more with our sexy nylons. We`re going to count to ten and you better cover these nylon-clad feet with your white, hot cum!
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