Month: March 2015

Laughing and Cumming Loudly – Ela Darling

Dungeon Corp - Laughing and Cumming Loudly - Ela Darling
Ela Darling

Ela is tied and bright eyed as the Pope talks to her about bondage and tickling…she reveals her most ticklish body part and it turns out to be her feet…The Pope and Brad rig her into foot stocks, on her back and screw her to the wooden floor via leather straps…I love the look of her long white body…in another life, Ela was surely a milk maid….she has a very loud laugh,,,as the Pope took it to her feet and armpits, I came in to gag her…I was actually trying to work and typically I dont hear many sreams or sounds from the studio…but this one was really annoying me…he continues with a bit more play and leaves Ela to beg for release…
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Bound for Freedom – Randy Moore

Perfect Slave - Bound for Freedom - Randy Moore
Randy Moore

Randy does have an amazing body and it becomes even more evident as she stands before us… However, something is amiss and we know exactly what that is… We want to see her cum, and we want to see her cum as she is bound and spread… We position Ms. Moore on the sofa arrange her lovely figure just so… We press the vibe tightly against her pussy and let it rip… Randy’s moans are like music to our ears…Her toes curl as we set her free..
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Juelz Ventura

Mistress Juelz has her slave transformed into a sissy rubber bitch but the final steps still needs to take place. Before he can truly become the rubber slut she desires him to be every last drop of testosterone must be drained from his balls. She edges and teases his cock building up that orgasm so she can get as much cum out as possible. The more sperm taken from his balls the closer he will be to becoming her new pussy bitch. The final step is removing that cock so his ass will be his only way of fucking.

Featuring: Juelz Ventura
Categories: Handjobs, Milking, RubberDoll
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He Suffers While Licking Her Princess Katie

Men Are Slaves - He Suffers While Licking Her Princess Katie

It’s rare that a slave gets to lick Katie without some sort of pain element attached. That’s because licking her womanhood is the ultimate reward for any slave, therefore it’s natural that a slave must suffer to earn it. Katie likes to use the cock shocker on slaves that orally pleasure her because it serves the dual purpose of reminding him that he must suffer to earn her pussy, and because as it turns out slaves lick better when their cock is being electrocuted. So it’s win-win all around.
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Mistress Treasure Ride on it

Kinky Mistresses  - Mistress Treasure Ride on it
Mistress Treasure

Featuring Mistress Treasure

Spread like a cheap whore on the bed, this slave gets hisass violated by Mistress Treasure and her large strapon. Whilst she pushes him downto take it atfirst, soon the slut is craving her cock, bouncing up and down on it like apornstar.

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 6 minutes 13 seconds
Photos: 10
Tags: anal strap-on, cock, ebony, strapon, treasure
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Hurry Up And Stroke Princess Natalia

Cum Countdown - Hurry Up And Stroke Princess Natalia

Do you really think Princess Natalia has time for an idiot like you? Of course not. She just wants to take your money and go shopping. But she will give you a chance to have an orgasm before she goes to spend your paycheck. Just be quick about it though, as there is much shopping for her to go do today on your dime.
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Get The Toe Jam Princess Kelly

Adore Her Feet - Get The Toe Jam Princess Kelly

This slave really needs to work his tongue hard to get all that hard to get to dirt from between Kelly’s toes. He needs to lick at a rapid pace and get deep in there to fully clean her feet. Because then he must go do the same to Dakota’s feet as hers are also in need of a cleaning. C’mon slave work that tongue, keep cleaning until all that toe jam is gone.
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DEVICE BONDAGE: Mar 27, 2015 – Cherie Deville

DEVICE BONDAGE: Mar 27, 2015 -  Cherie Deville

Cherie is back and in proper fashion, we up the suffering to a higher intensity than her last shoot. She begins bent over with her arms behind her. She is locked into cold steel and she’s not going anywhere. She is helpless to the desires of her captor. Her ass is spanked and flogged and her nipples are brutalized.

Next Cherie is in a brutal back bend. Her legs spread and before I can start tormenting her I see the bondage is taking it’s toll on her fragile body. The punishment is swift and and effective. We start to see signs of her breaking, so we pull bak to make sure this slut makes it through the rest of the day.

In the final scene she is locked into the scavenger’s daughter. More pain comes, and we see Cherie getting close again. This time the game changes. I toy with her, fuck her mind as hard as I can to totally destroy this slut.

Mar 27, 2015: Hot Blonde in Brutal Device Bondage
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WHIPPED ASS: Mar 27, 2015 – Lily Cade and Mia Li

WHIPPED ASS: Mar 27, 2015 -  Lily Cade  and Mia Li

Involved in a DS relationship with her boss (Lily Cade), smart ass masochist, Mia Li purposely fumbles on a domestic task, begging for punishment. Her mistress/boss takes the bate and disciplines her with an intense spanking and cropping. All this kinky play gets both women hot and bothered leading to pussy licking, finger banging, fisting and a carnal vaginal and anal strap-on fucking.

Mar 27, 2015: Office Politics: Mia Li Submits to Gold Star Lesbian Lily Cade
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: Mar 27, 2015: NOOB | Cindy Lou

INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: Mar 27, 2015: NOOB | Cindy Lou

Today we’ve brought in Cindy Lou. Who? Exactly. She’s a complete bondage noob. She’s never done it in her personal life, but she saw what we do and thought that she just had to come give it a shot. It’s rare that we see a girl so blatantly naive come walking through the door, so OT immediately steps up to take advantage of this hot-bodied blonde.

She is going to get the full treatment today. Fire play? Check. Rope bondage? Check. Leather straps? Check. Multiple orgasms? Definitely check. She has completely lost control of her body. It belongs to OT now. When he wants her to scream, moan, cum or cry, she will. He knows exactly what buttons to push to get the reaction that he wants. And poor Cindy Lou, so inexperienced, has no idea how to handle it. Fresh meat like this doesn’t come around often. OT is going to savor it.

Nubile New Girl Gets Her First Bondage Experience
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Mar 25, 2015 | Lotus Lain | Matt Williams | Owen Gray

SEXUALLY BROKEN: Mar 25, 2015 | Lotus Lain | Matt Williams | Owen Gray

Lotus Lain is just the toy we were wishing for today. Toned, eager and blessed with a perfectly trained throat, Lotus got into the industry because she realized she was so good at fucking that she might as well make a living doing it. And who are we to argue? She is indeed quite good at the sex. Welcome back my dear.

Bound in a chest harness with her neck cruelly cranked towards her ankles, Lotus is utterly restrained. Both ends or her are wide open for use and she can not move a muscle. We are free to flip her around exactly how we wish and use take her from any side we so desire. And desire we do. What we desire is hard cock buried balls deep down that well trained throat. Lotus sputters and drools around the dick as her makeup melts.

Epic amounts of drool out her well used face as the dick reduces her to a sweaty cum covered puddle, and we decide it is time for the main course. We push her back onto her back, the bondage keeping her in a neat bundle of restrained flesh as we slide the dick home. We stuff her to the brim as she cums appreciatively all over the hard cock. The harder we are the wetter she gets.

As wrecked as our starlet is, we have not drained all the cum out yet, and we finger blast some quirting orgasms out of that tight pussy. Lotus is drenched, covered in cum and drool and glassy eyed. Sexuallybroken strikes again. Who is next?

Bound Lotus Lain roughly fucked and used hard, epic drooling deepthroat and squirting orgasms!
Tightly tied slut ragdoll fucked by two hard cocks
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TOPGRL: Mar 23, 2015: Boiler Room Pet | Freya French | Rain DeGrey

TOPGRL: Mar 23, 2015: Boiler Room Pet | Freya French | Rain DeGrey

You find the best things in the least likely places. Or at least I do. For instance, Freya French is a lovely little gift hanging out in the boiler room. I was expecting something disgusting like rats or a stray cat when I heard the sounds coming through the vents. Imagine my surprise when I came across a hot, submissive piece of ass, just looking for someone to make her feel like filth.

She looked like a scared little animal, hiding behind the equipment. I coaxed her out with a soft voice and a beckoning finger. She came to me, rubbing herself up against me gently. She’ll be a sweet little play thing to break up the monotony of my day. I love finding strays. They are always so starved for attention and affection that you can really treat them rough and they just keep on begging for more.

A Sexy Submissive Stray To Play With
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Spitting, Nipple Torture, and Cock Confusion!

Ella Kross - Spitting, Nipple Torture, and Cock Confusion!
Ella Kross

“Are you happy to see me?” I ask my slave as he stands outside tied to a pole. He`s defenseless and naked as I fasten his mouth open and spit down his throat before attaching clamps to his delicate nipples. Topless with my perfect tits exposed, I continue spitting in his mouth as I tug on the nipple clamps while smiling at his discomfort. I bind his cock and balls with string and drive his senses wild by gently caressing his hard dick one second and tugging on his nipple clamps the next. The mixture of pain and pleasure confuses him but excites me as I continue torturing the dirty jerk while he cries out in agony one second and delight the next. I go back to spitting in his mouth and there`s not a damn thing he can do about it!
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Step it up Part 1 Mistress Carmen

Clubstiletto - Step it up Part 1 Mistress Carmen
Mistress Carmen

Mistress Carmen has so many men asking her to engage in kinky games with them. Most of them are for more adventurous than the useless slab of manhood serving as her chair. Carmen delights in taunting her chair with all the juicy things she could be doing to him: fucking him over the coffee table they are on, having him service her feet..In other words,hed better be a damn good chair if thats all hes good for! In this segment, the Mistress sits front and side saddle.

Mistress: Mistress Carmen
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Donkey Faced Slut

Mistress T - Donkey Faced Slut

CATEGORY: Female Domination

This ugly slut dances for me, strips for me and begs for my lady cock. If ‘she’ wants it so bad, she can do the work. Watch this cock-hungry slut make an ‘ass’ of itself.
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Tiffani Promises You One Last Cum Before Locking You into Chastity

Humiliatrix - Tiffani Promises You One Last Cum Before Locking You into Chastity

“I warned you what would happen if you couldn’t control your sissy spitloads. Now I’m locking you back into chastity. I’m granting you one last worship puddle before you go into the cage. Are you ready to pump it out for Princess? Pull out your little winkie and make it nice and stiff for me…”

Princess Tiffani, cockteasing, worship strokes, cum coundown, male chastity…
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Classroom Spy POV Alyssa Kayson

Foot Fetish Petite - Classroom Spy POV Alyssa Kayson
Foot Fetish Petite

The always sexy Alyssa Kayson is doing some work in the classroom, sitting on her desk wearing nothing but a green bra and panty set and an oxford business shirt. She is swept away in her studies and is listening to music with her headphones, so she doesn’t notice when you at first when you come in to spy on her. Once she sees you there, she explains that she’s busy with work and needs to concentrate, but you don’t care. You are horny and seeing her sexy little bare feet is making your cock hard. Watch as she wiggles her cute tiny toes for you while you touch and kiss her feet. Follow her jerk off instructions and cum for her.
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Ruining Another Slave`s Orgasm!

Ella Kross - Ruining Another Slave`s Orgasm!(
Ella Kross

Looking as gorgeous as ever in my sexy red latex gloves and matching thigh-high boots, I greet a slave as he stands naked before me, arms secured above his head, and begin teasing him by playing with his cock and balls. I inform him that we`re going to be playing a little game today, and a cruel one at that. I`m going to let him cum, I announce, but ruin his orgasm by taking my hands off of his cock just as he`s about to blow his load. With my tits and pussy exposed and my latex corset showing off my sexy curves, I begin stroking his hard cock while using spit as lube. He`s dying to cum everywhere as he fucks my hand but just as he`s about to explode I do as warned and stop touching his cock, leaving him to cum all by himself. Take that ruined orgasm, you stupid asshole!
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Farts and Foot Stink

Mistress T - Farts and Foot Stink

CATEGORY: Masturbation Instruction

I’ve been wearing these pantyhose and shoes all day. They’re pretty stinky already, but before I’ll let you cum sniffing them I’m going to get them a lot stinkier. I fart in them several times combining the glorious scent of my ass with the sweaty stench of my feet. Enjoy wanker!
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Femdom Empire - SECOND HAND SMOKE Bella Maree
Bella Maree

Mistress Bella Marie has a deep love for smoking but even a greater love of using her slave as her own personal ash dump. He exists only as a receptacle for her delicious smoke, spit, ash, and butts. She makes sure he swallows every last bit of filth as he gags and chokes begging for more.

Featuring: Bella Maree
Categories: Brunette, Smoking, Spitting
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