Month: December 2014

Brat Princess 2: Amadahy – Cuck Used as Outfit Tester and ATM (Part 2) (1080 HD)

In part 2 the cucks frustration really builds. While she is out on her date the cuck will have to do her chores. He wanted to watch a ball game on TV but she is instructing the cuck sitter she hired to not allow him to watch. Amadahy gives the young cuck a writing assignment. He will have to write a humiliating phrase 100 times instead of watching the game. He has to write how sexy her boyfriend Carlos is. She then makes the cuck bring his wallet and empties it right in front of him. She rinses his wallet as the cuck changes her outfit yet again. The cuck is being devastated emotionally and financially in this clip. The cuck is on his knees while Amadahy counts the cash she rinsed form his wallet. She lets the cuck knows that she loves her boyfriend. She does not love the cuck. She counts the money she took right in his face. The cuck is devastated. The cuck begins to beg for release but Amadahy is firm. There will be no orgasm for the cuck tonight. Amadahy decides to let her cuck worship her ass before the date. Amadahy is so mean to her cuck. She rinsed him, teased him, humiliated him, and now she will use him as an ass cleaner before her date. Amadahy knows how to treat and train a cuck. While the cuck laps her ass, Amadahy counts his cash and verbally destroys the cuck.
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SADISTIC ROPE: Dec 24, 2014 – Lotus Lain

Water Torment in Strict Bondage with Squirting Orgasms

Lotus is tormented in strict bondage with water. Her fragile soles are abused and her entire body tormented by The Pope.
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cfnmtv: The Office Thief (Stripped & Searched)

Things have mysteriously been going missing at the office and it all seems to have started when their newest recruit joined them. Paul is no stranger to trouble and his chequered past makes him the obvious target for people’s suspicions. But when one of the girl’s precious fountain pen disappears she and her colleague decide to take matters into their own hands.
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cfnmtv: The Games: John Naylor (Part 2-3)

Barbara still cannot decide whether to let John off with a warning, or totally destroy his career. She cannot ignore his blatant disregard for her company. But on the other hand, he did take the large metal probe into his anus without complaint. The questions remains however, has John been pleasuring himself against the strict rules of his contract?
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Mistress T: You Will Cum

Custom vid. The name “George” used several times. This is a Goddess Worship Jerk Off Instruction & seduction. You know if you cum you will be owned by me. You will be collared by me & will serve me from now on. You try to resist…but no one has ever been able to…you will cum & then you will be mine.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexis and Jade – Hand Job with Ball Punching While Scissored (1080HD)

The ball kicking slave has been kicked all weekend. The girls have given the slave’s balls a robust workout. The slave’s balls are broken and bruised. They decide to give it some pleasure before putting him down in the cage for the night. This video is intense. The girls crush its head between their thighs. The girls are merciless with the stroking, jerking, pounding, and scissoring. This is a must own. You have to own this clip. Scissor fans, hand job fans, and ball abuse fans will love this clip. This is unbelievable. When it cums the girls pound its balls with a closed . Jade squeezes and Alexis strokes its cock. When it begins to cum, Alexis begins to pound. After this video the slave was dragged out and kicked some more!
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WHIPPED ASS: Dec 19, 2014 – Cherry Torn and Christie Stevens

The beautiful Christie Stevens plays a rich bitch who hates anything Christmas until a ghost of Christmas past visits her to whip her into shape & change her ways. Erotic lesbian spanking, pussy licking, dildo gag, bondage & strap-on anal sex all included!
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White Ghetto: Cuckold Diaries 8

Dear diary, my husband is a giant loser! He can barely keep it up and when he does it only lasts a minute. That is why last week I brought home a real man to fuck me right. I was kind enough and I let my husband watch.
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GwenMedia: The Ivy Manor Slaves Part 3: The Dream Team, Part 2

The Dream Team, Part 2 stars the elegantly beautiful fetish legend Isabella Sinclaire as Mistress Isabella and there’s never been a character so diabolical, bewitching, alluring and imaginative. Sinclaire has been described as one of the world’s most sought-after dominas and she demonstrates why as she puts her slaves through their twisted paces to compete for the position of her personal favorite.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Dec 19, 2014 – Owen Gray and Carter Cruise

Hard predicament bondage teaches all natural beauty Carter Cruise the value of a disciplined posture. Enforced reverse cowgirl fucking shows her that The Slaves Do The Work. Carter shows of her anal skills in a tight doggie style ass fucking and begs for the come like the wanton slave girl that she may soon become. The Training of O delivers the hottest submissive females for the most grueling sex slave training program that you will find on the web.
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THE TRAINING OF O: Dec 19, 2014 – John Strong , Mandy Muse and Kendall

All natural beauties Mandy Muse and Kendall submit to the Hierarchy of the House when the Masters hold a Sunday Brunch and the guest need to be entertained. Hard anal alpha slave Mady Muse makes the newbie Kendall her little ass licking bitch for the day, and together the submissive pair service hard dick on the.
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: Dec 19, 2014: Lythe | Lyla Storm

Flexible Lyla Storm Does New, Scary Things.

Lyla Storm is such a sweet talker. She knows just how to butter us up. We ask the obvious question, “Why’d you come to us?” Her answer is perfect. “You aren’t afraid to do do new, scary things.” We certainly aren’t. We have a lot of fun things in store for her. She says it herself, bondage orgasms are just better. We’re letting her do a lot of talking now because once we get started she’ll be limited to grunts, moans, and screams, all through a gag.

She’s flexible, both of body and mind. She instantly falls into subspace and don’t put up any real resistance when the hurting starts. We’re able to bend her over backward, spread her legs wide, and push her body to the limits with rough bondage, tough positions, and harsh corporal punishment.

There is a lot going on. She said one of the best parts of BDSM was the feeling of having an orgasm through all of the pain and distractions. She will have the chance to try it out. One thing is for certain, though, after everything she goes through today she is going to be gasping for air.
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DUNGEON SEX: Dec 19, 2014 – Jack Hammer and Lotus Lain

Restrictive bondage, brutal domination, and hard fucking of Lotus Lain.
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HOUSE OF TABOO: Discipline at Dusk

The sun is about to set, and it’s the perfect time for Mistress Candy Sexton to discipline her unruly naked slave girl Cherry Blush. She leads Cherry by a leash onto the lawn of her dungeon estate, making the nude girl kneel and worship her shiny black thigh high stiletto boots as this Full HD BDSM extreme sex video moves into high gear.

Mistress Candy binds her slave to a metal frame and the lesbian bondage scenario continues with cruel flogging across Cherry’s bare midsection. The busty subbie cries out, her 32G boobs shaking under the taste of the flogger.

But the dominatrix is hardly done, working up a sweat between her own 32DDD/E tits as she cleverly continues the punishment through the rear of the frame, which leaves the slave girl’s bottom exposed for a whipping of its own.

When she’s done with the punishment, Mistress Candy’s cunny is hot and aroused, and she feasts on her slave’s nipples and rubs the handle of her flogger between Cherry’s shaved pussy lips. Then, with night approaching, the stern mistress leaves Cherry bound and helpless in the approaching shadows, to think about how she can improve her attitude in the morning and be a better slave!
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Dec 19, 2014 | Jessica Ryan | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Perky cutie bound on sybian and facefucked in blowjob machine

Sexuallybroken is about completely unraveling a cock slut to her very core, and today is no exception. Jessica Ryan is in for a complete overwhelming of the senses until she is reduced to a babbling mess. In the perfect marriage of flesh and machine, we bring two dicks and two machines to the table. This pale redhead doesn’t stand a chance.

Strapped down with belts onto a sybain, the world’s most powerful vibrator, Jessica is the living definition of helpless. Not content, we have added the one and only blow job machine. The blow job machine thrusts the strapped in head back and forth on the hard dick and there is not a thing they can do about it. The dial controls the speed as our strapped in fuckpuppet’s mouth slides all the way down while her shaved pussy cums all over the sybian.

Multitasking is hard. Multitasking on a sybian as cocks run a train on your open mouth hole is even harder. One after another the hard cocks own her face pussy as Jessica sputters and drools. It is a beautiful sight. We crank up the speed and as her puffy blow job lips work their magic we unleash down her eager throat. It is a fitting tribute to her skills.

Our wrecked starlet is a cummed out shell onto of her sybian, covered in drool and cum. Her mouth is wide open and gasping as she sags in her restraints. This is the sort of pet you want to keep around. Good girl Jessica.

Tags: Belt Bondage, Big Dick, Black Cock, Blow Job Machine, Blue Eyes, Breast Bondage, Interracial, Long Hair, Natural Breast, Pale Skin, Red Hair, Super Deep Throat, Sybian
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ELECTRO SLUTS: Dec 18, 2014 – Lorelei Lee and Nikki Darling

Nikki Darling is hard at work cleaning the boss’s office, & she sure looks good in her sexy maid’s uniform with lingerie underneath. Lorelei decides that instead of all that work it’s time for some fun. Nikki is a perverted electroslut who likes it rough, so she’s immediately gagged, cuffed, & cattle-prodded with electro-clamps on her pussy & ANAL electro plug, then caned to orgasm. She is bound on the floor & punished with conductive rubber plugs in her ass & pussy, & made to lick Lorelei’s perfect cunt & earn cum all over her face. Nikki takes DOUBLE PENETRATION electricity with acrylic plugs before getting lesbian strap on fucked with an electro plug stretching her tight ass. She is Electro Fucked until she cums again and again on Lorelei’s cock.
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HOGTIED: Dec 18, 2014 – Ashley Lane

All natural babe Ashley Lane loves bondage and rough sex. She is inverted in a flying hogtie and endures multiple orgasms in the tight ropes. Her super sensitive pussy is splayed open in inescapable rope bondage and her tender clit tormented through many screaming orgasms.
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cfnmplus: Sentenced To Be Teased

Larry was in court for his sexual harassment case. He was in front of Judge Ms. Law who was known for running her court a little different than other Judges. Larry pled innocent, until secret surveillance footage was shown proving he was guilty. After the footage was aired for the court, he was immediately found guilty. Instead of going to jail though, his punishment was going to take place right in the court room! The Judge ordered him to be stripped of his dignity, and his clothing! Once he was stripped the judge told the plaintiff that she was the one who was going to do the punishment. She was a little reluctant at first, but agreed when the judge ordered her to spank him. After spanking Larry nice and hard, the Judge ordered that the lawyer and plaintiff to give him a face sitting. After sitting on his face until he almost passed out, they ordered him to be masturbated in front of the courtroom. The Judge and officer held his arms down while they stroked his cock. He thought this was a great punishment until he was about to cum. The Judge ordered that the girls ruin his orgasm and not let him cum with pleasure. The girls agreed and right as he was about to blow his load, they stopped the stroking letting the cum slowly seep out rather than exploding with pleasure.
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Inflagranti: Fetisch – Füße – Fotzen

Wohlgeformte Beine mit sinnlichen Füßen, die sich elegant in Szene setzen! Unsere füßelnden Damen verstehen es perfekt, sich gegenseitig zu verwöhnen, sanft über die geschmeidige Haut der Füße zu gleiten, sich kitzelnd zwischen den süßen Zehen zu lecken und vor Erregung pulsierende Körperöffnungen zu verwöhnen. Klasse-Frauen wie Jessica Night, Sarah Sun und ihre Freundinnen genießen genau das in vollen Zügen. Dann kommt auch noch ein Mann ins Spiel, der sich seinen Schwanz von zwei Frauen zugleich – oral und fußtechnisch – verwöhnen lässt. Nach leidenschaftlichem Sex kommt es zum explosiven Höhepunkt, und die anmutigen Füße schöner Frauen stehen dabei stets im Mittelpunkt. Ein geiles Fest der Sinnlichkeit, nicht nur für Fußliebhaber!
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Inflagranti: Best of P.O.V. Sklavias #4

Zwei Stunden lang die Höhepunkte aus Sklavias in der P.O.V.-Perspektive: Quäl sie – für Dich tun sie alles !
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