Month: November 2014

Tory Lane POV Slave Orders 3

Mistress Tory Lane is one of the most intense adult performers of all time! She is back, to put you in your place again and turn you into a quivering ball of sexual submission!
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Brat Princess 2: Jennifer – Vicious Slaps for her Least Favorite Teacher (720 HD)

Princess Jennifer really dislikes Mr. Woodman. She hates him. In this clips Jennifer slaps the cr*ap out of his stupid ugly face. She slaps him too many times to count. Mr. Woodman has to take it. Jennifer was especially crabby this day. She takes it out on Mr. Woodman. Face slapping fans will LOVE this clip!
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Subby Hubby: Sissy Sluts get their Ass Stretched

Goddess Natasha Starr, her Bratty sister Natalia Starr and Mistress Esmi Lee have had fun playing dress-up with their little sissy sluts today. Making them jerk each other off and suck each other’s dicks. But the ladies have something else in mind. Its time to stretch those man pussies out! The ladies strap up with 10″ purple cocks telling the boys “you know what time it is bitch boys, bend over so we can stretch your ass’s out.” The sisters ride these bitches like little ponies. Fucking them hard and long. Mistress Esmi is so turned on she begins to masturbate with her vibrator. Just when the boys think it’s over the girls put them in their back right on the kitchen table pounding that man pussy even harder…
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American Mean Girls: Interactive Stroke for Nina

We’re gonna play a game loser… You take a good look at each of my selected body parts and stroke it! But there’s a catch… If I decide to make you stop stroking, you have to ruin your orgasm, Haha!

I am going to give you enough close ups of each parts of my body and dirty talk to make you want to shoot that load all over yourself. But, only I can say if you are allowed to stroke it or not! And even if you do leak a little fraction of an orgasm, I am going to instruct you to do something very degrading. I and I want emails and twitter messages all about how you obeyed me!

-Goddess Nina Elle
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REAL TIME BONDAGE: Nov 29, 2014: Birthday Wishes: Defile Me | Hazel Hypnotic

The Complete Defiling of Hazel Hypnotic

There is absolutely no end to the amount of punishment we can dish out to Hazel Hypnotic. “Hate me. Damage me. Defile me.” She’s been saying the same thing since we started and as long as she keeps asking for it we will keep giving it to her. It’s her birthday, and before we give her the cake we’re going to have as much fun as we can with this party.

She has bruises everywhere. Her tits are crisscrossed with the thin red lines left by the single tail. Her ass has the fatter, blue-and-purple marks left by the canes. The marks cover her ass, her thighs, her back and chest. Each one is a present from one of our members, hand delivered by our crew. She will cherish them for as long as they last.
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WHIPPED ASS: Nov 28, 2014 – Lorelei Lee and Dani Daniels

Dani Daniels: Punished

Welcome Dani Daniels back to Whipped Ass for an intense day of lesbian spanking, bondage and hardcore lesbian sex at the hands of the gorgeous Lorelei Lee.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Nov 28, 2014 – India Summer , Karlo Karrera , and Kayla West

India Summer recently finished her slave training in the basement where she learned the core principles of erotic servitude. Now, she is here on the to show us what she learned and earn her House collar and cuffs.

Kayla West is here as our hot little fuck toy. She enjoys being objectified and sexually humiliated. We put India in charge of the little tramp and order them both to service Karlo’s monster cock as the House guests cheer and jeer.
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THE TRAINING OF O: Nov 28, 2014 – Owen Gray and Syren de Mer

Syren de Mer Domestic Anal MILF Training, Day Two

Syren de Mer is nearly the perfect MILF with her Big Beautiful Tits, Fabulous Round Ass and a pussy that won’t quit fucking. On day two of her training we take our initial assessments and go to work on improving her weaknesses and capitalizing on her strengths.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: Nov 28, 2014 – Xander Corvus and Mona Wales

Mona Wales makes her debut on Sex and Submission with Xander Corvus in this intense BDSM and rough sex update.
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Stocking Slaves

Mistress Nikki makes her slave lick on her stockings feet before she gives him some stocking slaps on his face
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Club Dom: The Joy of Caning Slave 227

Mistress Marina Angel and Mistress Molly Jane feel like getting their workout today. So they pull their bitch out of his cage putting him in a ball stock and proceed to cane his ass. They make a game out of if as he is made to count every cane stroke which is striking him so fast that he loses count. He now has to start over again. The ladies are amused at the power they have over this this bitch. Mistress Molly then informs him “this is just the warm-up. We are getting your ass nice and ready for my big black strap on.” Mistress Marina tells him “one way or the other your ass belongs to us.”
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PUBLIC DISGRACE: Nov 28, 2014 – Yillie Fresh and Max Cortes

BEST OF EUROPE: Beautiful Spanish Model Yillie Fresh

Yillie Fresh is a beautiful Spanish model with big natural tits and a juicy round ass that is too good to keep under clothes. We strip her in the streets and walk her through the most crowded parts of the city in metal shackles and then use her mouth and pussy as our own personal fuck holes. After her pretty face and tits get coated with cum she crawls through the streets like a dog and is left chained to a street light. All in a days work. Enjoy.
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Dungeon Sex: Nov 28, 2014 – Derrick Pierce and Ana Foxxx

Ebony Submission

Ana is restrained with tight bondage and fucked until she can’t take it any more.
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The British Institution: Boots, Boy. BOOTS. Part Two.

There’s none to be missed. Soles, heels…. Keep licking.

It was going to happen. It always does.

The slightest speck of dirt on any Guardess’s boots sends males scurrying to Her feet.
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Brat Princess 2: Gia – Wedge Licking Foot Worship and Spit (1080 HD)

Gia calmly uses a males tongue to clean off the bottoms of her wedges and feet. She walked outside before this clip was shot in the wedges and her bare feet. She wanted the male to suffer. She starts wiping off her wedges on its tongue. She spits in his mouth to wash the dirt down its throat so her shoes get cleaner. Spitting fans will have to buy this clip. Gia keeps coughing and getting lots of spit into her mouth and spits into the males mouth. She even holds its mouth open with her feet, spits in it, and then shoves her toes in. Shoe licking, foot cleaning, dirty feet, and spit fans will love this clip. The video ends with Gia using it as a toilet. The film cuts out since we can’t show that on clips4sale but she really did. At the end of this shoot, the male had all the dirt from her wedges, and feet plus a lot of spit and piss in its stomach. He is completely humbled by how she used him. This clip is a previously unreleased classic! Highly recommended!
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American Mean Girls/Miami Mean Girls: Introducing Goddess Nina to Slaves

We met Nina Elle though Queen Kasey. She is new to this whole “Femdom thing”- and LOVES what she sees! We are like totally just resting Our feet on this stupid slave’s back like he’s human furniture or something- and she is totally in awe. Especially since We are wearing shoes that have razor-sharp spikes on the back and We dont give a FUCK about them digging into the slave’s back. LOL. (And of course he doesn’t move an inch because We have him EXTREMELY well-trained!)

The newly-crowned “Goddess” Nina is totally hot and gives her background in this clip as well as personal twitter account info so you can follow her. She is a former dental hygienist that recently got into doing girl-girl porn- isn’t that totally hot? But now she wants to get paid to beat on slaves now that she heard about how WE do things around here! LOL Imagine her cleaning your teeth loser- you KNOW you would want to kiss her feet and be her slave! LOL Well this is your chance…

Most of this clip is shot from down at Our feet so you don’t notice the slave much. You just get to look at the bottom of Our shoes and listen to Us talk like you aren’t even there- about how We USE slaves to make OUR lives better and how We totally treat them like . We laugh at how pathetic they are and how we just walk all over them. How they are subhuman to Us. Nina can’t believe that We get to treat grown “men” like this! And that the worse We treat them, the more $$$ We make! So download this clip, loser, and listen to Us bring GODDESS Nina up-to-speed on slave ownership and what she thinks of you for letting yourself be USED by hot girls like US! (The slave does briefly get to lick the dirt off the bottom of Goddess Nina’s shoes…lucky him.)
If you want to SERVE Goddess Nina, TRIBUTE Goddess Nina, and be her PERSONAL SLAVE you can download this clip and follow her on Twitter or go to her personal store HERE
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Nov 28, 2014 – Andre Shakti and Ingrid Mouth

Loser is brutally humiliated and fucked hard on the US mats. Rookie puts a surprising struggle and gives this vet a run for her money
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DEVICE BONDAGE: Nov 28, 2014 – Orlando and Katharine Cane

Orlando vs Katharine Cane

Katharine finds herself helpless at the hands of a true sadist. She is tormented relentlessly, and rewarded in the end with a power fucking via Omega.
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