Month: October 2014

Mistress T: Soul Sucking FemDom

Happy Halloween! Here’s an evil POV handjob scene to give you chills…I seduce & drain you, of your everything. Even knowing that I’ll possess your soul when you ejaculate you can’t help yourself…under my spell, you are powerless to resist getting milked into evil oblivion…
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American Mean Girls: Full Fuckover Orgasm

Want to have the most complete and emptying orgasm? Well, This hippnosis clip is here to help you. We’re so nice aren’t we? We just want to break down that last wall that’s been holding you back. You have thought about sending a girl a gift on her wishlist as an act of submission..and sure maybe you have even sent something you can afford. But that orgasm was nothing compared to the explosion you will get after this extended 22minute video.

There is just something about taking things to the NEXT level…There is just something about knowing you have done the ultimate, most destructive and painful thing you can for a girls attention and acknowledgement. But you need to really fuck yourself over to get an email from us. We want to tell you that we are so proud of you for letting us help you get to the point that you will intentionally give us your rent money the day before it’s due or your car gets repossessed. After we stop laughing at you we will email you and congratulate you for fucking yourself over for us!

But wait…you keep chickening out and not sending tributes and gifts, right? well…This video has secret audio and visuals that will allow you to relax and give you permission to succeed in really getting the best orgasm out of this. Use headphones and listen 22 minute video repeatedly until your bank account reaches the magic number, then you have the biggest orgasm of your life.

– Goddess Nikkole and Empress Jennifer
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Brat Princess 2: Alexis and Ember – Humiliate and Degrade Little Danni (Part 2) (720 HD)

“You life is meaningless. The only thing your life is good for is to be a play toy for us.” The girls psychology destroy little Danni. They taunt him how they are going to pimp him out and take his money. They tell him how they are going to turn him into a wallet puppet. Then they shove his face into Alexis’s ass and make him lick her. Ember shoves his face into Alexis’s ass and tells him to lick and suck her ass.
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HARDTIED: Oct 29, 2014: Bondage Therapy Part 2 | Elise Graves | Jack Hammer

It’s all about finding a way to cure Elise Graves of her insatiable lust for bondage. At least that”s what Jack Hammer keeps telling himself. This is supposed to be therapeutic. It is supposed to help her. It isn’t supposed to be about breaking this beautiful babe.

She came to him a very common problem. She just can’t seem to get enough sex or bondage. The only way to cure her of her crippling addiction is to give her the perfect BDSM experience. At first he thought that meant taking her to the edge and bringing her back. It wasn’t long before her realized that that wasn’t going to be enough.

No, this girl needs something more. She needs to be taken beyond the edge of everything she has ever accomplished before. She needs to be put into a brutal inverted suspension, vibrated to an amazing orgasm, and punished with intense corporal punishment.

Tags: Ass Caning, Ass Hook, Breast Caning, Bruises, Caning, Cock Sucking, Crying, Drool, Forced Orgasm, Fucking, Hitachi, Inversion, Inverted Suspension, Oral Penetration, Oral Sex, Orgasm, Paddle, Rope Bondage, Single Tail, Spanking, Strappado, Suspension, Thigh Caning, Vaginal Penetration, Whip
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FUCKING MACHINES: Oct 29, 2014 – Lexis Marie

Haunted Sex Machine Museum fucks creamy orgasms from hot Babe’s pussy!

Lexis Marie endures a haunted house maze that ends in our sex machine dungeon! She braves the curves and hidden spooks, as we follow her blair witch style through the maze!
The GoPro is hooked up to give that special, pussy cam view from our first machine, The Dragon. The close up shot of her pussy is so clear and perfect, it feels like your inches from her, so close you could almost lick her clit while the dong pounds out a nice, wet orgasm from Lexis.
She moves on to the Robot Tongues and The Snake for a few more O’s before moving into the gimp room for some leg chained fucking by The Doc. After five machines, Lexis pussy is ready for a break, but we can’t just let her go home without experience out version of an exorcism! Yep, it’s Sybian time, and the mega-vibrator does not disappoint. Lexis has one more, super intense orgasms before calling it quits. A great shoot from this newcomer and treat for Halloween!
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HARDCORE GANG BANG: Oct 29, 2014 – Tommy Pistol , Mr. Pete , and John Strong

Tori Takes All!

Horny wife seduces her husbands friends and is stuffed air-tight. Rough sex with throat-fucking, double-penetration, and bukka
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SADISTIC ROPE: Oct 29, 2014 – Ariel X

Ariel is one of the toughest and hottest models, and The Pope takes advantage of that. She is put in grueling predicament bondage, tormented, and DP’d that makes her squirt uncontrollably.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Oct 29, 2014 – Syren De Mer, Matt Williams, Jack Hammer

Sexy Syren De Mer saran wrapped, mummified and shackled, services two hard cocks, epic deepthroat!

Toned cougar completely mummified with saran wrap and face fucked without mercy

Now HERE is something you don’t see every day. We have had Syren De Mer grace the Sexuallybroken stage before, but never like this. We had some saran wrap laying around the studio and decided today was the way to put it to proper use. Syren is saran wrapped from head to toe while kneeling. A thick metal collar drilled into a post keeps her on her knees, reducing Syren to a mummified mouth pussy on heels.

Once this banging hot MILF is properly cocooned and turned into a proper face pussy, it is on. One after another the two rock hard cocks walk up and make full use of that talented throat. Syren gags and drools as the huge dick pounds out her tonsils. Her makeup smears under the saran wrap as our pretty porn star shifts into survival mode. This is about sneaking gulps of air when she can and hoping to satisfy us enough for us to walk away.

The relentless face fucking and strict bondage serve to blast Syren into sexual subspace. She is transformed into a drooling undone mess of slut. Every house should come with a handy humping post like this. They are great for relieving tension and really dress up the place. We run a train on her throat as Syren gurgles appreciatively around the dick. 10 inches of BBC buries itself balls deep into her mouth.

When we have had our fill we simply walk away, leaving Syren smudgy and twitching in her saran wrap cocoon, her makeup panda eyed under the layers. Drool is puddled around her heels and the metal collar keeps her firmly in place. We will be back for another round later when we feel the urge…

Tags: Big Breasts, Big Dick, Black Boots, Black Cock, Black High Heels, Brunette, Cock Sucking, Cougar, Deep Throat, Drool, Encasement, Face Fucking, Gagging, Interracial, Metal Collar, MILF, Milf Bondage, Smeared Makeup
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Brat Princess 2: Savanah – Lick My Ass and Suck My Thong or you are Fired (720 HD)

Savanah is a spoiled bitch. One of the laborers that work for her dad has been assigned to his daughter. She is a rich bitch and loves to humiliate poor people. She thinks it’s funny that he has to lick her asshole or he will be fired. She even makes him suck her thong which has been up her ass the whole day. Savanah giggles as the laborer tries to please the spoiled rich bitch. Savanah is a total spoiled rich bitch brat Princess with an amazing bubble butt ass. She loves to make fun of and humiliate the poor people that work for father.
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DIVINE BITCHES: Oct 29, 2014 – Maitresse Madeline and Jimmy Bullet

Divine Halloween Presentation: FemDom Freakshow! SPH cock edging!

This week we celebrate Halloween with the Divine Bitches!! Maitresse Madeline Marlowe leads a traveling circus side show of freaks & Jimmy Bullet thinks he has what it takes to be the freakiest of them all with his eensy weensy horny little dick! He sneaks into Madeline’s trailer & presents her with his adorable, hard little cock. Madeline finds it hilarious & gets even more amusement from teasing him to the edge of orgasm & watching his little dick bounce all around from excitement. He sniffs & cleans her delicious asshole & gets strap-on fucked and prostate milked until his horny little dick is exploding all over. Welcome to the Freakshow!
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Debi Diamond -2008

Here’s a great scene with 80’s Porn Legend Debi Diamond – this was from her comeback in 2008. Upgraded to DVD quality!
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Brat Princess 2: Becky – Face Sit and Scissor Until Slave is Done (720 HD)

Becky loves to face sit and smother men locked in chastity. The bouncing turns her on but mostly the power. She loves the fact that she has the power to destroy him. Face bouncer fans will love this clip. Becky loves to bounce and she really likes the chastity tube keeping him locked up tight for her. When she is done with her smothering, grinding, and bouncing, it is time for some lights out scissoring. She locks the male between her legs and begins to squeeze. The male tries to separate her legs but the smothering has made him too weak to resist. Becky giggles and laughs as the scissoring begins to wear the male down further. Then it is time for the lights out scissoring . She locks down hard and squeezes the daylights out of the male with her thighs. The slave is done.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy – Hot Pink Spandex First Time Smother (720 HD)

This was Amadahy’s first face sitting video. Her ass looks amazing in these hot pink spandex leggings. She sits full weight forward and reverse and bounces and grinds. She enjoys being able to keep him from breathing the whole time. The tone of this face sitting is playful. Amadahy giggles and laughs through the whole video. Then she realizes she can cum! Then she really starts to grind full weight. She wants to cum! Once she gets his nose where she wants it there is only the grinding and bouncing to get her over the edge. She tells the slave to take a deep breath and then grinds herself to a great orgasm. The end of the clip has a short POV section for ass addicts to enjoy!
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Club Dom: Esmi & Natalia Caning

Goddess Natasha Starr, Natalia Starr and Mistress Esmi Lee enjoy another beautiful day at the ClubDom Estate as their slave worships their boots. Mistress Esmi says “you ladies up for a little fun?” The Goddess’s all agree. Off for a little joy ride they go commanding the slave take them to their “rack of meat”. As they arrive to the next slave shackled to the caning bench the ladies inform the slut that it’s time for their morning work out. Some caning cardio while destroying his ass. Making him beg for the cane. Proceeding to mercilessly cane the bitches ass over and over, cane stroke after cane stroke. Completely destroying this bitches ass. The ladies high five each other and begun to laugh. This bitches day has only just begun.
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Mistress T: Denied With Purple Gloves

I know you love latex/rubber gloves…but this is not going to be nice for you…I want you to stroke along with me, enjoy the eye candy…then deny yourself the same way I deny him! No orgasm for him! No orgasm for you!
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Carmen Hayes – from Ebony Facesitting Queens

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Here’s another great scene that was never on the MeanWorld site – it was on one of our first DVD’s- Ebony Facesitting Queens. Starring Carmen Hayes and Deviant David! Sorry – no pics with this.
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