Month: September 2014

SEXUALLY BROKEN: Sep 29, 2014 – Carter Cruise, Matt Williams

Blonde girl next door Carter Cruise tied up and ragdoll fucked from both ends messy epic deepthroat!

All natural cutiepie is restrained and stuffed full of hard dick until she is a drooling mess

Carter Cruise is a beautiful blonde that looks too wholesome to be into the kinky things that she is into. But behind that girl next girl facade beats the heart and loins of a sexual animal. She is here today to get tied up and ragdoll fucked until her big blue eyes rattle in her skull. Lucky for this fucktoy, that is exactly what we specialize in.

Bound down in a chair tie with her arms cranked behind her in a strict strappado, Carter’s mouth hole is positioned at perfect fucking height. A neck rope is added to make a handle to better guide that facepussy. We walk up and make full use of that face. As the cock goes in, the drool comes out. Carter sputters and gasps as her world is reduced to being a cock sheath. All she can do is try and survive, sneaking in gulps of air when she can.

Enough warmup. Shifting a still bound Carter into our handy fuck stool, we now have access to both ends. We fuck that face a little before yanking down those skintight leggings to get full use of that pussy. And then it is on. Back and forth we dip, using both ends to the hilt, completely owning Carter’s holes. She cums, hard, unable to get on top of is as she is overloaded with the dick. He makeup is destroyed and her face is shiny and covered with her own juices. We pound out that pussy and leave behind our initials.

By the times we are done, Carter is a twitchy, glassy eyed lump, held up on the chair only by her bondage. Today school was in session and the lesson was Sexuallybroken. We like teaching newbies Carter. You will be back to see if the lesson stuck…

Tags: Blonde, Blow job, Blue Eyes, Drool, Face Fucking, Long Hair, Natural Breast, Neck Rope, Piercings, Rough fucking, Sucking
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Brat Princess 2: Christina Madison and Sophie – Ball Kicking Bitchy Spoiled Brats (720 HD)

A long lost Brat Princess classic. Sophie, Madison and Christina are just complete ball busting bitches in this clip. The girls are mostly talking about their sugar daddies and what they get from them. The ball kicking slave is just being kicked as the girls talk and complain about their Princess problems. Wrong color car for Sophie! She is so pissed! They use the slave to take out their frustrations. The girls call their sugar daddies at work and bitch at them over the phone. “Don’t talk back! You want to hear what happens when you talk back?” She holds the phone out so her sugar daddy can hear the screams of the ball kicking slave. He quickly agrees to do what they say. The girls throw a Brat Princess temper tantrum and demand things from their sugar dummies. The ball kicking slave is just being kicked, kneed, and punched during the whole video. This video is a brat Princess long lost classic. Shot a couple years ago and never released until now. Sophie is amazing in this clip. If you like bitchy spoiled findoms, you have to get this clip. Strongly recommended!
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Katja Kassin- 2006

Here’s a classic scene with Katja Kassin and Deviant David from back in 2006!
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cfnmtv: St Dunstans Annual Physical(1-4 Part)

Miss Marchmont is none too impressed with her life model. She expected someone self-confident and happy to display their body for the girls to examine. Instead they’ve sent her a snivelling young man who keeps trying to cover himself up! But she’s undaunted and is determined that the girls will get the most out of him. After all, he’s costing the school a lot of money!
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American Mean Girls: Choke For My Pantyhose

You don’t deserve to even be this close to my nylon-covered feet, loser. So guess what? I’m going to blow all my smoke in your face while I smoke this cigarette and I hope you ch0ke on it as you kneel there before me. I want you to know how inferior I think you are…
Goddess Nikkole
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Britney Amber

Britney Amber is wild, dirty, and dominating! We gave her Alec Knight and told her to do whatever she wants with him!
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Roman Video: The Facesitting Queen

This is an AWESOME video you must see to believe! Jennifer luv has a new slave over and wants to test his ability to hold his breath. She smothers him with Pantyhose at first and strips down after she is turned on and begins to FACESIT him with her hot pussy and ass! She begins to QUEEN him with her pussy lips and bounce on his face until she explodes with a powerful orgasm! SERIOUS ASS RIMMING follow as she forces him to tongue fuck her asshole and she pushes his head deep into her ass.

She tickles him while facesitting him, then handcuffs him when he moves around too much! Then she pulls out his cock and laughs at it saying “YOU call that thing a cock?!” and proceeds to slap it repeatedly! Intense COCK SLAPPING for several minutes while he worships her ass! An incredible scene.

Over and over again, he’s instructed to lather her asshole and pussy, with waves of loving devotional licks and kisses, her beautiful bud, soon glistening wet with trails of slavish saliva.

Tired of his worthless manhood, she eventually straps a face dildo harness on his face and then mounts it, and then proceeds to power ride his face to several orgasms! She pumps his face in and out of her pussy with the harness attached and makes him stick his tongue out and into her asshole while his dildo fucks her pussy until she EXPLODES AGAIN!
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BoundHeat / North American Pictures: Sold at Dawn

In an isolated cabin, a gorgeous sexy trader is holding beautiful young women with the plan to sell them abroad. In order to teach them to be totally obedient, she manipulates them with domination, and they learn they need to submit to her sexual lesbian desires. If they displease her, they are subject to her punishments.
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Subby Hubby: No orgasms for you

Hayden enjoys teasing her locked up bitch Cameron, making him lick her breasts and licking his locked up dicklette just to get him excited. But after the teasing comes the denial; only Hayden will be enjoying any orgasms now.

Hayden sits on Cameron’ lap so that, as she pleases her pussy with a vibrator, it is right over his locked up cock and balls. The teasing is merciless as Hayden rides the vibrator to an orgasm, then makes Cameron lick up her pussy juices off it. This is the closest he will ever get to her pussy again.
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Club Dom: The Last Ride (Smoking)

The day after draining the last of the cum from their bitch, Mistresses Alexis and Elena tower over their newly nutless slave “sally”, enjoying their cigarettes. The Mistresses use his hair and body as their ashtray as they talk about “‘her” new life as a eunuch slave. The caged bitch can do nothing except wallow in his misery as his Mistresses look directly down into his cage, humiliating him all the while.
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Subby Hubby :Treats For The Trick

After crossdressing her husband Cameron as a sissy, Hayden sends him out on a humiliating mission. He has to go trick or treating for her and bring her back some candy – but if any of the men say they want a trick, Cameron has to ask to be their blow job bitch and bring them back for Hayden’s amusement.

Cameron comes back with lots of candy and a guy for him to suck off. Hayden enjoys forcing Cameron’s head up and down the huge cock shaft, laughing at his humiliation and getting even for all the nights of sexual frustration she has endured. Hayden is even happier when the stud cock spews its load all over Cameron’s face.
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Club Dom: Her First Fuckhole

Mistress Charli has never taken a bitch with a strapon cock before, so Mistress Vendetta grabs one of the stable bitches for her to fuck. Charli is a natural, sinking her big black cock deep into his ass while Vendetta makes the bitch gag on her cock.

Tired of doing the work, Charli orders the bitch to fuck himself, sliding back and forth between the two cocks that are impaling his holes. When she has finished with his ass, Charli wants her slave to remember just how pathetic she thinks he is, so she buries her filthy cock deep into his mouth and makes him lick his own ass juices off of it. Drool pours from the bitch’s mouth as he struggles to swallow the filth, but Charli could care less, ramming the filthy cock deeper and deeper into his mouth as he gags. Charli has already learned that fuckholes exist only to please and amuse their Mistresses.
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NakedGord: Girl On Girl Spells Trouble

Seems to be getting to be the norm around here with chick-on-chick. Kay is taking on all the females she can handle, (or fuck) if she gets a chance. Here she is handling Savannah. We gave her Savanna to practice rope work on.
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NakedGord: Callisto Naked and Whipped into action

The Butt Thruster conversion on the Ledermeister cart just added to the magnificent image of hot gals willing to be beasts of burden. (Filmed two summers ago with Gord and one of his favorite model’s Callisto.) “I was blessed with powerful, nubile Pony Gals who just wanted to be driven hard.” -Gord
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NakedGord: Menaced in Gord’s Mouse Wheel

Jenny wanted cool off on a hot summer day, so Clash put her in Gord’s Mouse Wheel, and then took her for a spin. Barefoot and naked she eventually got what was coming to her, a high pressure hose right on her clit.
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NakedGord: Naked and Barefoot

Naked and Barefoot Jenny is in for some high heel training with Gord’s leather suspension cuffs, the electric ceiling winch, and Clash’s relentless canes. Watch as she squeals and cries in delight as she is poked and prodded, whipped and flogged into a frenzy.
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