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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Sick of You Losers

Domina Dante Posh and I are sick and fucking tired of all of the mindless drivel that gets sent to us on a daily basis. All you do is sit there with your tiny cock in your hand, jerking away, which is why nothing that comes out of your tiny brains ever actually makes any sense. You don’t know how to think with it. You’re a mindless peon, and your only real contribution to the world is what you put in our bank accounts. We’re not gonna sugar coat it for you. We’re going to tell you *exactly* how much we despise you.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Don’t Need You

Let me explain something to you, my dear. As much as you may crave validation for being a good slave, a good boy, contributing to my life? I don’t *need* you. You are not a necessity. Your presence in my life is only desirable when you add to it but I can cut you off in a moment’s notice. But you need me. You crave my attention, my approval. This relationship will never be equal, you will always be wanting what you can never have.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Humiliating Date

You can’t believe your great luck when this smoking hot girl agreed to go on a date with you, but when she wants to come back to your place, you panic. What will happen when she sees your little dick? You’ve never been able to satisfy a woman with your tiny little penis and now you’re faced with the most beautiful woman you’ve ever been in the same room with. When your pants come down, you can’t believe what she says..
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – My Perfect Life

Have you ever noticed what an insanely perfect life I seem to have? Beauty, money, intelligence, success with everything I decide to do.. It’s almost as if I’m charmed. That’s one of the reasons you love spending your days in adoration, adding to my life.. but never actually being part of it. You want to be my slave, but you’ll only be one of the hordes that believes that I am speaking directly to them through the computer screen. Well this is just for you, promise..
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Public Humiliation Assignment

I know summer can be a really challenging time for you.. Getting a hardon whenever you see sexy feet in sandals or a tight young ass in short shorts. Well I’m going to be curtailing and channeling that perversion into something rather extreme. I have a very specific assignment for you.. in public.. and you have to provide proof. This is a very extreme assignment, most of you will be too scared to complete!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – No Pure Love

I don’t usually share the emails and messages I receive, but this one I got today was just too amazing not to make the basis of my video. This Indian guy writes me a very disjointed message about how what I do is disruptive of the “pure love” that men and women should have, about how women should be pure and soft and gentle, and what a man’s place is with that kind of woman. Well.. let me explain to you what the REAL pure love is. Allow me to re-educate your notions of how relationships work and how the only true love is true obedience. This is the one true way.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Go Fuck Yourself

After the thousands of videos I’ve done, occasionally I have to just be really blunt about how I feel about you.. And your “demands.” It’s so satisfying for me to break you into tiny bite-sized pieces with the truth. Revel in it, take it to heart, and jerk like the sub-human species you are.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Nasty Humiliation Upgrade

I did a milder, more sensual humiliation a few weeks ago.. But I’ve decided that it’s really not enough. I have a really intense, nasty humiliation assignment for you. You’re going to be taking a little shopping trip to find some very specific things and then you’re going to be having a little party with just your slave body and my instructions. This is definitely one of my more disgusting humiliation assignments yet.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – What Is Power

What is power? Is is strength? Intelligence? Beauty? Or something else.. Allow me to explain why I have such absolute and extreme power over you. You fall into a heap for me with no barely an effort at all, don’t you? I’ve turned you into a creature of addiction and habit, driven by the need to stroke and obey and consume the humiliation I dole out. By the end, you only feel smaller.. and more inferior..
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