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SUMMER SWATS – Bare Bottom Blistering for naughty Trixie

Moved to the edge of the bed, her bare bottom propped up over two pillows, the most brutal PRISON STRAP is selected for discipline. Her panties are pulled down to her thighs as her blistering begins. The heavy slap of leather laid full force across her succulent bare bottom forces immediately crying from this stubborn girl. Whistle, slap, sobbing as the big strap punishes her harshly. Giving her a moment to collect herself, he returns with a giant frat paddle. Determined to leave her bruised and sorry, the paddle makes an immediate impression. Trixie sobs as her bottom is blistered, praying for it to be over.
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Summer Vacation Spanking – Paddle and Belt on Jeans

Trixie looks forward to vacation at her favorite SoCal amusement park, and the spanking she has craved for months. Meeting him in her hotel , she takes a break from sight seeing for a nice hard spanking. Immediately pulled over his knee for a hand spanking on her pretty round bottom in tight jeans. Her voluptuous cheeks bounce under his hand and paddle, beginning to moan from the first solid swats. A brutal drilled paddle forces whimpers out of her as he brings in down hard on her sit spots repeatedly. She is ordered over the edge of the bed for a healthy dose of his belt.
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