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TiedForTickling – Squirm – Riley Richman

We’ve found Riley’s weak spot and we’re going to work it. We stock her on the bars..asurance she is going nowhere…We begin to work her body and Riley squirms…Her puffy nipples beg to be clamped and we oblige…Her shrieks fill the Dungeon and we leave her breathless.
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Tied For Tickling – Insanity – Caddy Compson

Caddy Compson is roped down tightly…we know how well she can struggle so we set her up with institutional restraints for thrashing comfort…Bane begins her tickle experience with cloth pulled back and forth between the toes…very effective for sensitive toe flesh between the creases…then toothbruches under the armpits…Caddy pretty much hates being touched, so tickling is extremely uncomfortable for her…I wrap her head in vet wrap and join Bane in a double tickle session…my tickle technique is more akin to extreme acupreasure play and it drives Caddy insane…10 straight minutes of extreme tickling leaves her exhasuted…A must see for tickle fans!
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Tied For Tickling – Stocked and Tickled – Jeanie Marie

Another hot blonde restrained for Tickling…this time, Jeanie Marie…and this time we use wooden stocks on her wrists, neck and ankles…per a member request…which may have worked against us in Jeanie’s case…she’s a bit anxious to be stocked in the first place…and she finds very quickly that moving too much is very uncomfortable…Bane works with her slowly…some slaves must acclimatize to bondage…this one certainly did…she eventually gets comfortable enough to spout some laughter…stocks are a great idea for tickling and something we will give another go, at least…but for Jeanie, the stocks alone were enough to distress her.
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Tied For Tickling – She Can’t Stand It – Caddy Compson

Caddy is roped down and she looks quite worried actually….why? Is Sal approaching her with pliers or a chain saw? no…an electric toothbrush…but some folks would rather have you rip off a body part than to tickle it…Caddy does her best to giggle through it nicely…but then it starts getting to her…the sensitive annoyance of tickle torment becomes apparent…for a true tickle hater, there is no acting…Caddy can’t stand it!
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Tied For Tickling – Spread for Fun – Krissy Lynn

Krissy Lynn is such a sex pot…I love to get chics like Krissy tied up spread eagle…a great way to feature their outrageous bodies and expose their precious pussies…and watching them thrash around isnt bad either…John Paul gives Krissy a bit of a tickle, and then a round with the magic wand…tickling does seem to increase the bodies sensitivities and Krissy is cumming soon after the vibing begins.
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Tied For Tickling – Resisting the Urge – Reena Sky

Reena is a tough one to tickle…she resists the urge very well, but in doing so she appears to be going through much more than tickling…John Paul takes it to her with a duster, electric toothbrush and his fingers…apparently, it all begins to turn her on…something about the nipples being vibrated…So the Pope does exactly what I would do…he rams the head of the magic wand on her clit and waits for Reena to finally give in.
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Tied For Tickling – Stocked and Spread – Tati Russo with Luke Degre

Tied For Tickling - Stocked and Spread - Tati Russo with Luke Degre'
Tati Russo

The delicious and young Tati Russo is confined in wooden stocks with her legs spread…she seems happily uneasy as Mr. Stull interviews her…she flashes a big bright smile through her anxiety as Luke enters the scene…Tati is so ticklish that even the thought of Luke touching her has her flinching…Degre’ plays it perfectly…she screams and struggles as his fingers find her tickle zones…of which, there are many…he ties her toes and focuses on her bare feet…Luke thoroughly enjoys his role and steps it up a notch by clamping her tender nipples…clover clamps tied off to the sides of the rig give her some big motivation not to struggle…I’ve always liked the way Luke thinks…the tickling becomes more intense and it’s impossible to find where the tickling torment ends and the nipple pain begins…any touch or motion sends her reeling…he finishes her off with the vibrator and leaves her to catch her breath…
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Tied For Tickling – Digging Fingers – Tricia Oaks

Tied For Tickling - Digging Fingers - Tricia Oaks
Tricia Oaks

Too bad for Tricia, I’ve never been much of a tickling dom…sometimes it seems that I just don’t have that ellusive, laughter vibe…So, what Tricia gets is my version of tickling…If I happen to find a tender spot, I’m less likely to give it a tickle than a good finger digging…but first, I cut her clothes off and stretch her out…I make sure to crank up all the slack, leaving Tricia’s body rigid and helpless to my hard-groping hands…I work over her ribs and thighs…then down to her bare bound feet…I give her a pounding pink belly, then finish her off with the magic wand…
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Tied For Tickling – No Sympathy – Emily Addison

Tied For Tickling - No Sympathy - Emily Addison
Tied For Tickling

Emily is just hot…one of the hottest models around…We strip her down and cuff her hands above her head, leaving her on her tip toes…John Paul enjoys running his fingers around her perfect body but Emily is much less fond of it…but how can you tell through all that giggling? There is no sympathy for the tickled…
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Doin the Squirm – Karlie Montana

Tied For Tickling - Doin the Squirm - Karlie Montana
Tied For Tickling

Karlie’s body looks fantastic…John Paul gets her roped and cuffed, then begins tickling with his fingers…then onto the double electric toothbrush horror…she’s a lovely laugher…and a squirmer, and the Pope lets her cum at the end…
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8 Minutes of Giggling – Madeline Horn

Tied For Tickling - 8 Minutes of Giggling - Madeline Horn
Tied For Tickling

The Pope gets our model, Madeline Horn, strapped to our body board, with her feet off the ground…her hard body is ripe for some agitation…It’s the madness and convulsive laughter of probing fingers and vibrating dental tools…being tickled is exhuasting….After eight minutes, Madeline can tell you, being tickled aint no fun…
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