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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: Deep Subspace For Mindless Puppets (July 4th 2017)

The Mistress B

Take a deep breath and begin to relax. Watch and listen as I guide you, deep, down into that blissful, mindless subspace. I will be your guide on this journey. You need not think about anything. Let everything else fade away. Focus exclusively on my words and on the image in front of you. Now deeper. Sink further into relaxation, into mindlessness. You will drift down until you belong completely to me.

Deep down under my spell, immersed in my trance. Now slowly begin to stroke that needy cock that controls you. Stroke, not to attain orgasm, but just to let yourself go deeper. Isn’t it blissful? Being completely mindless for me. Not having any cares or any thoughts. Your body completely relaxed except for all of the energy coursing between your legs. And that’s where I want you to focus, focus on that need, on that desire, on that accumulation of lust. It’s all for me. I own you. I control you. I am your puppet master. And you go along with whatever I say.

And now I want you to realize how extraordinary it is to be helpless and free. It feels so good to belong to me. It feels so good to do as I say. It feels so good to listen and obey. Sinking deeper now, immersing yourself in me. Stroking, lusting, you love the deep subspace that I give you. The lack of control means a lack of responsibility, and here now with me, you can be anyone you want, or no one at all. Be nothing except what I want you to be and who I want you to be. And I want you to be my puppet, my mindless slave. Jerk for me puppet. You are under my spell, sinking further with each word I speak. You belong to me and it feels so good.
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: It’s So Easy To Extract Information When You’re Horny

The Mistress B

Do you wanna know why it’s so fun to blackmail you? Well first, because it’s so easy. All I have to do is twirl my hair and lick my lips, and your dick starts twitching. And you can’t help it, it’s just automatic. And then you start pumping, and all therushes from your brain to your dick and then you’re so easy to manipulate. I just squeeze my tits together and make a little pouty face and just like that, you’re willing to hand over all of your information.

You’re going to spill all kinds of information. It’s so fun to work you over. But that’s not the only reason I enjoy blackmailing you. There’s the money of course. I can extort you over and over again. Just with a little bit of information and I can use that to extract more information. Just stroke right now puppet, you don’t need to think about that right now. But that is another reason why blackmail is so much fun, it’s never ending. Once I get inside of your head and find out every detail of your life, once I get you to crack, it all comes pouring out. Stroke puppet, the more you stroke the easier it will spill out.

You see once I have just a little bit of information, I can use that to blackmail you out of more information. It just keeps building and building. You lose all control. You’re so fucked. And I’m not going to stop extracting information and money. I’m going to continue to extort you until there’s nothing left. This is your life now. And the only way you can enjoy it, is by getting off on it. You’re no longer in control of your finances, you’re no longer in control of anything, because once the money runs out, I’m going to make you pay in other ways. This never ends. I have taken over your life and all because of that weak, needy dick. If you had been able to resist me, than I wouldn’t have been able to manipulate you out of your information. If you had more will power, if you weren’t such a lonely, pathetic little jerkoff loser, well, you wouldn’t be in this little predicament. But since you are, you can blame it that cock in between your legs.

Stroke for me thinking about how I own you, and about how this will go on forever. You will always be my blackmail bitch. Now cum for me idiot. I own you.
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: Your Cum Is Your Ego, Now Gobble It Up

The Mistress B

We both know that this clip isn’t about me teasing you, and edging you on how to slowly pull up and down on that cock. This clip isn’t about making you crazy by instructing you to circle around that tip and edge and zone out. No. This clip isn’t about your orgasm, but it’s still necessary. This clip is about making you love tasting your own cum.

Stroke for me. Stroke with purpose. Stroke and know that I’m not only going to have you gobbling up your own cum, but you’re going to be doing it gladly. You’re gonna want to do it. You are going to become my cum eating loser. I tell you to slurp it up and that’s what you’ll do. And you’ll do it eagerly with a smile on your face. Do you know why I want you to love tasting your own cum? Because I want you to prove to me just how pathetic you really are.

Convincing you will be quite easy. You’re so stupid and easy to manipulate. It won’t take much. I figured out your secret, it’s your cock. Your cock is your conduit to your brain. And when your dick is horny and you’re turned on, your mind is so blissfully turned off. Just focus on my words and pump that cock and think about how I’m going to make you eat your own cum. Think about how that makes you so vulnerable. Think about how that makes you a cum eating puppet.

Go on loser, cum for me, explode right into your hand. Collect all of your ego right in the palm of your hand. Look at it, look at how disgusting you’re going to be for me. Now gobble it up, all in one mouthful. Doesn’t that taste good? That’s the taste of humiliation. Now make sure you lick it all off of your fingers.
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: Mind Washing And Identity Reprogramming For Mindless Puppets

The Mistress B

This powerful hyp n0 t!c clip is filled with visual delights, and carefully placed auditory echoes and sounds that will take you deep into a mindless trace.

Just the sound of my voice instantly relaxes you. Just looking into my eyes, puts your mind at ease, and makes you want to fall down under my spell. Deep into trance for me. That’s it. Breathe in deeply, relax. Let the wave of relaxation wash over you as everything else disappears. It’s just you and me now. And you get to completely wash away your old identity. You get to be completely mindless, no thoughts at all. Nothing. I am in control now. You are falling fast. I’m going to place a new identity in you. I tell you what to think. That’s right puppet, just listening to the sound of my voice makes your mind melt and your cock twitches and you are completely under my control.

Start stroking for me. Let all of your thoughts disappear. Just look at me and know that you have no control. Without you even realizing it, I am programming you to be a better slave, a better nothing. You don’t have thoughts or desires, I control all of you. Just stroke for me as everywhere else except for that needy jerk stick goes numb. There is no you. There is nothing outside of this bubble. No stress, no responsibilities, nothing but you, me and that pulsating cock. Let it take you away. Feel how it twitches for me. I own that cock. I own you. I own your thoughts, your desires and your emotions. And you love it. You love being blank for me. You love submitting to me. You love giving me access to your mind and you love my control. Just keep on pulsating with the sound of my voice.

Keep pumping and pumping and let that brain leak out of your cock. Nothing else matters but your submission to me. You need this, you need my control and my release. You need to go blank for me. You get this aching inside of you, it’s too much, you have to get your fix. You need this. Go brainless, go blank. You love being reprogrammed into a better submissive, a better person. Stroke for me, my mindless drone. Stroke my little puppet. That’s it. Now squirt for me, my pathetic hyp n0 slut.
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: This Isn’t Forced Bi, It’s Explaining Who You Are/An Uncontrollable Addiction To Sucking Cock

Humiliation POV The Mistress B: This Isn't Forced Bi, It's Explaining Who You Are

The Mistress B

Its only natural that you would evolve into a little subby bitch who wants to suck cock. Its completely predictable. This whole thing started out so innocently with a little fetish. And then it grew and transformed until you found yourself falling deeper and deeper into the web of humiliation and degradation. But you all have one thing in common, you are all submissive freaks. You live to serve. And eventually your fetishes were turned into a form of cuckolding. You are have become the lowest of the low.

You are a loser and you cannot please a woman. You have a pathetic little horny dick that controls your sad life. And its starting to get hard and youre starting to squirm hearing all of these truths that Im telling you. You realized that you can never please a woman and that you are inferior to her and alpha men. No woman would ever choose you over alpha dick. And after testing the waters in femdom, youve come to accept this as true. You didnt expect to find yourself here, youre not even sure how you ended up here. It all started out so small and innocently.

And then one day it happened, in addition to worshiping me, you began to crave worshiping cock. You began thinking about being on your knees below a big thick dick, looking up at it, licking it, swallowing it, sucking on it. Thats what you want, isnt it faggot? And as I said, its a perfectly normal progression for beta loser like you.

Stroke to the idea of sucking big cocks. But you wanna start with my dick, you want to be right here in between my legs, licking, sucking and gagging on my cock as you look up at me. I wanna see you gag, I wanna see tears streaming down your face. I wanna hear you choke on my dick. This isnt about forced bi, this is explaining who you are. Its who you are because its what Ive made you.
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: You Cum Too Often And You Only Please Yourself, You Selfish Fuck

Humiliation POV The Mistress B: You Cum Too Often And You Only Please Yourself, You Selfish Fuck

The Mistress B

You have to know what we think of you. All of these beautiful, confident women that you lust after. You have to know each and every one of us knows that youre nothing but a loser. But it goes so much further than that. We understand that as a loser you spend the majority of your time stroking, alone, in your room, with just a computer to keep you company. We understand your only sex life consists of just that, fucking your hand, and thats why youre a loser, among other reasons.

You see theres a relationship here. Youre a loser because you stroke alone, youre socially awkward, and youre submissive. And because have these qualities, you stroke alone and youre a loser. Its a cycle from which there is no end. And as an inferior loser, a beta male, in my opinion, you cum much too often. How many times a day do you stroke alone with just your computer? I know its way too many times. Dont you know as a beta bitch, you should not be cumming as often as an alpha male?

Alphas, male or female, can cum as often as they like. But the truth is they dont. Because they dont need to. They arent compulsive masturbators. They have other things going on in their lives. Their lives dont revolve around jerking off like yours does. But the main point here is that when an alpha cums, he offers something in return. He fucks a woman and pleases her. You, beta loser, you just jerk offering nothing in return. Your orgasms are selfish. Losers are selfish, real men give pleasure. And thats why you have to pay for your orgasms. You have to please us, you have to offer something in return.

When youre jerking wildly to our clips, what do you give back in return? Nothing. Your orgasms do nothing for us. Your cock does nothing for us. Sure you pay for these clips, but do you think that is giving back enough? Dont you know how much more fulfilling an orgasm can be when you pay a cum tax and know that you are pleasing someone other than yourself when you cum? And you know you should also ask my permission each time you cum. Thats the kind of loser I want you to strive to be. I want you to refrain from cumming every time you stroke. Your orgasms belong to me, the alpha in this relationship. And when you want to cum, you have to ask my permission, and after you cum, you have to pay your cum tax. I mean after all, who is it whos responsible for that orgasm you just had? Me.
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