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Firm Hand Spanking – Sophie Taylor – Sorority Sisters – FJ

Finale 15-swat bare paddling for college girl Sophie Taylor turns buns red.

Bent over a table, pretty college freshman Sophie Taylor grits her teeth as Alison Miller takes aim at her thong-clad bottom in Sorority Sisters. A cheek-quivering 15 swats with a wooden paddle turn her buttocks crimson. Reaction Cam replay shows every moment of her reactions, plus slow-motion, bottom bouncing impacts in this epic series finale.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Sophie Taylor – Sorority Sisters – FH

Superhero caning? It can only be Alison Miller’s fantasy roleplay series!

In a classic superhero costume and skintight lurex leggings, Alison Miller bends over a desk to present her beautifully sculpted buttocks for a caning in Costume Correction. Her roleplay series has a fantasy ‘Supergirl’ figure punished for creating too much damage while capturing villains! Get her super bottom bare Mr Friday: she deserves it!
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Firm Hand Spanking – Sophie Taylor – Sorority Sisters – FG

100 strokes with a riding crop across college freshman Sophie Taylor’s bare ass.
See Sophie Taylor’s pert bare bottom bounce and jiggle in slow-motion replays as she feels the riding crop in Sorority Sisters. College freshmen need discipline: senior Alison Miller sentences Sophie to 10 whacks with a riding crop for every poor grade – and there’s six of them! She actually gives 100 licks to turn Sophie’s buns red and sore.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Sophie Taylor – Sorority Sisters – FF

Bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush for pretty freshman Sophie Taylor.

There’s nothing quite like the crisp smack of a wooden hairbrush on tight jeans or a bare bottom. When that bottom belongs to pretty college freshman Sophie Taylor in Sorority Sisters, senior Alison Miller makes sure she feels the burn. Inappropriate dress at a sorority fundraiser is a spanking offense, turning that cute bubble butt crimson red.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Sophie Taylor – Sorority Sisters – FE

Bubble butt slim blonde freshman takes a bare caning at her sorority house
Who could resist pretty blonde college freshman Sophie Taylor and her creamy smooth bubble butt? Senior Alison Miller gives 15 strokes of the cane, 10 bare, to Sophie’s jutting buttocks. She’s punished so often, Alison asks “It’s as if you like it or something.” Sophie’s reply startles her as she willingly bends over for the cane: “I’ll never tell!”
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Firm Hand Spanking – Sophie Taylor – Sorority Sisters – FD

Strict college discipline for pretty freshman Sophie Taylor burns her bare butt.

Bent beautifully over a sofa, stunning Sophie Taylor flinches as college senior Alison Miller lashes her bare buttocks with a stinging leather tawse. “When she started, I didn’t think it was too bad,” confessed Sophie. “But the sting gets worse and worse and my butt was on fire!” Missing a sorority house meeting deserves a serious strapping.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Sophie Taylor – Sorority Sisters – FB

Alison Miller enjoys the power of spanking college freshman Sophie Taylor.

Pert, creamy rear upended over Alison’s lap, pretty freshman Sophie Taylor knows she’s irritated her sorority senior enough to earn a second spanking. Sophie’s bouncing bare buttocks turn a deeper red as the spanking builds in speed and intensity, setting her squirming over Alison’s lap. “She has a good booty for spanking!” laughs Alison.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Sophie Taylor – Sorority Sisters – FA

Sophie Taylor makes her spanking debut with Firm Hand in Sorority Sisters.

Cute blonde Sophie Taylor wants to join an exclusive sorority at college – but first has to prove herself to senior Alison Miller. What better way to test a pledge’s commitment than to spank her bare bottom? “I felt really silly lying over Alison’s knee,” admits Sophie. “When she started spanking, I realised she meant business and red cheeks”
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