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Brat Princess 2: Chloe and Sasha – Slave Whipped while Frightened Sissy Dances to Entertain Princesses (1080 HD)

Chloe and Sasha survey the damage they have done to their slave with a previous beating. His back is already heavily marked by the girls. But it isn’t enough to satisfy the sadistic Princesses. They want the slave to suffer more for their amusement. The slave complains that he is too sore to take another beating, but the Princesses do not care. They string him up anyway. Sissy helga attends Chloe. Helga does not like to witness the cruel beatings of the slaves from the stables. It frightens her. Chloe likes to keep helga in fear, so she makes the sissy watch. Soon, just having helga in attendance is not enough to satisfy Chloe’s cruelty. Chloe makes the sissy humiliate itself by dancing for her amusement while she and Sasha continue to beat the tethered slave. Unsatisfied by helga’s pathetic attempt to entertain, Chloe and Sasha decide to string her up and whip her next. Perhaps the sissy’s screams will be more amusing than her ridiculous dancing.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Cum Clean-Up

The gorgeous Goddess Brianna always deserves to have anything she wants. Goddess Brianna sips wine as one of her foot slaves worships her perfect feet, when she reveals that she caught him pleasuring himself to a video of her. It was not just any video, however. The slut was watching Goddess Brianna make one slave suck another slave’s cock. With access to this slave’s secret, perverted, cum-craving desires, she has a new plan in store for her little whore. He can start to earn a cock down his throat by taking Goddess Brianna’s strap-on between his lips. Then, once her slave has had enough practice, she’ll bring in her stud’s big cock. Goddess Brianna expects her slave to eagerly suck her stud’s cock until his mouth is full of his thick, white, hot load. Tied down and given no choice, he will become Goddess Brianna’s cock sucking bitch!
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Cruelgirlfriend – Reprogrammed At The Gloryhole

Whether a sissy like you can learn to enjoy being made to suck cock or getting fucked like a real girl isn’t actually important. What is important is that you accept that these are the services sissies are expected to perform. Whether you enjoy it or not is of no concern to me or the men who will use you and eventually it’ll be of no concern to you too. The sooner you learn to accept how you’re to be used the easier it will be for you. We all have our ways of getting our sissies to their lowest point of emasculation but my preferred way of breaking a sissy down is by taking her to a glory hole, for an extreme reprogramming course. You’ll be taken completely feminized in the most degrading whorish outfit and you’ll be forced down onto your stockinged knees, with your hands cuffed behind your back and your steel sissy collar shackled to an anchor point just below the hole in the wall. Your helpless, painted mouth will be held in place less than an inch away from the hole that men will push their anonymous cocks through. You’ll have literally no hope of escape from the endless stream of cocks that push through the glory-hole and into your poor untrained sissy mouth. This is how you learn to accept your sissy-status. This is the lesson a sissy needs to understand you’re nothing more than an object for other men’s sexual pleasure. You’ll gag and fight it at first – but eventually you’ll submit to the forced-fag shame you’re being subjected to. You’ll be left like this hour hours – maybe days but eventually you’ll be freed – with cum filling your belly and splashed all over your face.
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Mistress Stella – Patreon Rip – Affirmations and Assignments [EMP EXCLUSIVE]

Mistress Stella is a pretty famous mistress that focus mainly in feminization/sissyfication. Their files are probably the best regarding audio production quality.
In mid 2016 she started a patreon campaign. For the 5$ tier, she does 2 categories of files, Afirmations and Assignments.
Clips range from 3 to 10 minutes and do what the name says. Every 2 weeks she puts up something new for the patreons.

This is a $5 Tier rip of Mistress Stella Short files til date.
The list follows as such:
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Sissy Slut’s Progress

Goddess Brianna’s sissy bitch has returned after a few weeks of training and stands before her as her human ashtray. Goddess Brianna is satisfied with this slut’s improvements and allows the servile whore the priviledge of worshipping the Goddess’s incredible feet. The slut lays inside a wooden smotherbox, pathetic in a girly french maid uniform, and sucks on her perfect heels, begging for more.
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Femdom Empire – Asia Perez – Pathetic Male Bitch

Mistress Asia thinks you make a pathetic excuse for a male, so she plans on turning you into her chastised sissy slut. Get out your sluttiest panties and a fat dildo so you can be trained in the art of “Sissy Cock Sucking” LOL Looks like fellatio is your thing, you are never getting out of chastity now sissy boy!
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Cruelgf: Apply To Be Our Dreamhouse Sissy Maid

We’re recruiting sissy maids to keep the CruelGirlfriend Dreamhouse clean and tidy at all times. I’m gonna take you on a tour of the whole dreamhouse – where the girls live and hang out with their real men and what we expect from our feminized missy-maids. We’ll start in the hall where we leave our dirty heels and sweaty sneakers for cleaning. Sissy maids will be expected to keep our shoes totally IMMACULATE! I’ll show you the little sissy-prison you’ll be allowed to sleep and prepare yourself in and the rooms the girls bedrooms that you’ll be expected to keep tidy. We’re all pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning up after ourselves which is why pansy sissies like you have an actual purpose in life. You’ll pick our panties and clothes off the floor for washing, and go around clearing up used condoms and sex-toys after we’ve had our boyfriends over. I’ll show you the kitchen where you’ll spend much of your day washing up, preparing our meals, fetching drinks for us and doing the laundry and chores and then I’ll take you out into the Dreamhouse gardens. This is where all your sissy-maid training will be put to the test when we have our famous CruelGirlfriend garden parties. You’ll be made to wait on all of our guests and provide a whole lot of entertainment for everyone! Finally, I’ll take you down to where you’ll end up if you fail to complete your duties to our satisfaction – the stables. This is where sissies are punished for their laziness. All applicants for the position of Dreamhouse sissy-maid will need to reply to the email address at the end of the video.
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Divine Goddess Jessica: Faggy’s First Fuck

I finally talked my little slut, faggy, into taking on a real live cock! She found some old horny dude on craigslist, dressed up in some skanky outfit and sucked him off in a motel room. Watch my reaction video and see what it’s like to be critiqued on your dick sucking skills. Watch me laugh at her when she squirms away and wimps out of taking a cock in the ass.
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Theenglishmansion: Elizabeth’s House Maid (Complete Movie)

Governess Elizabeth is enjoying an afternoons reading and relaxation but has been waiting far too long for her maid Tiffany to bring her Champagne. When she appears with no excuse, she is taken in hand with a swift spanking. Tiffany then starts to dust the room, a chore she should of completed earlier but ends up making dust fall on Mistress, so again she is put over the knee and spanked harder and longer. Elizabeth then decides to train Tiffany on her big rubber strapon, fucking her mouth with it before stretching her ass with her gloved fingers and a big pink dildo. Tiffany is then fucked with her first ever strapon, the big length sliding in and out as she gyrates her hips with new found pleasures. Mistress is so pleased with how the training is going that she allows Tiffany to be tied to the treat chair for a few minutes of intense pleasure.
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MeanWorld / DeviantDavid: Mena Mason 4a

Mena calls a handyman to fix her blender and ends up with a new sissy slave! She makes David put on his sissy clothes so she can whore him out. ASSLICKING, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!
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MeanWorld / DeviantDavid: Leya Falcon

David picks up a hooker and wants to pay to have sex with her. She takes one look at his puny cock and bursts out laughing. She tells him to get out, but he pays her extra to let him lick her dirty asshole! FACESITTING, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!
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Cruel Girlfriend: Sissy Shopper (HD WMV)

OMG look at all this sissy porn on your PC. Guys in panties and maid uniforms getting humiliated – this is fucked up! I don’t know whether to laugh or vomit! I need to call Charlotte right now – she’s gonna find this fucking hilarious! So y’know Charlotte works at the swanky department store? Well she’s found the BEST way to punish you for all that sissy porn I found on your PC. I called her and told her all about your fucked up fetishes and after we’d finished laughing about what a total faggot you must be, she came up with an awesome punishment just for you missy! So this is what’s gonna happen sissy-missy. We’re going to take you to the salon for the works. Hair, nails, makeup. You’re going to look so so pretty by the time they’ve finished. I know it’s going to be humiliating for you – perched up high on that stool while all the store girls giggle at you and the shoppers walk by, laughing and pointing at you but that’s too bad sissy because after you’ve been made to look like a flawless girl we’re going to dress you like one to. We’ll find the perfect outfit for you to grab attention in. It’s going to be the most humiliating day of your life and you’ll get to relive it over and over again because it’s all going to be recorded! And the best thing is – it’s going to be used in the stores ad campaign – IF WE CAN MAKE A GUY LOOK THIS GOOD – IMAGINE WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU GIRLS! Your sissy makeover will be everywhere. Online, maybe even TV! Aw boo-hoo for the poor exposed sissy!
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Cruel Girlfriend: Makeup Assignment For Sissy Sluts

This is a tutorial to help you prepare for your first cocksucking experience where I show you how to achieve the perfect look for your real man to blow his alpha load all over. It’s important for a real man to have something pretty to look at when he’s jerking off or getting his cock sucked so as a sissy it’s your responsibility to make sure he has that perfect view. We’ll start with your eyes because to enhance the humiliation of sucking on a real-man’s cock a sissy needs to maintain eye contact. When a defeated sissy is kneeling in front of a real man, with a huge alpha cock forcing its way into her throat she must look up at her master through her thick false eyelashes into the eyes of the stud who is emasculating her. Your eyes need to look pretty for him so let’s make sure they sparkle for him. Next, we need to give your real man something nice to put his cock into – a perfectly painted cock-sucking mouth. Your lips should look bright and glossy with thick layers of the prettiest shade of lip-gloss. Your real man wants to have the evidence of his conquest over you smeared all over his thick stud cock and balls so you’re going to make sure you have plenty of lipstick on your lips for him. Finally, he wants to see the shame and humiliation of your predicament written all over your face so we’re going to add some extra blush to your cheeks. You’re going to look totally ashamed of yourself as his cock pushes into your sissy mouth.
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Femdom Empire – Gigi Allens – Sissy Slut Enslavement

Goddess Gigi and her sexy lesbian lover have special plans in store for you! They don’t believe you were born to be a man and would much rather have their very own sissy slut to tease and torment. You will never be allowed to dress in male clothes again as Goddess Gigi has a brand new wardrobe full of frilly, sissy and extra slutty outfits with your name on it. Maybe if you are a good girl they will restrain you tightly in the corner and force you to watch them fuck each other with their big, strap-ons. Don’t try to run as there is no escaping your sissy transformation when your fate has been sealed by the twisted mind of your Lesbian Goddess.

Featuring: Gigi Allens
Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction, Sissy
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Humiliatrix – Keyholder Selena Abuses Your Cock After Three Weeks in Chastity

“After I’ve had you locked in chastity for three weeks, you’d do ANYTHING to pop a boner for Selena. Well I’m going to free you from your penis prison today. But do you know what I’m going to do to you THEN, once I unlock that cockcage? You’re about to find out, aren’t you, jerky boy. Present your cock and balls to me. NOW.…”

Goddess Selena, male chastity torment, CBT, relentless verbal humiliation, sissy…
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Femdom Empire – Adriana Chechik – Sissy Slut Makeover

Your life as the man of the house is officially over since Mistress Adriana has decided to turn you into her obedient, sissy hubby! She wears the pants now in this relationship as the only fucking will be happening when you are on all fours with a cock rammed deep inside you. Get on your knees and obey your Mistress’s orders as your sissy transformation is about to begin…

Featuring: Adriana Chechik
Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction, Sissy
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Femdom Empire – Sissies Deserve Cuckolding

I am in charge which means I do whatever I want… You can warm my pussy up for my date, but just know that I will be out enjoying big cocks while you are at home dreaming of your bitch-goddess. Get on your knees and stare at my pierced clit and pretty pussy, now jerk your little sissy dick. I want to completely cuckold you. I want to have you addicted and loyal to me while I go and fuck whomever I please. lol That sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? You are not man enough to handle a woman like me, you are better off serving as my sissy cuckold. Worshiping pussy and ass making me happy and pleasing ME!! XX-Mistress Ally

Featuring: Ally Tate
Categories: Cuckolding, Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction, Sissy
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Kinky Mistresses – Kacy Kisha & Queen Lissandra – Suck The Real Cock And Take The Strap-on

Featuring Lady Kacy Kisha, Mistress

Thats a slaves life,…. sucking reals cocks for the Mistress and get also fucked from a second Lady with a rubber cock. But he likes to suck the cock of the tv bitch? Or he get forced for this?

Parts: 2
Total Duration: 10 minutes 7 seconds
Photos: 20
Tags: bisexual, bisexuall, bitch, blowjob, cock, doll, domina, femdom, forcedbi, kacy, kinky, mistress, rubber, sissy, tv
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MeanWorld / DeviantDavid: Kianna Dior 3

MeanWorld / DeviantDavid: Kianna Dior 3MeanWorld / DeviantDavid: Kianna Dior 3

David hasn’t seen Kianna in 10 years so he tells her he has a new business project he wants to discuss with her and invites her over. When she gets there (looking as HOT as ever!) she takes one look at him and is disgusted. She verbally degrades him and tells him that he is not a man any more. She tells him she hasnt seen him in ten years but he looks like he’s 40 years older. She decides that she doesnt want to be seen with a man that pathetic. So… she decides to make him into a woman. She puts a wig on him and tells him that he’s a pretty little sissy bitch. She tells him that he works for her now. She’s opening up a new escort agency and she’s going to pimp him out like a good little sissy. She smothers him into submission with her HUGE TITS and perfect Asian Ass! HOT SCENE with Sissification, Facesitting, Ass Worship, Foot Worship, Humiliation, and much more!
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Femdom Empire – Rubber Sissy Submission Austin Lynn

Femdom Empire - Rubber Sissy Submission Austin Lynn
Austin Lynn

Rubber slut training is officially in session as Mistress Austin Lynn transforms her slave into a proper sissy doll. His little man clit is locked in chastity forever since there will be no more pussy for Mistress’s new princess. The only sex her rubber bitch will ever have will be when a big cock is penetrating his soon to be gaping slut-hole.

Featuring: Austin Lynn
Categories: Chastity, Sissy, Tattooed
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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Lilse – My Slave In Black

Kinky Mistresses - Mistress Lilse - My Slave In Black
Mistress Lilse

Featuring Mistress Lilse

Mistress lilse like to play with her fetish slave slut. He have to wear complete black fetish outfit a strong ballet boots so that he cant walk. she like to play with his nipples under the lycra catsuit

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 6 minutes 49 seconds
Photos: 10
Tags: ballet, bdsm, boots, catsuit, cbt, domina, dominant, femdom, fetish, heels, kinky, lilse, mask, mistress, nipple, nippleplay, play, sissy, slave, slaveslut, submissive
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Mistress Kiana Fucks Her Sissy Maid

Kinky Mistresses - Mistress Kiana Fucks Her Sissy Maid
Mistress Kiana

Featuring Mistress Kiana

Mistress Kiana in great form as she abuses her sissy maid with her strap-on cock.
Parts: 3
Total Duration: 16 minutes 12 seconds
Photos: 20
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Doggy-chow Sissy Humiliation Skin Diamond

Femdom Empire - Doggy-chow Sissy Humiliation Skin Diamond
Skin Diamond

Mistress Skin humiliates and punishes her rubber sissy for not completing her chores quickly enough. Skin bitch slaps sissy and tells her to get on her knees to lick the bottoms of her heels clean, sissy needs to be broken of any pride and clean and serve her mistress at any price. Mistress Skin then opens a can of food then dips her heel in. Mistress Skin laughs as sissy pathetically licks the d0ggy-chow form her heels. Then Mistress Skin dips her strap-on dildo into the mystery meat and fucks her face with the gross food. Mistress Skin teaches her bitch to obey orders at any cost.

Featuring: Skin Diamond
Categories: Humiliation, Sissy
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Humiliation POV: Jerkoff To Your Credit Card Statement

Humiliation POV: Jerkoff To Your Credit Card Statement
Humiliation POV: Jerkoff To Your Credit Card Statement
Humiliation POV: Jerkoff To Your Credit Card Statement

Princess Lexie

Oh look, my personal wallet is back for more abuse. I know how much you love spending on me, how much it makes your cash cock twitch. And last time you spent a LOT on me, we maxxed out your credit card. Wasn’t that fun? Well today we’re going to have even more fun, I want you to go get your credit card statement. I want it printed out in front of you. And I want you to look at it. Do you see how much you spent? Does that scare you or are you getting even more excited? Ha, I know you’re getting hard just looking at it, seeing how much you spent, how stupid you were.

Normally you like to block it all out of your mind, how much you spent. You regret it until your dick gets hard again and then you just can’t help but spend again. But today, I’m not going to let you forget. You’re going to look right at your credit card statement and you’ll see exactly how much I took from you. And as you stare at it, you’re going to jerkoff. That’s right, I want you to jerkoff to your credit card statement, piggy. Stare at all of those purchases you made for me. Look at the shoes you bought, the lingerie, the cash tributes. Doesn’t that get you hard? I know it does.

Go on loser, jerk it for me as you stare at that maxxed out bill. Stroke and realize that I took all of your cash. I totally drained you. Jerk to the thought that Princess Lexie completely ruined you. Jerk to your fucking credit card statement. LOL, I’ll bet you’ve never done this before. You freak! Look at what turns you on! You’re so fucked.

Just thinking about all that money that I took from you just turns you on so much, doesn’t it loser? I’ll bet you want to pull out another credit card and max it out right now. I love that fact that you’re broke, that your credit card is maxxed out. I love knowing that I just fucked your wallet and completely ruined you.

Did you ever think you’d be here, with me on your screen and you on your knees with your credit card statement in hand, jerking away furiously? Look what I can do to you loser. You love reliving it over and over again. You’re so turned on. I know you’re so close, and when you blow that load, I want you to do it all over that credit card statement! LOL! Oh my god you’re so pathetic! Fuck you loser.
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Humiliation POV Kayla Jane: I Will Financially Fuck Your Piggy Brain To Bankruptcy

Humiliation POV Kayla Jane: I Will Financially Fuck Your Piggy Brain To Bankruptcy
Humiliation POV Kayla Jane: I Will Financially Fuck Your Piggy Brain To Bankruptcy
Humiliation POV Kayla Jane: I Will Financially Fuck Your Piggy Brain To Bankruptcy

Kayla Jane Danger

Hello little piggy. You should know that this is going to cost you. Dearly. At first, you might be able to afford me, but it’s going to get worse both in the amounts you pay and in your desperation to see me more. You see, each time you see me it’s going to get more and more expensive. Do I look like a cheap Goddess to you?

First I’m going to start out in smaller increments to suck you in. I know how your piggy brain works. Then each time you want to see me again, the cost will go up. I know you will grow more desperate to see me, to have me take more from you. You will beg to pay me more. Then I will go away, and you will need me again. And you will pay more. And the more you pay, the more turned on you will get. Your twitchy cock will betray you. You will pay until it hurts. Until it climbs so high that you can no longer afford to pay me. Then you will not see me again, no matter how much you beg. Your wallet is your only use to me, and once I use you up, I no longer will have any need for you. But your need for me will never go away.

And then your dick will twitch each time of how you think about how I drained you, completely. How I discarded you. How worthless you are as a broke pay piggy. A broken pay piggy. I love bankrupting stupid pigs. You’ll be just another nameless piggy loser whom I’ve destroyed financially. Once you have nothing to offer, I won’t miss you. But you will miss me. You will miss what I do to your stupid piggy brain. You will crave how hard I made you cum. Paying makes you cum so fucking hard. And when you can’t pay, you can’t cum as hard. So you will need it.

But know that I will break you. All of you piggies have a breaking point. I want you to know upfront that I will use you for your cash and discard you, and never think of you again. But you will think of me, of what I’ve done to you. And it will turn you on. And even though you know full well what I’m going to do to you, you simply cannot stop yourself. Your addiction has already started, and it won’t end until you can’t afford me and I disappear.
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Humiliation POV Bratty Bunny: Bratty Reality Home Wrecking, No Longer A Fantasy

Humiliation POV Bratty Bunny: Bratty Reality Home Wrecking, No Longer A Fantasy
Humiliation POV Bratty Bunny: Bratty Reality Home Wrecking, No Longer A Fantasy
Humiliation POV Bratty Bunny: Bratty Reality Home Wrecking, No Longer A Fantasy

Bratty Bunny

Ummm, this thing with you and your girlfriend, um that’s totally not gonna work anymore. You need to dump her. And I don’t mean this in a fantasy kinda way, I mean for real, you need to ditch the bitch. Seriously. That cunt needs to go. I mean look at me, this is everything you want, right in front of you. And we both know that your sex life sucks, it’s gross to even think about. Ew!

I’m serious, I want you to Really break up with her and I need proof. I want a text or an email or a voicemail from her so I know that you’ve really done it. I’m not here for fun, I’m here to fuck up your relationship. I am the only woman in your life, right here on your computer screen. You see you jerk off every day to me on your computer, which means you’re not even having sex with her because you’d rather jerk to me. So what kind of relationship is that? I mean, really, let’s be honest here. I’m trying to be truthful and sincere which is more than you can say about yourself. I’m really trying to help you out, honestly I am.

If you don’t dump her, then I’m blocking you. And you know you can’t live without me. You and I have way more of a connection with you jerking off to my image on the computer than you ever had with her. Look at me loser, look at my ass, you know you can’t say no to me. You need to pay attention to me, spend your money on me, and give everything to me. You need me, not some sloppy ass bitch. Let’s face it, you hate her. There’s no reason to be with her. You love me. Tell me you love me.

This is the type of relationship you need. I am the type of woman you need. Let’s face it, two submissives don’t work, you need a powerful, dominant female in your life. Look how weak you are. You see, I know exactly what you need so you need me, not her. Don’t cum yet loser. I want you to have a hard dick when you break up with her because I want you thinking of me the whole time. Because even after you’re done, everything is going to be about me.

That bitch needs to go, do you understand? Honestly this is the best thing that’s ever happened to you. So go break up with that stupid, worthless bitch. You need to add purpose and meaning to your life and only I can give you that. This isn’t a fantasy, I’m not joking around, I want you to do it. Prove yourself to me. Show me how much you love me.
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