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Brat Princess 2: Charlotte – Today is Just an Edging Session (1080 HD)

1080 HD Charlotte lets her dummy out of chastity every so often. She wants her dummy to hurry up and jerk it fast, so she can get on with her day. Charlotte’s dummy wants to cum, but he isn’t allowed to. Today is just a quick edging. She tells the dummy to kiss her ass and shoes. Charlotte’s dummy is very pathetic. He jerks it only when and how Charlotte tells him to. She wants him to jerk fast, so that he can get to the edge quick. She doesn’t want to spend her whole day with a loser. Charlotte needs to supervise it while it’s out of chastity to make sure that it doesn’t cum. Every time it gets too close to going over the edge, Charlotte yells at it to stop jerking. The dummy begs its Princess to be allowed to cum. Charlotte loves to hear the groveling, but would never give a loser something just because it begged. Once the dummy gets to the edge, Charlotte makes it maintain the edge while kissing her perfect ass. If the loser cums, it will be punished. It struggles to maintain its edge without going over. It gets increasingly pathetic, desperate for an orgasm. Charlotte gets tired of hearing the whining. She puts him right back in chastity and goes on with her day.
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Party Destroys slave with a Series of Painful and Humiliating Games (Part 1) (1080 HD)

1080 HD: In part 1 of this clip, Amadahy leads a slave into a sorority party already in progress. The girls play a series of painful and humiliating games with the slave. The first game is “face slap volleyball,” where the slave must crawl to each girl and get slapped in the face. The second is called, “spit cup,” where the slave must balance a cup on its head while the whole sorority spits on its face. The third game is “target practice,” where each girl gets to practice her aim with a flogger. The girls have a lot of fun together, laughing, cheering for each other, and watching the slave grow more and more battered and miserable.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexa and Amadahy – Slave Edged Daily in Preparation for a Ruined Orgasm (1080 HD)

1080 HD: This slave is scheduled for a ruined orgasm at the end of the month. In preparation, the slave is edged daily for 30 days. This makes the monthly ruined orgasm, much, much more unbearable. A cycle of edging and ruined orgasms is very frustrating because the slave is allowed just enough pleasure to remind it that it will never have a full release. The more frustrated a slave is, the more pathetic it becomes. This slave is very pathetic, as it is now entering the third month of this cycle. It begs for a full orgasm. It begs to be allowed to edge longer. It begs to not be put back in chastity. Alexa and Amadahy do not care. They lock it back in chastity and remind it that it needs to be edged all over again tomorrow night. The slave is so miserable now, it’s almost hard to imagine how desperate he will be in another 30 days.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Noe – Leg Fucking with Cum Countdown (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Noe - Leg Fucking with Cum Countdown (720 HD)

AVAILABLE ON MEMBERSHIP SITE! Amadahy and Noe busted this slaves balls really hard earlier. They feel that its earned the privilege to hump their legs like a . The slave fucks Amadahys calves as Noe watches. They giggle at how pathetic the slave is. Amadahy loves watching the eager slave hump her legs. She decides that shell even let it cum this way. Amadahy gives the slave a cum countdown. The slave cums on her command. Amadahys beautiful orange nylons are defiled by the slaves filth. She tells it to stand, and kicks every last drop of cum from its balls. The slave kisses its Princesses feet. The Princesses tell the slave they expect it to clean its spunk off the floor. Arm in arm, the Princesses go to change into their meanest ball kicking boots. When they return, they are going to rip into the slaves balls again.
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