Goddess Alexandra Snow – Fearomones

Pheremones: a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, especially a mammal or an insect, affecting the behavior or physiology of others of its species. // You know how these chemicals work, to influence the opposite sex into a state of attraction. But there are certain creatures, like me, that take these chemicals to an all new level. These chemicals strike you with both fear and arousal simulataneously, bringing you a state of erotic distress that confuses you. Everything in you tells you that you should run, but your cock says you should stay. That’s the beauty of this evolution
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Silky Edging Game

Dressed in super shiny pink satin, I have a devious little edging challenge for you. This little nightie is the ultimate tease and I’m not wearing a bra either… You’re going to have to stare into my beautiful visage as I instruct you to the brink of each orgasm and then wheel you back from the finish over and over. You’re going to build up a massive load for me and then have to wait until I give the command to spill it. I want you to edge until your balls ache.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Out of Body Trance

Come with me, pet. I want to guide you through an intense trance experience. I’m going to seduce you down beneath the waves of my guided relaxation, and then lift you up and away from your body. You will become lighter and lighter like a helium balloon, disconnecting from your corpus and tethered to reality only by my voice. I will send you through waves of pleasure as you venture higher and higher. Weightless and transcendent.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Split Differential Trance

If your mind was like a car, then I already have your wheels spinning helplessly in the mud. Your differential is broken, abused, and done. I have split your mind, seperating your concious and unconcious, only to take over both. You are helpless, spinning your wheels and finding no traction with any of your efforts. I continue to carve into you, diverting all power away from your axles and keeeping it all for myself. And the harder you floor it, the deeper you dig your hole..
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Goddess in Red

Slick red vinyl like dripping wet rubber smoothed over my curvy form makes your dick twitch at the very sight, but the moment I begin to speak, it’s rock hard. I will give you the opportunity to indulge your need for obedience as you grovel at my feet. Take your cock out and begin to work yourself into a frenzy. You will only have so much time to spill your puddle…
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Mistress T – Ass Violated

A FemDom classic! A latex-clad take-control Dominatrix fucking a reluctant bound slave with a big strap-on. Part sensual…part mean…you’ll wish it was you tied down taking that lady cock!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Clouded Mind

If you enjoyed [A New Diet Secret] for the sensual vaping but want more, this is for you. Although I love using a lit cigarette to torment a slave, the soft clouds of vapor from my little vape are so delicious. I love how it feels as it passes from my lips, swirls around my face, and softly drifts away.. I enjoy blowing it into your face, watching you struggle to see me clearly through the fog. The more I breathe into your face, the more clouded your brain becomes. Relax and let it take you down..
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Seduced Confession

You can tell me your deepest secret… you can confess to me. It’s safe. I promise not to laugh. I promise not to tell anyone. I understand… after all, I have a few kinks myself. Tell me what you are into… don’t hold back. I want ALL of it. Doesn’t it feel good to say it out loud? Doesn’t it feel good to be heard, to be seen, to be known? So intimate, isn’t it? It really turns you on… tell me more… I’ll tease the tip of your cock with my pussy… tell me more… if you tell me everything – the absolute truth, I’ll take you fully inside me… deep inside my wet pussy. Give it all to me.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Serve Me and Only Me Trance

This is a streamlined slave training assignment designed for targeted re-centering of your servitude. I will quickly induce your trance and allow you to slide down into that soft and malleable place. Once you are there, in full attention, I will refocus your obedience to serving me. I don’t mind sharing you with others, but your loyalty is to me first and foremost. I will bring you back to the fold to demonstrate that I own you.. always.
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Humiliation POV Kelle Martina: Fuck Your Fist As You Imagine Fucking Me, Sensual JOI For Fist Fuckers

Kelle Martina

Don’t you just love fucking your fist? Wrapping your fingers around your cock and jerking it for me. I love making you do it and you’re going to do it exactly as I tell you because nothing’s better than a long slow fuck. And you’re going to imagine doing exactly that to me, while I slowly tease you. I want you jerking just like I’m going to show you. Nice and slow, pulling your cock for me, making it feel so fucking good. You love stroking your dick for me. That’s exactly what I want you to do.

Stare at my cleavage, I know it makes your cock bob up and down. I want you to imagine how my huge tits would feel around your cock while you’re stroking for me as I tease you with my big boobs. Jerk it faster. Now I want you to jerk it to my legs in my heels and my short little skirt that you can peek up. That just makes you want to stroke even more as you look at the curve of my ass. Jerk, jerk, jerk. Watch me move back and forth on all fours and you stroke up and down. Imagine my pussy sinking down on your cock with every stroke. My pussy is so soft, would you like a little glimpse? I love being a tease.

Now imagine my soft lips, my hot wet mouth wrapped around your cock. Feel my tongue going around your head as you continue to stroke for me. Jerk it faster and faster for me, I’m not finished teasing you yet. Keep stroking. I want you to stroke to my feet, to my lovely toes. My soft soles are perfect grabbing onto your cock and stroking it up and down. Just feeling my body against you, teasing you.

Look at my huge cleavage again, imagine your cock sliding in and out and jerk your cock. That’s it. I’ll bet that could make you cum, thinking about fucking my big tits makes your cock want to cum. And that’s what you’re going to do, you’re going to cum for these big tits. Shoot that cum all over these big tits. That’s a good boy. You just love having me absolutely control your cock, building you up to a huge orgasm.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Party Slave Audition

You’ve heard the stories about our parties…beautiful women being served by submissive males. You want so badly to be used like that. You love to please women. You love to be used & objectified. But can you perform sexually, if that’s what’s desired of you? Let’s see how you do while I stroke your cock & tell you about what happens at these parties…
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – How Deep Is Your Love?

Tell me, pet, how deep is your love for me? What would you do to show your complete and total devotion? Will you lose yourself in my beauty and stay captured forever? Of course you will. This is your calling, your purpose. You live to serve and live to please. I am the core of your being as you shake with tremulous pleasure. I am the deep pool of your existence.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Making You My Slave

What would it be like to kneel in front of me, nervously awaiting my attention? Would you feel awe immediately? Or would you slowly succumb to my will? How long would it take before my satin touch made you a helpless slave to my whims? I am the elegant, austere beauty that you know you cannot reach so you are required to kneel at my feet. Allow me to explain how you will serve me.. what it would truly be like to be right here..
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Gloved Criminal Seduction

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You awake to find me robbing you but my leather gloves immediately arouse you so you just lay there as I approach you, a twinkle in my eye. I seduce you with my leather gloves. The thrill of having a powerful, dangerous woman touch you is overwhelming. I tease you, telling you that I know you’re imagining me fucking you, the grip of my pussy like the grip of my hand around your hard cock. I tell you that if you keep quiet about me robbing you I’ll come back in a couple of weeks & maybe I’ll fuck you then, wearing these gloves, the gloves you know I use to steal & pick locks & at that time I’ll clean you out completely. I’ll drain you in every possible way.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Denied

I want you to suffer.. To suffer with a massive, aching erection and receive zero relief. I want to make your cock so hard that you feel your brain may explode from the pressure, but be denied that orgasm you so desperately want. I will force your balls to build and build fluid until your precum is leaking continuously, but I will not allow you release. There is no orgasm for you.. only denial.
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Goddess Madam Violet: Aural Blowjob Trance and Eat Your Cum

The sweetest most submissive blowjob of your life. AURAL pleasure ; ) Such a treat for you slave, you lucky, lucky boy! As your eyes just to the insane hotness before you you have already shifted into a more submissive mindset, there is simply too much STIMULATING information for your brain – so a part of it simply shuts down. Leading and pacing, imbedded commands, double binds finished with a countdown deepener ensure that you are My psychological prisoner, trapped with nowhere to go but even deeper. When I have induced you thoroughly I begin to play with you. My silken tongue the sweetest of poisons, My words reaching out to you and wrapping themselves around your throbbing dick, It is easy of you to imagine My words like a tongue, flicking the tip of your engorged head, long slow licks up and down your erection…Yes slave, stroke your cock and listen as I use the power of metaphor to give you the best blowjob of your life. Every time I touch Myself you go deeper, every move I make is spellbinding. As always building your pleasure with precision, I show you just how My words lap at your HARD cock, licking and sucking My finger, hearing the noises makes it so real as one word after another DEEPENS My control and PUSHES you further to the edge. So EASY to imagine My perfect lips and pink tongue running up and down your dick, filling your balls with SO much CUM. The sexual torment is relentless, you can barely hold it together, IMAGINE Me swallowing all that delicious creamy CUM. MmmmmImagaine THAT as you get into the correct position to receive your hot creamy load in your own face…by now you will OBEY, you have NO choice, you just want to PLEASE you want to CUM in your face, end this DIVINE blowjob the right way! CUM for Me slave, on My count, MMMMmmmmmmmm taste that say submission, so SWEET : ) Contains: hip n0sis, double binds, imbedded commands, countdown deepener, finger snaps, trigger words, tease, masturbation instruction, cum countdown, cei, Loubs, stockings, tit worship.
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Ceara Lynch: Teasing JOI

Nothing makes you happier then being alone with me after a long stressful day. All you want to do is climb into bed so I can stroke away all your problems. I know how you like it, you always keep coming back, I’m an expert with how you like your cock worked. I know it won’t take much work since my sensual touch hardly compares to the seductress jerking you off. I’ll lick my palms to get them nice and slick before I start to pump your throbbing leaky dick. You’ll be cumming in no time…
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Worship Violet Doll: Rough Bunny JOI

It’s been a while since I’ve allowed you to stroke for Me. So go ahead and pull it out, but I want you to dry jerk it this time. Why? I want you to feel the friction, feel the burn.

Beat it hard and fast until you’re right on the edge. I want it to hurt. Squeeze and pull like you’re milking it for Me, but DO NOT CUM until I give you the word. I want you to jerk it until you walk funny tomorrow.

Will I allow you to cum? Follow all of My instructions carefully, and just maybe I’ll give you the best orgasm ever.
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Miss Lindsey Leigh: Sensual CEI

I know you and I have been quiet the pair for a while. I have been your fantasy for as long as you can remember. My control over your cock and your excitement knowing were about to play make you weak. I know just how weak I can make you too. I know its only a matter of time before you give into what ever goddess wants you to do. Watch me as I tease and show off every curve. Bringing you closer and closer to the edge. Today I want you to prove your devotion to me by licking your cum off your hand. I know you can do this simple task for me. You know how much I enjoy and get off to you being a puppet for me. Keep pumping for goddess, this is our time..
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Goddess Madam Violet: Mindfuck Body Worship

Mastering the art of body worship is crucial if you wish to serve Me. I LOVE to have My delicious body worshipped and desired. Lucky for you, you serve a TRUE Goddess, sheer PERFECTION from head to toe. Whatever your fetish, whatever gets you HARD I have the MOST delicious version of it, face, eyes, lips, breasts, fingers, legs, ass, feet. The ultimate in Sexual Female power begins and ends with Me, I am PURE Goddess incarnate.Assume the correct position, naked and kneeling, and STROKE your dick. Worship Me from head to toe, lose yourself in My body as My seductive words breakdown your mind; you are so addicted to Me, and the way My body makes you feel, you will accept on a deep level everything I tell you. No question. Every inch of Me is a component in your destruction, and My mind-fucking words slide in so easily when youre hard and LOST in My perfect body. Lose yourself. My Agent Provocateur lingerie, elegant, expensive, deliciously arousing. Stroke, worship, lust, desire, but you will NOT cum. This is all about Me, snd the sacred ritual of body worship. I want you to edge into oblivion as I tease, torment, seductively taunt, My words twisting into your heart, leaving a deep dark scar on your mindContains: NLP, trance language, embedded commands and mind manipulation. Edging, tease and denial, Body worship, Feet, heels, naked breasts, lingerie, legs, ass.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Love for Domination Trance

This mental mindgame of trance is going straight to the chase– I’m not interested in leading you down the path of gentle relaxation only to softly coerce you. I want you to obey, to surrender, and give me full ownership. I will have your body kneeling and your mind split assunder as you perform tasks for me under hy-p-nosis. You will look, act, and think like the slave I wish you to be, giving me everything that you are in tiny little pieces. I will assume full control over you and you will thank me for each acquisition as I strip you bare. Your mantra will go hand in hand with each zombie stroke: I own all of you. Your mind.. your body.. your very being.
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Victoria Raye: Stand at Attention for My Big Tits

You want to impress me, soldier? Then get ready to stand at attention for my big tits! You better be ready to follow my sensual commands as I tell you exactly how I want you to stroke your cock.
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: Deep Subspace For Mindless Puppets (July 4th 2017)

The Mistress B

Take a deep breath and begin to relax. Watch and listen as I guide you, deep, down into that blissful, mindless subspace. I will be your guide on this journey. You need not think about anything. Let everything else fade away. Focus exclusively on my words and on the image in front of you. Now deeper. Sink further into relaxation, into mindlessness. You will drift down until you belong completely to me.

Deep down under my spell, immersed in my trance. Now slowly begin to stroke that needy cock that controls you. Stroke, not to attain orgasm, but just to let yourself go deeper. Isn’t it blissful? Being completely mindless for me. Not having any cares or any thoughts. Your body completely relaxed except for all of the energy coursing between your legs. And that’s where I want you to focus, focus on that need, on that desire, on that accumulation of lust. It’s all for me. I own you. I control you. I am your puppet master. And you go along with whatever I say.

And now I want you to realize how extraordinary it is to be helpless and free. It feels so good to belong to me. It feels so good to do as I say. It feels so good to listen and obey. Sinking deeper now, immersing yourself in me. Stroking, lusting, you love the deep subspace that I give you. The lack of control means a lack of responsibility, and here now with me, you can be anyone you want, or no one at all. Be nothing except what I want you to be and who I want you to be. And I want you to be my puppet, my mindless slave. Jerk for me puppet. You are under my spell, sinking further with each word I speak. You belong to me and it feels so good.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Nude Milking

A gorgeous sensual Domination hand job scene with a big cock & huge cum shot. Of course I’m teasing you & encouraging you to jerk off with me…you’re so easily controlled, aren’t you?
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