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One year ago, Sephora -whose real name is Safira (you didn’t know that guys!)- talked to us about a good friend of hers who performs domination. After one first phone contact last winter, nothing.

2 months ago, the telephone rings, a rough and charming voice at the other end of the line: MILAH SNAKE. If this name doesn’t ring a bell for you, you have to remember it because you’ll soon learn who’s the BOSS!


25 years old
Brown hair
Blue eyes
38 shoe size
Tatoos on her whole body
Sadist, mocking, perverted, unscrupulous, without limits

Activities: dominatrix, stripper, porn actress

Dan is cute, with his small voice and his bald patch, it’s obvious he must have been excused from gym when he was young… Submissive, masochist, head scissor enthusiast, this balding ectomorph has nothing against having his face slapped and being humiliated. With his extremely shy nature, Dan lives his submissive side in the intimacy of bedrooms and one day, he naturally bursts into KGB CLUB, a true slave bar where sissies come to be dominated by vicious waitresses.

Naked, his cock restrained, scruffy hair, kneeling like a good whore, Dan introduces himself to Milah Snake with a mechanic and stuttering voice, a masterful slap reminds the sub the elementary rules of diction (wouldn’t have she been a dominatrix, Milah Snake could have been a good speech therapist). No doubt, down from her 5’7” and with her wrestler shoulders, Milah is determined to train her piece of shit : a loogie rain falls down on the dazed face of the sub, followed by a tornado of slaps, welcome to the KGB CLUB!

You love rough and tough dominaton sessions? You’re gonna love the crap out of this video. Dan is taking a lot right in his face, insulted, humiliated, beaten down, this asshole will soon learn who’s in charge!

GODDESS MILAH SNAKE, you’ve seen nothing yet!
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Julie Simone: Ballbusting Punishment Pantyhose

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Mistress Julie Simone punishes an annoying slave w a severe ball busting. Julie uses a variety of ball busting techniques including side kicks, full swing kicks and rapid fire kicks that have Her slave regretting his high maintenance behaviour. Julie wears a leopard bodysuit with Wolford panthose and high heels. She removes Her high heels mid-way so She can ball bust the slave w Her pantyhosed feet.
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Nipple Punishment At The Cross Goddess Cleo, Mistress Ava Black

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Kinky Mistresses - Nipple Punishment At The Cross Goddess Cleo, Mistress Ava Black
Goddess Cleo

Featuring Goddess Cleo, Mistress Ava Black

Goddess Cleo and Mistress Ava Black have the slave shackledto the cross exposed to their cruelties. They stretch and pull on his nipples making him pant and groan in painfor their amusement.

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 8 minutes 24 seconds
Photos: 15
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