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Jerk To My Feet – Ava Harper – Back for More

Ava Harper has to pay her rent somehow. As her landlord with a massive foot fetish, you’ve made a deal with the hot, teen ginger. You get to jerk off to her beautiful, soft feet, and she gets her rent paid for free. Stroke your cock to her adorable toes and slender soles. Ava wants to feel your cum dripping down her pretty feet to seal the deal.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: September 8, 2017 – Penny Pax and Ramon Nomar

Penny Pax is an officer of the court in her real life. This busty natural redhead makes routine housing inspections to check for illegal activity. But this gorgeous slut has her own dirty desires. Welcome to Kidnap Inc. When Penny shows up for another routine inspections she finds Ramon Nomar there. While the two ride up a dark elevator Ramon violently grabs Penny and pulls up her tight black dress to reveal she is wearing no underwear to cover her trimmed pussy.
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HARDCORE GANG BANG: September 6, 2017 – Lauren Phillips, John Johnson, Alex Legend, Mr. Pete, Tommy Pistol and John Strong

All natural, redhead Lauren Phillips has a business that helps troubled college students get back on track. Thinking she is going to the home of rich father to help his struggling son, Lauren gets lured into the secret underground lair of a devious band of clowns looking to gang bang an unsuspecting woman. She is nervous when she arrives at the address given to her, but she is desperate for money and decides to risk going into an old derelict building near the train tracks on the wrong side of town. She is quickly overrun by a gang of cackling madmen, frothing with raw sexual desire and hungry for her sweet pussy and tight asshole.
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Scissorvixens – Kierra Wilde – I’ve Got the MOTHER of all THIGHS!

Since you can’t seem to keep your eyes off of my mother’s thighs, it’s time to show you the REAL MOTHER of all THIGHS!

At ScissorVixens.com we have no shortage of GORGEOUS and FIERY redheads and Kierra Wilde is certainly no exception!

The 5’6" beauty loves working out and boy does it show from head to toe on her very fit and firm physique.

She was even kind enough to warn us before our first shoot with her…"Yeah…I have very strong legs from dancing, gymnastics and the gym!".

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Julie Simone: Pegging Party w Ass to Mouth

Elena DeLuca and Julie Simone each claim a slave’s ass with Their imposing strap on cocks. Julie chooses to fuck Her slave in the pile driver position, while Elena has Hers in doggy style. Both slaves prove to be difficult, but the two Sadistic and determined Mistresses continue to penetrate the slaves’ asses with Their hands and by changing positions. In between thrusting frenzies, Julie makes Her slave clean his dirty strap on with his mouth for ass to mouth action. Both women are dressed in red lingerie with corsets. Julie also wears a pair of nude Wolford pantyhose
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Julie Simone: Sadistic Strap On Leather Sling Pegging

Curvy Mistress Julie Simone has a slave restrained in Her leather sling. She told him one of Her conditions for filming was strap on pegging and She meant it. He tries to resist and push Her dick out, thinking She will give up eventually but No… That dick is going in one way or another. Julie physically dominates him and continues to fuck his tight little asshole until She’s finished. The slave expresses his discomfort throughout, much to Julie’s sadistic delight.
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Julie Simone: Ballbusting Punishment Pantyhose

Mistress Julie Simone punishes an annoying slave w a severe ball busting. Julie uses a variety of ball busting techniques including side kicks, full swing kicks and rapid fire kicks that have Her slave regretting his high maintenance behaviour. Julie wears a leopard bodysuit with Wolford panthose and high heels. She removes Her high heels mid-way so She can ball bust the slave w Her pantyhosed feet.
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Julie Simone: Mouthsoaping Flamingo Fuck Humiliation

Since slave f won the cocksucking contest he gets a very thorough mouth soaping while the other slave has to fuck an inflatable flamingo and blow bubbles for Julie’s amusement. Julie laughs and laughs while making the slave humiliate himself for Her amusement by making animal sounds and continuing to fuck the flamingo. Even the slave being mouth soaped laughs at him, further adding to his humiliation. Julie is dressed in a satiny bodysuit, waist cincher and patterned Wolford pantyhose.
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Assylum: “I Am She Who Submits” Ava Little

You’ve never seen anything like this, folks. We tapped deep into Ava’s submissive brain to remake her as our perfect whore. We started from the very beginning, giving her an entirely new whore language. Then we went hard and deep, with intense mental domination, physical degradation, anal sex, ass to mouth, rimming, watersports, and much, much more. Ava is the real deal, and dominating girls like her is what we live for at the Assylum. Nothing in this session is acted, scripted, or rehearsed. Others fake it, we make it. (TO SEE THE TRAILER IN 4K, CLICK “HD” DURING PLAYBACK, THEN CHOOSE 4K.)
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Julie Simone: Smoking Leather Gloves Blue Smoke

Busty redhead Julie Simone smokes a Virginia Slims 120s while wearing leather gloves, a pretty bra and satin corset. Deep inhales and exhales of the smoke and Julie’s full sensuous lips.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: May 29, 2017: Dakota Marr suffers though two intense scenes, brutal throat fucking, bondage and squirting orgasms! | Dakota Marr | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

From this point forward this site will update once a week with 3 scenes on Mondays of the same girl, this will put it on par with how our other Insex sites operate. Today we have two great scenes, but going forward expect three!

Bound on the floor, legs spread open, neck collared, and chained with arms back in a cruel strappado like position, Dakota find herself completely helpless and very nervous. She is about to edure the the most intense facefucking of her career. Gagging, drooling, and doing her best to get air as Matt and Dee Williams abuse her throat with cock. She fights against the bondage, but there is nowhere to hide from the cock. They make her cum, screaming with a vibrator, while cock is deep in her hot throat.

Then bound in the perfect helpless missionary position, in a custom rig, we have Dakota’s pretty face hanging upside down and her tight pussy waiting for a brutal fucking. Matt and Dee then go to town on our helpless sex slave. Deep cervix pounding fucking and finger blasting makes our helpless slut squirt and squirt plenty, while at the same time her throat is getting the pounding and deepthroating it deserves. In the end liquid is dripping for each hole as Dakota lays exhausted and spent.
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Juliesimone: Chastity Tease & Denial

Mistress Julie Simone has slave fluffy bound to a CBT chair with his legs open and his cock locked in chastity. He begs to be released from his cage but Julie just laughs at his suffering. Instead of taking him out She uses a hitachi magic wand to make his cock swell inside the chastity device so that it digs in and becomes painful. Will the sadistic Mistress let him orgasm or will She tease him until he loses his mind completely?
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: May 10, 2017: Bound and helpless, Big titted blond is deepthroated, face fucked and made to cum over and over! | Angel Allwood | Dee Williams | Sergeant Miles

We have Angel Allwood back and helpless as ever as Sergeant Miles and Dee Williams complety destroy her sexaully while bound and helpless!

Nine inches of cock blocks Angel’s ability to take in air, she breaths when the cock want her to. She is mercilessly deepthroated to panic as she is being made to cum over and over. That deep throat spit is covering Angel’s eyes and nose, she can no longer see or breath except when the cock let her. In the end she is a broken slut, cummed out and drooling all over herself.
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EroticGoddessChristina: Red White & Blue Balls

I love this time of year. Grilling out with friends, having drinks, watching the fireworks, and ending the night with an amazing mind blowing fuck session. Thats the best kind of fireworks. The kind that leave me wet and ready for round 2. Of course I was generous enough to think of you as well – but I can promise you one thing – you wont be ending the night with fireworks. Youll only be left hard, horny and blue balled. Just how I want you. I want you to get all worked up as you stroke your cock really good for me. Stroke it like Im actually going to allow you to cum – which Im not by the way. But even knowing that youre still going to want to. Im going to make it to where you cant resist touching your dick. Youll see…

Fetishes: Orgasm Denial, Tease & Denial, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Encouragement, CBT, Orgasm Control, Cock Tease, Brat Girls, Bratty Goddess, Body Worship, Ass Worship, Tit Worship, Redheads, Redhead Goddess, Bikini, Bikini Fetish, High Heels

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Fascist FemDom: Target Practice Pt. 1: Canes w/ Julie Simone & Elena De Luca + Target Practice Pt.2: Paddles w/ Julie Simone & Elena De Luca + Whipping: Target Practice Pt. 3 w/ Julie Simone

In the Nation mistresses take target practice very seriously. If slaves can’t handle being whipping boys they are humiliated for being failures. The last slave to fail was diapered, made to wear a baby mask and sat under the St. Andrew’s cross so he can watch as latex-clad Mistresses Julie Simone and Elena De Luca strike the ass and thighs of the naked and bound slave with their canes. One slave watches as the other is humiliated, beaten and begging for mercy. The mistresses take turns and divide up his flesh so he can forcefully struck by both redhead Dominas at once.

Welcome to the Nation,

The slave is crying and broken but Julie Simone and Elena De Luca aren’t ready to give up their toy yet. His tears might earn him a diaper like the last slave if he can’t handle Julie’s signature “Julie Simone” paddle and Elena’s unbreakable paddle. His backside is bright red and bruised from the canes and and now the wooden paddles. The mistresses laugh and degrade the slave as he squirms and pleads with his captors.

The poor slave can barely handle any more beatings so Julie Simone takes him all to herself. His ass and thighs are so torn up from the caning and paddling that his back is all that’s left. His crying and begging means nothing to her. It is his flesh that Julie wants. The submissive under the cross still looks on in amazement knowing he will be trained to take merciless whippings just like this.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Apr 26, 2017: Amber Ivy is bound in shackles on a Sybian, made to cum over and over while brutally face fucked! | Amber Ivy | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Amber Ivy is a sexy redhead that gets really messy when you fuck her throat. This girl cums hard and often while bound and helpless.

Completely helpless on the world’s most powerful vibrator, we have our sexy redhead, cumming and cumming. But it’s not that easy, it never is. While the machine is making her cum, the boys are ravaging her throat with big hard cock. There is nothing Ivy can do but cum and fight for air. The breath play sends her to subspace early and the non stop brutal face fucking keeps her there as she screems out orgasms after orgasm in between deep throating.

It’s a battle all girls lose.
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Glovemansion: Rubber slave milked part 2

Latex everywhere and our slave can barely hold his cum, the pleasure of our latex gloved hands is getting too much for him. Ha ha, Zara Durose and I love to play with him and when he is finally allowed to cum, his load shoots out like a rocket!
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Pervy student’s leather glovejob part 2

Miss Zara has summoned her pervert student to the front of the class and finally allows him to feel the soft touch of her leather gloves. He has admired and wanked on his teacher so much and now she is in control of his orgasm! He would love to shoot his load on her gloved hands.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Apr 12, 2017: Amber Ivy is bound down and brutal throated and fucked to screaming orgasms! Hard rough sex! | Amber Ivy | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

We have the beautiful Amber Ivy, bound hard, and fucked harder today on Sexaully Broken. This girl loves to be filled and the boys of Sexaully Broken know how to FILL a girl!

Upside down throat boarding, and brutal pussy fucking brings Amber to full on subspace. We have Amber completely at our mercy, she can’t stop from cumming, and we can’t stop fucking her amazing face! Screaming orgasms, subspace, brutal throat fucking and the best breath play on the planet. Another Wednesday here at Sexaully Broken.
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Dirtydommes: Milked boot whore part 2

Rebekka Raynor and I have found ourselves the perfect little boot bitch, he is such a whore for our leather boots. He licks and worships our footwear with such passion that we decide to let him fuck our boots like a dog and see him cum and tremble in front of us.
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SENSUAL PAIN: Mar 30, 2017: Cane and Strap | Abigail Dupree | Master James

I put my slave through a lot of rigorous tests and physically challenging situations… A lot of which are not exactly the most enjoyable… even for her and her need for suffering. But when W⁄we first met and began to taste of one another, there was a dance that took place that was foundational.
Old fashioned and rudimentary.
Calculated and intrinsic.
Primal and telling.
Here is a look into a classic caning and strapping. Built up from a warm hand spanking and moved through to a rhythmic caning and finishing with a heavy strapping.
slave abigail can take quite a deal of pain especially when built up like this and her sensuality exudes from every pore. I can’t help but to satiate her desires with a good fucking after I work her into a frenzy.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Mar 15, 2017: Amarna Miller Suffers though a brutal face fucking, while cumming and cumming on a sybian! | Amarna Miller | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Hot Redhead Amarna Miller is back, and suffers a brutal facefucking, while cumming and cumming on a sybian. Add in a nice leather neck collar and, Magic.

Neck bound and sitting on the world’s most powerful vibrator, it doesn’t take long for Amarna to be overwhelmed with cock. Over and over we fuck Armarna’s tight throat.
The lack of air makes her dazed, as orgasm after orgasm is ripped from her Cum Drunk body. In the end Amarna is just another cum drunk slut dazed out of mind, wondering what the hell just happened.
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Assylum: Cummie’s Anal Cloning

Cummie’s assfucking and sperm-eating training reaches its sick finale in this last part of her documentary. Orderly Grind hateplows her ass while she sits on her cat tree and then piledrives her until she can’t take anymore. Dr. Mercies is impressed with Cummie’s submission and decides he wants to keep her around after she leaves. That means she has to reproduce. He pours egg into her ass and mouth holes, then fertilizes the egg with a couple dozen loads of his frozen cum. Then she gives birth to kittens out of her face and anus.
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Assylum: Analmal Training

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Dr. Mercies has chosen his favorite romantic moments from the anal madhouse. Some of our older footage from 2014 has been enhanced for this compilation. We think, whether you find yourself jerking off alone this holiday or boning your whore in the butt, you’ll let out some good tension with this well-curated collection.
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Mar 10, 2017 – Mona Wales , Barbary Rose and Lauren Phillips

Step-Sisters Gape for Inheritance

Barbary Rose and Lauren Philips are redhead step-sisters who must satisfy their devious and perverted step-mother Mona Wales in order to claim their inheritance. Mona spanks these two naughty brats and makes them share a butt plug and lick each other’s gaping assholes. Barbary gets anally fisted and fucked while Lauren rides her face to orgasm. Lauren gets anally fucked and made to gape while Barbary watches and licks her asshole. Finally, Mona anally strap-on fucks both her gaping step-daughters to multiple orgasms while they pleasure each other using strap on cocks that have been molded from their fathers’ cocks
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Mar 3, 2017: Amarna Miller is bound on her back and fucked from both ends, brutal face fucking and orgasms! | Amarna Miller | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Hot red head is destroyed by 2 big cocks! Upside down face fucking and screaming orgasms!

Amarna Miller is back, this sexy redhead loves rough sex, if must be her Spanish hot blood!

Bound with her legs wide open and on her back, Amarna finds her two holes at perfect cock height. Amarna loves the rough sex, so we bring it. Upside down face fucking and deepthroating brings all the drool and spit up. By the end Amarna is covered in her own drool, unable to see or breath. However the Deep face fucking is only one thing going on, the other is Amarna’s wet pussy is being pounded and pounded hard. She is almost non-stop cumming while she screams with cock filling her throat. It is so fun to watch our girls get destroyed by cock!
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