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Clubdom: Brat Doms Slave Dinner

Goddess Mena Li and Goddess Rachael Madori lock their little latex slave in the kitchen pantry while playing with his friend Bobby, that is under the impression its dinner time. Little does he know the Goddesses have another kind of meal in store for him. Shaking and terrified, they bring him out to play, laying him down on the table to prove his willingness, and worthiness. Goddess Mena strokes his pathetic dick, while Goddess Rachael moans in ecstasy from making him eat her pussy, getting it all juicy and wet. The Goddesses switch places on their new slave and finally giving him permission to spill his disgusting filth all over himself, making him eat it instead of the meal he thought he was going to get.
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Clubdom: Fucking Fifi’s Gaping Ass (August 23th 2017)

The Estates resident maid FiFi is dusting the dungeon floor with a feather duster shoved up her ass. Mistress Mena Li and Goddess Rachael Madori are amused and snap their fingers telling FiFi it’s time for him to clean off their big 12 inch strapons. "Wrap your lips around my big black cock and lube it up so I can fuck your man pussy." Fifi complies. They bend the bitch over and sadistically thrust their big huge cock in and out of both his fuck holes. Taking turns at pound his ass while stretching his gaping ass wide open. Mistress Mena now flips the bitch on his back so she can drive her cock even deeper. After she has finished fucking the bitch they both tell him to get back to cleaning. He grabs the feather duster with his hand and starts to dust and told "oh no, go back to the way you were, put it back in your ass."
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Clibdom: Whipping Up Art

What is more fun then redecorating on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Nothing! Especially when the canvas for the new artwork is a slaves’ flesh! Mistress Mena Li loves to inflict pain, and as luck would have it, nothing turns Goddess Rachael Madori on more than the pain and anguish in the screams of a male bitch. A fresh bitch boy is dragged from his kennel and hung by his wrists, helpless to prevent the fabulous suffering that is about to begin. Both Doms take turns tearing into the skin of the slaveboy with their jagged fails, his screams and cries for mercy exciting them. Unsatisfied with the worms’ pain, Mistress Rachael unleashes a fury onto the man pig that has him dancing on his toes and crying for mercy…. But there is no mercy to be had at Club Dom. Both Devilish Princesses continue their onslaught, leaving their pet a blabbering mess. Content, the Goddesses admire the artwork they have left on their trembling canvas and decide where on the wall to hang their latest masterpiece.
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HOGTIED: October 27, 2016 – Rachael Madori and The Pope

Slut Begs for Extreme Bondage and Grueling Torment to Make Her Cum

Rachael is sexy as hell and as soon as he rope touches her flesh, you can tell that she is a real rope slut. She is the kind of girl that immediately responds to the pain and bondage with a welcoming grin that says, “Hurt me more”. Every scene gets a little more intense than the last one, and Rachael pussy gushes with squirting orgasms to prove that she loves to suffer at the hands of The Pope.
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DEVICE BONDAGE: Sep 08, 2016 – Rachael Madori and The Pope/Cunt!

Rachael never thought of herself as much of a submissive, but once The Pope get’s his hands on this little slut, we see that she is definitely going to be his. We begin with her on her back and her legs spread wide like the whore that she is. she is tormented and then fucked in her slutty ass and made to have squirting orgasms.

Next she is in a seated position with her hands above her head. Her body falls under the attack of his hands and floggers. A zipper is applied to her pale skin and then more orgasms are ripped from her willing cunt hole.

In the final scene she is in a floating spread eagle where she is terrorized more before the final orgasms are taken from her pussy. She has squirted so much that she has no more to give.
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FUCKING MACHINES: Aug 17, 2016 – Rachael Madori

Rachel is a total badd ass and super hot. She is sexy as hell and always in a constant state of ready to fuck. She practically begs us to fuck her as soon as she arrives, and once we do she decided that it’s gong to be anal every chance she gets to put it in her ass. We don’t have a problem with that and I’m assuming you don’t either.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Jun 10, 2016 – John Strong , Rachael Madori and Dallas Black/A Desperate Whore’s Anal Initiation

THE UPPER FLOOR: Jun 10, 2016 - John Strong , Rachael Madori and Dallas Black/A Desperate Whore's Anal Initiation

Tiny brunette nympho is hung upside down and made to be a good anal slave through bondage, beatings, and her senior slaves sexual debasement.

This evening The Upper Floor has two perfect anal slut slaves on hand, one a bad girl fresh from the basement, another our hardest working senior rookie. Dallas Black has been rushed in for immediate initiation when we heard this sexual dynamo was ready for hard cock in her submissive ass. Strung upside down like a piece of meat, John Strong fucks her helpless throat while Rachel Madori gets her instructions for the night: turn this bad girl that is a slave to her own cunt into a submissive anal sex machine. Dallas screams delightfully as she promises to be a good girl and is rewarded with her first zipper orgasm ripped from her tight body.

The rest of the evening is spent in a celebration of anal slavehood and endurance testing with tight bondage, sloppy atm service, clamps, electro torment, relentless orgasms, flogging, and a final vote from the crowd that leaves Rachel staggering with heavy trays weighed with locks, sobbing with effort and cumming like a desperate whore. Well done ladies!
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MeanWorld / MeanDungeon: Rachael Madori

MeanWorld / MeanDungeon: Rachael Madori

Rachael makes her loser slave drive her and her friend all over town before she brings him in the dungeon. She’s young and hot and he’s old and pathetic. She knows he cant say no to her so she makes him her personal chauffeur. He even has to wear a chauffeur hat! Then its time for some Young Goddess Worship! – ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!
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HARDCORE GANG BANG: Mar 23, 2016 – Mr. Pete , Mark Wood , Xander Corvus , Bill Bailey , Gage Sin and Rachael Madori

HARDCORE GANG BANG: Mar 23, 2016 - Mr. Pete , Mark Wood , Xander Corvus , Bill Bailey , Gage Sin  and Rachael Madori

Rachel Madori is one badass biker babe. She poors drinks in a biker bar every night for the same guys, and one night she decides to get them all out in the back and demand they satisfy her cock cravings. She bends over her own motorcycle to get fucked in all her holes. Chain bondage, choking, spitting, double penetration, double vag, and double anal make this hot babe happy. She finishes by begging for a very special bukkake!! This girl is AMAZING!!!
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Feb 12, 2016 – Mickey Mod , Rachael Madori and Aria Alexander

THE UPPER FLOOR: Feb 12, 2016 - Mickey Mod , Rachael Madori and Aria Alexander

This horny BDSM party gathers around gorgeous slave Aria Alexander’s last BDSM shoot for an entire 12 months, and anal slut Rachael Madori’s return as a house slave. Neither submissive whore knows the rules, so they must service the crowd, sucking cock, licking boots, and giving horny female guests orgasms until they can recover their code of conduct. Both ladies have a high chemistry together and a desire to please, which succeeds in getting their asses tied tight and fucked hard while the party goers cheer for more punishment, more orgasms, and more humiliation. Sybian rides, hot wax, floggings, anal fucking, and orgasm denial are the just beginning for these two slutty slaves.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: Feb 05, 2016 – Mark Davis and Rachael Madori

SEX AND SUBMISSION: Feb 05, 2016 - Mark Davis and Rachael Madori

Mark Davis returns to dominate Rachael Madori in his first movie in years.

When Rachael Madori submits to Mark Davis, she finds the only way to please him is with rough anal sex and hardcore bondage.
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Femdom Empire – Good Boys Eat Their Cum Rachael Madori

Femdom Empire - Good Boys Eat Their Cum Rachael Madori
Rachael Madori

Mistress Rachael is ready to transform you into her brainless cum craving slave boy. By the end of our session you will be completely re-programmed to crave the taste of your own cum. You will find it extremely rewarding to be given the privilege of swallowing your disgusting man juices that you will soon be thanking me for. Now keep stroking your hard dick while you stare at my mesmerizing ass and perky tits. I hope you are ready to open that mouth wide and let every drop slide deep down your soon to be cum coated throat. – Mistress Rachael Madori

Featuring: Rachael Madori
Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction
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Butt Plugged & Enslaved Rachael Madori

Femdom Empire - Butt Plugged & Enslaved Rachael Madori
Rachael Madori

Mistress Rachael is training this sub for permanent slavery. He is kept butt plugged 24-7 and used whatever way his Mistress see fit. His cock and balls are leashed and his mouth is used to lick and worship her feet. She shoves her foot down his throat showing her dominance over his body. His only purpose is to please his Mistress, all of his holes are at her disposal for her pleasure.

Featuring: Rachael Madori
Categories: Foot Worship
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The Slave Exchange Mindfuckt – Rachael Madori

Society SM - The Slave Exchange Mindfuckt - Rachael Madori
Rachael Madori

In the BDSM community, there are those who take their Master/slave relationships very sincerely…These players typically have much more experience simply because they do take it all quite seriously…They have found and adopted some practices which seem extreme, but those practices are now their fetishes…they are pushing the limits of what can be enjoyed for pleasure and submission…how deeply we can ask someone else to submit to our will…can we ask them to give it up to someone else for our purposes? Its quite a romantic notion and inspires much sexual fervor…to leave the one you love with a madman and ask her to endure if for you…and how does it feel to the deeply drawn masochist? Their desires are also fulfilled…but these types of situations must include consent, no matter how insane they seem…because everyone involved is getting off…dont feel too bad for Rachael, We did it all for her 🙂
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Mar 17, 2015 – Ariel X,Sinn Sage,Claire Robbins and Rachael Madori

EVERYTHING BUTT: Mar 17, 2015 - Ariel X,Sinn Sage,Claire Robbins and Rachael Madori

Pool Shark, Sinn Sage hustles Claire Robbins and Rachel Madori into a game of Strip pool. The girls are unable to pay up with clothing stripping so they pay up with anal….as they should. Sinn and Claire tongue fuck Rachel in glorious fashion. Then the girls are fucked thoroughly with a giant strap on in the ass. Outstanding Rimming, Outstanding, Ass to Mouth, filthy anal lesbians who know what we like.

Pool Hall Wager Turns into Filthy Tongue fucking Party
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Feb 6, 2015 – Cherie Deville,Bill Bailey and Rachael Madori

THE UPPER FLOOR: Feb 6, 2015 - Cherie Deville,Bill Bailey  and Rachael Madori

Cherie uses Stress, Discipline and Predicaments to teach the newbie Rachael Madori the ins and outs of Protocol on TUF.

The New Cock Slave Earns a Collar
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