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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – She Maid Him Her Bitch

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When Jasmine first started working as a housekeeper She didn’t think she would enjoy her job, but now that she has the hang of it she loves it. Her “boss” is actually her full time bitch and she humiliates and disciplines him whenever she’s not forcing him to do all the housework. Today, she makes him serve as a footstool while she crops his ass hard and describes her life as his Mistress. This useless slave has much to learn. Ever since Jasmine discovered all the disgusting porn and embarrassing emails on his computer she decided to frame him. Luckily his wife would never fuck him either however if Jasmine told her his dirty secrets she would surely leave him and clean him out so he has no choice but to do as Jasmine demands.

Mistress: Miss Jasmine
Category: Human Furniture, Blackmail Fantasy, Corporal Punishment, Pvc-vinyl, French Maid Fetish, Foot Humiliation
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British Bratz: Sub For Shiny

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Shiny makes you weak, it brings you to your knees and encourages all your submissive tendencies to surface. The way it clings to my curvaceous ass makes you drool. It’s simple, you can’t resist me at the best of times but when I am dressed in shiny it totally overpowers you and you are instantly entrapped.

You want nothing more than me to take control today. You fight with yourself to remove your eyes from my shiny clad body but you are sucked in and deep in submission. Your infatuation for me is growing day by day. I know you tell yourself that this is the last time but we both know it won’t. Look into my eyes and let yourself drift away. Worship my shiny ass, go on kiss it. Embrace it, you will always be my slave, your life isn’t complete unless you are worshiping me.
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