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Pure CFNM – How To Win A Pitch

Vickie and Alessandra are bidding to win a new contract. But after finishing their sales pitch, competitor Sam begins his. The girls hatch a plan to ensure they get the deal and while he is giving his speech they start groping the groins of the two execs they have to impress. They pull their trousers…
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Pure CFNM – How To Suck

Glamour model Roxi Lloyd gives her first ever blowjob on camera in this video! Young Lola is confiding in friends that her boyfriend wants her to give him a blowjob just as Chantelle and her fella walk in. It turns out innocent Lola has never sucked cock before so Chantelle volunteers to teach her using her lover’s big black cock. When his huge dick flops out all the girls want a go and soon they are all sucking away until he shoots all over Roxi’s big tits!
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Pure CFNM – Straight Jacket Liberties

Angelina is giving two ladies a tour of the mental hospital when they come across Bob playing chess with himself. She explains that Bob was committed after flashing women in the park and he is here to learn he can only get his cock out when the woman consents. To prove her point she yanks his trousers down there and then! The other girls are shocked but are mesmerized by his rock hard dick. Soon they are all wanking and sucking his cock until he has a huge orgasm that takes them by surprise!
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Pure CFNM – Locker Room Bullies

The college nerd has just walked into the changing room when three bitchy netball girls pounce on him. They make fun of him, calling him a virgin saying he must have a tiny cock – then they decide to find out! Ignoring his protests they strip him naked and pull his hands apart to expose his cock. As they play with it his dick grows and grows until they are quite impressed. They take turns milking the young cock until he shoots his load all over the floor. The bitches then spank him before leaving!
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Pure CFNM – Flashing Incident

When two girls claim the new male teacher flashed them, the headmistress decides to investigate. She hauls the young man into her office and gets the girls to recreate the crime in front of her. The teacher is made to remove his clothes and then wiggle his dick in front of them as they laugh at him. The girls then sit him down and take turns to jerk his cock, getting tips on how to control a man from the headmistress. As the young girls watch in awe he shoots his load!
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Pure CFNM – Homeless Shelter

When homeless workers Carla and Chessie stumble upon down on his luck Paul in the streets, they decide to take him back to their shelter. They are going to feed him and give him a bed for the night but first he needs a shower. Helped by centre manager Brooklyn they strip him off and get him under the shower at which point they all notice how huge his dick is! The girls can’t take their eyes off it and when he comes out the shower they all take turns towelling him off, having a good feel of his massive dick as they do so! The girls then ditch the towel and have their hands all over his cock, wanking it and then taking turns to suck it until he spunks all over their faces!
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Pure CFNM – Dressing Room Flasher

Shop assistant Stella is shocked when she walks past the changing room and sees a naked man with the curtains half open. She watches him for a while and then calls over her manager and colleagues. After a few minutes of watching him manager Sasha has seen enough and they burst in to find out why he has his trousers off when he was trying a shirt on! They agree he is a flashing pervert but when they see his cock they decide to have some fun. One by one they suck his dick until it is throbbing hard and then they make him cum all over himself!
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Pure CFNM – Curing Inexperience

Sade is upset because her lack of experience with men is stopping her from having a relationship. Her three friends decide to solve this and call the gardener in from outside. Sade dies of embarrassment as they ask him to strip and when he hesitates they pounce on him and rip his clothes off. The young girl stares wide eyed at her first cock and is in shock when the others make her touch it. The four of them then jerk him off until he cums, prompting Sade to ask ‘what’s that stuff?’
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Pure CFNM – Giggling Ballbusters

Yoga teacher Barbie is going to punish Jason for perving on the girls during her class. She says they will all give him a handjob – providing he lets them kick and slap him in the nuts! He reluctantly agrees and the girls strip him naked before taking turns to kick and knee him in the balls. They then push him onto the floor and alternate between slapping and wanking his cock until he has a big orgasm. Barbie then delights in scooping the spunk up and shoving it in his mouth!
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Pure CFNM – Stunt Double

Three female movie execs are casting for a body double for their leading man. He is a large guy and until Tony walked in they were having problems finding someone. They explain that he would have to wear a loin cloth in the film and get him to strip off in front of them and try it on. As they grope the front of his pants, he grows bigger and they ask him to drop the thong so they can see if his cock is big enough to make the leading man look good. As they take turns to wank his cock he soon shoots a big load of cum all over his belly!
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Pure CFNM – Mixed Changing

A group of girls and boys arrive at a rival school for a swimming gala. They discover that the sports hall has mixed changing rooms. The boys are quite nervous but finally agree, hoping to get a glimpse of their tits. Unfortunately the girls have planned ahead and already have their costumes on under their uniform. When the boys turn around the girls burst out laughing as they see their cocks. When the boys cover up in embarrassment the girls take pity on them and sink to their knees to suck them both off – each girl getting a face full of spunk!
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Pure CFNM – Thong Parade

When John arrives at his friend’s Anne Summers party he thinks the girls want his opinion on their underwear. Sadly for him they actually want him to model the men’s range of skimpy thongs. Reluctantly he puts the thongs on and parades in front of them as they howl with laughter and prod and poke his cock and balls. Four embarrassing outfits later, the girls decide to see what’s underneath and yank down his pants and start playing with his cock. He soon has a huge erection and is soon shooting his cum all over Lu’s bare thighs!
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Pure CFNM – Schoolgirls Spying

Two naughty schoolgirls have found a spyhole into the boys locker room. After watching Billy strip naked they decide they want a closer look at his cock and walk in to confront him. They convince him to give them a flash of his penis and when they start touching it he gets an erection. Unknown to them, teacher Miss Ryder also uses the spyhole and plays with herself as she watches the girls pleasure the young boy. When Alexis gives him a blowjob he quickly has a massive orgasm all over her face. Miss Ryder then bursts in and orders Billy to report to her office so she can have a turn!
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PureCFNM – Wildest Thing Ever

Four friends are discussing the wildest things they have ever done in their lives. Justin admits he once did a striptease in front of 100 women for charity! When he says he even still has the strippers thong he used, the girls insist on seeing him in action. He reluctantly does a striptease as the girls get more and more raucous clawing at him and ripping his clothes off to get to his throbbing dick. They then take turns to wank and suck it until he cums all over their legs!
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Pure CFNM – Smile Please

When Jack loses a bet to Holly and has to pose naked for some photos he has no idea she plans to invite two of her girl friends as well! He reluctantly strips off and the girls get him to pose as they snap away with their phones. They take group selfies with his cock to send to all their friends and then start stroking his dick. As he grows hard, Roxi begs him to let her video his orgasm. He then shoots a big load as she films it all and sends it to all her female friends!
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Pure CFNM – Hacker Test

Super rich bad girl Jasmine needs to break into a top secret computer system. Hacker Stanley is the only one who can do it fast enough but first she needs to check he is up to the job. While her female henchmen restrain him, gorgeous babe Alexis takes his trousers off and starts sucking his cock. While the girls take turns to wank and suck him, he has to try and hack into the computer system. The stunning babes soon make him blow his load – just as he cracks the password and lives to see another day!
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Pure CFNM – Chessie Kay, Hannah Shaw, Zoe Davis – Cock Dancing

Secretary Hannah decides to get her own back on pervy boss Justin. She pretends to want to fuck him and strips him naked and handcuffs him to the chair. But instead of riding him, she goes to fetch the other secretaries and their phones! The girls laugh at his nudity and take selfies with his rock hard cock. They take turns to wank and suck him, taking photos and videos as they do so. He can’t help shooting a big load for them before they leave him tied up for the cleaners to find!
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Hey Little Dick – Phone Jacker

Sasha has called in an engineer because her telephone isn’t working. He says he can’t fix it until he returns the following day with some parts, but he still asks for his call-out fee. The three girls are less than impressed and tell him they can work something out but when they sit him down and start rubbing his trousers seductively, they find he has very little in there! They strip him off against his will and then giggle at his lack of a bulge. When his underwear comes off they laugh even more at his small cock and Sasha even describes it as a “Borrowers” cock after the Disney movie featuring tiny people. The three girls start taking turns to wank the tiny penis while laughing and mocking him for his lack of size. They tell him his little willy would never satisfy any of them but this seems to turn him on and he starts cumming – which makes them laugh at him even more!
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Pure Cfnm – Public Nuisance

When two policewomen catch a couple performing sex acts in their car they decide to teach them a lesson. They get them outside and make the guy expose his cock to them so they can examine it, lifting it up with their truncheons. They then push the girls head onto the cock and make her suck it as they watch and laugh. Then they yank her out the way and have a play with the big black cock themselves. He gets so turned on that they make him cum all over his girlfriend’s office dress!
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Pure CFNM – Can’t Function

Emma Butt, Luna Rival

Emma is getting ready to go out to a posh dinner but her husband Jake walks in totally disorientated. His clothed are done up wrong and he can’t talk properly. She realizes it is because men can’t function unless they get a regular milking. She calls in young maid Luna and instructs her to undress him. The young girl is shocked when his cock pops out and even more surprised when she is told to suck it! The two women then wank and suck him until he shoots a big load, touching each other as they do it!
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Pure CFNM – Brainy Girls Quiz

Miss Makepeace and her girls team are determined to win the college quiz. Hunky Mr Peters is the question master and they decide their only chance of victory is to get to him before they start. They ask him quiz questions of their own and each time he gets one wrong they take an item of clothing off him. He is soon starkers with the girls loving the sight of his naked body. They push him to the ground and take turns swallowing his cock until he cums all over the place!

Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon, Mia Makepeace
Tags: Blowjob, MILF, Uniform, Upskirt
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Pure CFNM – Measuring Up

Sorority leader Chantelle helps out one of the fraternities each year by putting their new pledges through an initiation ordeal. The boys have to strip naked in front of the girls and allow them to measure their cocks both soft and hard and take pictures of their dicks. The girls then jerk them all off and rate their cumshot on the “Penis Register”. Imagine their shock when a teacher joins in and has the biggest orgasm of them all!

Chantelle Fox, Emma Louisee, Eva Johnson, Kimi Sujali, Saskia Thomas
Tags: Big Cock, Big Cumshot, Comparison, Group, Handjob, Small Cock
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Pure CFNM – Office Voyeurs

Alessa has long suspected that Jack masturbates in his office when he should be working. She gets two fellow secretaries together and they spy on him, watching as he jerks off and cums in his hand. They then burst in and embarrass him before he has chance to clean up. They laugh at how sensitive his cock is as they poke at it and they wonder if his big dick can cum again if they have a play with it. As the three girls take turns to jerk his cock he is soon cumming for the second time as they watch in thrilled excitement!

Alessa Savage, Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon
Tags: Handjob, Multiple Cumshots, Office, Spitting
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Pure CFNM – Driving Test

Beautiful driving examiner Taylor has to bring a young lad back to the office midway through his exam as he has got a bit excited in the car. Hannah goes to see if he is OK and is shocked at the tent in his trousers. The older women take pity on him and decide the only way he can take his test is if they get rid of his erection. They strip him naked and take turns to stroke his young throbbing dick until he shoots a big load of cum for them. “You young boys just can’t control yourselves can you,” they laugh.

Ashley Rider, Hannah Shaw, Taylor Shay
Tags: Handjob, MILF, Office
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Pure CFNM – Brooklyn Blue, Hannah Shaw – Keep Focus

Company execs Brooklyn and George have an unusual interview technique to see if their candidates can keep focused or get distracted. When Hannah sits down for her interview, George strips naked in front of her before jerking off. As she struggles to concentrate she gives up and lowers her lips over his cock, sucking his dick until he shoots all over her face. She hasn’t got the job but next up is Tony. When he is asked to strip naked in front of Brooklyn who then jerks him off in her underwear, he too loses focus and cums! Will anyone get the job?
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Pure CFNM – Man Servant Training

Rich bitch Mia has just hired a new man servant to take care of her needs whilst her husband is out working. Introducing him to her two young friends, she decides to show him off and orders him to strip naked in front of them. The girls are shocked at how erect he is the second his pants come off. As they start wrapping their hands around his dick, he starts to fuck their fists until he takes them all by surprise and shoots a big load all over the coffee table!

Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon, Mia Makepeace
Tags: Handjob, MILF
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Pure CFNM – Selling Tickets

Pure CFNM - Selling Tickets

Chantelle wants to earn some extra money by pimping out her boyfriend’s dick and she arranges a CFNM show and sells tickets to excited females. She just tells boyfriend Ricky that she wants another girl to join them in the bedroom but once he is naked, girl after girl appears through the door brandishing a ticket. He tries to protest but Chantelle covers his mouth and gets 20-year-old Emma to suck his cock to keep him quiet. He is soon shooting his load everywhere while the girls film it on their phones!

Chantelle Fox, Emma Louisee, Eva Johnson, Kimi Sujali, Saskia Thomas
Tags: Big Cock, Blowjob, Cock Shock, Filmed, Group, Kissing, MILF
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Pure CFNM – Chessie Kay, Tina Kay, Valentina Bianco – Blue Ball Relief

Pure CFNM - Chessie Kay, Tina Kay, Valentina Bianco - Blue Ball Relief

When depressed Justin confides in three female friends that his girlfriend likes to play evil games and hasn’t allowed him to cum in two weeks, they are very worried. They tell him it is unhealthy to get bad blue balls and that it’s important they relieve him. He is scared to cheat on his girlfriend but the three babes aren’t taking no for an answer, pulling his clothes off and diving on his dick. As all three of them take turns to blow his cock, he soon shoots two weeks worth of cum as they watch laughing!

Chessie Kay, Tina Kay, Valentina Bianco
Tags: Big Cumshot, Blowjob, Cock Shock, Upskirt
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Pure CFNM – Jade Louise, Klara Belle – Inadequate Stripper

Pure CFNM - Jade Louise, Klara Belle - Inadequate Stripper

Klara and Jade are excited to see their first male stripper. When the guy starts dancing they can’t wait to see his massive cock – until he drops his pants and they stare in disappointment at his very average dick. The girls strip off themselves to show him how to dance properly and the sight of them in their underwear soon has him rock hard. “That’s more like it” they cheer as they encourage him to get it bigger. Jerking off in front of them soon has him shooting his load in front of their very shocked eyes!

Jade Louise, Klara Belle
Tags: Female Nudity, Humiliation, Lingerie, Small Cock, Watching
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