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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily – Cucky The Entire Basketball Team Fucked Me

Cuckoldrix Lily looks divine with her red lipstick and gold glitter eye shadow. She stretches out on the living room carpet, clearly fatigued from a major fuckfest. “I can’t believe I fucked the entire basketball team” she moans. As the camera pulls back, you can see that her entire body is covered in cum. She calls her cuck hubby over and says she needs all the cum licked up because her boyfriend will be coming overly shortly and she doesn’t want him to see her like this. She tells him she knows that he loves cum, and as she moves, you can see that even her armpit is sticky with jizz. “I can’t believe he came in my armpit. It’s a new fetish, you know” she laughs. She tells him she’s not sure whether there were seven men or nine men, but they all came everywhere – in her pussy, in her ass… and clearly – all over her. Hubby keeps licking like a good cuck should. “I hope I’m not too loose for my lover after all those big cocks” she says, adding “Okay, that’s all you get to eat today. I hope you don’t have to go to the hospital to get your stomach pumped later. That would be so embarrassing for you to hear me tell them what happened”. Cucky focuses next on the deep pool of cum in her bellybutton, where it looks like a few loads were spilled. He has to reach deeply with his tongue to get it all. Next, she directs him to her arms, legs, armpits, and then between her legs, where you see the cum dripping out of her pussy. “It feels like there’s cum on my foot” she says, and when the camera focuses in, you see another huge load which the slave quickly sucks up. She tells him that the black studs shot the biggest loads and she bets he wishes she’d had the football team over instead. As hubby continues to lick, she looks right at you and asks “Who do you want to be? The guy who cums on me or the bitch who licks it up?”
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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily – You’re The Most Disgusting Slave Ever Ass POV

Princess Lily has completely trained you to a life of devotion to her and only her. She has truly made you the most disgusting slave ever because there is nothing you won’t do for her no matter how nasty or vile. The scene opens with her standing over you in her sexy red panties. She says she has kept you tied up there all day because she wants you anticipating her arrival and she knows what you want, “And that’s my ass right in your face. You’ve been dreaming about it all day”. She then hovers over top of you giving you an amazing view before sitting down onto your face. You can almost smell her essence in the silky fabric of her panties. She comments on what a good slave you have become as she wiggles her ass then spreads and slaps her cheeks. You get the first glimpse of her sweet puckered hole and your tongue will reach to taste her. The upward view will make you feel you are literally on the ground before her. After some teasing she slowly removes her panties and then is over top of you again. You know this time when she sits down it will be nothing but her flesh on your face. Will she allow you to lick her ass or make you wait?
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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily – Chocolate Treats For Toilet Slave

Verbally, you will pick up instantly on how much Princess Lily enjoys using her slave as a full toilet. The scene begins with Lily opening the toilet lid where the slave has been waiting underneath. She looks down into the toilet and teases him by saying how badly she needs to go. She tells him she knows how much he loves it and makes him repeat back to her how much he adores being her toilet. She sits down on the seat and gives you an amazing view of her ass – first in panties, then magnificently naked once she removes them. Her pussy and ass look divine and you would do anything to trade places with this lucky slave. Lily glances down between her legs and torments him further by saying she feels a dump coming on. Because this slave isn’t experienced in toilet servitude, she uses chocolate to train him, but he’s blindfolded and thinks he’s being fed directly. “All your meals will eventually come from me” she tells him. She drops chocolate nuggets into his mouth and you can see the slave desperately trying not to gag while he processes what he’s doing for her. You can hear the peanuts crunch as he chews! “You know, not all of my shitz are going to be as tasty as this one” she laughs. She tells him he’s pathetic but then calls him a good boy and encourages him to chew it all up. She wants him to know how much it pleases her to have a slave who will do even the most vile things for her. She knows he will strive to do more and more as time goes on, until he doesn’t think at all and simply does as he’s told; life will be so much easier that way. Lily reaches for a chocolate log and hand-feeds it to the slave. As it falls into his mouth he winces and struggles to chew it. Throughout the entire scene she reminds him of his purpose and how eager she needs him to be, to earn the honor of being her toilet. She tells him he is shc1t and makes him repeat back to her that he is shc1t. Again, she asks if it tastes good and makes him tell her out loud how tasty it is. She smiles and says “Good, some people say it’s as delicious as candy”.

Mistress: Princess Lily
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Clubstiletto – Lily’s Cuckold Asslicking Toilet

You are Princess Lily’s husband and she has just called you out of the closet. She asks you if you heard her and her boyfriend. “Did you hear us, did you hear me scream and moan while he fucked me on all fours? I love it from behind, it feels so good going in. Stretching my pussy out, stimulating every nerve.” The look on her face tells you how amazing the sex was. Once upon a time, you imagined you would be the guy fucking her but now you realize that was just a fairy tale and you can only be in her presence as her slave, forced to lick up cum, lick her ass, and even be her toilet. Next she tells you that her boyfriend has cum on her ass and she needs you to lick it up so you can taste what good sex tastes like.

She tells you slaves should never expect to cum and if she did let you cum it would just spoil you. “You should only be thinking about licking your Goddess’ ass. Next she rolls on her side and spreads her ass cheeks. You are weak. “What an honor to serve a goddess like me, to be my little ass licker, to be my toilet, to lick cum out of my ass, to lick my dirty ass.” She goes on and tells you how you will press your lips against her anus and wait for her to feed you. “Just suck it all up, no gagging.”, she tells you. She also says that later when her boyfriend is fucking her again, she will tell him how disgusting you are, how she uses you as her toilet. She wants to make sure you are embarrassed in every way possible, but she is so beautiful and so seductive, you know you will do anything she demands of you. “You will not be rinsing your mouth out after either.”, she tells you. “You will be laying at the foot of the bed, with that taste in your mouth, and then in the middle of the night when I need to take a piss, guess who’s mouth that will be going in to?” She moves to her back and spreads her legs and you can see her boyfriends cum still in her pussy, you so desperately want to lick it all out. “My piss and my dirty ass, just for you.”, she reminds you and then says, “And if I have a party, you will be a toilet for everyone.” Suddenly she feels her stomach rumbling, “Get your lips around my asshole.”, she demands.

Mistress: Princess Lily
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