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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Martas Slave Girl

Kinky Mistresses is visiting Mistress Marta in Kiev. The first time in the Ukaraine and KMS is so excited to find such a nice dungen to shoot. But the second surprise is, that Mistress Marta is presenting us a sexy, blonde Slave Girl and she loves to take all the pain on her nipples for her Mistress.
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Clubom: A Painful Predicament (December 14th 2017)

No one knows how to put slaves in painful predicaments better than Mistress Michelle Lacy. How will she hurt the slave more, through his nipples, or through his balls which is holding the 10 pound spreader bar? Mistress Michelle puts the painful tower clamps on his nipples and she tightens them more and more until his nipples are totally stretched out and she torments his already weighed down balls. The slave has a choice, he will get a caning, or endure more of what she is currently doing. What will he decide?
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Kinky Mistresses – Calea Toxic and her Halloween Slave

Calea Toxic in her first clip on Kinkymistresses. She has some fun with her Halloween-Slave, she is impressed how much pumkins he can handle at his balls and she loves to try out some new nipple torture devices.
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Selection of slaves – MP4

Some men have applied by young sexy Mistress Cora. She is an athletic beauty model and looks for new slaves. She has some test rounds and then decides who is her new slave.
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Mistress Dr. Jette – MP4

Maik has a special fetish, he love it when the mistress torture him in medical outfit. Jette like this idea and so she change in this session to Dr. Jette and Maik gets an nice femdom session in medical room with sexy medical outfit.
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Young-femdom: Mona`s Slave

Mona has her first session time and the first time with a new slave. She is happy to punish and degrate the slave and the slave enjoy it also.
Both have an amazing time togehter and we think, its not the last time with Goddess Mona.
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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Susi – The interrogation of the Sectret Agent

Mistress Susi interrogates the secret agent, fixated in the dark room for days, she keeps coming back to find out where the gold is.
A mixture between torture and using her sex appeal was used to get him to talk, but he is not making it easy. She decides to step things up with many devices from her vast toy chest. Metal clamps on his nipples and balls help some but it’s the Kali’s teeth device that really gets him talking. She delights in making him suffer, even when he starts to talk. No secret is too hidden from Mistress Susi and she enjoys when they make it hard to get.
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Ashamed for the disorder !

Our new Goddesses Milana and Sunny makes a party for her girlfriends, with a presantation of her bdsm toys and wear. But her slave hasn`t ordered the things and so he get`s a special payment.Whipping, Caning, Helsworship, Trampling, Spitting, Faceslapping, Nipple Torture
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Marina’s Bath Session in the Evening

Marina take her shower and toilet in the evening before sleep. So 2 of our new slaves are there to make the last hours of the day to the greatest.Whipping, Footdomination and Footworship, Nipple Torture, Chocking, Ballbusting, Trampling
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Take your fucking hands off !

Marco has bought a lot for Amateur Mistress Jette. She is satisfied with the job and he gets as
payment a session. But it`s not his day and he try to protect his body with her hands, but this is not successful.

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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Test the new Homeslave

Mona has an new homeslave and just she test out her lovely femdom fantasies. He can obey the amazing black kneehigh boots and the devilished young body. Maybe he is an lucky new homeslave.
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: My dream from my girlfriend …

He is an fat ugly boy and has a good girlfriend since a lot of years. And so long he has the dreams, that he will be dominated by her. One day he speak with her about his dreams and he will never forget the day.
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DEVICE BONDAGE: November 3, 2016 – Lily LaBeau and The Pope

A Sadists Dream Come True

It has been over a year since the divine beauty and stunning body of Lily LaBeau has been worked over and tormented at the hands of our sinister devices. No matter if her body is bent forward, backwards, or spread wide open, Lily surrenders completely to each brutal moment. Each time a different part of her body is tormented she cums harder and harder. Nipple torture, foot torture, and ass spanking only warms her up until she climaxes and squirts all over The Popes giant hands while being choked out. She is a sadists dream!
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Painslave in Trouble! Madame Catarina

Domina Movies - Painslave in Trouble! Madame Catarina

Story: Madame Catarina is very annoyed as she has been kept waiting for five minutes by a new slave who is late. The new slave has told her he wants to be her pain slave and angry Madame Catarina decides that he needs to be punished for his lateness and tested to see if he has what it takes to be called her Painslave .

Chapter EIGHT: Having satisfied herself that the painslaves nipples are still suitably sore Madame Catarina turns her attention back to her cane and his backside. Delighting in the thwack of cane on the bare flesh of his backside Madame Catarina continues to create a work of art with hard caning until she notices the slaves back and shoulders are unmarked. Soon the crack of the whip is heard as she puts this right, pausing only to add more strokes to his backside. Then it is time to use the cane again

Keywords: Madame Catarina, cbt, nipple torture, caning, whipping, corporal punishment, boots, humiliation, Female Domination, high heels, FemDom, slave
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Spitting, Nipple Torture, and Cock Confusion!

Ella Kross - Spitting, Nipple Torture, and Cock Confusion!
Ella Kross

“Are you happy to see me?” I ask my slave as he stands outside tied to a pole. He`s defenseless and naked as I fasten his mouth open and spit down his throat before attaching clamps to his delicate nipples. Topless with my perfect tits exposed, I continue spitting in his mouth as I tug on the nipple clamps while smiling at his discomfort. I bind his cock and balls with string and drive his senses wild by gently caressing his hard dick one second and tugging on his nipple clamps the next. The mixture of pain and pleasure confuses him but excites me as I continue torturing the dirty jerk while he cries out in agony one second and delight the next. I go back to spitting in his mouth and there`s not a damn thing he can do about it!
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young-femdom: Cumshot if i say now !

young-femdom: Cumshot if i say now !

Tommy meets a young femdom girl in a apartment in city berlin. He like it to obey young, slim, blond haired girls. So he have a great evening with Marina and his fun.
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